Chapter 1048

[Fires 40 swords with 200% physical attack power, leaving a mark on all visible enemies. An additional two sword energy will be generated per mark, and the added sword energy will aim at their targets.]

As it was described in the explanation, Transcended Link Flower was a skill where the size of the enemy didn’t matter. It was also a skill that maximized the power of the blood-sucking items Grid possessed. Grid had no sense of irrationality and helplessness when he dealt with a large number of enemies alone.

A mark appeared on the heads of Berith and the demon army within Grid’s field of view. Thousands of blue petals filled the canyon. The war-devastated canyon was transformed into a beautiful place.

[He sprinkled blue petals on the canyon dyed with red blood.]


With the sentence marking the beginning of the epic, there was a sense of resilience everywhere. Everyone looked up at Grid, and his chest became hot when he felt their gazes. Did he feel that he was superior to them? No. It was a pure sense of fullness that came from being acknowledged by others.

Grid had suffered many things in his life, and the enthusiasm and support he had received during the past few years were still new and exciting. Maybe it was something he would never get used to.

[He was an underdog who was used to insults and contempt.]

[A loser who was exploited and couldn’t stand alone...]

‘...No, why is it bringing out these old things and telling the people?’

It would’ve been nice if it wasn’t for the world messages. Grid blushed as he was shamed in front of the people of the world. Then the petals from the sky struck the demons on the ground. The more beautiful the petals, the more dangerous they were. The demons screamed sharply from getting hit by the petals.


Against an army, this was an overwhelming power. The shouts of the Haken Kingdom’s soldiers pierced the sky. and Grid’s sense of fulfillment grew even greater. Despite this, the epic denied Grid.

[He was still weak.]

[It was because his slaughtering of the demons in the canyon wasn’t his own feat.]

[He woke up using the strength of others, and it wouldn’t be strange if he fell down at any moment.]

40 black energy blades emerged and struck Berith.

[The target has received 33,250 damage.]

[The target has received 32,999 damage.]

Transcended Link Flower dealt 200% damage per energy blade. An ordinary monster couldn’t handle even one of the 40 strikes. Yet Berith was hit by two in succession. The first moment that Kraugel appeared caused Berith to increase his defense and he now completely neutralized the power of Grid’s strikes. However...


Berith’s face was covered with shock. He was confused because he couldn’t fathom how Grid was fine in spite of his distorted reality. A human denied his power...? Anxiety sprang up in Berith’s mind. He had glimpsed Pagma and Muller from Grid. It was the appearance of a non-standard human who had destroyed a great demon with transcendent power. 

[The great demon of the canyon dismissed him.]

““As expected, I really should get rid of you.””

Berith decided to be vigilant. He disappeared like smoke from his position. The sickly horse that carried him was much faster than a unicorn or pegasus and seemed to easily escape from Transcended Link Flower.

[Braham’s Detect Force has been triggered.]

[Transcend’s sword energy has read and kept track of the target.]

At least, until Braham’s magic was triggered.


[He was finally complete.]

[His body, tempered by hammering, remembered the sword dances that he performed daily.]

[The magic at the end of his sword was evidence of him pioneering his own path.]

[He was overshadowed by the shade of certain names, but he had already accumulated enough.]

A bizarre and unrealistic scene was being directed. Dozens of energy blades plummeted to the ground and turned as they tracked Berith.


His movements were being read by a human...? Berith’s ego was shattered along with his injured face, and he triggered his alchemy. An iron wall that offset physical attacks circled his body. He was determined that the petty human attacks would have no effect against a lord of hell. However, the complaining of an unqualified person had no meaning.


The wind damage that came from every four strikes was severe. Braham’s Wind Cutter magic attached to Link split the iron wall in half and tore at Berith’s skin. The petals cutting the bodies of the demons exploded and generated electricity. It was the emergence of Braham’s Lightning magic.

The demons were shaken. Some of the insect-type demons with relatively low health were bombarded severely while the beast-like demons roared. Hundreds of blind demons stared at Grid in unison because the impact was too great. It was a terrible sight, but Grid wasn’t daunted. He watched Berith without worrying about the mobs that had been electrocuted and stuck in place.

[He was the first human to taste the inviolability of the great demon in the canyon.]

[He was the one who built up the legends with his own strength.]



[An unknown person has completed the first page of the epic!]

The world messages ended. The viewers became solemn as they took a glance at the life of the famous Grid with a few short sentences.

A talentless supreme person... A person who deserved more respect than anyone else... His ‘beginning’ was like the many stars in the sky, and he was cheered on by many people.

[Someone is paying homage to the Hero King’s Stone Statue.]

[Someone is paying homage to the Hero King’s Stone...]

[Someone is...]



[There is a rumor that the procession to your stone statue is endless!]



[The Hero King’s Stone Statue has reached the maximum level of 15!]

[The current ration of respectful bows to the stone statue has reached the maximum! Over the next month, your dexterity stat will rise by 30%, and the probability of making a high rated item has increased slightly! Additionally, the speed of sword-type attack skills is 20% faster!]

Following the good news, the contents of Gird’s notification window was updated.

[The first page of the epic has been completed.]

[The effect of the epic has changed (Braham’s Favor) Great Swordsman Pagma’s Swordsmanship to Grid’s Swordsmanship.] 

[You have witnessed Braham’s magic many times. Your swords dances are designed to optimize Braham’s magic formulas. The magic power of the sword dances is greatly enhanced.]

[You are the first player to gain a skill derived from yourself.]

[You have acquired one Skill Creation Right as a reward for the amazing achievement.]

[Skill Creation Right]

[You can create one active skill.]

[Your status has risen by one level with the completion of that epic.]

[The maximum speed limitations, vision limitations, and senses limitations will be partially lifted.]

[Your Deity stat has increased by 1.]

[Based on the contents of the epic, you have gained the new title ‘Legend of the Canyon.’]

[Legend of the Canyon]

[All stats will increase by 10%, and the power of wide-area skills will increase by 20% in a canyon terrain.

You have instilled fear in 22nd Great Demon Berith. Berith’s defense and magic resistance will decrease by 10% when encountering Berith.

The same effect will apply to demons ranked lower than Berith.]

[Your vision and body’s senses are better than the effect of the current item, Slaughterer’s Eye Patch. The Slaughterer’s Eye Patch is just an obstacle to your vision.]


Dust fluttered in the sky. Despite floating fairly high in the sky above the battlefield, the smell of blood entered his nose. Grid exchanged gazes with Berith.


He took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again. The world had changed. It was the minimum preparation needed to adapt to these changes.

“It is worth a try at this point...” Grid murmured and took off the eyepatch he always wore. Hundreds of cameras focused on his left eye. The shadows seemed to split in half around the small point of the red pupil. It was an evil eye.

[Your delicate senses are controlling the rampant magic power of the Castration Eye.]


He could see the wind sweeping over his skin. His extended vision gave the impression of contemplating the existence of ‘I’ from the sky. The passage of time split in increments of sub-seconds. He felt like a superhero appearing in a movie. His species itself seemed to have evolved.

Grid wasn’t unfamiliar with this sensation. It was the sense of transcendence he had felt when he experienced Chreshler’s past. Of course, this fell far short of Chreshler’s senses, but Grid was certain of it. Grid was now reborn on the same level as the Seven Dukes. 

““What is this? That relaxed mug.””

It was just before Grid arrived in front of Berith. The great demon had already fought a long battle. He had only dealt with two humans, but they could be called his fiercest opponents so far. Berith had consumed a lot of health. In this state, he was hit by Braham’s magic and Transcended Link Flower. It meant he was ready for a new phase.

““Disgusting... It is really disgusting. I’ll teach you a good lesson.””

The greatest power that collapsed the largest expedition, including Ares’ army, appeared. The entire canyon was shaken by the wave of energy, and the morale of the wounded demons skyrocketed.

““There is no presence in this world that can harm me.””

It was a distortion of the truth.

““My breath will destroy the forest, and the mountains will collapse with my steps.””

Berith overlay himself with the lie of being ‘invincible.’ For the next minute, he would be immune to all sorts of damages and have his damage amplified by several times. It was the strongest buff skill that frustrated Ares’ army. This was the moment when the viewers were reminded of Berith’s ultimate power.

“I won’t allow your comfort,” Grid declared these words with a red face.

『 ...? 』


Why all of a sudden? The moment when the broadcasters and viewers around the world were cringing, the false buff that surrounded Berith’s body shattered like glass and disappeared. 

『 ....!! 』



People were choked by the opening of heaven and earth. Of course, the most shocked one was Berith. Something emerged in front of him as he was feeling astonished. It was Grid. Grid used Blackening in his evolved state, and his speed was literally transcendent.

“Grid’s Sword Dance.”



The absolute technique pierced Berith’s heart.


The dirty mouth that insulted humanity was smashed. As he linked the sword dances, Grid appeared on Berith’s left side, above him, or behind him every time lightning burst out.