Chapter 328

Chapter 328

Reina. The leader of the popular girl group Farina, she fell in love with Doohyun at first sight two years ago and confessed to him.

The result? It was cold. She had received many confessions, but it was her first experience with being rejected. Reina received a big shock and her pride was shattered. Love transformed into love-hate, and love-hate turned into obsession.

She spread rumors that she was dating Doohyun, causing severe damage to his image. That’s right. It was Reina who gave Doohyun the stigma of a high school girl killer.

“Kim Doohyun...”

Last year, as soon as her CSATs were over, Reina started dating Go Jimyung. But she was still obsessed with Doohyun. In the first place, she dated Go Jimyung in order to induce Doohyun’s jealousy. However, there were no results until today.

"Do you think that I will let you flirt with other girls?”

Reina was trying to do something crazy once again.

Shin Sehee. Pretty. No, to be honest, she was a very pretty girl. She looked prettier than Reina, despite all the makeup Reina wore. Was she just pretty? Her grades were in the top of the country and she got a hidden class in Satisfy. She was even the sister of the famous Grid.

In other words, a perfect daughter-in-law.

According to Reina’s conjecture, Doohyun attended the festival in order to seduce Sehee. Why else would a world star participate in a high school festival? Reina had no intention of forgiving Sehee.

She planned to use Go Jimyung to thoroughly trample on Sehee. 


‘I’m too late.’

The fighting competition’s waiting room. By the time Doohyun arrived, it was Sehee’s turn. She was standing next to the two Satisfy capsules on the stage.

‘We will talk after the match.’

A smile appeared on Doohyun’s face. He imagined a scene where he became friendly with Sehee and Grid, then he would meet Noe one day. However, Doohyun’s smile didn’t last long. It was because he saw that Go Jimyung was Sehee’s first opponent.


Doohyun knew better than anyone that Reina wasn’t a normal person. Was it really a coincidence that her lover participated in this festival and faced Sehee? Unfortunately, the odds weren’t great.

Doohyun ran off somewhere.


'Oh my, she looks so beautiful.’

Announcer Lee Minjung had great skills and a beautiful appearance. The reason why she was able to climb to the position of top MC was because she was aware of how to use her beauty. However, even she paled in front of Sehee.

Big eyes and a small face. Sehee looked like a doll. There was a reason the press called her Little Yura. It was an unusual beauty. The discouraged Lee Minjung suddenly regained her spirit. She shouted towards the audience members who were watching the stage with shining eyes.

"From now on, I will start the Young Ladies High School’s Satisfy fighting competition. But before that, shouldn’t we first take the time to talk with the participants?”

Lee Minjung’s ability was outstanding. She increased the atmosphere by interviewing the nervous Sehee and excited Go Jimyung. Once the audience’s excitement reached its peak, Announcer Lee Minjung finally announced the beginning of the first match.


"Sehee, have strength!”

“Go Jimyung! Just like when you play baseball!”

Sehee and Go Jimyung entered the capsules as the crowd cheered.



Rania Coast.

Lights flashed in the place designated as the stage for the competition, before scattering like glass fragments. The sparkling light reflected off the sea shone on the white clothes of the beautiful girl who appeared.

She was Ruby, Shin Sehee.

"Sigh, a hidden class has a gorgeous effect when logging in.” Go Jimyung pulled out a mace and approached Sehee. He spoke in a very small voice. "A brother and sister both got a hidden class, do you have a relationship with the S.A. Group? Will you introduce me?”

Sehee didn’t answer. From the beginning, she didn’t like Go Jimyung. It was because she felt that Go Jimyung had a hostile relationship towards her. In particular, the wily look in his eyes was uncomfortable.

Go Jimyung frowned, "Not answering, are you ashamed?”

“Just start.”

Sehee replied bluntly and sent an invitation for a spar.

Go Jimyung refused, “Look at how rude you are. Grid’s personality is the same, so aren’t you truly siblings?”

Sehee’s eyes sank coldly.

"Are you messing with my family?”

"I never said anything. I just told the truth!”


Go Jimyung wielded his mace as hard as he could. It wasn’t the usual form of swinging it since he was a top batter. Sehee couldn’t avoid the hit and coughed up blood.

[You have suffered 1,880 damage.]

Sehee was only level 116. She was focused on her studies so she didn’t have much time to play the game. However, the armur that Grid produced for her was epic rated and its performance was unrivalled. Thanks to this, Sehee was able to endure the attack of the level 187 Go Jimyung without a fatal injury.

Go Jimyung’s expression distorted further.

“What? Why are you only bleeding this much? Oh, aren’t you Overgeared’s little sister?”

“Didn’t you get the application for a spar?”

"Yes, but you can’t kill people in sparring mode.”

“Can you afford the storm that will happen? A famous baseball player ignoring the rules of the game and killing a high school girl, there will be public criticism.”

"I don’t care about the public’s opinion. I only want to be loved by my goddess. In the first place, I will retire without renewing my contract after this season.”

“You aren’t even 30 years old. It seems a bit disappointing to retire already.”

"Kukuk! Is it disappointing? Do you know my annual salary after travelling back and forth between Korea and Japan for years? It is an average of 10.2 billion, 10.2 billion! I have enough money for my sick brother to not have to work for the rest of his life!"

There was nothing else to be said. Sehee sighed and used Hope. It was a top rated healing skill that consumed 10% of her mana to restore 10~30% of her health.

[Your mana has fallen by 816 after using the skill Hope.]

[2,005 health has been restored after using the skill Hope.]

“It won’t be easy.”

It was inevitable for celebrities to have anti-fans, and Grid had many toxic anti-fans. Sehee believed that her brother was the reason why Go Jimyung was hostile towards her, and she didn’t want to lose. This person who disliked her brother.

‘It is hateful!’

[You have worn the +9 Wooden Staff.]

It was her class-exclusive weapon that Grid enhanced. Sehee swung it. Go Jimyung avoided the ridiculous attack and laughed.

“Puhahat! What is that wooden stick? Did you steal the stick that my sick grandmother used?”

Go Jimyung’s mace descended. He was a warrior with a blunt weapon as his primary weapon, so he wasn’t very agile. Sehee was able to respond to it. She raised the wooden staff with both hands and blocked the attack.


The difference in strength was too big. Sehee’s stats were aimed towards stamina and intelligence, so her strength was very low. A warning window flashed in front of her.

[You have received a great shock, paralyzing both arms for one second.]

One second paralysis in a battle was fatal. It was the perfect opportunity for the opponent to link their attacks. However, this wasn’t a problem for Sehee.

[You have resisted thanks to the effect of Upright Heart.]

It was the power of her class.

Chaeng! Chaaeng!



Go Jimyung frowned.  The lower levelled Sehee blocked the successive attacks.

'This staff, is it a legendary weapon?’

The material looked like ordinary wood, but a white light was surrounding it.  Would someone really bother to enhance an ordinary wooden staff to +9? It was certainly an unusual weapon.

‘It looks like Grid made it.’

A dark smile appeared on Go Jimyung’s face. Overgeared? He also had it!

"Didn't I tell you? I have a lot of money. Do you think I’m armed with common items?”


Then Go Jimyung’s mace started to emit huge flames. It was the majesty of a unique rated weapon.

Peeng! Pepeng!


Sehee wasn’t accustomed to PK and screamed when she could no longer defend. The flames that constantly came from Go Jimyung’s flames were painful. Sehee used her two healing skills, but the cooldown time was 1 minute and 30 seconds, and 3 minutes, so she could only receive damage.

Sehee’s body became darkened and Go Jimyung was convinced that he would win.


Youngwoo was foul-mouthed. The people who heard it couldn’t help turning red. His number of curses increased after he became friends with Huroi. It meant Huroi was an effective teacher. Of course, this was when he maintained his reason.

“This crazy bastard!”

Youngwoo finally got up from where he was sitting in the audience and rushed somewhere. He couldn’t tolerate the situation that was happening on the monitor. Go Jimyung’s ID turned red the moment he attacked Sehee. This proved that the confrontation between the two people wasn’t in sparring mode, but was an ordinary PK.

"Hey, these #%@!% organizers! What are you doing? Sehee is in danger!”

A person wearing a doll mask screamed. He was glad that no one knew who he was. Peak Sword calmed Youngwoo down.

“Look backstage. The management is around Go Jimyung’s capsule. They will soon normalize the situation.”

“Calm down?”

Youngwoo struck Peak Sword. At this moment, his worry for his sister allowed him to temporarily overcome a taekwondo master.

"Oh my!”

Peak Sword fell on his butt as Youngwoo ran straight for the stage. Yerim watched him with a rapt expression.


Yerim had been watching in her ghost costume. She was fascinated by Youngwoo’s appearance and exhaled.

“Is he like this in bed?”


The men gazed at the excited Yerim and immediately got nosebleeds. Yerim’s innate power of seduction was too excessive. Perhaps she was a succubus in a past life.


“I will connect and mediate.”

Behind Sehee and Go Jimyung’s capsules. Kim Doohyun and the organizers were standing beside an extra capsule prepared for these type of situations.

“A warning message has already been delivered to Go Jimyung. He will soon calm down and switch to sparring mode, so don’t worry.”

"He intentionally avoided a spar in the first place! Let me directly connect!” Doohyun cried out furiously.

But the organizers were frustrating to deal with.

"Haha, what reason would Go Jimyung have to do that? Doohyun-ssi, please calm down. A third party’s entry into the contest will cause a disruption to the schedule. As you know, those who are participating in the competition have a tight schedule because they are VIPs...”

"Get lost!"


Doohyun and the organizers suddenly flew back. It was because a man in a doll mask ran between them and gave a drop kick.

“Eek! What are you doing?”


The unidentified man opened the capsule without permission. Then he threw off the doll mask. The eyes of the organizers and Doohyun widened as soon as the man’s face was exposed.


"Yes, I am Sehee’s brother. So don’t interfere. And you.”


Doohyun was confused about being pointed out by Grid. Youngwoo growled at him.

“Don’t think that you can create a dramatic scenario so that you can save Sehee like a white prince.”


Why was he saying? Doohyun was baffled while Youngwoo sat in the capsule and logged into Satisfy.

[Iris recognition...]

[The user’s information has been completed.]

[The user isn’t registered with this capsule. Checking the capsule information...]

[A S.A. Group approved event capsule. Capsule number 31F000B4C.]

[The log in location is forcefully designated as Rania Coast.]

[A legendary presence, welcome!]

The familiar and unfamiliar notification windows alternated.




Grid, Sehee and Go Jimyung faced each other. The burning mace hitting Sehee like a sandbag was stopped due to Go Jimyung’s shock.

“Grid! Why are you here?”

"Go Jimyung? You are permanently forbidden access to the Eternal Kingdom.”

Someday he would be the king of the Eternal Kingdom. He could say such remarks because of this thought. Go Jimyung’s teeth grinded together at Grid’s declaration.

“You are just the master of Overgeared! You don’t have the authority to say this!”

“Just Overgeared?”

This low level person was treated Overgeared so lightly? The most important element in the game was items, and the power of items was great.

"Then I won’t use items to defeat you.”

Grid spoke meaningfully and raised a finger. Go Jimyung and the thousands of people watching were confused. At that moment.

"Magic Missile."


A white flash shot out from Grid’s finger. Go Jimyung was hit in the heart and blood emerged from his mouth.


How could Magic Missile do so much damage? Go Jimyung couldn’t believe it. Grid aimed at the stricken Go Jimyung again.

"Magic Missile."


At this moment. The number one search term on the portal sites was Magic Missile. The second place search query was ‘Grid’s Magic Missile learning method,’ not Grid.

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