Chapter 316

Chapter 316

The 1st National Competition and Reinhardt’s golem invasion.

Grid appeared in public and always used a greatsword. Nevertheless, the public perceived the best user of the greatsword to be Chris, not Grid. It was natural. Grid overwhelmed his enemies with skills and items, but his ability with the sword itself wasn’t special. The ability he showed at the time of fighting the Red Knight was merely excellent.

On the other hand, Chris’ greatsword technique caused the viewers to feel wonder.

“You’re the one who knocked down Zibal? Those skills, show them to me!”

A greatsword covered in a blue light. It had a considerable weight to it at first glance and felt good in his hand. The speed wasn’t fast. But a considerable pressure was felt from it.

This was the effect of the passive skill, Rule with Might’s Path. All enemies in the path of the charge had their casting speed and agility slightly reduced.

‘He’s scared.’

Piaro stood still despite Chris’ rush. The disappointed Chris mistook it for fear.

‘This is the person who knocked down Zibal?’

No, his opponent’s level wasn’t low. It was just that his level was higher. The Rule with Might’s Path skill had a greater effect depending on his strength. The effect of having 3,000 strength at level 314 was now being demonstrated.

Chris neared Piaro, who was standing like a stone, and wielded his greatsword.


There was no superfluous movements in the slash. There was a violent explosion of wind and the target was pushed back.


Chris admired.  The size and shape of the greatsword was very suitable, making the time it took to pull back the sword shorter than usual.

So far, he had used hundreds of greatswords, but this was the first time he had a greatsword that was perfect for his hands. It seemed to be a greatsword made exactly for him. He felt awe towards the maker, Grid.


Chris was worried that he might’ve killed Piaro with this strike. NPCs had one life. No, it was because they only had one precious life that they were NPCs. He felt a little guilty about taking his life...


Chris’ gaze had been glued to Grid’s Greatsword. He was confused as he looked towards Piaro. It was because Piaro was still alive and well. Piaro clicked his tongue.

"Looking away after one hit? Your arrogance has reached the extremes. It’s important to believe in yourself, but that can be a poison.”

Chris couldn’t believe it.

‘There was clearly the sensation of something being hit?’

Was he mistaken? Chris was feeling confused when he suddenly saw the cut up straw hat at Piaro’s feet.


Like most westerners, Chris, a Canadian, had fantasies about ninjas. He knew a little bit about ninjas, and learned that there was a ninja technique where the body was swapped with something else. Once he saw it, he was certain that Piaro was a ninja pretending to be a farmer.

‘An assassin-type hidden class NPC! No wonder Zibal was killed!’

Chris was nervous. He guessed that now the ninja would throw knives at him, or aim a lightning punch at him.

‘I must be prepared!’

Like other warriors, Chris’ agility was only 200, because he focused his stat points on strength. It was virtually impossible for him to see and respond to the enemy’s attacks.

‘I won’t give up!’

Chris got ready to fight back. He could overcome his lack of agility with thorough preparation and prediction. Piaro felt pleased at the sight.


His lord had many outstanding talents. In particular, Regas and Ibellin were amazing. And the man in front of him had their level of talent. It was a more refined talent. This was the first time since Kraugel.

“I acknowledge your skills.”

Piaro acknowledged Chris. He pulled out a weapon with a serious expression.


Chris gulped. Would he pull out a recognizable ninja weapon? Or maybe a whip? A ball and chain?

‘Is it a whip?’

Chris’ head spun quickly. He would take different actions depending on what weapon Piaro pulled out. But the weapon Piaro held completely deviated from Chris’ predictions.

“Hand plow!”

That’s right. Piaro’s weapon was a hand plow. It seemed to have just been used, as it was covered with moist soil. Chris failed to conceal his embarrassment as he shouted.

“It isn’t a hand plow! You’re deceiving me!”

“That isn’t the case.”

Was there a need for long words? It was better to show it with actions.


Piaro moved. It was truly tremendous speed suitable for a ninja. The distance that Chris decided was ideal was instantly narrow, and the hand plow moved.


The incensed Chris swung his greatsword. He was determined to blow away the hand plow and Piaro. However.



As he aimed for Piaro’s chest, the hand plow struck the front of the greatsword. Chris’ balance collapsed and his upper body leaned forward.


The eyes of the captains watching widened. They couldn’t understand why Chris looked like this. But Chris and Zirkan were different. They determined the situation in an instant.

‘It was what he intended!’

Large weapons were much heavier and longer than one-handed weapons. The weight was great and had to be focused in order to exert more destructive power. Chris was faithful to the basics, and Piaro aimed for this. He accurately grasped the point where Chris focused the weight of the greatsword and struck it, causing Chris’ center of gravity to shift.

‘This is ridiculous!’

Wasn’t this like the protagonists of the 20th century Hong Kong movies? The hand plow flew towards the stumbling Chris. It was an attack that used the recoil of hitting the greatsword to link the next strike. Chris felt a chill and raised his shoulders. The hand plow that should’ve pierced his neck struck his shoulder instead.

[You have suffered 12,300 damage.]

'What is with this hand plow’s damage...!?’

Even if this was a critical hit, it was an unbelievable amount of damage. Piaro was stronger than a named boss. Chris groaned and tilted his body forward. After limiting Piaro’s movements by sticking close to his body, he recovered the greatsword.

At this time, the greatsword moved naturally to strike at Piaro’s heart. Based on his hundreds of thousands of combat experience, Chris showed his dignity that threatened the enemy no matter what situation he was in.


A smile appeared on Piaro’s face after he was lightly wounded on the chest. He sprinkled several small seeds at Chris’ feet.


Why were seeds being sowed in a battle? Chris was confused, before suddenly realizing.

‘This is a mere trick!’

The opponent was a ninja. Ninjas were people who used tricks to deceive the enemy. Chris glanced away from the seeds that fell at his feet. It was a fatal mistake to ignore this.


Chris tried to swing his greatsword again. The seeds that Piaro sowed had sprouted and clasped tightly around Chris’ ankles and thighs.

"What is this?”

Plants instantly grew from the seeds that were just sown? In addition, the pressure of the plants was very high. It wasn’t something that could be understood with Chris’ common sense.

It was natural. It was a legendary skill. Piaro who chose the path of a farmer after forsaking a sword saint! The ‘Free Farming’ method that he completed after becoming a farmer was at a level comparable to the legends in history.

In other words, today’s Piaro was much stronger than the one who competed with Grid.

"You are the second strongest person I have ever met. You should be proud of your potential.”

The second? Then who was the first?

‘Is he talking about Zibal...!’

Chris’ ego was shattered. The difference between them was just one level.  He couldn’t overcome that level difference, but he believed he was stronger. But he was weaker?


Chris shouted and aimed his sword at the plants around his lower body. Then an energy blade aimed at Piaro. It was the Rule with Might Sword that made ranged attacks possible. As the powerful blade was about to penetrate Piaro’s chest,

"Free Farming 4th Style, Plowing the Field.”

Piaro pulled out a plow and started digging at the ground. As it struck the ground, the soil rose up and became a barrier that blocked the blade.

“This is ridiculous!”

Satisfy had started exactly two years and two months ago. He steadily trained with the goal of becoming number one. He was even equipped with the best items. Chris thought this person was a ninja who hid as a farmer, but he actually was overwhelmed by a real farmer?

He suffered defeat from farming methods such as sowing, plant growing and plowing.

‘I can’t accept it!’

Chris barely managed to restore his mental state. The opponent was someone who beat Zibal. It was naive to think he could win when his level was lower than Zibal’s, but Chris couldn’t tolerate this.


Chris used Tyrant's Strength which temporarily increased his strength by 20%, tearing apart the plants binding his lower body. It was done with pure strength. Piaro saw this and thought.

‘I am lacking practice.’

Free Farming Style 1 ‘Sowing’ and style 2 ‘Rapid Growth.’ The durability of the plants grown was weaker than expected. It was proof that Rapid Growth hadn’t reached the right level yet.

‘I have to work harder in the fields.’

As Piaro vowed this, the energy blades covered Piaro. The hand plow defended against every strike, then Piaro tried to break Chris’ center of gravity again.

‘His enlightenment is fast.’

Piaro was surprised to see Chris’ skill in recovering his greatsword every time the hand plow collided with it.

‘It’s higher than Kraugel when I first met him.’

Piaro acknowledged it and started to swing his hand plow. His skill with the farming equipment overwhelmed Chris. But Chris’ momentum didn’t go down. His chest was struck but he didn’t retreat as he shouted.

“I am above Zibal!”


It was like a lion’s roar. There were farmers and users scattered throughout the vast fields. They were amazed and frightened, while the captains of the Giant Guild also blocked their ears. It was the power of Chris’ second class, Tyrant.

‘This is the time!’

There was no one who would be safe when facing Tyrant’s Growl. Chris used the gap caused by Tyrant’s Growl to attack the temporarily confused Piaro.


There was an earthquake centered on Piaro. The only person able to withstand this earthquake was Chris, the one who caused it. Chris expected Piaro to be swept away by Tyrant’s Advent.


Chris was at a loss after using the skill. He saw Piaro standing on a large number of rice plants growing out of cracks in the collapsing land.

"You have messed up the land. You will have more work to do.”


It was strange. It sounded like Piaro was trying to make Chris do something. Chris was feeling confused when rice rained down on him. He defended by swinging his greatsword.

[The durability of Grid’s Greatsword has decreased by 10.]

[The durability of Grid’s Greatsword has decreased by 11.]

Hollow rice. They were a weak plant that had no sense of weight. No, this was a concept higher than aura. Chris couldn’t endure it, and became a rag along with Grid’s Greatsword.


“Repair my greatsword.”


20 minutes after saying goodbye, Chris returned. He handed his greatsword to Grid. Grid frowned as he checked the greatsword, which was cracked.

“What is this? Did you meet a dragon?”

‘You awful bastard!’

Chris believed that this incident was caused by Grid. The monster called Piaro was Grid’s subordinate, so he was forced to think this way.

‘Is it to let us know who is superior in our relationship?’

He couldn’t believe the rumors. Grid was rumored to be stupid, but he was actually incredibly scary. Grid extended a hand to Chris.

"The cost of the repairs. It is 3 gold for every one point of durability.”


It was 10 times more expensive than the normal repair price. It was an unreasonable price, but he couldn’t refuse the transaction.

‘This demon... I absolutely can’t make him an enemy!’

Chris handed over 853 gold with trembling hands and returned to the fields. The five leaders of the Giant Guild had to work there.

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