Chapter 1047

『 It isn’t fake. They are some of the Seven Dukes. 』

Johannes, a German, was a young genius who was noted as a once in a century pianist. Then he suffered from a terrible accident. He was involved in a terrorist incident in Britain and lost one arm and both legs. Of course, modern medicine gave him good prosthetics. Johannes got a new arm and legs that were almost no different from the real thing.

Yes, the problem was that there was a slight difference. Johannes succeeded in restoring 99% of the function but not 100%. He wasn’t satisfied with his own performance. It was a terrible pain for a young genius. The frustrated Johannes announced his retirement. However...

『 I saw them in the imperial ballroom. 』

Johannes resurrected in a brilliant manner. He gained a complete body in Satisfy, chose the class of musician, and showed off his infinite talent. As he dreamed of music, he was recognized for his skills and joined the Saharan Imperial Orchestra through which he saw the empire’s social circles up close and personal. He was an ordinary player who remembered the tone and habits of the grand nobles who he didn’t have a chance to see in real life. Additionally, he helped viewers by appearing as a panelist on a German broadcasting company relaying the Berith raid.

『 Duke Grenhal and Duke Basara are among the Seven Dukes vying to be the most powerful. I heard that Duke Grenhal’s territory is the largest while Duke Basara is a close relative of the emperor. I heard that all three of them, including Duke Morse, are undefeated. They are all very prideful. 』 Johannes paused.

The camera zoomed in on Duke Grenhal. Then Johannes’ additional explanation continued, 『 Duke Grenhal only bows to the emperor. This means that he only recognizes the empire. 』

 Huh, this... Do the other royal family members dislike them? 』

『 No. Duke Grenhal is a descendant of the founders and has a number of achievements. Moreover, the imperial princes don’t dare to disapprove of him because his actual force is greater than anyone apart from the emperor. There are rumors that the imperial princes are eager to be acknowledged by Duke Grenhal. 』

The camera captured Duke Morse’s image at this time.

『 As for Duke Morse... he is a hooligan. He is lacking in dignity and is rowdy. He is different from the other nobles. Every time he enters the palace, the people of the imperial palace can’t hide their discomfort. He acts like he has nothing to fear in the world. He seems to be someone who only lives for today. 』

Finally, the camera captured Duke Basara’s image. Her eyes were so beautiful that the camera stopped on her for an unusually long time.

『 She is the most elegant person. Her every action is prudent and gentle to her subordinates. Everyone in the imperial palace admires her. There is a rumor that she is blind because she always has her eyes closed... 』

 Huh? Isn’t she opening her eyes now? 』

『 That’s why it is weird. Considering the nature of the three dukes, it is unthinkable that they would be so amazed at others. 』

『… 』

By this time, the commentators had grasped the situation. The viewers also sensed something strange. Why did Grid arrive at the scene with the dukes when he was hostile to the empire? Everyone was paying attention to the superficial situation, but Johannes knew the nature of the Seven Dukes and was paying attention to a deeper aspect.

『 We’ve always admired Grid. It is because Grid always shows us things beyond our imagination. Now I think Grid has surpassed the dukes’ imagination. 』

『 No, what... 』

In what way did he surpass the imagination of the dukes? 200,000 Army Crushing Sword—based on the name, the skill was obviously very powerful. He literally smashed the tens of thousands of blades aiming at Kraugel’s party. Despite this, the concept of ‘neutralizing’ a skill had already been seen.

Of course, it wasn’t a common skill, but the other people were part of the Seven Dukes. For those who had seen much more than players, would the 200,000 Army Crushing Sword be a special skill? To think it was enough to make Basara open her eyes when there was always the misconception that she was blind...? Honestly, it was hard to understand.

『 The formula to neutralize a skill with another skill isn’t surprising. Berith’s skill might be on a great scale that hasn’t been seen before, but isn’t it theoretically possible to neutralize it with one skill? If Kirinus and Rachel were in full condition, they would be able to use their intangible will to get rid of all the blades. 』

『 Um... I don’t think it is as simple as that since Rachel has been stiff since Grid appeared. 』

『 Isn’t Rachel’s reaction particularly strange? That is a completely haunted look. 』

『 ...Let’s just watch. 』

The experts couldn’t form speculations. This was none other than Grid. There was a time when people talked about him using their knowledge and information, but they were scolded for being wrong. This was the power of repetitive learning. The viewers’ chat window was plastered with criticisms for the panelists, but it was better than having their pride shattered when they were wrong.


[You have been injured by the recoil from 200,000 Army Swordsmanship.]

[You have lost 50% of your health!]


[200,000 Army Crushing Sword (Degraded) Lv. 1]

[Fires a wave of energy blades that inflicts 200% attack power to all enemies in sight and crushes the enemy’s attack skills. The crushed skills will lose their effectiveness and disappear.

However, if there are many types of skills that are crushed, then the greater the power, the greater the recoil.

Skill Resource Consumption: 8,000 mana, 50 sword energy or fighting energy. 

Skill Recoil: Decreased health (a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 50%)

Skill Cooldown Time: 30 minutes.]

200,000 Army Crushing Sword…

Grid thought it would be different based on the number, but the skill’s power was beyond imagination. Just like 100,000 Army Blockade Sword, it damaged all targets within his field of view, but the damage was 10 times larger. Of course, it didn’t cause the ‘blocked’ state, but it had the effect of ‘crushing’ the enemy’s attack skills. It wasn’t even a probability. It was a definitive effect.


There hadn’t been such a skill up to now. It was a real fraudulent skill. He thought this as he hurriedly pulled out a potion and roughly wiped at the blood that was flowing from his mouth. It consumed a lot of health... The burden was huge.

‘I also don’t like the cooldown time.’

30 minutes was a long time. Battles that lasted for more than 30 minutes were extremely rare, and it was safe to say he couldn’t use it more than twice in one battle. However, the cooldown of 100,000 Army Blockade Sword was also 30 minutes. It was comforting to know that the cooldown of the higher ranked skill—200,000 Army Swordsmanship—was only 30 minutes.

‘I am used to skills with a long cooldown time.’

Transcend had a cooldown time of 40 minutes. To others, Grid might be invincible, but in reality, he was suffering from all types of troubles and weaknesses. This didn’t mean he needed to wait around for the cooldown time to end.

‘I have God's Command.’

It was a passive skill that could reset the cooldown of a skill. The probability of triggering it was 50%, but it was still a type of insurance.

‘By the way...’

Grid looked back with a heated gaze. All of the dukes were making awed expressions. It was shocking to see the Undefeated King’s swordsmanship. They must be confused by the misunderstanding that the Undefeated King’s descendant who had troubled the empire for a long time was the Overgeared King.

Grid told them, “I’m not the descendant of the Undefeated King who rebelled in Lubana.”

Even so, he was the Undefeated King’s descendant who killed the Red Knight Lorex and cut off Kyle’s arm. Grid didn’t dare say these words. There was no need to reveal it.

“...Certainly. I didn’t think so,” the wise Basara immediately announced that Grid’s words weren’t false. What should she do if the Overgeared King was the Undefeated King’s descendant who had been causing a stir for a while? She would’ve tracked the movements in reverse to determine the authenticity of his words. Of course, if her affinity with Grid wasn’t so high, she might not even confirm the authenticity of his statement.

That’s right. Grid was able to show off the Undefeated King’s swordsmanship in front of the dukes because he believed in the trust he had built up with them.

In the months after the National Competition, Grid was swept away by many events and gained a lot of achievements. He achieved the 200,000 Army Swordsmanship and accomplishments such as creating the Overgeared Cannon, acquiring a hidden class, and strengthening his sword dances. It was noticeably rapid growth compared to the past.

However, Grid’s most significant development was the expansion of personal connections rather than personal growth. He gained affinity with the dukes and planned to actively utilize his relationship with them.

‘It is the right timing to show the Undefeated King’s swordsmanship now.’

The Undefeated King whom the empire was afraid of and felt hostile toward... Originally, the moment it was revealed that Grid was a descendant of the Undefeated King, the empire would be committed to killing Grid. Yet it was different now. The dukes drew a future with Grid and willingly accepted that Grid had a power they were afraid of. It was like he had expected.

“The Undefeated King’s descendant... There isn’t just one person qualified but two.”

“I’m glad that one of them is King Grid.”


Luckily, it worked. A grotesque voice entered the ears of Grid who was smiling with relief, ““A hybrid.””

“Hybrid?” Grid turned to Berith.

Berith’s skin was a pale blue that was the color of his rotten lungs before turning bright red again. Clearly, the stinking odor that was filling the canyon rose from a small hole in his waist. It was disgusting. Yes, disgusting. Grid’s observation of the great demon was over. Unlike most people, he didn’t feel fear. This was immediately after meeting War God Zeratul, so the great demon didn’t give Grid any special feelings.

Berith’s mouth twisted as he read Grid’s emotions. ““Pagma, Braham, Madra, Muller... The power of all these existences is inside you... It is truly arrogant.””

The names of four legends were mentioned. Everyone on the battlefield and the viewers around the world doubted their ears.

““But is that power really yours? No, absolutely not. You have only borrowed their power for a while and haven’t built it up yourself. The moment you lose your qualifications, you will end up losing. Just like right now.””

[A million lies have distorted the truth.]

[The first class Pagma's Descendant has been temporarily lost.]

[All effects and skills related to Pagma's Descendant will disappear.]

[The second class Duke of Wisdom has been temporarily lost.]

[All effects and skills related to Duke of Wisdom will disappear.]

[The title Hero King will be temporarily lost.]

[All effects and skills related to Hero King will disappear.]

[The skills 100,000 Army Swordsmanship and 200,000 Army Swordsmanship have been temporarily lost.]

“...!?” Grid looked like he has been struck by lightning and stiffened like a statue. It was ambiguous to classify it as an abnormal status. Therefore, even his resistance to it was blocked. Grid was confused in the face of Berith’s power to even distort the system.

Berith was smiling with satisfaction. ““Die.””

Pagma, who had blocked the invasion of the Behen Archipelago, was the most famous human known to the great demons. With Pagma’s power, Grid couldn’t be ignored, even by Berith. In fact, Grid had the power of Belial and Astaroth. This was proof that he had already killed two great demons. Berith’s top priority was to get rid of him, and that was very easy for Berith.

The ‘falsehood’, which could only be applied once to a target, was a winning tool that could completely destroy the target. However, there was a variable. It was a variable caused by the fact that Berith didn’t properly define the person called Grid.

[The third class Magic Swordsman of the Epics has replaced the first class!]

[(Braham’s Favor) Great Swordsman Pagma’s Swordsmanship has been activated!]

Grid was the protagonist of the mythological story and the heir of both Pagma and Braham. Thus, he had a status that transcended Pagma's Descendant. At this moment...

[An unknown person is writing down the first epic.]

[The beginning of the story comes from the Taleren Canyon.]

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid was complete.

“Transcended Link Flower.”


[He sprinkled blue petals on the canyon dyed with red blood.]

The world messages that emerged in real-time described Grid. A melodic theme appeared in Johannes’ mind. It was the prelude to a great epic.