Chapter 341

Chapter 341

Grid had done his best in the duel to persuade Piaro. He took out all the cards he had and realized one thing in the process of defeat. The suitable weapon for more advanced swordsmanship was a one-handed sword, not a greatsword.

‘The relatively big and heavy greatsword’s trajectory is simple and limited.’

Grid’s basic battle style was to repeatedly hit. Therefore, he preferred a greatsword with strong destructive power. Pagma's Descendant had a damage oriented skill tree, so the greatsword was very good for that.

However, Grid felt the limitations. From Elfin Stone to Braham and Piaro. The appearance of unmatched powerhouses meant that his previous way of fighting became ineffective. So what about strong destructive power? It couldn’t deal with the strong opponents!

'I need to familiarize myself with one-handed swords.’

He obtained the strongest one-handed sword, Iyarugt, which wasn’t lacking in power compared to a greatsword. After the confrontation with Piaro, Grid devoted himself to training with the one-handed sword.

What if it was the him in the past? ‘How annoying. All I need is items.’

Grid would think that, but now it was different. He did his best to get used to one-handed swords, just like when he made items. This change was possible because he had a desire to become stronger.


‘Compared to the old days, I increased my control skills and didn’t neglect training.’

He was arrogant. He learned today that against Chucksley, a knight he’d never heard of, his techniques didn’t work. Iyarugt gave him the best sword trajectory, but he could only hold on. To be honest, it was quite frustrating for Grid.

He judged that it was hard to overcome Chucksley without the help of the God Hands. But this place was in the middle of the enemies. He didn’t know when other enemies would attack, so he had to place the God Hands on the defensive.

Then the situation changed. Allies arrived and the enemies had fallen into confusion. The focus on Grid was eased. Grid used that chance to deploy Magic Missile that he’d saved as a trump card and managed to shake off Chucksley.

He pursued Chucksley’s ally and this became the bait.



Chucksley was hit by Kill and his health gauge fell to two-thirds. Grid took great damage when enduring the blow to grab Chucksley’s neck, and blood was pouring from his chest. But his health gauge wasn’t reduced at all.

It was the power of the Holy Light Armor and Doran’s Ring.

Grid sensed the power of the Rising Sword used by Chucksley and wore Doran’s Ring in advance. It was the judgment ability he was able to exert due to the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch.  The ability to use this item perfectly would impress rankers.

Grid smiled coolly and whispered to Chucksley.

"Have you heard of being overgeared?”


What did that mean? Grid used such difficult terms to understand. To Chucksley, Grid was an intellectual.

‘I thought he was ignorant because he was a commoner, but he uses such complicated jargon...!'

It was incredibly frustrating to listen to. Four golden hands flew around Chucksley, who was unable to interpret the meaning of overgeared.


The golden hands were moving and wielding their weapons by themselves. There were three of them? Chucksley detected the danger and shook off Grid. Grid was unable to suppress him with force and shouted without any delay.

“Magic Missile!”


Grid’s magic power gathered at the tips of the four hands.


White flashes of light flew out and hit Chucksley.


Chucksley felt a pain that couldn’t be ignored. The Magic Missiles launched by the golden hands contained incredible power for low-grade magic. Chucksley couldn’t understand it at all.

‘Why is the resistance of my White Armor being ignored!?’

The Lokan family that Chucksley came from had served the Eternal royal family for generations. He had countless achievements and received the praise and recognition of people. One of the things he received was the White Armor.

The armor boasted good physical defense and high magic resistance, so it easily blocked variables. Chucksley was always invincible in war when wearing this armor. He crushed the enemy’s physical attacks with his sword and resisted the enemy’s surprise magic attacks with his armor.


“Cough! Cough!”

This low level spell penetrated his armor and dealt a perfect blow? No, Pagma's Descendant was a blacksmith, so how could he use magic in the first place? The secret must be in the gold hands!

‘What is the identity of those golden hands...?’

Chucksley’s head was a mess as he coughed up blood. He wasn’t able to figure out Grid. It felt like he was facing a person on a different dimension. Yes, this was the feeling he’d had using the Reinhardt golem invasion.


He had trained in swordsmanship until he vomited blood and as a result, he got the title of great swordsman. The person who was once called the greatest swordsman, Piaro, had disappeared. But there was still such a gap between them?

‘This is a legend!’

Hadn’t Grid already become a legend? Grid’s growth should already be over and he should become stagnant.

“Why...? Why have you become stronger?”


Grid’s eyes were different from when they first met. Grid no longer ignored Chucksley and respected him. He honored the strong. That’s why he spoke honestly.

"I am still weak."


Grid defeated the golems who were threatening the kingdom and now overcame Chucksley! Then what were these words? Chucksley was agitated as Grid repeated something he had heard.

“The world is wide and there are many strong people. You will know if you ever meet a real powerhouse one day. How incomplete I am.”

Braham and Piaro. Compared to them, he wasn’t a legend. He had yet to achieve his full growth. One reason was that he couldn’t complete the class quest, but Grid knew the truth.

‘It isn’t because of the class quests.’

It was because he didn’t have the ability to progress through the class quests. If it was Yura or Huroi, they wouldn't have been stupid enough to be stuck for such a long time on one quest.

‘I have no talent.’

He didn’t have control skills like Regas and Faker, or the ability to raise his level like Jishuka or Pon. Grid didn’t have any advantages that would be his weapons. The reason he was able to get to his current position was his tenacity. Without that tenacity, Grid wouldn’t have become Pagma’s Descendant and would still be ordinary. No, he would’ve still been a low level user.

“Well, I mean... I will devote myself more and more. As long as I can survive here.”

Killing intent filled Grid’s eyes. Respect for the strong? This was enough. Grid had no intention of forgiving the enemy who dared to invade Reidan. It wasn’t simply due to the threat of losing his territory.

Reidan had 20,000 people. The people had an infinite affection towards him. The enemies in front of him were trying to harm those people. He couldn’t forgive them. No, he couldn’t tolerate their existence.

-Grid, everything is ready.

The composition of the battlefield had transformed to the ideal form. Reidan’s soldiers fired arrows without a break and reduced the number of royal soldiers, while Laden and the northern army tied up their feet. Then Lauel cast the strongest skill of a third advancement qigong master, ‘Master of Flow.’

Now all that was left...

Please imprint on the world that your territory is off limits.


Lauel would take care of it. Grid decided to take Ferrell’s life first. Ferrell was gasping due to his wounds and couldn’t resist the sword that pierced him.

[You have defeated Viscount Ferrell, the best archer of the Eternal Kingdom.]

[The Bon family will be forever hostile towards you.]

[356,410,000 experience has been acquired.]

[The Thunder Bow has been acquired.]

[Your demonic power has increased by two.]


Chucksley and Ferrell were fellows who relied on each other. Chucksley gazed at Grid with hateful eyes. Grid thought this was ludicrous.

"Don’t forget who caused this situation. You’re the ones who aimed your swords first. Forgetting the fact that I saved the kingdom, all of you are less than dogs.”

Grid looked arrogant and wicked. The conditions to instill fear and regret in the enemy wasn’t just overwhelming power, but also attitude. He had been intentionally trained in this by Huroi.

“This guy!”

"Viscount Ferrell!”

Ferrel Shaiva du Bon. The ruler of the family who ruled the Shaiva estate for generations and who had a high reputation. His death would be enough to buy the wrath of the Shaiva estate and the royal family. A huge 300 knights and soldiers headed towards Grid.

"Protect the duke!”

Laden screamed and tried to move the army. However, Grid raised his hand and stopped him.



The isolated Grid gazed at the 300 enemies rushing towards him.  Prince Ren watched the battlefield from where he was hiding among the escort knights.

'That guy, I will make him regret it.’

Grid started his sword dance. It was a enchanting sight as a sword dance was unfolded in the middle of a battlefield filled with blood and flesh... No, he seemed like a madman who couldn’t grasp the mood.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave!”


Iyarugt had a higher attack speed than the greatsword. It exerted havoc in a long battle, but it was forced to fall behind a greatsword when it came to single attack skills.

Grid had swapped to Grid’s Greatsword the moment he started the sword dance. Grid’s Greatsword was a superior weapon with the best attack power, and an option effect that increased the damage of skills.

It wasn’t possible for the 300 troops from the Shaiva estate to endure the black waves spreading all over the place.

‘This monster!’

Grid’s eyes gleamed with a red light and caused infinite fear inside Prince Ren. However, Prince Ren endured it.

“Don’t overdo it! Time is on our side!”

After a while. If they waited a little longer, the 2,000 soldiers would cross the Altes Mountains and hit Reidan.


‘Grid! Your wife will enter my hands soon!’

Until then, they just needed to endure. Prince Ren was confident that he would win the war with this web-like strategy.

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