Chapter 339

Chapter 339

At the time of the pope candidates episode.

Grid got a great chance to study Lifael’s Spear. He repeatedly disassembled and reassembled a myth rated item and raised his understanding to 100%. This was valuable research that couldn’t be converted into money. It was a dream that other blacksmiths couldn’t even hope for.

"Cry, Yakult."

It wasn’t difficult for Grid to raise his understanding of Iyarugt, which was still only unique rated. It was very easy compared to understanding Lifael’s Spear. Grid was now able to control Iyarugt without resorting to Blackening.

However, the renaming failed.

[Iyarugt is the best sword of hell! You, don’t replace my noble name just because you find it hard to pronounce!]

Iyarugt had tremendous pride in his name. He followed Grid, but he couldn’t accept a new name. He didn’t know what it meant, but he felt an instinctive rejection towards Yakult. Grid didn’t care. The sword would obey his command, no matter what name he called it.

[Iyarugt has used Blood Cry.]

[All targets within a 30m radius will lose their sense of balance for 1.5 seconds.]



Blood Cry didn’t distinguish between friend or foe. The northern troops and royal army around Grid all groaned with pain and stumbled. It was the same for Prince Ren and his escort knights.

‘Making me fall to my knees!’

Prince Ren was the heir of the Eternal Kingdom. As the 1st Prince, he had never bowed to anyone except the king. But now. Grid used a skill to make him kneel for a while. It was really terrible. His ego was shattered.


Amazement appeared on Prince Ren’s face as he looked up. He looked around and saw that knights and soldiers on both sides were all kneeling together. Even Chucksley seemed on the brink of collapse.

The person who was standing in this spot? It was only Grid. It was an absurd appearance where he overpowered everyone.

‘This is the strength of a legend...!’

He truly was a fearful enemy. If possible, he never wanted to go against Grid. However, he was a mountain that must be overcome if Ren wanted to become king. While Prince Ren was shivering, Grid was baffled.

“What? You endured it?”

Blood Cry consumed a lot of mana and had a long cooldown time. It was also dangerous because it didn’t distinguish between enemies. It was a great way to exert his power, but Chucksley was relatively stable. He had resistance comparable to a boss monster.

"I won’t fall from something like this!”

Chucksley demonstrated an extreme mental strength as he overcame Blood Cry and defended against Grid’s attack, then he fought back. It was a simple trajectory. Thanks to the Iyarugt, Grid was able to respond without much difficulty.


Chucksley and Iyarugt collided in an impressive manner and dust flew all over the place. It was an ignorant attack. Grid and Chucksley exchanged looks through the dust. Unlike the composed Chucksley, Grid didn’t look very good.

He was confused because the opponent was exceedingly stronger than he expected.

‘What is this guy?’

He had high status resistance and his swordsmanship was odd. His technique seemed simple, but it was strong when actually facing it.

‘This is the first time.’

Grid’s surroundings were filled with geniuses. Except for Grid, even Jude could be considered a genius in certain areas. In particular, there were the sword geniuses, Piaro and Ibellin. What did they have in common?

They were the masters of anomalies. They used unconventional swordsmanship to confuse and overwhelm their opponent. Then what about Chucksley? He didn’t show any gaps, because he was faithful to the basics and excluded variables.

This style of swordsmanship was bad for Grid, who was still lacking. All of Grid’s techniques were blocked.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

‘Hey, this...’

The more Grid competed with the sword, the more he understood Chucksley’s strength. Grid had the advantage in speed, but he couldn’t use it.

‘I want to see his status window.’

He wanted to swap to the Great Lord's Sword and view Chucksley’s information. Chucksley was probably a named NPC. But he couldn’t afford to do it.


The extremely honest, but fast and powerful sword, put pressure on Grid. Grid was forced to focus on defense.

“Okay! You’re doing well, Sir Chucksley!”

Prince Ren cheered after standing up. He gained confidence after seeing Chucksley overpower Grid.

“Grid! This is the result of your pride and self-righteousness!”

How could he confront 5,000 soldiers alone? The royal army was helped by Grid’s stupidity. Prince Ren was sure that he would win this war.

“Kill him! Kill Grid and go straight to Reidan!”

Prince Ren shouted while Bunny Bunny cursed in the distance.


The protagonist of Bunny Bunny’s video was originally Hurent. But Hurent was dominated in an instant by a farmer. Then he tried turning the main character into Grid, but...

‘Grid is losing to Chucksley!’

Bunny Bunny didn’t want this result. He wanted Grid to defeat the strong enemies. However, the current situation looked helpless. Bunny Bunny was feeling resentful when a voice entered his ears.

“The majority of the northern army seems to have survived. We made good time.”


Bunny Bunny was a second advancement assassin. A person could get close to him without him noticing? They could only be a top ranker. In other words, the owner of the voice next to Bunny Bunny wasn’t ordinary.


Bunny Bunny turned around and was shocked. It was the master of beauty, Lauel of the silver hair. One of the 10 Rookies who played for the US team in the National Competition, and someone who was now one of Grid’s top aides.

Bunny Bunny’s eyes shone at meeting a celebrity and Lauel grinned.

"It’s interesting to see Bunny Bunny, who I’ve only seen on TV before. Are you live?”

“T-That’s impossible. I need to solve the problem of image rights, so I’m taking a recording.”

"Ah, it’s a relief that you aren’t stupid. Please contact me before you start the broadcast. We have to talk about the distribution of revenue.”

"Yes, yes. I will keep that in mind.”

Lauel’s profile stated that he was 20 years old. Bunny Bunny was seven years older. But he couldn’t feel comfortable around Lauel. The only thing that mattered in society was power and wealth.

"Earl Lauel, the soldiers are ready.”

A blond man appeared behind Lauel. He was an NPC called Asmophel. There were 1,000 soldiers gathered behind him with excellent military discipline. Every soldier had killing intent in their eyes and they were orderly. Compared to them, the royal army that was considered the best in the Eternal Kingdom was like a child.

‘What is this?’

Bunny Bunny admired it. He never imagined that Grid could train an army to this degree.

‘Grid is even great at nurturing an army!’

The more he discovered, the greater he thought Grid was. But what was this? Why was he on the verge of dying alone in enemy territory? Bunny Bunny directed his gaze back to the battlefield.

Grid was still dueling Chucksley. He didn’t have any wounds, but it was the same for Chucksley. Chucksley overpowered Grid with his swordsmanship, while Grid made up for what he was lacking with speed.

The problem was that there were 5,000 soldiers behind Chucksley.

‘The moment those 5,000 soldiers move...’

The balance would collapse and Grid would die. Bunny Bunny felt nervous and asked.

"Lauel, shouldn’t you help Grid?” 

Lauel was relaxed. As he watched the battle of Grid and Chucksley through the dust, he made a meaningful remark.

"You don’t know Grid’s abilities.”

In the first place, Grid’s strength wasn’t swordsmanship.

“I don’t know why he’s playing around with swordsmanship with that person, but I don’t need to worry. Knight Chucksley, he might be strong, but he isn’t comparable to the people that Grid has faced so far. Isn’t that right? Sir Asmophel.”

“The opponent’s skill is still insufficient.”

‘Playing around? A great swordsman is lacking?’

Bunny Bunny doubted his ears. He thought that Lauel and Asmophel were speaking unreasonably. At that moment.


A terrible scream shot into the sky. It must be Grid! Bunny Bunny freaked out and zoomed in on the direction.

“This is impossible!”

Bunny Bunny was at a loss for words.  The great swordsman Chucksley, who had been dominating the whole time, was now bleeding from the chest.


Lauel instructed Asmophel, who shouted towards the soldiers.

“Aim your bows!”

Reidan’s soldiers moved in a sleek manner. They quickly stabilized their feet in the sand, took out a bow and pulled back the bowstring.

‘What are they thinking?’

Bunny Bunny wondered. The distance from here to Grid was approximately 300m. It was too far to hit the mark. Even if there was a lucky shot, it was obvious that the person wouldn’t suffer a great impact because the power would be greatly reduced.

However, Reidan’s soldiers had a hidden secret. It was the power of items. Reidan’s soldiers were equipped with items produced by Khan. The power and accuracy were completely different from typical bows. What if the power of qigong master Lauel was added?

“Wind Dragon’s Roar.”


A westerly wind started to sweep through the desert.


Papat! Pa pa pa pat!

1,000 arrows were simultaneously shot. On the battlefield, the royal army watching Grid was forced to accept the baptism of arrows pouring down.


Bunny Bunny trembled.

It was the first time he saw the scene of 1,000 soldiers being wrapped in a pillar of light, symbolizing they had levelled up at the same time.

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