Chapter 61

Chapter 61

After the meal ended, I headed straight back to my room and entered the capsule to connect to Satisfy.

Khan greeted me, “Did you have a good night’s sleep? Are your worries relieved now?”

“Old Man Khan, I’ve decided to just drop everything.”

“Huh? Drop everything?”

“I will clear my mind and abandon my obsession. Anyway, the goods made with my poor skills aren’t worthy of being delivered to the castle. It is no use, no matter how hard I try.”

“No, what are you saying? How can Pagma’s Descendant say something so weak?”

Khan was truly angry. It might be acceptable for other blacksmiths, but it was unacceptable for someone as talented as me. I ignored him and stood in front of the furnace. Then I started on the seventh and last sword.

‘I won’t be obsessed with the result anymore.’

No matter how I tried, the result would be randomly decided anyway. Even though I knew this fact, I was still foolish enough to select the best materials and devote a lot of effort. I steadied my heart. Unlike before, I just worked silently without worrying about the result. I used my accumulated knowledge and experience to let my body flow while making the item.

The sword started to shine as dawn arrived. Morning was coming soon. I was entirely focused on the task and didn’t realize the time.

Then a notification window popped up.

[The deadline for the ‘Business with the Administrator (1)’ quest is in two hours. Please complete the quest within two hours.]

I would see a ‘quest failed!’ after two hours. It was like this notification window was mocking me. I entered the last stage of the sword production. After a while, the sword was completed.

[Sword of Self-transcendence]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 365/365   Attack Power: 356  Attack Speed: +6%   Accuracy: +10%    Attack and Defense Rate: +10%

* Will do an additional +200 damage during each attack.

* The skill ‘Perfect State of Self-transcendence’ will be generated.

A sword made by a craftsman with great skill and potential but lacking in experience and reputation. He has abandoned all thoughts and desires while only concentrating on his skills.

The craftsman doesn’t realize it himself, but he has completed a sword that has never existed in this world before.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher. More than 950 strength. Advanced Sword Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 400 

[An legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +25 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +1,000.

[The title ‘Only Legendary Item Maker’ has been acquired.]

The title I got when I made the unique dagger was the ‘First Unique Item Maker.’ But the title for the legendary item had the word ‘only’ compared to ‘first.’ The creation of a legendary item in Satisfy reminded me that I was the only Pagma’s Descendant.


I confirmed that Khan was squatting in a corner of the smithy. I had been angry at Khan every time I couldn’t make the desired item in the past week. Despite my cold treatment, he kept giving me advice and encouragement.

Khan must be feeling a great deal of sorrow. Look. How lonely did he look now? I must be a bad guy to Khan. He might be seriously questioning his decision to hand me this smithy.

I slowly went up to him. I rubbed his shoulders that were tense from the daily repetition of hard labor.

“Old Man Khan, I’m sorry for the past week. Didn’t you go through a lot of trouble because of me? I will no longer let you be lonely.”

“G-Grid...?” Khan was very confused when I said these strange words. “Surely you aren’t...? Are you planning to jump into the river after making a low rated sword? Huh?”

Was it because he already lost a son? I stopped his desperate shouting by showing him the sword.

"How can I do that? Now take a look at this.”

"Heok!” Khan trembled. “This... this is a masterpiece...! C-Cough!”

“H-Hey! Old Man Khan! Old Man Khan!!”

He was too surprised! Khan collapsed in pain as he struggled to breathe.

“No! Don’t die! You can’t die!!”

Khan was the one who gave me my class quest. I hadn’t even started the quest yet. It would probably take me a very long time to clear this quest. Until then, Khan needed to be alive.


I lifted Khan. Then I rushed him towards the clinic.  After a while, the doctor finished the examination and laughed. “You don’t have to worry. It is just a symptom of temporary shock, and he will have no problems in the future.”


“Yes. You can rest assured and stop crying.”

“W-What? Who is crying?”

The doctor just smiled silently after hearing my words.


I exited the clinic in shame and ran towards the castle.

“Dammit! What nonsense was he saying? I was crying? Hah. Crazy! Who would cry because of an NPC!"

I was filled with confidence because my inventory contained two epic-rated swords and one legendary-rated sword.


Winston Castle.

The 1,000 soldiers and 8 knights were defeated by the Yatan Temple and returned. There were close to 400 casualties. Irene couldn’t believe it. “How did this happen? I heard that there are only 150 enemies. The followers of Yatan are strong, but isn’t this defeat nonsense?”

Irene’s knight captain, Phoenix explained with a sad expression. "According to the report, there is a great person among the Yatan followers. Even the knights weren’t a match...”

“Don’t tell me...?”

Phoenix read the question in Irene’s eyes and nodded.

“That’s correct. Perhaps, she is one of the rumored ‘Seven Servants.’

It was said that the Yatan Church had seven servants. They were those who received the favor of God Yatan and were powerful being that transcended humans.

"How could such a great person be here...?”

The nobles at the meeting were frightened and scared.

"If one of the Seven Servants is present, Winston might turn to hell!”

"We should reach out to Earl Steim right now...!”

In contrast, Irene was calm. She ignored the nobles and spoke to Phoenix.

"Many the rumors about the Seven Servants are exaggerated. Isn't it? If the Seven Servants are really as strong as rumored, the temples wouldn’t have been wiped out.”

Phoenix agreed.

“Yes. The Seven Servants aren’t as strong as everyone thinks.”

Irene touched the blue ring. "It would be a massive blow to the Yatan Church if we kill one of the Seven Servants with our own hands. It will also honor Doran’s soul.”


The nobles tried to protest Irene’s decision to fight against one of the Seven Servants. At that time, the door of the conference room opened and the butler ran into the room.

“Administrator! Lady! There is something that both of you should look at!”

How urgent would it be to interrupt the meeting between the lady and the nobles? Everyone in the conference room hurriedly got up from their seats. Then they followed the butler.

The castle’s garden. There was a black haired youth standing in front of the glittering fountain. He was looking at the fountain with very serious eyes. Then he suddenly dived into the fountain, like a cat pouncing.

“...Who is that? What is he doing?”

The administrator replied to Irene’s question, "That young man is the blacksmith Grid, who created the best works displayed at the auction. However, I don’t know what he is doing now. Why is he swimming in the fountain?”

The administrator turned towards the butler, who looked perplexed. "I tried to guide him to the reception room, but he stayed here because he wanted to see more of the garden. That is all I know. I don’t know why he’s swimming in the fountain.”

Then the young man emerged from the water. 

"Puah! It really is money!” He was holding a one gold coin in his hand. He joyfully kissed the gold coin without worrying about his wet body. Then he became tearful. "I never thought I would ever pick up money...! Kuuack! This is my first lucky experience in my 26 years of living!”

Phoenix watched him and frowned. "That... I think it is the gold coin I lost a few days ago...”


Irene ignored Phoenix and asked the butler, "So why did you bring us so urgently?”

The butler took a deep breath. Then he opened his mouth carefully.

"He said he came to deliver three swords to the administrator. But... the level of the swords is unbelievable, even to the eyes of a lowly person like me. My Lady, you should check it yourself... Cough, I’m sorry. I became so excited that I rudely broke into the meeting. I will accept any punishment.”


The butler said he was a lowly person, but he needed to be versatile to become the butler of this castle. His eyes were superb. In addition, he was always calm. How great were the three swords to make a person like him so excited?

Everyone walked up to Grid with great expectations. Grid discovered the party and greeted the administrator. “Good afternoon.”

The administrator greeted Grid. “It is polite to greet the lady first.”

“Lady?” Grid looked at the party and found Irene.

‘I heard that the new lady was a young and pretty virgin.’

Then Grid bowed to Irene and said, “It is an honor to meet you.”

“It is nice to meet you.”

The residents of Winston said that Grid worked hard for the people. Irene was scheduled to give Grid a reward. However, she postponed it after discovering the Yatan Temple. Irene wanted to finish it well. Therefore, she planned to give him the reward when she saw him today.

But she completely forgot about rewarding Grid when she saw his swords. She was so surprised that she couldn’t think about small things. Why was she surprised? It was...

"These are the three swords I made.”


Everyone was surprised when Grid pulled out three swords. The butler was still surprised, despite checking it first.

The swords created by Grid were that great. Two of the three swords were unusual. But the remaining sword was at a level that couldn’t be compared.

Phoenix shouted. “This is a sword that will come out once in 100 years!”

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