Chapter 59

Chapter 59

“Ms. Clarice’s presented work, the ‘Diamond Necklace that Causes a Slight Change in Sensation’ has been won for 453 gold. Mr. Grees’ presented work, ‘Cold Protection Inner Armor’ has been won for 189 gold. Mr. Piglet’s presented work, the ‘Bitter but Superior Strength Potion’ has been won for 15 gold each. Mr. Steng’s presented work, the ‘Long Sword that Easily Harmonizes with Magic’ has been won for 1,900 gold.”

The people whose items were won cheered.

Steng also rejoiced.

“My teacher’s work was sold! Teacher will be very pleased!”

Stein would be given a new production method with this quest clear reward. He approached me with the intention of receiving congratulations, but my stomach hurt and my mouth didn’t open.

‘Dammit. My items weren’t won after all... Shit, I should’ve made the price cheaper.’

As I was trembling with anger and regret.

"Mr. Grid’s presented work, the ‘Very Delicate Plate Armor’ has been won for 3,500 gold. The ‘Seemingly Plain Gauntlets’ have been won for 2,000 gold.”


I doubted my ears. Did he say 3,500 gold just now? It wasn’t 2,000 gold?

The other people freaked out.

“No way... How can an item be sold for such an expensive price?”

“As expected from epic items! The level limit is also over 100...”

Steng sent me a look of envy. “Amazing! Your teacher must be an incredibly good blacksmith! Is he a blacksmith with the Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship skill? Huh?”


I couldn’t hear anything. The words ‘I made money’ and ‘jackpot’ echoed through my head. 5,500 gold in cash was...

‘6,600,000 won...’

A huge sum that would require 73 days of labor was earned in just one week. It was also from two epic items!


I wanted to cheer, but my mouth wasn’t working well. The auctioneer spoke while I was completely baffled.

“Mr. Grid, the administrator wants to meet you. Follow me.”

Steng congratulated me. “Wow! Now you will be entitled to deliver goods to the castle. The smithy will become quite busy and the quests you will receive from your master will be enormous! Congratulations!”

Steng was sincerely happy, unlike me who felt pained when I saw him doing well. He was still in his mid-teens, but he was very friendly. I liked it. Once I became the owner of the smithy, I would be sure to recruit him. He seemed like the type who wouldn’t complain over some unreasonable labor.

"Thank you for congratulating me. Then I’ll see you next time.”

I gave Steng the kindest smile possible as I looked forward to our reunion someday. Steng looked blue as he took a few steps back and replied.

“Ah, goodbye.”

I said goodbye to Steng and headed to the administrator’s office. The administrator was a middle-aged man. He had an impressive mustache and welcomed me warmly.

"Ohh, you’re Grid! I was very impressed after seeing your work. I was wondering how you became the smithy’s successor at such a young age, but I’m fully convinced after seeing your skills! Come, sit down.”

The administrator and I sat across from each other. A maid emerged with some tea.

‘Wow...the scent of this Elpa tea is different.’

The fragrance of the Elpa tea that Khan made for me was very weak. I had to hold my nose to the cup in order to barely smell something. But the Elpa tea here was intensely spicy. I could enjoy the scene without putting my teacup to my nose.

‘Expensive tea leaves are used.’

When else would I get the opportunity to drink such expensive tea for free? I drained the hot tea and handed the empty cup to the maid.

"Another cup, please.”



“One more cup.”


"Kya~~! One more cup!”

“...Yes.” The administrator gave a hearty laugh after the fourth cup of tea. "According to the residents, you are someone with a heroic appearance... Yet you aren’t nervous at all in front of someone with a high position.”

Did I make a mistake? I belatedly realized, but the administrator shook his head.

"Be as comfortable as you want. It’s fine.”

“...Ah, yes.”

The administrator seemed to be a person who didn’t like formalities. He cut to the chase. “I would like to distribute your equipment to the lady’s knights and soldiers, what do you think? Are you willing to do business with us?”

Okay, it finally came. I wanted to accept the deal right away, but there were a few things to keep in mind.

"I don't know if you know, but our smithy is doing extremely well right now. I will be busy, so I’m not sure if I will have enough time to make equipment for the knights and soldiers.”

I didn’t want to make equipment for the soldiers. Considering the average level of the soldiers, I needed to make level 50 items, which wouldn’t make me a lot of money.

'I know for sure after this auction. The more high level the item limit, the greater the profit. It’s much better to make one level 120 item than a dozen level 50 items.’

The administrator nodded.

“I see. Come to think of it, there is tremendous craftsmanship in your work. You probably invest quite a lot of time and effort every time you make an item. I was stupid to ask you to make hundreds or thousands of supplies for the soldiers. If so, I will change the criteria. Please just create equipment for the knights.”

"Yes, I understand."

Good, the story was going well. Then the administrator surprised me with his next words. “But I have a condition. The equipment to be distributed to the knights should be better than the works submitted to the auction today.”


The two items submitted today had an epic rating. In other words, the administrator was telling me to deliver items above the epic rating.

‘This crazy person. If I invest more than 20 hours every time I make an item, there isn’t any guarantee that I won’t get a normal rating.’

The administrator spoke while I was confused.

"Of course, I know that making such great works is difficult. So I promise that I will buy it at a higher price.”

"A higher price...?”

"It will be 10% more than the winning bids in today’s auction. Of course, it you make a work that is much better than the ones submitted today, I am willing to pay a higher price.”

There was no need to listen any longer. I stood up and cried out. “Okay! I will return to the smithy right now. Then I’m going!”

The administrator called me back while I was motivated to make items quickly.

"First of all, please make me three swords. Some of the knights’ weapons have been compromised due to an incident not long ago.”

Then the quest information rose up.

[Business with the Administrator (1)]

Difficulty: A

Winston’s administrator, Vladi, has asked you to make equipment for the knights.

He has given you a good deal in consideration of your high skills. If you let him down, this business deal will be immediately destroyed.

Quest Clear Conditions: Make at least three epic rated swords with a level limit between 120~180, and deliver it within a week.

Quest Clear Rewards: Depends on the level of the items delivered. 

Quest Failure: The business deal with the administrator is cancelled and the quest will be destroyed. 

‘Isn’t this quite good...?’

I invested 20 hours for each item over the past few days and made three items. Two of them had an epic rating and one had a normal rating. It meant I had a two-thirds chance of creating an epic item. It seemed possible to create three epic items in a week.

‘Unless my luck suddenly disappears and I don’t get any epic items, this is a quest that can definitely be cleared!’

I was filled with a strong confidence as I left the castle. As I walked along the road to the smithy, the residents approached me and whispered.

“Mr. Grid, some people are following you.”

"That's right. You should be careful, because they might be bad people.”

My affinity with the residents was at the maximum so they showed me great favor. They would let me know if danger was approaching.

“Following me?”

Who was it? I gazed in the direction that the residents indicated.  At the entrance of an alley, under the shade of a tree, behind a street vendors, etc. Suspicious people were hiding their bodies as much as possible.

"Wow...aren’t a lot of people following me?”

I got goose bumps. Was I the target of a mysterious assassination organization like the protagonist of a movie?

... No, it didn’t seem like it when I looked closely. As I looked closely at the faces of those following me, I saw that they were people who were at the auction. They were following me to find out who my blacksmith was.

I asked the residents. "Keep them from following me. There’s no need to worry, since they aren’t dangerous.”

The residents replied vigorously with resolute eyes.

“Okay. I do everything I can to help you!’

"Just leave it to me!”

The residents rolled up their sleeves. Dozens of them shouted at once. Then they ran towards those following me.

“W-What? Why are they grabbing us?”

“Hiik! What is with these NPCs?”

“Let go!"

Thus, things were quickly sorted out. I briefly thanked the residents and returned to the smithy. After describing the situation to Khan, I logged out.

“Hu... huhuhut!”

The capsule room. I wasn’t able to suppress my laughter after emerging from the capsule.

“Puhahahahat! I am now rich!”

As soon as I shouted, everything seemed like reality instead of a dream. I earned 6.6 million won in just one week! I also got the right to deliver items to the castle. My 10 million won debt would soon be paid off and I could escape from my debt-ridden status.

One day, I would be able to drive a foreign car!

‘Ahyoung will be sitting in the passenger seat!’

Huhuhu...I couldn’t stop laughing from joy. I was so pleased that even tears emerged. Then an employee came up to me.

"Excuse me, you are being a nuisance to other customers, so please be quiet.”

“I’m sorry.”

I paid for the room and went home.


Shin Youngwoo left the capsule room.

The employee clicked his tongue.

"A person like that is talking about being rich... He laughed while saying he is rich. There’s no doubt that he’s crazy.”

"Doesn’t he seem jobless and homeless? Isn’t he wearing the same work clothes every day? Right?”

“I think so too... He regularly uses the capsule.”

The student employees were talking about Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo came to the capsule room early in the morning wearing the same clothes, so he seemed pathetic.

"I saw his member information, and he’s 26 years old right now. Tsk tsk, how pathetic is his life? I shouldn’t live like that after graduating from university.”

"Stop talking about that person and let’s talk about Satisfy. Did you know that I reached level 40 yesterday?”

“Wow, really? Amazing! I’m still level 39. Hey, where are you levelling up so quickly?”

"I was hunting. Fortunately, I obtained a rare item, so hunting became easier. I am faster due to the power of the item.”

"Where is an item for magicians? Ah ~ ~ ~ I want a rare item. Hey, what level do you think that homeless person is?”

"Pff, look at him. Does he seem like he can play the game well? Satisfy is a world that is crueler than reality. A loser in reality has to be a loser in Satisfy. There’s no need to worry. He isn’t a high level user.”

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