Chapter 60

Chapter 60

In the past few months, Earl Steim thoroughly searched and demolished almost all the Yatan Temples in the north.

The Yatan Church was being punished for kidnapping a virgin to sacrifice her. But Earl Steim was especially fearful since his daughter Irene was kidnapped. It was fortunate that Irene was rescued, but he lost his most powerful shadow, Doran, in the process.

Earl Steim had a fierce desire to get rid of the Yatan Church. But the elders of Yatan were distributed in great numbers across the continent. It wasn’t easy to kill those who bred endlessly like cockroaches. There was even a Yatan Temple on the outskirts of Winston.

"At the very least, there should be no more Yatan Temples in the north...”

Irene’s hatred was just as strong as her father’s. She couldn’t tolerate the existence of the Yatan Church in Winston. She still hadn’t forgotten the terrible fear she felt after being abducted by the believers of Yatan. She shook at the thought of being a victim again.

A few days ago, she sent out her army to destroy the Yatan Temple. But due to the heavy resistance of the believers, the army returned without any achievements. The number of casualties was 100 soldiers and three knights were seriously injured.

Irene proclaimed. "Reorganize the temple expedition. This time, make sure the temple burns to ashes!”

Irene showed great ambition by investing more troops. Irene touched the blue ring hanging from her necklace as she watched the troops.

"Doran...I will get revenge for you who sacrificed your life for me.”


[Eighth Servant]

Difficulty Level: SS

You have become one of the most blessed beings of God Yatan. Head to the northern part of the Eternal Kingdom and save the believers who are being suppressed there!

If you spread the greatness of God Yatan to the pagans in the north, you will be given the position of the Eighth Servant.

Quest Clear Conditions: Earl Steim’s army is constantly attacking the Yatan Temple in the north. Rescue at least 300 stranded temple believers. 

Number of followers rescued so far: 0/300

Quest Clear Reward: The position of ‘Eighth Servant.’

* Eighth Servant: The skill ‘Infinite Faith’ will be created. The skill ‘Teaching Doctrines’ will be generated. 

The skill ‘Divine Punishment’ will be generated. 

Quest Failure: Level -5. Faith -1,000 

The soldiers in the north of the Eternal Kingdom were known for their strength. Obviously it would be a tough fight. But Yura didn’t even hesitate to move towards Winston.

‘I have to become stronger.’

Not long ago, Yura faced Agnus who was 7th on the unified rankings. Then she realized the greatness of an epic class. She felt helpless, just like when she confronted the mysterious man with the ID of Grid.

Now she had acquired an SS-grade quest. It was a golden opportunity. Yura was determined to use this quest as a stepping stone towards the ultimate goal of being first in the rankings.


I received a level 160 sword production method from Khan. But the production method was quite burdensome. Based on the list of ingredients required, it would cost 950 gold to make this sword.

"Well... it can’t be helped.”

I currently had 6,710 gold. With this money, I could only make seven swords. In addition, the number of swords I could make in a week was just seven.

“Seven. Isn’t it good that everything adds up to seven?”

In South Korea, the number seven was a symbol of good luck! I trusted the lucky number.

"I’ll do it in one go~! An epic item is coming! Hehehehehe!”

I was caught up in the pleasant mood and hummed while spending 20 hours on the sword. And the completed work...

[Durable Longsword]

Rating: Normal

Durability: 250/250   Attack Power: 200

A sword made by a craftsman with great skill and potential but lacking in experience and reputation.

It won’t be easily damaged after being tempered for a long time.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher. More than 950 strength. Intermediate Sword Mastery. 

Weight: 600 

“...Who said that seven was a lucky number? Urgh, I want to kill them.”

One attempt flew away. It was normal to feel like cursing the system. However, the value of the materials couldn’t be returned. I barely moved my legs that were trembling from anger and approached Khan.

"How much will this sell for?”

Khan looked at the sword for a long time before replying cautiously. “It is around 800 gold.”


I almost grabbed Khan’s collar. The materials I used were worth 950 gold, but the value was only 800 gold? Then what was this?

"An equipment like this with the original conditions won’t trade well. This is why...”

Khan elaborated.

Here was a brief summary:

A level 160 item would have a better basic performance than a level 120 item. Normal rated items had no options, while rare items had a small option attached. Depending on how the options were set up, a level 120 rare item often outperformed a normal level 160 item. Therefore, the prices of the two items didn’t vary greatly.

People with money were more likely to buy the level 120 rare item than the level 160 normal item.

"In other words, get rid of the normal items...”

Khan comforted me. "But your equipment is good even with a low rating, so you won’t see a big loss. Please be comforted by that.”

‘Comfort... Hah, this is really messed up.’

In the future, I could make six more swords. Based on the two-thirds probability of getting an epic item, I had a chance to clear the quest.

"Damn, this time it will surely work!”

I became extremely focused. Then I tried to make the best possible sword. 

20 hours later.

The second sword was complete.

[Durable Longsword]

Rating: Normal

Durability: 250/250   Attack Power: 200

A sword made by a craftsman with great skill and potential, but lacking in experience and reputation.

It won’t be easily damaged after being tempered for a long time.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher. More than 950 strength. Intermediate Sword Mastery.

Weight: 600 

“Hey, this #@!$%~! The operators @#$:) Bastards! They are manipulating this [email protected]#! No, why are you doing this?”

Khan brought me a cup of warm tea. “Have strength. Trials will come to everyone. If you overcome this trial...”

"Ah, don’t talk to me! I am too annoyed right now.”


I ran out of Khan’s smithy and yelled towards the sky, “These damn operators! If you manipulated the probabilities, I will accuse you to the Consumer Rights Center! You #[email protected]!#!!”

I used the best materials. I did my best during the production. If the operators had a minimum of conscience, a normal result wouldn’t come out. I believed so and started making the third sword.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

I barely slept for the past few days as I kept hammering.  My shoulders were tired by I didn’t stop hammering. It was a matter of pride. I had the title of the legendary blacksmith, so I couldn’t keep making normal rated items. I would escape the manipulations of the operators and create an epic item.

... Not long ago, my goal was to create a unique or legendary item, but now, I was only aiming for epic. But what could I do? Reality wasn’t kind so I had to settle for epic items.

It was dinner time. I had no appetite. I didn’t know if the rice entered my mouth or my nose.

My mother was worried about me and asked with a bemused expression. “Hey Youngwoo, did something bad happen? I worked on those braised short ribs for a long time, so why are you sucking on bone for five minutes?”

"A pathetic person like me isn’t qualified to eat meat...”

One and a half days had passed in reality, while 6 days passed in Satisfy. In the meantime, I made six swords and the result was three normal, one rare and two epic swords. Now I could make one more sword before the time limit was over, but I only had two epic rated items.

‘I’m ruined... Ruined...’

When investing 20 hours to create an item, the probability of making an epic item was close to one third. In other words, the possibility of my remaining sword being an epic item was very low.

My quest ‘Business with the Administrator’ would soon be destroyed.

‘I have a legendary class but I can’t even make an epic item... I am a truly pathetic person who doesn’t deserve food.’

The frustrated Sehee placed a braised rib on top of my rice bowl.

“What’s new? Oppa, haven’t you always been pathetic? Why do you need to look so weak now? I don’t know what type of adversity Oppa is going through these days, but the only good thing about you is that you don’t know how to give up. Right? When Oppa was in 6th grade in elementary school, you were able to memorize everyone from the 1st grade to 6th grade, so don’t be frustrated this time and be patient. Oppa will surely be able to overcome these difficulties.”

"S-Sehee... did you eat something bad?” I got goose bumps at the words that Sehee normally didn’t say and asked my mother, “Mother, maybe there’s something wrong with the braised ribs. Are these beef short ribs? Is this beef from cows with the mad cow disease?”

“These are pork ribs!”


Sehee picked up the piece of rib she gave me and threw it at me. The rib slid down the side of my face as I seriously wondered. Why was I being hit every time I sat down for a meal? Why was I being treated worse than a dog by my family members?

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