Chapter 313

Chapter 313

‘Grid will accept the deal.’

The value of elixirs were so high that Chris was convinced. Satisfy had all types of medicines, but the effect of the elixirs were unique among them.

‘It can increase the stat by up to 10 points...’

Taking one was like gaining one level. How many people in the world could resist this? He could confidently declare that there were none.

“Okay, I will make you a weapon.”

Grid naturally accepted the deal.

"Please make me the best weapon. Like the blue greatsword that you are using." Chris earnestly asked again. He would cancel the deal if it wasn’t similar to Failure.

"Believe in me.”

Grid pledged.

He wanted to obtain the elixir, and he also felt honored.

‘Please make me the best weapon.’

It was the first time he received an item commission from a non-guild member. He felt proud as the master of Overgeared and a legendary blacksmith. He had no intention of poorly carrying out the request.

‘I will add this to the Grid set.’

After Grid’s Boots, it was time to make a greatsword. Failure, Dainsleif, the Doppelganger’s Greatsword, Lifael’s Spear, Iyarugt and so on. Grid’s Greatsword would be created based on the best weapons that he had used in the past.

‘I’ll add a special option.’

Grid’s wily smile grew thicker.


"I can’t see the Tzedakah Guild members anywhere.”

"Are they hiding because they heard we were here?”

Five people were gathered in the garden of Reidan’s castle. They were the five captains of the Giant Guild. They came with Grid to Reidan and were greatly disappointed. The Tzedakah Guild had been their enemies since the days of L.T.S. Now they couldn’t be seen anywhere.

“I wanted to see Regas after such a long time.”

In particular, the 1st ranked magic swordsman, Mihara, was disappointed. He fought a total of 14 times with Regas, and the result was three draws and 11 losses. Today, he intended to add a win to this humiliating number, but couldn’t find Regas anywhere.

“We didn’t come here to fight. Please suppress your emotions and don’t make trouble.”

It was the 1st ranked swordsman, Zirkan. He had lost his ranking to Ibellin for a while, but now he consolidated his first rank. Ibellin was promising as one of the 10 Rookies, but he didn’t have enough experience to go beyond Zirkan yet.

“Sorry, sorry. I’ll restrain myself. I was just saying.”

Mihara had a tendency to be wild and self-indulgent, but he always complied with Zirkan’s orders. The other captains were the same. Zirkan was Chris’ teacher, so it was hard to resist him.

“By the way, this castle... There’s nothing to see.”

The only woman, Pinky, changed topics. She thought that Reidan’s castle was ugly. It was large, but there were no gorgeous landscaping or decorations. It wasn’t just that.

“The population is small.”

Reidan was a big city, but there were no people on the streets. The difficulty of the desert was too high and accessibility was low.

“The speed of Reidan’s development is much slower than our predictions.”

"In the first place, there aren’t even 30 members in Overgeared. They don’t have the ability to properly manage this big city.”

"Isn’t the farming doing well?”

"It is a testament to their incompetence that such a big city was developed into an agricultural city.”

The Overgeared members were only good for fighting. The overall ability of the guild was low. The five captains of the Giant Guild thought so. They didn’t know that Overgeared had secretly absorbed the Silver Knights Guild. In addition, there was a yellow mithril mine somewhere in the vast desert.

Bairan was a small city in the north of the Eternal Kingdom. Cork Island, which had a wealth of resources. What if the five captains found out that the current Overgeared members were divided between these three places?

They would be shocked by the power of Overgeared.

“Ah, I’m bored. I will be going for a walk, so please let me know when Master comes out.”

"Don’t cause any incidents.”

"Okay, I understand. Who do you think I am?”

He laughed heartily at the Overgeared members. In order to soothe his boredom, Mihara left the group and wandered around.

"Wow, there really is nothing to see. How is this a duchy?"

Mihara was in the worst mood after finding out that Regas wasn’t here. He was someone who always pursued stimulation, so he didn’t welcome an ordinary situation.


The grumbling Mihara suddenly stopped walking. His gaze was fixed on the old fountain. A pretty NPC maid caught his eye.

“This is perfect for wasting time.”

Mihara approached the maid.

"Hey, let me touch your body.”

Unless they were NPCs that gave quests, users didn’t usually show any respect towards general NPCs. In particular, NPCs with a low status weren’t treated as people. Since humans always hurt each other, it was impossible to protect the rights of NPCs. This was one of the biggest problems with Satisfy, which guaranteed a high degree of freedom.


The maid, pouring water on the flowers, was disgusted at the man who suddenly appeared and grabbed her ass. Mihara found her reaction funny.

"What are you screaming about? Isn’t it just a small touch?”

At that moment.

"Who are you?"

A deep voice was heard in Mihara’s ear. Mihara moved his gaze. A middle-aged man could be seen. He held a hand plow and looked like a farmer. His name was Piaro. He was also an NPC like the maid.

"This is an agricultural city, so there are farmers everywhere.”

Mihara angrily waved his hand.

“Get lost.”

"I asked who you were.”

Rather than stepping back, Piaro asked again. Mihara no longer paid attention to him. He chose to keep touching the maid’s body rather than care about a farmer NPC. Mihara couldn’t imagine the disaster that this act would bring.

"All of Reidan belongs to Duke Grid. Even the emperor of the Saharan Empire can’t covet anything here.”

Piaro’s voice lowered even more. Mihara frowned.

“This bastard is talking nonsense. I am busy touching this maid’s... Heok?”

A hand plow flew towards Mihara. Mihara’s level and and agility were lower, so he barely detected it. Mihara used Haste to evade the hand plow and seethed.

"How dare a farmer threaten me?”


Mihara pulled out a flaming sword. At this point, his judgment was blurred by the threat from the farmer. He tried to kill Piaro. But it was nothing from the viewpoint of Piaro.

“This is Reidan.”



Mihara was astonished. It was because the farmer threw a small seed at him.

"You trash.”



Mihara was struck on the forehead with a seed.

[You have suffered 9,150 damage.]

‘This doesn’t make sense...!’

"This is a place where a person like you isn’t allowed.”



Mihara shrieked. A seed flew again and struck his heart, causing him terrible suffering.

'W-Will I be killed by a seed?’

Mihara checked his health gauge and thought this was a nightmare. The farmer threw seeds at the 1st ranked magic swordsman. It was a small seed like a sunflower seed, but he couldn’t be killed by this. But reality was relentless.

[You have died.]

Mihara was hit in the forehead by a fourth seed and saw a grey world.

‘I won’t touch an NPC’s butt again...!’

The NPC protection system had been strengthened so far! Mihara was logged out.


[Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill]

You can create three equipment item production methods every time the skill level of the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill’ goes up.

Number of items that can be created at present: 12/18.

* When items are produced using this skill, the name of the creator is automatically placed on the item.

A long time after Grid’s Boots, Grid started to design an item. Prior to creating Grid’s Greatsword, he sketched a plan in his head. It was tremendous prudence compared to the days when he created items without any thought.

‘The worst thing about Failure is the excessive size.’

A greatsword was cool when bigger. It was the reason why Grid designed Failure to be 3m long, but he experienced discomfort after using it. It took too long to recover the sword, and it was greatly constrained by the terrain. In particular, it often hit the floor.

‘A length of 1m and 40cm is the most suitable.’

It would be better to increase the width by 4cm. One of the advantages of a greatsword was that it was suitable to use for defense.

‘Let’s increase the feeling of weight.’

The biggest advantage of Failure was that it was made of blue orichalcum and was lightweight. The attack speed wasn’t decreased despite being a big sword, but its destructive power wasn’t maximized because it had no weight behind it.

‘Then the materials will be a mix of blue orichalcum and black iron.’

The cutting power of the blade would be maximized by increasing the blue orichlacum content, while the weight of the blade would be increased due to the black iron.


Grid had already closed his eyes for two areas as he drew out the shape of a new item. The young blacksmiths in the smithy couldn’t understand his behavior as Grid mediated to one side.

“Why is he only doing that after coming to work?”

“Is he taking a nap?”

"What reason would he have for taking a nap? That is meditation. The duke is trying to figure out the type of weapon he will create before he begins.”


Among the blacksmiths sharing their opinions, there was those with exceptional eyes. They were the two young men who became intermediate blacksmiths first. Khan’s evaluation of them increased.

‘They are the children who will be a great force for Grid after me.'

Currently, Khan was giving a break to all the blacksmiths. He wanted to give them a chance to see Grid work. The young blacksmiths asked questions as they looked at Grid’s actions, allowing them to grow step by step.

"Now, let's get started."

After the meditation, Grid used the Item Creation skill and designed Grid’s Greatsword. Then he finally pulled out his hammer.

Ttang! Ttang!

The young blacksmiths of Reidan watched every move that the legendary blacksmith made.


It was three days after Grid received the commission.

-It is completed.

Chris was hunting monsters in the desert when he finally received Grid’s whisper. He joyfully headed straight towards Reidan.


Chris was amazed as he received the details of the item created. The performance of the item was more than he expected. But his face stiffened after he checked the options.

* This item can only be repaired by the maker.

‘This guy...!’

Wasn’t he very sly, unlike the rumors of his stupidity? Chris didn’t know that Grid had grown steadily.

“Is it a deal?”

Grid laughed as he asked.  Chris was very displeased. But the performance of the item was so desirable that he inevitably nodded.

“I will... trade...”

It was the moment the 3rd ranked user and head of the Giant Guild fell slave to the power of items. Now he became someone who couldn’t live without Grid.

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