Chapter 57

Chapter 57

During the time I worked at the labor office, I played Satisfy for an average of five to six hours a day. But that changed after I changed to the capsule room.  My play time increased by around 10 hours, and now I was connected to Satisfy more than 15 hours a day on average.

Thanks to that, I could produce double the number of items a day.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items.]

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath] 

Lv. 2

When you are concentrating on making an item, the will of Pagma’s Descendant will fill the production item.

All stats of a production item will increase by 7%.

There is a rare chance of giving special features to your production items.

“Please give me legendary this time...”

Currently, I was producing a plate armor with a level limit of 120, based on a newly acquired production method. The value of the materials used was a huge 483 gold! This was one fifth of all my assets. It was the most expensive item I’d made so far.

I invested a lot of money, but was worried it would turn out to be a normal item, so I spent 20 hours making it.

“...Yes, I’m honestly not hoping for a legendary rated item. But at least give me unique. Please...”

I was a legendary blacksmith, so I needed some hope! I fervently joined together the last sheet of iron. Then the armor was completed.

[Very Delicate Plate Armor]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 272/272   Defense: 303 Movement Speed: -6%

* There is a small chance of completely defending against stab attacks.

An armour made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation.

By applying thinly refined steel plates in two layers, defense and movement has increased.

User Restriction: Level 120 or higher. More than 380 strength. 

More than 400 stamina. Intermediate Heavy Armor Mastery. 

[An epic rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +4 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +80.]


It was an epic item. I was glad that it wasn’t a normal or rare item, but it wasn’t satisfying, considering the amount of time and effort I invested. With thinking about the raw materials value and the capsule fee, there wasn’t much profit.

Khan didn’t know my thoughts and praised me.

“Did you really make this armor using the method I gave you? Why did it turn out so differently despite using the same method? You’re truly amazing!”

“Phew... how much can I get for this?”

I asked without expecting much. Then Khan said something incredible. “Hrmm... honestly, it is hard to measure the exact price. But one thing is clear. You can get a higher price auctioning this to the knights rather than selling it at the smithy.”


Auction it off to the knights? The fact that NPC knights were buying items at an auction was amazing. But I was surprised at the idea of selling level 120 armor to at least level 180 knights.

Khan explained.

“A month ago, I witnessed and admired the knights’ armor at the procession for the newly appointed lady. I could see that there is a great blacksmith at Frontier. But now that I’ve seen your work, it is much better than the work from Frontier’s blacksmith. Haha, it’s only natural, since you’re Pagma’s Descendant.” armor’s performance was good enough to appeal to level 180+ knights? Indeed, I had the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath. They raised the item stats by 12% and 7% respectively. It might be an epic rating, but the performance of this Very Delicate Plate Armor was equivalent to a level 180 normal or rare armor. 

‘There is an added option thanks to the breath skill.’

I asked about the most important part. “If my item is bought at the auction, what’s the fee I’ll have to pay?”

“The proceeds for the knights’ auction is from the castle. It is organized in the name of the lady. Nobles have high pride, so they aren’t aiming for personal gain. There is no fee at all.”

I immediately decided. “Okay. I will put it up for auction.”

“Good decision. The auction takes place in two days, so I’ll go at that time.”

“Nope. I’ll go.”

“Huh? It is okay?”

“Yes. I’ve been stuck inside for a month, so I want to go outside for a while.”

“Ah, yes. Then take this with you. This will prove your identity so you can enter the auction without any extra procedures.”

[You have obtained the token of ‘ Smithy’s Successor.’]

How much could I sell this armor for? If I followed Khan’s words, could I make a lot of money...?

‘No, don’t expect too much. If my expectations are lower, I won’t be so disappointed.’

I was someone with no luck. I had experienced disappointment more than once or twice. So I steadied my heart.

Khan suggested, “Why don’t you aim at making an armor that is better than this one in the next two days? Wouldn’t it be better to show several works if you’re participating in the auction?”

“That’s true.”

For the next two days, I invested 20 hours a day and made two items. Unfortunately, the result was one normal and one epic.

“No, how can I make a normal item after spending 20 hours on it? It should at least be a rare item.'

Did this make sense? No matter how I thought about it, this was due to the S.A. Group. They were worried that my legendary class would destroy the balance, so they gave me the worst probabilities when making items.

If not, I might be more unlucky than I knew...


There were two reasons why the ruler of a territory would host regular auctions for the knights. First of all, it was to help the knights obtain the best equipment. The second reason was to use it as an opportunity to find skilled people.

Why were they trying to find skilled people? It was to make a business deal. The people who created the most outstanding works at the auction had permission to deliver goods to the lord. It was an opportunity to open a door in life.

Buzz, buzz.

Winston Castle’s annex lobby.

Dozens of people who came to present the items at this auction were gathered with a nervous expression. There were users and NPCs. There were also several blacksmiths.

I looked at blacksmiths and thought.

‘If there is an outstanding blacksmith, I want to recruit them for our smithy.’

I could assign new blacksmiths to do all types of errands and get a commission from selling the items made by the blacksmiths.

‘Once Khan steps down and I become the owner, I will run the smithy with the intention of recruiting new blacksmiths.’

The auctioneer showed up while I was thinking about a type of slave project.

“The auction will start in 20 minutes. The auction will last for three hours, and you can stay in the waiting room while it’s ongoing.”

Then a notification window popped up.

[You have entered the auction hosted by the lady. Please submit the items to be listed and the minimum bid for that item.]

I opened my inventory. Then I checked the details of the items appearing in the auction for one last time.

[Very Delicate Plate Armor]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 272/272   Defense: 303 Movement Speed: -6%

* There is a small chance of completely defending against stab attacks.

An armour made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation.

By applying thinly refined steel plates in two layers, defense and movement has increased.

User Restriction: Level 120 or higher. More than 380 strength. More than 400 stamina. Intermediate Heavy Armor Mastery.

[Seemingly Plain Gauntlets]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 83/83    Defense: 29  

Attack Speed: +4%     Accuracy: +8%

Gauntlets made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation.

The exterior doesn’t look like anything special, but it works surprisingly well when worn. 

User Restriction: Level 120 or higher. More than 1,000 agility.

“As planned, these two...”

I decided to register these two items at the auction.

[Please set a minimum bid price for the Very Delicate Plate Armor.]

[Please set a minimum bid price for the Seemingly Plain Gauntlets.]

‘Hrmm...what should I set it as?’

I normally made level 60 equipment. This was the first time I made level 120 equipment, and I wasn’t sure of its value.

‘I would like to raise the price as high as possible when considering the cost of materials and labor... but if it is too expensive, there might not be a big...’ 

As I was in distress, a white-haired boy approached me.

“Mister~ is there a problem?”


“Hello. I’m called Steng. My class is a blacksmith. I was watching you, and you also seem like a blacksmith. This seems like your first auction, so I thought I would help you.”

The boy smiled as he said his name. There was something familiar about the name.

‘Who is Steng...?’

It was a name I knew clearly, but I couldn’t remember why I knew it. I didn’t know if I couldn’t remember because my memory was bad or because it wasn’t important.

I explained to Steng. “I’m worried because I can’t decide on the bid price of the items to be auctioned.”

Steng blinked with surprise. “Your teacher didn’t set a bid price?”


“The teacher who gave you this quest. Aren’t you showing your teacher’s items at this auction?”

What was he talking about? I was puzzled as Steng pulled out a one-handed sword in a brilliant sheath.

“This is the special weapon that my teacher created for this auction. Isn’t it amazing? It’s a rare item with a level limit of 190.”

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