Chapter 329

Chapter 329

The Young Ladies High School’s Satisfy fighting competition. This part of the school festival was a hot topic of interest. The 16 participants were celebrities in their field and it was a chance to see Saintess Ruby.

In fact, tens of thousands of people were watching the match on the Internet.

-Eh? Why is Go Jimyung’s ID red?

-He isn’t in sparring mode.

-Wow, look at that jerk Go Jimyung trying to kill Sehee. Is he crazy?

-He has gotten into many incidents since dating Reina, and he’s alienating his fans.

-This is why you should meet a good person... ㅉㅉ What are the organizers doing? They’re just letting it play out?

-This XX, trying to kill our Saintess!

The public weren’t fools. The viewers saw that Go Jimyung was intentionally trying to hurt Sehee. However, the Young Ladies High School didn’t do anything to stop the match. The audience and viewers condemned the Young Ladies High School and Go Jimyung, but their cries didn’t work. If they didn’t help Sehee, she would eventually die of her wounds.

It was at that moment.

"Magic Missile."

Grid. One of Satisfy’s greatest users, he appeared without warning to punish Go Jimyung. Did anyone blame him for breaking the rules of the competition? No. The audience and viewers all cheered.

“Truly God Grid!”

Peak Sword felt joy. Magic Missile. The Magic Missile fired fired from the middle finger crushed the other person’s body and mind. The ruthless attitude of Grid towards the enemy was very exciting to Peak Sword. A truly dependable colleague.

At this moment, five people approached him. They were solid men dressed in black suits. They had a menacing atmosphere around them, so Peak Sword became alert.


“You will be arrested for lewd conduction, including sexual assault.”

“What? Sexual assault? Lewd conduct? Me?”

Peak Sword was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand what these people were rattling on about.

“In the first place, are you even capable of arresting people? You aren’t the police.”

“We might not be the police, but we have the power to capture criminals on this campus and transfer them to the police.”

"No, I don’t know what you are talking about? Why am I being treated as a criminal?”

Ah, perhaps? A scene passed through Peak Sword’s brain. It was the miracle of Moses that Grid caused.

“Hah, truly.” 

He had become Grid’s patsy.

‘This is unfair.’

Peak Sword wanted to be honest. The molester was Grid, not him. However, Peak Sword couldn’t sell out a friend. He couldn’t speak honestly.

"Catch him!"

The guards hired by the Young Ladies High School were elites in their field. They boasted excellent physical strength and athleticism. Peak Sword wanted to cry out as he was dramatically chased by them.

‘Why is it like this?’


‘T-This... How did this happen?’

Go Jimyung couldn’t understand the current situation. Grid suddenly appeared and he fell into a critical state after being hit by two Magic Missiles? The confused Go Jimyung fell down as Grid stopped in front of him.

"You dare to beat up my sister? What type of guy are you?”

There was uncontrollable rage in Grid’s sharp eyes. Go Jimyung watched Grid’s magic power concentrating and felt fear. Was he worried that he would be killed and drop experience and items?

No. If he invested time and money, he could recover this experience and items. Go Jimyung was afraid of his girlfriend, Reina’s, rage. She asked him for this favor, so would she be disappointed and want to break up? He was horrified just imagining it.


He was thinking about how to stop his death and suddenly shouted.

“Stop! If you touch me then you won’t be safe! I know gangsters!”


Grid jumped. He was helpless in reality, unlike the game.  He couldn’t easily overcome Go Jimyung’s threat.

‘You lousy bastard.’

Grid hesitated when he suddenly recalled Beast Master Toon. He had been active in Overgeared since the days of the Tzedakah Guild, but wasn’t he in the mafia? He was also constructing a building in Korea like the other guild members.

A wicked smile appeared on Grid’s face.

“You know gangsters?”

“Yes! He is very cruel!”

"Is he worse than the Italian mafia?”

“What? The mafia?”

"Yes, the mafia. My friend is part of the mafia!”

Grid spoke arrogantly. Go Jimyung was dumbfounded. A friend was in the mafia? What type of bluff was this?

‘Crazy bastard!’

Go Jimyung shouted at him, "If that is true then kill me!”

Grid didn’t hesitate.

"Magic Missile."



Once again, a white flash emitted from the middle finger pierced the head of Go Jimyung. Go Jimyung realized his mistake.

‘This guy really has a friend in the mafia...!’

[You have died.]

[You have lost 18.7% of your experience and the Flaming Mace (Unique).]



Go Jimyung sprang out from the capsule. It wasn’t a problem to lose experience or items. He was afraid of Reina and he was also furious. He was killed in front of thousands of people using Magic Missile!

“I won’t forgive you!”

Go Jimyung kicked out angrily. He looked around and ran towards the capsule where Grid was sitting. No, he tried to.

“Shouldn’t you act more moderately?”

“It’s you?”

Go Jimyung’s face distorted like he was a demon. Kim Doohyun. A world star and Reina’s old love. The man who was an eyesore was now blocking his way at this crucial moment.

“If you don’t want to be injured then get lost!”

Go Jimyung was once the greatest batter. In particular, his arm and shoulder muscles were very developed. Most people avoided his eyes when he spoke in a threatening manner. However, Kim Doohyun was different. He stood in front of Go Jimyung with a silent expression.

Go Jimyung made a fist.

At the same time.


Go Jimyung’s head shot up. With the benefit of hindsight, he realized that Kim Doohyun’s elbow has hit his jaw.



Go Jimyung was shocked at being pushed back, while Kim Doohyun whispered in his ears.

“Go and tell Reina this. ‘The reason I’ve been ignoring your actions is because you’re still young. But now that you are an adult, you will be held responsible for your own actions.’”


Thanks to the his natural strength and athleticism, Go Jimyung was a king in his school days. After graduating from university, he made his professional debut and had never had a shameful day like this.

‘You damn...! You will see one day!’

Go Jimyung became weak and fell unconscious. Grid, who was spying on them from inside the capsule, ran outside.

‘He is really stunned!’

Grid ran to check Go Jimyung’s state and kicked him. Now he felt relieved.

“Then.” Grid glared at Kim Doohyun. "Did you make Go Jimyung do this so that you can look cool in front of Sehee?”

Kim Doohyun was able to realize why Grid was hostile to him.

‘He heard that I am a high school girl killer.’

Doohyun spoke bluntly, "I participated in the festival in an attempt to meet Sehee, so that I can meet you.”


Grid still didn’t relax. Doohyun took out his smartphone, entered Noe’s fan cafe and showed it to Grid.

"Look at this.”


What was this? Grid remained alert while checking the screen of the phone. Then he became aware of Doohyun’s true identity.

Member ID: Noe’s Slave

Member Rating: Best Member


Grid was confused.

Doohyun bowed and begged, “Please accept me into Overgeared!”

"...Your level?”

"Well... I have recently been busy so I didn’t have much time to play the game. I’m level 190.” 

Was he unqualified to join Overgeared? Doohyun’s earnest expression was very different from his usual image. Grid’s anger disappeared and he now felt sympathy.

‘Level 190 is pretty good?’

Grid thought again.

“Your class? If you are a production class then I will consider letting you join the guild.”

"I’m not a production class, but a pet master... A unique class. Is it not possible?”

Grid grabbed Doohyun’s hands.




“There’s less than a month left.”

This was how long King Wiesbaden of the Eternal KIngdom had left to live. The 1st Prince, Ren’s, face darkened. He wasn’t mourning his father’s death. He was afraid of the monsters living in Reidan.

The golem invasion of Reinhardt. Ren still remembered the words of Duke Grid.

"I, Grid, swear eternal loyalty to Your Majesty.”

He swore allegiance to King Wiesbaden, not the royal family. This was like a declaration of war towards the 1st prince, so Ren was always afraid.

‘I must strike first.’

Ren watched the situation of Reidan. He knew that Reidan currently only had 1,000 troops.

‘There won’t be another opportunity if I don’t strike now.’

Ren made up his mind and hurried to his palace. Then he called the strongest warriors that he’d invited from all over the continent.

"I want you to join my army that will conquer Reidan.”

“I’ll willingly do it.”

The warriors answered without hesitation, including a grey haired middle aged man. His name was Hurent. He was the one who lost to Grid in the 1st National Competition in just 5 seconds.

[The quest is in progress.]

Hurent checked the notification window in front of him and smiled.

‘Grid, I will pay back the humiliation in the past.’

Hurent’s eyes were filled with confidence.

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