Chapter 315

Chapter 315

[Your agility has increased by 10.]

After completing the deal with Chris. Grid took the elixir without any delay, and his body felt lighter.

Strength: 2,790

Agility: 1,756

‘There’s still a long way to go.’

He needed to gain at least 104 levels in order to make the ratio of strength and agility 1:1. Grid thought it was frankly out of the question. Amoract’s agent, Tallos. Despite the fact that he gained a huge 2.6 billion experience, he only gained one level. So how long would it take to gain 104 levels?

‘Every time my level increases, the amount of experience required increases too much. This is why a fourth advancement class hasn’t emerged even after one year.’

No, would it be possible for Kraugel to get a fourth advancement class in one year? His level was 319, which was four levels higher than the second place.

‘A monster... That guy must be only hunting.’

The 1st ranked Kraugel. Grid had never met him and never saw him on TV. However, Grid acknowledged that his level up ability was unique.

‘Anyway, it would be nice if I could frequently take the agility elixir.’

It was an unrealistic wish. Elixirs were a rare potion. This type of transaction might not happen again.


Grid looked at the location of his guild members. The Pavranium Expedition was still hunting in the remaining vampires cities. After raiding Elfin Stone, they got experience and item acquisition buffs.

‘Wow... Pon and Regas are already level 308. Aren’t they accumulating a lot of experience? I should go back to the vampire cities.’

[Experience and item acquisition rate has increased by 5%. This effect only applies to the vampire cities. The time remaining is 25 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes and 15 seconds.]

‘The next 25 and a half days. If I hunt while the buff is maintained...’

Couldn’t he gain at least three levels and an elixir if he was lucky? The inspired Grid headed to the smithy before leaving. He had some work to do.

First of all.

"Item Creation.”

[What item do you want to create?]


[What materials would you like to use?]

“Blue orichalcum and black iron.”

[Please design the item.]

A blank blueprint appeared in front of him. It was already the seventh design, so Grid was able to seamlessly design an armor. After a while, Grid completed the armor with a satisfactory appearance and explained the features of the item.

"This armor can never be pierced. It won’t get any scratches from a sword, and even a dragon’s breath won’t melt it."

[That isn’t possible. There are limits on the level of material and design used.]


It was as expected. The item penalty had disappeared, but his dream of arming himself with a weapon with 999,999,999 attack power and armor with  999,999,999 defense was just a fanciful dream.

In the first place, (Understanding of Gods’ Weapons) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill was only level 6. The standards of an item that could be made with blue orichlacum and black iron was only slightly better than Failure. In the past, Failure was created without taking into account the conditions of use.

‘This will change if I use pavranium as a mineral, but...’

It needed to be on the level of Lifael’s Spear. Grid’s lacking design level was a big obstacle.

‘Right now, it is better to use pavranium was a secondary item than an equipment item. It is urgent to obtain minerals better than blue orichalcum.’

Grid realized this and summoned Minor, the minerals detector.

"Find and report on any minerals that are superior to blue orichalcum.”

“Huh? What is this?"

Minor frowned at the words.

"Didn’t you promise to let me live as a miner if you collected all the pavranium!?”

Minor’s innate talents were more suited to minerals detection than mining. Minor’s grand ambition was to become a legendary miner that surpassed Gis and become the right arm of the emperor. But Minor trembled because Grid didn’t give him a chance to become a miner.

Grid patted the boy’s shoulder.

“Endure it a little longer. Don’t you know that I am a legendary blacksmith? I sincerely hope that you will become a great miner and give strength to me. But not yet.”


Minor gritted his teeth. There was poison in his eyes. This was truly the attitude of someone who would betray his master. Grid inwardly tsked.

‘He needs to know reality.’

Minor’s talent was clearly outstanding. He had the qualities to be a huge miner. But it wasn’t enough to become a legendary miner. That’s what the Great Lord's Sword was telling him. In other words, Minor’s dream was useless.

‘You are more suitable as a minerals detector.’

The ability of minerals detection was rare. Grid occasionally observed the people of Winston Bairan and Reidan, but Minor was the only NPC with a minerals detection talent. Grid hoped that Minor would grow as a minerals detector and would become a great force for him.

"Hasn’t your mother’s health worsened in Bairan? I will talk to the lord of Bairan to give your mother the best treatment. Now Minor. If you want your mother to regain her health, go on an adventure. Find the best minerals. Fighting!”

“Shit...! Shit! This evil person!”

Minor was only 14 years old. Grid struck at the boy’s weakness, so he seemed evil. However, Grid was convinced that this was the right way to deal with Minor. He believed that a life as a minerals detector would work out better for Minor than just being an excellent miner.

Minor trembled and left. Then Grid sent a whisper to Euphemina.

-How many of the Water Clan King’s Tears did you obtain?


-Oh, that is a lot more than I thought?

Water Clan King’s Tears. It was a rare material that permanently gave magic to an item. It was a production material with a unique effect, but the Water Clan’s King only shed tears for one day every five months. Grid was surprised because Euphemina collected four tears in the three months after leaving for the Siren Kingdom.

-I was lucky. I got a special quest.

-Special quest? What is it?

-Hehe, I’ll tell you later.

‘She’s excited.’

She must’ve gotten a fairly good quest.

Grid nodded with a smile.

-Yes, I’m looking forward to the good news. If you have any difficulties along the way, please feel free to contact me. First of all, place the tears in the guild’s warehouse.

After a while.

Grid picked up the Water Clan King’s tears from the warehouse and started to smelt the pavranium.


'A legendary item maker... This really exists!’

Chris’s smile stretched from ear to ear after he made the deal with Grid. He might be in an unfavorable position to Grid, but what were the chances to get such a good item? It was safe to say that it wasn’t common.

Grid’s Greatsword transcended common sense, and it was more than what Chris wanted. Chris was convinced that the performance was more than Kraugel’s White Fang and Seuron’s Brutal Heavy Sword.

‘I can use it until at least level 360.’

It wasn’t an exaggeration.

Grid’s Greatsword was much better than the level 320 unique rated item that Chris acquired from a raid. Based on his analysis, he judged that level 350~360 items wouldn’t be as good as Grid’s Greatsword.

‘I don’t have to worry about weapons for at least 10 months. But the situation is serious...’

Didn’t it mean that Grid and the Overgeared members were armed with such items? Grid seemed remarkably strong compared to other forces.

‘Can they be left unchecked?’

Chris was the master of the Giant Guild. He wanted a higher position and to become a king, so that he could obtain the best wealth and power. From this standpoint, Grid was likely to be a big obstacle.

“Let’s go.”

Chris spoke to the Five Captains. (TL: Author uses the Five Captains as a title here, rather than using it to signify the number of people. So he will keep referring to them as the Five Captains, despite one being missing.)

Chris walked towards the gate with them when he suddenly felt doubts.


“I haven’t seen him since three days ago, when he said he was going to Pedro first.”

Mihara had been acting freely in Reidan. His capricious personality meant it wasn’t strange for him to return first.

“That guy. Huh?”

Chris suddenly stopped walking. The fields stretched out widely outside Reidan.

There was a farmer blocking their way?

“Who are you?”

One of the Five Captains, Asellas questioned the farmer who was blocking their path. Then the farmer held out five hoes.

"Clear the ground.”


Was this farmer crazy? He appeared and told them to clear the ground? Everyone was speechless because it was so absurd, then Chris spoke.

"Why should we help you?”

The farmer, Piaro’s, logic was simple.

“Your companion dared touch a maid of Duke Grid’s. You failed to properly control your companion, so now you will help develop Reidan’s agriculture.” 

Their companion molested a maid? Chris and the Five Captains were feeling disbelief when they remembered Mihara.

'That stupid brat is doing something trashy again...!’

Mihara always caused incidents in the past. Chris sighed and nodded.

"I understand what you want to say. I will punish the one who touched the maid. Don’t be too angry and open the path.”

Chris thought the farmer called Piaro was doing some type of performance. He thought it was the cry of a weak farmer who knew about Mihara’s sin. But it was a misconception.

"I have already punished him, so now you have to work in the fields.”

In the end, Asellas raised his voice.

"Why do you keep talking nonsense? This is a viscount of the Eternal Kingdom and master of the Giant Guild, Chris! You shouldn’t even look him in the eyes, so how can you skip etiquette and even ask him to work in the fields?”

It had been a long time since they started Satisfy, and they hadn’t interacted with farmers for a while. Piaro looked indifferently at Asellas, who was seething with anger.

“I watched from afar, and you didn’t show any politeness towards Duke Grid. I’m just following your rude behavior.”

“Rude behavior...!”

Unlike NPCs, etiquette didn’t play a huge role between users. Chris and the Five Captains had to bow and be polite to Duke Grid? It was impossible. The five people thought that the farmer wasn’t aware of reality.

“Get lost!”

Their ankles couldn’t be grabbed by a farmer forever. Asellas pushed the farmer. No, it was a shove.


Asellas’ eyes widened. He wanted to grab the wrist of the farmer, but his vision instantly changed to that of the sky.

‘What is this...?’

Asellas lay on the ground while the Five Captains were amazed, Chris as well.

‘Reidan’s monster farmer...! He really exists!’

They believed it was a rumor, but now they knew it wasn’t the case. Chris felt a great interest and grabbed Grid’s Greatsword.

“You’re the one who knocked down Zibal? Those skills, show them to me!”

The reason why the alliance of the seven guilds, except for the Giant Guild, failed to invade Reidan was due to the unidentified farmers. A farmer who was strong enough to knock down the 2nd ranked Zibal, what if Chris beat him?

After obtaining a second class, the 3rd ranked Chris believed that he was stronger than Zibal. He rushed towards Piaro.

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