Chapter 58

Chapter 58

A rare item didn’t seem that great, but I just nodded because I didn’t want to nitpick. Steng laughed, put his sword away, and sighed.

"Hah~ when will us users be able to submit our own items to the lady’s auction?”

I felt it from the beginning, but there was something strange about the conversation. I had to ask Steng in order to correct the misguided conversation.

"So...the reason you’re here right now isn’t to put an item you created up for auction? You’re doing a quest to place your master’s item up for auction?”

Steng smiled and replied. "Of course. Even the number one blacksmith, Panmir, can’t create items that can be shown at auction, so how could I?”

“...Can you share the quest information?”

“Huh? Why?"

"No, I just wanted to check.”

“Sure. It isn’t a secret, so I’ll show you.”

[The player ‘Steng’ wants to share the quest information. Would you like to accept?]

I accepted and the quest information appeared.

[Teacher’s Errand]

Difficulty: C.

This is the first auction that will be held after the appointment of the new lady of Winston.

Blacksmith Razvan will use this auction as an opportunity to show his skills to the lady of Winston and to get a foothold in Winston.

So he gave you, his disciple, an errand.

Quest Clear Conditions: Submit Razvan’s work to the lady of Winston’s auction.

Quest Clear Reward: 20 gold.

* If Razvan’s work is successfully bid on at the auction, he will give you a new production method... 

I forgot, but general blacksmith users often had NPC blacksmiths as a teacher. By steadily carrying out the quests given to them by their teacher, they could raise the level of their blacksmith skills and gain new production methods.

I was fortunate that Khan gave me production methods without any conditions. 

'I’m certain of it after seeing this quest information.’

The users didn’t come here to submit their works to the auction. They were running errands for their teachers, just like Steng. As Steng said, it was impossible for the present production class users to produce outstanding items that would satisfy the lady and knights of Winston.

I could see it clearly. The difference between me and a general user was huge. I didn’t feel much inspiration when I made an epic rated item, but ordinary users were just happy at making rare grade items. I was desperately happy as I realized the greatness of a legendary profession.

"If you don’t mind, can I look at your teacher’s item?” Steng asked me with a passionate gaze.

I refused him. It felt like something troublesome would happen. "I don’t want to do that.”

Steng felt regret. "I see. Then it can’t be helped. By the way, it’s amazing. Your teacher didn’t set a bid price...”

“Yes. Do you happen to know the average price for armor and gauntlets with a level limit of 120?”

"Even if the items are the same level, the options are different. Well, normal armor is 300 gold and gauntlets are 100 gold.”

“Epic rating?”

“Wow! Did you master make epic items? Making epic items is really uncommon!” Steng admired it before kindly giving me an answer. "The price of epic items vary depending on the options, but shouldn’t the armor be a minimum of 1,800 gold and the gauntlets 600 gold?”


100 gold was 120,000 won. In other words, if the Very Delicate Plate Armor and Seemingly Plain Gauntlets were sold at 1,800 gold and 600 gold respectively, I would earn 2.88 million won. Only seven days after starting work in the capsule room, a huge amount of money was entering my hands.

‘No, no. If I deduct the materials cost and capsule room fee, the net profit is around 2 million won.’

Anyway, I was satisfied. Yes, let’s not cling to unique or legendary items. If I make two epic items a week, I could earn 8 million won in a month!

‘I can pay off the debt soon!’

I had a total debt of 10 million won. After obtaining a legendary class in Satisfy, it seemed like this debt of 10 million won wasn’t very big, but it was a huge burden to me a few months ago. I also had to pay the interest on the loan, so I hadn’t made a dent in repaying it. I was able to somehow manage with the labor jobs, but now...

Anyway! I would finally be able to live a debt-free life. My fear towards the employees from Mother's Heart is Happy would disappear.


A debt-free life! I imagined a dignified life and couldn’t suppress the laughter. Then I suddenly met Steng’s eyes. Steng’s complexion turned blue after he witnessed me laughing.

...I had felt it in the past, but my smile was really the worst.

Children cried when I smiled. People started swearing instantly when I smiled. People took money out of my pocket when I smiled. People bought me cigarettes when I smiled. Women were unhappy when I smiled.

‘After I pay off my debt, I should get plastic surgery...’

I was seriously distressed about this as I set the minimum bid based on the price Steng told me.

[You have set the minimum bid price for the Very Delicate Plate Armor at 1,800 gold. Is this correct?]


[You have set a minimum bid price for the Seemingly Plain Gauntlets at 600 gold. Is this correct?]


[The items have successfully been registered at the auction.]

Everyone finished registering their items. The auctioneer confirmed it and showed us to the waiting room. There was a large tiger leather rug on the floor and ornaments made of gold and silver on the shelves. The chandelier sparkled. It was an incredibly luxurious place for common people like me.

'How extravagant would the lady’s room be?’

As I was stunned by the wealth that nobility possessed, Steng came up to me and spoke.

"You can’t pick up the ornaments over there. I’ve been involved in a lot of auctions while running errands for my teacher, and there are always people who try to steal things from the castle. They were discovered and punished... Grid should be careful.”

"Yes, I understand...I won’t. Hey, wait! Do you think I am a thief? Anyone would feel bad when hearing it.”

“S-Sorry.” Steng quickly apologized and stepped away from me. However, he continued glancing at me. He seemed to suspect that I would steal something. I showed him a laugh and was branded as a criminal.

‘Sigh, that bastard. He has a discerning eye.’

I had to give up on stealing. I only wanted to take one candlestick, but it couldn’t be helped while he was watching. I sat on the couch in anticipation of the results that would appear in three hours and decided to take a nap.


Irene was Winston’s new lady and the only daughter of Earl Steim. She currently only had the title of an Earl, but she would become an Earl later on. In other words, she was the next successor to Earl Steim and the one who would be a peak figure in the north.

Therefore, her knights had a sense of burden and responsibility that other people couldn’t imagine.

'We have to be the best knights for Lady Irene.’

Irene’s knights didn’t neglect training their minds and bodies. But there was a limit to the body and talents. Therefore, they coveted powerful equipment that would make up for any lacking parts.

The auction held today in Winston was very disappointing.

“There is nothing good.”

Winston had become a big city due to breakthroughs in the north. However, it was still lacking compared to Frontier. It was the same for the abilities of the technicians. The accessories, clothes and armor shown at the auction were all inferior. Some technicians submitted good items, but it wasn’t enough for the knights.

Two hours had passed since the auction started, but there hadn’t been a single bidder on any of the items so far. In this disappointed atmosphere, the auctioneer smiled widely.

"You should pay attention to these items.”


As the armor and gauntlets were revealed, the sleepy-looking knights burst out with excitement.

“How great!”

“It is difficult to find such armor in Frontier.”

The knights examined the armor and gauntlets closely before asking the auctioneer.

“Who was the blacksmith that made this? Is it the rumoured Khan?”

Khan was a blacksmith who was somewhat renowned in Frontier. The knights guessed that Khan was the one who made the armor and gauntlets. But the auctioneer gave an interesting answer.

“Not exactly. They were made by Khan’s successor. He is revered by the residents of Winston and is one of the three heroes.”

“Hoh... The rumoured righteous blacksmith?”


The knights smiled warmly.

“There is such a great person here in Winston. A person with an exemplary personality and excellent skills... He will be one of the talented people working for Irene one day.”

"Its value is much higher. I will bid 2,000 gold.”

"You are only giving 2,000 gold? Your eyes are terrible! I will bid 2,500 gold!”


"Why are you trying to take something that I saw first? I will bid 3,000 gold, so everyone give up!”

Earl Steim was considered one of the wealthiest nobles in the Eternal Kingdom. Therefore, the knights of the family were paid a huge salary. The knights were overflowing with money, so the bid prices of the armor and gauntlets made by Grid skyrocketed.


“Mister Grid. Mister Grid.”

Uhh... what? Was it time to go to the labor office? I slept without knowing anything about the world and woke up due to someone shaking me.

“Mister Grid, the auction has ended.”


That’s right. This place wasn’t my house.

‘This is... It has already been a week since I quit the labor jobs, but I’m still worried about needing to go...’

I wanted to quickly escape from the trauma of the labor jobs, so I quickly left the waiting room with Steng. Then I headed to the lobby where the auctioneer was waiting. The auction manager confirmed the number of people and said.

“There was a total of six items auctioned off at this auction.”

The crowd was shaken.

“Only six? I put up seven items alone...”

"Weren’t there over 100 entries? Yet only six succeeded?”

This was ominous.

‘What if my items weren’t won? Did I set the minimum bid too high? If I knew this, I would’ve set it at a cheaper price.’

As I was feeling troubled, the auctioneer called out the list of items that had been sold.

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