Chapter 1030

At the S.A Group’s headquarters...

Tok. Someone ate a chicken leg that had been leftover.

Tutok. Someone else hadn’t bitten the chicken wing yet.

“...” It dropped from their hands. Their souls were lost in the aftermath of the first player to obtain a third class.

...Ah.” Director Yoon Sangmin belatedly recovered his spirit and looked at the scattered pieces of chicken on the table. It was fortunate, really fortunate. He dropped the chicken breast. The relieved Yoon Sangmin gulped down bottled water instead of beer. He wiped the spicy sauce on his mouth and said, “I thought the first one to obtain the third class would be Agnus, but there was a reversal.”

In fact, the concept of ‘first’ wasn’t very important. There were no benefits from being the first to get a third class. Instead, honor followed. There were currently 1,311 people with a second class. Among them, there was only one person with the title of ‘First to Obtain a Second Class’, and it belonged to Huroi.

This was something that couldn’t be taken away—an eternal record. It was impossible to predict how great Grid’s pride would be after surpassing two billion competitors. Moreover, the point to note was that Grid had obtained a class that directly indicated the possibility of a myth rated class.

[Someone unknown has received a third class for the first time.]

[His epic will begin with a legend and end with a myth.]

On the monitor, this world message emerged. The people who noticed this would surely recognize the existence of myth rated classes. Huge ramifications were expected.

“...The reaction of the person involved is really calm.”

Grid didn’t show great joy. No, to be accurate, he didn’t show any reactions. Grid had to focus on the battle with the follower and then he had to overcome the war god’s curse. The employees in this place watched Grid and forgot to eat chicken. They wanted to see Grid rejoicing over finishing everything in order for them to wrap up the day with a warm heart. It was a type of surrogate satisfaction. The employees were aware of Grid’s past and wanted to support him. 

However, Grid didn’t show any reaction until he reached the Secret Technique Box in the waterfall. Some employees questioned the smaller-than-expected response. “Is it possible to be so casual after getting a growth type legendary class?”

“Why not?”

The number of achievements Grid had built over the years was too numerous to count. He was the first to acquire a legendary class and the first to produce the first legendary items. He also became the first king by establishing the Overgeared Kingdom and was the hero who saved the Eternal Kingdom.

The one who won the most gold medals in the National Competition, the Hero King who cleansed the Behen Archipelago, the man who inherited some of the power of the legend Braham and the Undefeated King, and so on—Grid had a number of unique titles. He was also the person who made diplomacy with the Saharan Empire possible and the person who went to Asgard to challenge a god.

Grid’s feats were so great that even a mediocre player would become a world star or high ranker with just one of them. Even so, Grid’s current achievement was particularly exceptional. It was normal to show a reaction of joy. Thus, the employees were confused when Grid didn’t have a significant reaction.

“Is there less joy because it is an opportunity gained through sheer coincidence and luck?”

They weren’t being sarcastic. The employees really thought like this. Agnus was scheduled to get the third class Demon World Noble in the next few months. The result was purely due to his efforts. Then what about the Magic Swordsman of the Epics that Grid obtained this time? 

It was the result of coincidences and luck overlapping. What if Skunk hadn’t found the Ruins of the War God? If Grid hadn’t stepped into the ruins, Braham wouldn’t have woken up and the third class would still be a distant concept for Grid.

However, not all the executives thought the same.

“It is due to coincidence and luck that Grid could reach the Ruins of the War God...? Not at all.”

“Right. It was possible because Grid gained the sea route by planting Huroi in enemy territory in advance.”

“Katz’ financial resources were also a great help.”

“Didn’t Grid lay the foundation by creating the master key and building affinity with Braham to the maximum? It is purely a result of his ability that Grid obtained the third class.

“Right. A person who isn’t prepared can’t catch up no matter the coincidences and luck.”


That’s right, it happened again. Perhaps it was due to the alcohol. The small number of people who regarded Grid’s achievement as a result of luck and coincidences belatedly reflected and fell silent. They apologized to Grid in their heart. The S.A. Group’s executive meeting room—it became a place for Grid’s fan meetings. 

Chairman Lim Cheolho was sweating. ‘These people, have you finished all your work?’


The Overgeared members and the dukes broke through the jungle and killed the follower who had learned 10 secret techniques. These accomplishments were already great. It was natural that a reasonable compensation would be given.

[Secret Technique Box]

[Contains a secret technique of War God Zeratul.]

The second technique of the war god... 

It was the ultimate skill book. Grid’s expression brightened when he received it.

The truth of the world... He was relaxed despite the reminder that Satisfy’s final boss might not be Evil God Yatan.

‘Yes, what does it matter if Goddess Rebecca is the final boss? In the first place, a player can’t fight against dragons.’

The final boss of this world wasn’t a problem for players to worry about. It would be dealt with by an entity other than players. There was no need to worry or fear that his people and family might be harmed by the true darkness of the world.

‘Let’s just enjoy it for now.’

Just in case, he would try to be even stronger. Grid controlled his mind and opened the lock using the master key. However, he didn’t open the box urgently. There was a part he had to make clear before opening the Secret Technique Box. Grid spoke to the dukes in a voice that maximized his dignity stat, “I think I have the right to obtain this. What are your thoughts?”

The knights were agitated. This was despite the fact that Grid had played the main role in breaking through the jungle and overcoming the follower who had mastered 10 secret techniques. Even if Grid wasn’t present, the dukes would have eventually reached this point. It would’ve just taken much more time and caused a bigger loss in power. Additionally, the achievements the dukes had achieved while breaking through the jungle were considerable. After all, the dukes had fought the followers more than anyone else.

The secret technique of the war god... Honestly, it was impossible to concede to Grid a mythical treasure that might be kept in the imperial treasury.

...This was what the knights thought.

“Of course, it belongs to Your Majesty.”

“If it wasn’t for Your Majesty, we wouldn’t be alive now. We don’t have the right to covet the secret technique.”

Meanwhile, Immortal King Grenhal and Gold Crown Basara showed a polite attitude that respected Grid’s position.

Hmm, our achievements aren’t small... His Majesty the Emperor might be angry if he finds out later. But well... the Overgeared King’s merit is the biggest. We will aim for a greater achievement and gain the next reward...” Beast King Morse muttered to himself in a somewhat unwilling manner, but he didn’t raise any objections.

Putting aside his position and thoughts, Grid was clearly qualified to be the owner of the secret technique.

“Thank you for the concession.”

It wasn’t a concession. He had the right to take it. Yet Grid outwardly thanked the dukes, and this raised their pride greatly. Thanks to Grid’s care, the dukes’ affinity increased by one.

Then Grid turned to his colleagues. The Overgeared members were more curious about the world message that had just appeared in front of them.

“I’ll tell you the detailed story later. Let’s check the contents of the Secret Technique Box and decide on the owner.”

There were at least hundreds of secret techniques. It was reasonable considering the number of techniques known by the followers they had met so far had reached 100. If the secret technique regarded the spear, then he would give it to Pon. If it regarded the shield, then he would give it to Vantner. Grid thought about how to share the secret techniques. He had no intention of monopolizing the secret technique. Rather, he wanted to use this opportunity to make up for some of the damage his colleagues suffered fighting the empire on his behalf.

“That is the right idea,” Lauel agreed with Grid, so the reluctant looking 10 meritorious retainers were forced to nod. They also had to become stronger. If they didn’t become stronger, they would only grab at Grid’s ankles.

‘I can’t be indebted to him forever. I have to become stronger and pay him back several times in the future,’ the 10 meritorious retainers pledged.

‘A truly great person.’ Hurent and Skunk were greatly surprised. This was a situation where the secret technique belonged to Grid, yet he declared that he would share it fairly with his colleagues. A normal guild master wouldn’t be able to do this easily. The most important thing about running an organization was the people, but most leaders were blinded by the benefits in front of them.

‘An excellent leader.’

Wouldn’t it be good to join Overgeared as Lauel recommended? Skunk thought that he could recommend Grid to his colleagues. The moment Skunk thought this, Grid finally opened the box. A light emerged from the box. All types of bright colors crossed sequentially and exploded. It was a gorgeous appearance that amplified the anticipation of the Overgeared members, Skunk, and the dukes. 

There was a bright smile on Grid’s face.

‘This is a random draw?’

It was clear from the fact that the different colors continued to cross each other. The Secret Technique Box was a drawing system. The secret technique was determined by sheer luck. There were many types of secret techniques, each with a different value and rating. It was natural for a drawing system to be adopted.

‘I am lucky!’

Grid had the good luck stat. He was different from the past. The goddess of luck was on his side.

‘I will receive the highest grade secret technique!’

Grid’s confidence and anticipation were heightened.


The light bursting from the box calmed down, and the contents of the box revealed itself.

[The secret technique Light Footwork Technique: Empty Approach Path has been acquired!]

[Light Footwork Technique: Empty Approach Path]

[Category: Skill Book 

Rating: Legendary

A legendary rated light footwork technique that allows you to walk in the sky.

Learning Conditions: 8,000 agility.]



The Overgeared members’ faces turned to the color of poop when they confirmed the contents. They saw the learning conditions and understood the follower’s lament about ‘not seeing the end of the path.’ Even so, Grid’s expression was bright.

[The acquisition of the secret technique has activated the Secret Technique Mixture system.]

[You can get a new technique by combining 10 damaged fragments and one complete secret technique book.]

[However, you can only get the same type of secret technique, and the rating of the secret technique might be lowered.] 

“So, if we synthesize them together, a Light Footwork Technique is all that can be obtained?” Grid asked after informing his colleagues about the Secret Technique Mixture system.

Lauel nodded. “It seems so.”

“Currently, isn’t it better to lower the rating by combining them?”

"Of course. Now we know why the followers have been dropping damaged books.

8,000 agility was tough for players to achieve. It might be possible, but it was unknown how many years it would take. In that case, it was better to have a lower rating if the learning condition of the secret technique was lowered. Grid was resolved and pulled out the damaged books from his inventory. He had nearly 50 fragments.

[Attempting the secret techniques synthesis!]

[The secret technique Light Footwork Technique: Walk on Snow with No Traces has been acquired as a result of the synthesis!]

[Light Footwork Technique: Walk on Snow with No Traces]

[Rating: Legendary

It is light and agile enough not to leave any footprints in the snow.

Learning Conditions: 6,000 agility.]

“...The person who is a piece of turd, raise your hand.”

In the end...

[The secret technique Light Footwork Technique: Fly on Top of Grass has been acquired as a result of the synthesis!]

It happened after exactly nine attempts. Grid and the Overgeared members invested all the secret technique fragments they had accumulated.

[Fly on Top of Grass]

[Rating: Epic

A Light Footwork Technique that can run on grass.

Learning Conditions: 3,000 agility.]

The party was able to get their hands on a normal rated technique, and Faker became its owner. The explanation of the secret technique might be simple, but the effect was different.

[All speeds have increased by 20%.]

[Movement speed is twice as fast in forests or on grassland.]


It was a big jackpot. The party members’ desire for secret techniques grew stronger.