Chapter 327

Chapter 327

Buzz buzz!

A disturbance occurred at the Young Ladies High School festival. It was because hundreds of women fell down for unknown reasons. The victims showed common symptoms of a red face and panting. Fortunately, it was a temporary phenomenon and they recovered quickly.

However, the Young Ladies High School was obliged to discover the cause.  They dispatched medical staff and guards to investigate, but weren’t able to achieve clear results.

"The good news is that the victims aren’t offended by what they went through. They actually said they felt good.”

“What? But they suddenly collapsed? Why?"

“I can’t tell you why.”

"Hmm, this is good. I thought they would be crying out for compensation.”

"Yes, thanks to this, the festival won’t have any problems.”

"But it isn’t all good... What happened to cause this incident?”

"All the affected women will have something in common. We’ll check it with the CCTVs.”

The Young Ladies High School. They had CCTVs installed all over the grounds. 

It was confident to the square, so the students’ privacy was guaranteed.


The staff and medical personnel who watched the recorded video were amazed. A mysterious man who covered his face with big sunglasses and a mask! Whenever his long and thick fingers touched a woman, the woman fell down!

“W-What is this?”

"He must be spreading a virus. Otherwise, the phenomenon can’t be explained.”

"A special agent sent from the North!”

“Hah, truly. How is that a virus? How ignorant.”


"Uh, anyway, he needs to be arrested for the sake of maintaining public order...”

"Don't call the police. It is just a pervert, and we don’t want to spoil the atmosphere by calling the police.”

Dozens of security guards were quickly dispatched. It was in order to secretly capture Youngwoo. However, Youngwoo didn’t have to worry. He had a shield called Peak Sword!


“Pant pant... Is it here?"

The duo of Youngwoo and Peak Sword broke through the crowd. They finally arrived in front of the haunted house.


Youngwoo gasped for breath. He felt an uncomfortable pain from his ten fingers. It was the result of continuously using them. He had overworked himself.

‘Reality is different from the game.’

In the game, he was able to move his fingers all night to please Irene. But in reality, he only lasted 30 minutes. The difference between the game and reality was huge. Youngwoo sighed and called Sehee.

[The phone is turned off, and the voicemail...]

Sehee’s phone was turned off. Yerim’s phone was the same.

'She hasn’t checked the message yet.’

Youngwoo had urgently headed towards the Young Ladies High School for a reason. He couldn’t get in touch with either Sehee or Yerim. All the text messages from Yerim were around a few hours ago. It seemed they couldn’t check their phones because they were busy with the festival.

Youngwoo was frustrated and nervous because he couldn’t warn them to be careful of Kim Doohyun.

'That’s why I came here to talk to them directly!’

Youngwoo had an extreme hatred of supernatural phenomenon. Honestly, ghosts were scary.  In the past, he had seen the ghosts of Khan’s ancestors in Satisfy. But wasn’t the haunted house in front of him made by schoolgirls? It would be at the level of charming.

Youngwoo turned to stare at Peak Sword. A garlic smell was coming from Peak Sword after he ate two kimchi ice creams. Youngwoo ordered him.

"I'll enter and meet Sehee, so wait here.”

"I want to go in and play.”

“Did we come here to play? Something might happen. What if those kids come out while I’m inside?”

“Um, yes! I understand!”

Peak Sword reminded himself of his duties. Wasn’t he supposed to act as Youngwoo’s manager? It was right to perform this role instead of enjoying himself. Peak Sword nodded at the entrance to the haunted house. After paying the entrance fee of 9,000 won, Youngwoo entered the haunted house.



Youngwoo thought that his heart was going to stop. It was the first time he screamed like this since he had been born. It was because he encountered bizarre bloody dolls as soon as he entered the haunted house.

‘This is bad.’

Youngwoo realized. This haunted house wasn’t at the level of being charming. The props inside and the dismal lighting maximized fear. The intermittent sound effects caused the heart to sink. It was proof that the level of special effects of the Young Ladies High School went beyond the ability of ordinary high schools. It was comparable to Hollywood.

‘Go back now.’

Youngwoo didn’t have the courage to go through the labyrinth alone. He tried to go back, only to stop. He came here for his sister’s sake, only to run away because he was scared? He was a truly pathetic brother.

“How rotten...”

Youngwoo cursed and took a deep breath. He controlled his mind and headed through the labyrinth. It was courageous compared to the past.


A ghost stood at the end of the dark labyrinth. It was Yerim, dressed in a high exposure costume.


Someone screamed from the entrance.

‘That customer won’t be able to reach here.’

Yerim sighed. The problem was that the haunted house was too realistic. Everyone who entered was too frightened and ran away, so it was boring for Yerim, who was located at the end of the labyrinth. There wasn’t a single customer who reached her, even two hours after opening the haunted house.

"There are too many scary things.”

Yerim licked her lips and looked at herself. Indeed, she looked sexy. It was unfortunate that Yerim couldn’t show this fascinating appearance towards anyone.

‘’Well, I am satisfied as long as I can show my husband, Youngwoo.’

Yerim smiled cheerfully and turned on her phone. It was okay since there weren’t any customers.


Yerim’s eyes widened.

It was because there were a large number of missed calls and messages from Youngwoo.


Did he get her report about her sexy look? Yerim thought it was because of the photograph she sent him and checked the messages.

-What is with those clothes?

-Is Sehee with you?

-Why is your phone turned off? ―,.―

-Hey, be careful of that guy called Kim Doohyun. That bastard might try tricks on you.

“He’s worried.”

Yerim’s white face flushed. The opposite sex was attracted to her. It was a normal routine for Yerim, but this was the first time she received attention from the person she liked. It was also her first experience with liking someone.

Dugun dugun.

Her heart beat faster.

-Shin Youngwoo, you don’t have to worry about me. I won’t cheat even if he is a world star ♥ and Sehee is currently doing the Sati...

Yerim was carefully writing a reply.

“I finally found you.”

2 hours and 23 minutes after the opening of the haunted house. The first guest arrived at the end of the labyrinth where Yerim was located. Yerim confirmed his appearance and her eyes curved as she smiled.  It was an alluring smile that would even overwhelm adult women.

“So good.”


Youngwoo was exhausted because he had to overcome many adversities. He was unable to cope with Yerim’s voice and his legs collapsed. Yerim’s beauty and charm was comparable to Youngwoo’s dexterity.

The compatibility of both would be fantastic.


The Young Ladies High School’s 2nd playground. This playground was normally used for various athletic students, but now thousands of people were gathered there. The reason was that Satisfy’s fighting competition would shortly be held here.

"Doohyun oppa is participating right?”

"Announcer Lee Minjung as well!”

"I came to see Saintess Ruby!” 

“Sehee! Sehee! Sehee!”

“Doohyun! Doohyun! Doohyun!”

"M-Minjung! Minjung!”

Principle Lee Cheongsun was competent. She found out about the popularity of Shin Sehee, Kim Dooyun and Lee Minjung and used them in the marketing. As a result, the fighting competition was able to enjoy an exceptional boom. Lee Cheongsun felt thrilled as she watched the audience.

Meanwhile, Sehee was in the waiting room and looking at the list of participants.

There were 16 participants. They were celebrities in every field. Celebrities, athletes, the literary field, etc.

They were people who would attract attention. The Young Ladies High School’s Satisfy tournaments were for goodwill and publicity, so the inclusion of celebrities was a basic premise. Of course, the balance was a mess.

There were level 40 beginners as well as users over level 200. But nobody cared about that. Winning or losing wasn’t important in this competition.

‘My opponent is...’

Go Jimyung. It was the KBO league player. (TL: Baseball) He once had the reputation of the best hitter in South Korea. However, since last year, he had entered a relationship with the leader of the girl group Farina and his score plummeted.

He received a lot of criticism from his fans, but he was still fairly popular.


Go Jimyung’s level in Satisfy was 187. It was the second highest level among the 16 participants. Sehee would naturally be defeated in a fight against Go Jimyung, but she didn’t mind. In the first place, she participated in the competition because of the school’s request. They asked her to participate in Satisfy related events for the sake of the festival. As a student, Sehee couldn’t refuse. It was good for her to be eliminated quickly.

She didn’t notice Go Jimyung sneakily looking at her. He was very motivated. It was his girlfriend Reina’s request.

"Aren’t there are a lot of penalties when dying in the game? You must kill that girl called Sehee in this tournament.”

'I don’t know why, but I should listen to the request of my goddess.’

The Young Ladies High School’s fighting competition would be held in sparring mode. Health would only fall to a minimum and the participants wouldn’t die. But that wasn’t an obstacle. If his opponent applied for sparring mode, he would decline and then kill her.


Go Jimyung was seduced by a bad woman. As a result, his life was gradually on the verge of self-destruction. 

‘I feel dirty for some reason.’

At Yerim’s suggestion, Youngwoo was wearing a festival doll mask instead of sunglasses. He arrived at the 2nd playground with Yerim and Peak Sword, and felt an instinctive displeasure.

‘This is all due to Kim Doohyun.’

Youngwoo was horrified as he imagined the actor flirting with his sister at this moment.

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