Chapter 314

Chapter 314

So far, Grid only considered the performance when it came to item creation and production.

This was understandable. Items were things that existed for the convenience of the user and to increase their stats. The most important factor for an item was the performance, and Grid always considered this.

However, the circumstances were different this time. He had to make an item for someone who wasn’t a colleague, but a potential enemy.

‘It will be sickening if a future enemy is armed with the most powerful item I have created.’

He couldn’t refuse the deal. If so, he needed to set up a device so that Chris wouldn’t become an enemy. How? The conclusion he came to after a long period of thinking.

‘I need to make the buyer of the item dependent on the creator.’

But how? Grid came up with a simple yet dramatic solution.

‘This item can only be repaired by the maker.’

The absolute maker of the item! Grid’s Greatsword would establish a relationship between the maker and buyer, and it would be effective as a type of slave contract.

‘I need to make a complicated structure so that only the maker can repair it.’

Designing it wasn’t a problem.

‘I am a legendary blacksmith.’

Great Magician Braham had said it. A legend was a transcendental presence. Don’t make a wall himself.

“I will design an item that no one can imitate.”

Grid encouraged morale by copying Braham’s tone. He grabbed the thought, used Item Creation and designed Grid’s Greatsword. It was a practical design that excluded beauty. He considered the balance between performance and usage conditions.

The strengths were combined. It contained a distinctiveness. It was faithful to the basics while bringing out the best performance.


His design was finished after struggling for half a day.

[’Grid’s Greatsword’ has been added to the list of item production methods!]

Grid was satisfied. 

Grid’s Greatsword

Rating: Unique ~ Legendary

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 575/575

Attack Power: 953~1,191

Attack Speed: -5%

* There is a low probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the ‘3 Joint Attacks’ skill.

* The damage of slashing attacks will increase by 20%.

* Skill damage will increase by 10%.

* Attack power +20% in dark places.

* It you hit the same target six times, the sixth attack will unconditionally be a critical attack.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 840/840

Attack Power: 1,274~1,440

Attack Speed: -3%

* There is a certain probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the ‘3 Joint Attacks’ skill.

* The damage of slashing attacks will increase by 30%.

* Skill damage will increase by 20%.

* Attack power +20% in dark places.

* It you hit the same target five times, the fifth attack will unconditionally be a critical attack.

* If you succeeded in linking a skill within 0.5 seconds of 3 Joint Attacks, additional damage will be inflicted on the target.

It is a weapon designed by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

In a blind spot in the center of the blade, the content of black iron is increased to maximize the weight, and the cutting power is increased by adding blue orichalcum to both sides of the blade.

It is designed for the user’s convenience and is perfectly balanced, helping the user achieve the best swordsmanship.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher. More than 2,800 strength. Advanced Sword Mastery level 5 or higher.

* This item can only be repaired by the maker.  

Weight: 1,540


Grid’s Greatsword wasn’t better than Failure. The attack speed, maximum attack power and durability of Failure were all better than Grid’s Greatsword. In addition, the level limit of 300 was identical.

But Grid appreciated Grid’s Greatsword more than Failure. There were many reasons.

First of all, the design of Grid’s Greatsword was more efficient than Failure. Unlike Failure, which was inconvenient to use due to its excessive size, Grid’s Greatsword had a very appropriate size.

In addition, the minimum attack power of Grid’s Greatsword was far superior. When attacking a target, the minimum attack power was always guaranteed, unlike the maximum attack power. A weapon with a higher minimum damage was bound to have higher damage. There were also the options that increased slashing damage and skill damage.

There was only one part where Grid’s Greatsword was worse than Failure. It had 3 Joint Attacks instead of 5 Joint Attacks. Grid had done his best to pass on the merits of Failure onto Grid’s Greatsword, but it wasn’t a complete success.

But Grid thought about it positively.

‘This is fine. The terms of use might become ridiculously higher if it was 5 Joint Attacks.’

There was also a secret hidden in Grid’s Greatsword. There was a deep groove across the center of the blade. It had a tremendous effect when used, but only Grid, who designed it, knew about it.

"Then let's get started.”

Grid smiled with satisfaction and stood in front of the furnace. Then he confirmed the number of minerals he currently had in stock.

29 blue orichalcum.

99 black iron.

1,290 iron ores.

32 mithril.

Blue orichalcum was a mineral dropped only by the Guardian of the Forest. There was a limit on the quantity that could be obtained, so it was virtually impossible for a person to have this much.

But Grid had Jishuka. While acting as ruler of Bairan, she steadily raided the Guardian of the Forest, gathered the blue orichalcum, and gave them all to Grid. The value of her help couldn’t be converted to money, and Grid really appreciated her at this moment.

‘Thank you, Jishuka.’

Grid felt thankful once again and started to melt the minerals in the furnace. His perfect understanding of the minerals and control of the temperature was engraved into the young blacksmiths.



Over the past two days, Grid dedicated himself to making the item. As a result, two greatswords were in front of him. They were black swords with a deep groove in the center, while the blades gave off a subtle blue light. The harmony of colors was luxurious and seemed to improve the quality itself.

However, both were incomplete, as the handle wasn’t attached yet.


The handle was a length that could be grasped with both hands. Grid took a deep breath before combining it with the greatswords. The young blacksmiths felt doubts.

‘Why is he upset before combining the handles?’

‘Is something wrong?’

The young blacksmiths thought Grid had a deep meaning behind delaying the completion of the sword. But it was a misunderstanding. The present Grid was engulfed with fear.

‘What if both are completed with a unique rating...?’

Grid used 19 blue orichalcum and 44 black iron just to produce one greatsword. Black iron was a relatively common mineral that could be obtained with money, but the blue orichalcum was different. It was a rare mineral that could only be obtained once every three months.

What if he used 19 of them just for a unique rated greatsword to be produced? It was obvious why he was trembling with nervousness. There was also the ‘special event’ that would happen in exchange for making the 10th legendary item. Even if he received a penalty, Grid wanted this to be a legendary greatsword. He couldn’t always avoid legendary items.


Grid strongly grasped the hammer.

‘God, Buddha, Goddess Rebecca, God Yatan! Please give me good luck!’

Grid even prayed to God Yatan! As everyone watched, he attached a handle to the two-handed greatsword. The result was amazing.

[You have succeeded in making Grid’s Greatsword (Legendary)!]

[A legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +10 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +500.]

[You have succeeded in making Grid’s Greatsword (Legendary)!]

[A legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +10 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +500.]

“Ohh...! Ohh!!”

The blacksmiths were unable to close their mouths as they watched the completion of the greatsword. Khan was teary-eyed. He was pleased because Grid gave birth to a wonderful result. On the other hand, Grid was distracted.

[You have proven your potential by making 10 legendary items.]

[Now you are growing into a blacksmith comparable to Pagma.]

[The penalty that occurs when an item’s usage conditions isn’t met has disappeared.]

"Penalty removal!”

Grid’s eyes widened. The greatest disadvantage grabbing onto his ankles since he became Pagma’s Descendant was now gone. Grid trembled with excitement. But that joy was brief.

[Your growth has deteriorated due to the blossoming of your potential.]

[You won’t acquire any additional stats in the future when making items with a unique rating.]

“This damn thing!”

He had already expected to experience a penalty to some extent. But once the moment came, he couldn’t help feeling bad.

‘If I want to increase my stats in the future, I have to produce legendary items...!’

The rate of producing legendary items was the worst. He had been Pagma's Descendant for over a year and he had only been able to produce 11. Grid felt desperate and frustrated. In the past, he would’ve cursed at the game operators for a few days. But now it was different.

Grid quickly overcame the frustration due to the growth in his mentality.

‘...Not bad.’

The deterioration of his stats increase was bad, but the item penalty had also disappeared. What did this suggest?

'In the future, I will truly be dependent on the power of items.’

It was the rise of the overgeared legend, which didn’t require potions or skills.


“I will... trade...”

The legendary rated Grid’s Greatsword. Chris verified the details of it and finally accepted the deal. A slave contract. In the future, Chris would have to leave the repairing to Grid, so he could never become Grid’s enemy. If he did something wrong against Grid, his item wouldn’t be repaired.

"Okay, let’s work well together in the future.”

Grid held out a hand to shake.


Chris looked at his smile and once again wondered if his choice was right. However, he desired Grid’s Greatsword too much. It was the best item Chris had seen while reaching level 314.

“P... Please...”

Chris shook his hand without any strength. The look in Grid’s eyes was relaxed as he looked at Grid. The present Grid was closer to being reborn with the attitude of a legendary, like Braham mentioned.

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