Chapter 340

Chapter 340

Training, training, training! And more training! Why did they have to go through such hellish days. Reidan’s soldiers had always questioned it. They couldn’t understand why they had to train so much every day.

‘I know that it’s necessary to become stronger to protect our home and families. But still, isn’t this too much? Once we adjust to a training regime, we are forced to do a new one and then adjust to that. What if this keeps repeating?’

"The baker was a former soldier. I don’t think there is any army on the continent training as hard as us.” 

“The infantry in the rear are grumbling. The level of training we receive has already exceeded the level of ordinary soldiers?”

"Of course. Isn’t our training at the level of special forces? It’s crazy. Why do we have to climb a wall without a ladder?”

"I don’t like the giant worm hell training. When I move through sand that is pouring down like a waterfall, I really feel like a hamster on a wheel. Then when I see the giant worms, I get goosebumps...”

"Isn’t it ridiculous to train new archers by firing at birds? No, we’re infantry, so why do we need to have good archery skills?”

"I don’t understand why we have to do field work. Isn’t this exploitation of labor instead of training?”

“Hah... Why is the duke giving us such trials?”

Reidan’s soldiers loved and respected Grid. It wasn’t an exaggeration. Duke Grid was the one who saved them from starving in their bleak homeland. The soldiers would lay down their lives for Grid.

But those thoughts gradually faded. As they were forced to do harsh training by Grid, this gratitude disappeared and hatred started growing. It was a natural phenomenon. The training that the soldiers of Reidan received?

It was similar to the training received by the Black Knights, the second strongest knights division of the empire. It was much higher compared to normal training, so it was at a mental and physical level that ordinary soldiers couldn’t afford.

But they somehow managed to endure.

Piaro and Asmophel.

It was possible because the two people, who were originally supposed to be pillars of the empire, instructed them.



A westerly wind started blowing in the desert. The soldiers of Reidan pulled back their bowstrings without a single error. These were the poisonous eyes of those who had endured the hell training.

Grid was struggling on the battlefield alone.


Pak! Pa pa pa pa pak!

The 1,000 soldiers simultaneously fired their bows. Their posture was really good and the arrows flying with the wind were perfect.

Puk! Puuoooook!



Khan had achieved Advanced Blacksmithing level 8. He was Albatino’s descendant, and Grid’s friend and disciple, so the power of the arrow and bows he produced were beyond imagination.

The arrows flew 300m away and killed the royal troops.

“Do it again!”

The soldiers of Reidan became covered with the level up pillars of light as the number of casualties in the royal army increased. Their strength, stamina, and agility increased as they pulled the bowstring again.

Grid’s form was seen in their fierce gazes.

‘Duke Grid!’

‘This is why you forced us to do such difficult training!’

‘You predicted the enemy’s invasion!’

‘I am impressed with My Lord’s foresight! I really admire you!’


The unexpected invasion of Reidan and the misunderstanding involving Grid allowed all their hatred to disappear. Loyalty burned fiercely inside them.

‘Facing the enemy alone to minimize the damage!’

'You are truly great and courageous!’

‘I will devote myself more to you!’

It was the first battle they had been in since they started training with Jude. The soldiers of Reidan showed a high concentration which greatly affected their skills.


Pak! Pa pa pa pa pak!

Asmophel ordered and arrows once again flew.

Puk! Puuoooook!



Reidan’s soldiers kept growing in real time through level ups.  Hundreds of royal soldiers couldn’t endure the powerful arrows and died.

“What is this?”

Prince Ren was severely shaken. The 5,000 soldiers were focused on Grid and allowed a surprise attack. The shock was huge. He felt desperation and despair on this battlefield where one man demonstrated an absolute power.


Ferrell, the chief archer of the Eternal Kingdom, was amazed.

‘Don’t tell me that they’re all archers!’

Reidan’s 1,000 soldiers. Firing arrows from a distance of 300m wasn’t something that ordinary soldiers were capable of. By default, talented people needed to train their archery skills for 10 years before being capable of this.

Thus Ferrell was confused.

‘I thought that Reidan was a dying city.’

There were 20,000 people in the city and Grid had only taken over it for 16 months. He could train such elite archers in only 16 months? It was nonsense. It was impossible. Ferrell was confident because he had personally trained archers.


He heard that Reidan had a total of 1,000 troops. Wasn’t it probable that all 1,000 would be archers? No. An army without infantry was powerless. Grid would be insane to train an entire army to be archers. 

‘It can’t be...!’

A shocking thought passed through Ferrell’s mind.

‘What if they’re all knights?’

Archery was included in the arsenal of knights, and a knight level talent would be capable of learning archery to this degree after 16 months.

‘This! Reidan is a complete gold mine!’ 

There were so many talents to train as knights! Ferrell misunderstood and pulled out his bow. It was the Thunder Bow, which was a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation.

“Reidan...! I will cut off that bud!’

Pachik! Pachichik!

Thunder sparked as Ferrell pulled back the bow. There was a flash and an arrow that was more like a lightning bolt flew.



The screaming in the sky! Thunderbolts after thunderbolts appeared in succession. Reidan’s 1,000 soldiers. They didn’t know what to do when faced with the magic arrow.



The soldiers of Reidan had endured hell training that put them on the verge of death. But this was the first time they experienced such a sudden danger. They paled as they saw the flying arrow, then someone appeared in front of them.

With his red cloak flapping, it was Asmophel. He took out a long sword that he had used since his days in the Red Knights. He moved his sword in a trajectory that was like a stream of paper, or a calligrapher writing on blank paper.



Ferrel’s vision was as good as a hawk, so he was shocked. It was the first time he saw a sword destroying his arrow.

‘Even Captain Chucksley can’t face my arrow head on...!’

Ferrell was astonished and blinked blankly.

"Try and stop this!”

There was no meaning for an archer who couldn’t hit his target. Ferrell was the best archer in the kingdom and fired his bow again. The arrow he fired this time was several times stronger and faster than the previous one.

Kwa kwang!

Thunder rang out as the arrow flew towards Amosphel’s nose. The corners of Asmophel’s gorgeous lips curved up. Was this his first chance to play an active role since serving Duke Grid? The only thing he had done so far was collect gold coins and train the soldiers.

Asmophel wanted to prove his value by playing an active role and Ferrell was a good opponent. Asmophel’s manifested a red aura and blocked Ferrel’s arrow with his strength, then he shouted.

"I will cut off the enemy’s head!”


It happened when Asmophel jumped from the sand dune and was about to head to the enemy.

“That bow, it looks good?”

To be precise, he was interested in the materials that made up the bow. Grid didn’t hide the greed in his eyes as he reached Ferrell first. Asmophel wanted to cry.

"My Lord! Please give me a chance to work!”

Asmophel’s voice failed to reach Grid. It was due to the screams of the thousands of confused royal soldiers being attacked that dominated the battlefield.



Ferrell was only focused on Asmophel. He thought Grid was fighting Chucksley and had no idea that he would receive a surprise attack. He allowed the attack and started bleeding, while Grid connected the next blow.


[Iyarugt’s option effect is activated, reducing the target’s healing power by 50%.]


[Iyarugt’s option effect is activated, giving the target a bleeding status that will last for 3 seconds.

[The 3rd combo has been achieved!]

[The bleeding effect is maximized. The damage that the target will receive is increased by 200% for 1 second.]


Grid’s eyes shone as he aimed at the named NPC who had a high health.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle.”


Pinnacle descended. Blood spurted like a fountain from Ferrell’s chest, filling his field of view as Grid raised his sword to strike again.

[The 5th combo has been achieved!]

[The target’s thinking ability has been destroyed for 0.3 seconds! You can link Hell Sword.]

In the blink of an eye. Ferrell was stunned by the repeated onslaught.

“Hell Sword.”



Dozens of red-black stems emerged from Iyarugt and pierced Ferrell’s chest.

The sight,

“Okay! Gorgeous! The best!!”

Bunny Bunny’s video seamlessly moved between the sky and the ground. Grid dominating the battlefield would surely be passed onto the viewers.

On the other hand.


Chucksley fell victim  to Grid who suddenly used a skill when exchanging sword blows. He was outraged by the sight of Ferrell being blindsided due to his carelessness and attacked Grid.

“Rising Sword!”

It was an extremely irregular technique that looked like it rose from the ground. Chucksley was sure that Grid would be hit by this technique. But he was wrong. The reason why Grid was unable to subdue Chucksley despite his speed advantage was due to the firmness of the swordsmanship. Chucksley used a big technique and abandoned his own strength, revealing a gap.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill.”


Grid was hit in the chest while Chucksley’s waist was struck. The difference between the two sword skills was clear. Grid was hurt in a much more deadly area. It was the moment when Chucksley seemed to have the initiative.


“My Lord!”

Prince Ren and the royal troops cheered, while Asmophel and Reidan’s soldiers felt desperate. Even Bunny Bunny’s face darkened as he filmed. Except for one person. Lauel had a smile on his face as he looked at Grid.


Grid grasped Chucksley’s neck.

“My Lord’s strength isn’t swordsmanship.”

Lauel shrugged. This was a fact that the two people knew. Grid wasn’t a swordsman.

“It’s being overgeared.”

Receiving a wound in a critical area? His armor had outstanding defense and minimized the damage. He couldn’t hit the enemy? He would maximize his damage with superior weapons.


Clink clink.

Four golden hands flashed and surrounded the gasping Chucksley. Then a white flash stunned the battlefield. 

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