Chapter 317

Chapter 317

“Sigh... It is hard, hard.”

"It is too hard to fill the quota. Does it make sense that there are only 400 people working in these vast fields? Looking at the scale, there should be at least 10 times more workers.” 

“Dammit! If this is an agricultural city, increase the number of farmers!”

"They want to save money on the labor costs. I heard that Grid is quite cheap.”

“He’s beyond the level of cheap. Cutting labor costs and kidnapping users to become farmers, is this something normal people would do?”

The 21 users caught by Piaro and forced to work. They complained about Grid every time they gathered. It was because they were convinced that Piaro, who kidnapped them and turned them into farmers, was doing it under Grid’s orders.

However, the reason they didn’t run away was due to the rewards of the hidden quest. Honestly, they were happy about getting a hidden quest and didn’t hold any animosity towards Grid.  The reason they came to Reidan was because they wanted to join Overgeared, and they basically liked Grid.

But the work was too hard, so it was hard to survive unless they complained. It was inevitable that Grid would be frequently mentioned.

“Are they new?”

The grumbling users working in the fields focused on one place. From far away, Piaro was leading five people over.

“This time it’s a group of five.”

“Tsk tsk, poor guys.”

The average level of the 21 users was 270. They had to be at least that level to cross the desert to Reidan. The group of five people would also be high level users. Wasn’t it too absurd that they were being dragged as dogs to become farmers? They felt a sense of compassion.



The users looking at the five newcomers sympathetically became confused. They were the master of the Giant Guild and the Five Captains!

“T-This is ridiculous!”

They were dealt a big blow in the golem invasion, but they were still very strong. The Giant Guild was one of the best guilds. In particular, the Five Captains were third advancement users and Chris was 3rd on the unified rankings, so they were a high sky for the users. But they weren’t even Piaro’s opponent?

‘That crazy farmer is bigger than we thought!’

The users were astonished, while Piaro introduced Chris’ group to them.

"They are new farmers. I hope you get along well with them in the future.”

“Who is a farmer?”

“Damn bastard!”

Chris, the 3rd ranked user, leader of the Giant Guild and viscount of the Eternal Kingdom was being introduced as a new farmer! The captains trembled at Piaro’s absurd attitude.

But Chris wasn’t offended. The opponent was stronger than him. Despite being able to kill him, Chris was spared and given a hidden quest. He didn’t intend to make a fuss.

“Let's get along well."

Chris greeted the senior farmers with respect. The Five Captains were forced to bow their heads.

"W-We will work hard.”

On this day, Chris and the Five Captains joined the fun and exciting training.

A strange rumor started to circulate on the Internet. The master of the Giant Guild and the Five Captains became serfs of Grid. It was a rumor that couldn’t be believed. No one believed the rumor.

“What is this nonsense?”

Grid was more disbelieving than anyone else.


Grid had obtained 27 pavranium for helping with Braham’s resurrection. Originally, there were 28 pavranium. However, one of them became the Vessel of the Soul and entered Braham’s possession.

‘It is painful that I can’t get one, but...’

Fortunately, all 27 out of 27 pavranium had the blessing of the four gods. As the master of the pavranium, Grid received a 15% buff on his attack power, defense, recovery and magic power. As a legendary class exclusive item, the pavranium was truly a scam.

‘It was only because of Braham that I could receive the blessing of God Yatan, so let’s not think too much about giving him one pavranium.’

Grid had become a very positive and generous person compared to the past. In fact, a little while ago, he had reduced Chris’ repair price by 2 gold.

‘2 gold is two ramyun.’

He could imagine how much Chris appreciated it. Grid didn’t doubt that Chris would feel a great affection towards him. He thought about a future alliance with the Giant Guild, then wondered what he should do with the pavranium.

‘I can’t make Lifael’s Spear.’

Lifael’s Spear was the strongest weapon in existence. It was an undeniable truth. Unfortunately, it was an inefficient weapon for Grid. The spear wasn’t influenced by Pagma’s Swordsmanship and he was poisoned by its divine power when he used Blackening.

‘It is enough to have Grid’s Greatsword, Failure, and Yakult as weapons.’

Then would it be better to make armor?

Grid was equipped with the Holy Light armor, gloves and a crown that were made by Pagma, and they boasted an outstanding performance when worn as a set. He also efficiently swapped between Grid’s Boots and Braham’s Boots for the shoes.

On the other hand, he was lacking a shield. But Grid used a greatsword as a weapon, so there weren’t many opportunities to use a shield.

‘Is there anything special that isn’t a weapon or armor?’

Pavranium was a mineral with its own will. It considered Grid’s safety as the top priority and moved with its own judgment. It was far more efficient to give it freedom than to limit it to his body. What was the best type of item to utilize that freedom?

‘A symbol of freedom...’


"...It is a snack. Eh?”

Grid frowned. Snack? Who was the person who suddenly interfered with his deep thoughts by speaking nonsense? Grid shifted his gaze in that direction. The guy who had devoted himself to monster hunting since arriving in Reidan was now resting on the window sill.

"Give me a snack! Give it to me! Nyang!”

He had a very proud and arrogant attitude. It was almost a command.

"Have you lost your senses? No, in the first place, why are you after a snack? Don’t you eat monster or human souls?”

“That is food! Snacks are snacks, nyang!”

"What jerk gave you the concept of snacks…?”

"Your wife! Nyang!”


Setting aside where he learnt the word ‘wife,’ he was talking about Irene.

‘I heard that Irene has a hobby of baking cake these days.’

Irene was the daughter of an earl, so she never learned how to cook. Now after coming to Reidan, she wanted to learn how to cook and bake, so that she could give Grid a little joy. Thanks to her, the Overgeared members and the soldiers were able to enjoy sweet snacks. Noe seemed to have been added as well.

“Sigh, okay. Take a nap and don’t interfere with my work."

Grid decided to ignore Noe and started thinking again about what to make with the pavranium.

‘An item that can highlight the advantage of moving on its own...’

"Teddy bear.”

"...A teddy bear is good... Ah, you.”

Grid frowned. Teddy bear? Who was interfering this time? The incensed Grid turned towards the owner of the voice. It was Randy, who was in the appearance of a little girl.

"I received a teddy bear from Irene!”

Randy was pure and cute as she extended the bear. Grid nodded roughly towards the child.

“Okay. Go and play with the teddy bear.”


Randy smiled and went next to Noe to play with the bear. But her playing didn’t last long. Noe teased Randy by repeatedly batting at the teddy bear.

"...I'm going crazy."

Randy started crying while Noe laughed, interrupting Grid’s meditation time. So he kicked them out. Then he wondered again.

‘The item I should make out of pavranium...’

"Please make farming equipment.”

"...The answer is farming equipment... Hah.”

Grid’s face distorted like a demon. Farming equipment? This time, someone was pouring cold water on him! The owner of the voice was Piaro. Piaro was wearing dirt-stained clothing. Grid could no longer overlook it.

"Piaro, what is your job?”

“I am the leader of the Overgeared Knights Division, commander of Reidan, and a farmer.”

"Isn’t there something strange in there?”


Grid couldn’t understand it at all.

"Why on earth do you keep clinging to being a farmer? Are you doing your duties as knight captain and commander of Reidan?”


Piaro answered without hesitation. He felt pride in his responsibilities.

"Then I'm glad. But what about your goal of becoming a sword saint? If you don’t have time due to your duties, isn’t it better to quit farming and practice your swordsmanship?”

[A legendary farmer has been born!]

The main character of the notification window that all users in Satisfy saw wasn’t Piaro. Grid was certain, but he couldn’t help feeling nervous. In this case, his uneasy feeling was proven correct.

“I realized that I am a farmer, not a sword saint.”


Grid was no longer a fool. Piaro was faithful to his role as a farmer. It was rumored that the seven guilds’ invasion of Reidan was repelled by farmers. The users doing field work, and so on. All of these things attested to the fact that Piaro was the legendary farmer.

Grid just didn’t want to admit it.

Sword Saint Muller. Grid hoped that Piaro’s strength would be recognized as the strongest among the legends.

"...Is it because your talent isn’t enough to pursue the peak of swordsmanship? In the end, you gave up and became a farmer.”

Grid couldn’t hide his anger as he tried to provoke Piaro.


Piaro knew the role that Grid wanted for him. He knew the sense of loss that Grid would be feeling. Piaro was determined to prove himself to Grid. He would prove that he was superior compared to when he was a great swordsman. 

"Farming is the foundation of our lives and it is more valuable than anything else in the world. I just chose a more valuable path.”

“It is possible for women to harvest the crops. You aren’t the only one who can do farming."

"However, I’m the only one who can master it.”

"Why do you need to master farming? Ah, to create a good harvest? It is very minor. If you have power, you can occupy more territory. Then there would be more people and we can secure a large amount of food using it. It is much more profitable to develop the armed forces to aim for more land.”

“Mastering farming isn’t merely raising crops. I can exert more power if I have an understanding of nature. I can confident that I am necessary for My Lord.”

“Really? Then prove it. What type of power can a farmer exert?”

This was what Piaro wanted. He had been wanting this situation since he asked for farming equipment.

‘I must be acknowledged by My Lord.’

He would let Grid know the greatness of a farmer. Piaro took out his hand plow and plow, while Grid armed himself with Failure and Grid’s Greatsword.

“I will return you to your original form. Your hands are meant to hold a sword, not dirt-stained farming equipment!”

At present, Piaro wasn’t sane. Grid had to return him to the right path. Grid put on the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and used Blacksmith’s Rage to overpower Piaro. Piaro made a sad expression.

‘His talent is weak compared to Kraugel and Chris.’

Grid made great strides after defeating Pagma’s Doppelganger, but his lord was fundamentally unskilled. It was unlikely that his growth had continued since then.

‘You might be poisoned with frustration after losing, but I believe that you can overcome this poison as usual.’

Piaro would first relieve his burden by proving his value. Piaro judged and blocked the blue greatsword Grid was swinging, then counterattacked while avoiding a dark blue greatsword. In his head, Grid had already collapsed.

But what was Grid’s specialty? It was the power to overcome common sense and destroy predictions.



As soon as the blue greatsword and hand plow collided, Piaro’s eyes widened.

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