Chapter 99

Chapter 99

Pagma’s Descendant could use all items, was almost immune to all status conditions, had a skill that made me immortal for a short time and other passive skills, as well as Pagma’s Swordsmanship. If I considered the overwhelming stats growth from the item production, it was a class that belonged to a combat type.

However, Pagma's Descendant was fundamentally a blacksmith. From appraisal, to repair, enhancement, production, and creation... Pagma's Descendant shone the most when it came to blacksmithing. The anvil, furnace, and other production tools all made up my main stage.

“Sigh. Sigh.”

I started pouring the mithril ore, coke, and limestone into the blast furnace.

[You can sense the temperature due to the rapid changes in ambient temperature. 30 degrees. 31 degrees. 31.5 degrees. 33 degrees. 36 degrees, 39...]

-Pagma’s descendant is sensitive to changes in temperature. If there is a furnace in the vicinity, you can accurately measure the temperature inside the furnace.

I had already mastered the bellows... No, it was a legendary class that couldn’t be compared to a master. The temperature of the furnace rose sharply as I intended.

[1,000 degrees. 1,100 degrees. 1,350...]


Iron was by far the most common material used for making items. Iron ore was suitable for smelting at temperatures between 1,150~1,250. However, smelting mithril required a much higher temperature and technique was needed to keep it within the required range.

‘I have to maintain it exactly between 1,820~1840.’

That’s why mithril smelting was only available for Advanced Blacksmith Mastery level 3 or higher.

It wasn’t possible for average blacksmiths to raise the temperature of the furnace to higher than 1,800 degrees. Those with Advanced Blacksmith Mastery level 2 might be able to raise the temperature to 1,800 degrees, but it was impossible for them to control it. However, it was simple for me as Pagma’s Descendant.

In particular, I already dealt with mithril while making the Divine Shield. I was able to smelt mithril even with my eyes closed. However, I couldn’t afford to not focus.


The temperature of the furnace was fixed at 1,840 degrees and over time, the mithril ore started to melt slowly. 

Inside the blast furnace that was over 1,800 degrees, the melted mithril ore mixed with the carbon monoxide generated from the coke, and pig iron with carbon and mithril was made. At the same time, the separated impurities were turned into slag by the limestone and discharged separately.

This process was a reproduction of smelting methods used in modern iron foundries, which meant that the smelting in Satisfy copied modern smelting techniques.

... This was written on the forums about the blacksmith class.

‘Why do I need to understand the principles when I’m not even getting a license? Don’t I just need to do it properly?’

I filled the mold with the molten metal. The mysterious orange color of mithril was so beautiful that it felt like my soul was flying away.

‘Pretty... It is prettier than women...’


“What am I thinking right now?” 

It felt like I was becoming a minerals otaku. I had to do something if I didn’t want to introduce myself as ‘married to my job’ when I was 50.

‘No... But I’m actually not popular with women... I should at least have a relationship before I die, even if it isn’t marriage... Sigh...’

I started to worry if I would really end up married to my job.

“How rotten...”

After the incident with Ahyoung, my confidence with relationships had dropped to the bottom. When would I be able to overcome this aftereffect? I was very worried about my future as I poured the molten minerals into the molds I prepared beforehand. Now I needed to wait for the molten mineral to harden. 

‘I can’t play around while waiting.’

Time was money. I had to cover the costs of all the money I spent on clothing, a haircut and food when I met Ahyoung. I took the Tipan wood I set to one side and started to trim it.

Tipan was like an upgraded version of bamboo. It was dozens of times harder and resilient than bamboo, making it suitable to be used as a material for a spear. It was popular when used to make ornaments because of its transparent blue color, but it was too expensive to be used for ornaments. Using Tipan wood as an ornament was one of the symbols of the rich.


I trimmed the Tipan wood into a straight form and cut it 178cm long.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

I swung it a few times as I felt the grip and weight.

‘Even with this resilience, the strength is comparable to steel... It is expensive.’

This would be the shaft for the Gale Spear. The harmony of the silver and blue was bound to make the spear beautiful and luxurious.

“Next is the sharp point of the spear.’

I completed the shaft of the spear and pulled out the semi-solid mithril inside the mold. Then I armed myself with my production item.

[Unknown Blacksmith’s Hammer]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 350/350   Attack Power: 70~80 

Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: +17% 

Odds of Making a Epic Rated Item: +7%

A blacksmith’s hammer made by a craftsman with great skill and potential, but somewhat lacking in experience and reputation.

This is a hammer produced by the craftsman himself, so it isn’t suitable for other blacksmiths to use. 

Conditions of Use: Pagma’s Descendant

Weight: 80 

‘Certainly, since I’ve made the hammer, the chances of making rare and epic items have increased.’

It was just a pity that it didn’t increase the chances of making unique and legendary rated items. But that was because the hammer itself was epic rated. I believed that a unique rated hammer would increase the chances of making unique rated items and the legendary hammer would increase the chances of making legendary items.

‘Sooner or later, I will make a legendary rated hammer.’

Ttang! Ttang!

I repeated the work of heating the mithril, forging with a hammer and exhausting the amount of carbon in the mithril to a suitable amount. This was the steelmaking operation. The tempered mithril became more refined and took the shape of a spear blade.


My body was drenched in sweat. There was the thick fog of dawn outside the window.

Ttang~! Ttaang~!

Apart from the sound of adventurers coming back from hunting, there was only the sound of my hammering on the quiet Winston streets.

Four hours later.

I completed the mithril point to satisfaction and attached the griffon tendons to it. The first of the three Gale Spears commissioned by Pon was completed.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items]


Fortunately, the breath buff was activated. Now the key was the rating of the item...!

I watched the information window that appeared in front of me with anticipation.

[Gale Spear]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 432/432   Attack Power: 476

Critical Chance: +5%    Atack Speed: +10%

* Attack speed will increase by 1% for every attack that connects.

* The skill ‘True Illusion’ will be generated.

* The skill ‘Creator’s Wish’ will be generated.

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

It is very light so the more skilled the user, the more the power can be maximized. However, this lightness can be a disadvantage.

It contains the origin of the craftsman who wishes to be reborn as an excellent spear.

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher. More than 750 strength. More than 400 agility. Advanced Spear Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 200 

[A unique rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +12 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +300.]

“Eh? Huh? Oh~! Ohhhh! Wahhhhh!"

I had made two legendary items, the Sword of Self-transcendence and the Divine Shield. But my only unique item was the Ideal Dagger. In fact, legendary items were less likely to be produced than unique items, but there wasn’t much difference. In other words, making a unique item was just as difficult as a legendary item.

A unique item appeared at once!


I was so happy it was like I could fly away.

‘It is even more of a jackpot because of the effect of the breath skill.’

The unique rated Gale Spear specified in the production method had a total durability of 363 and an attack power of 400. But my unique rated Gale Spear was 19% more durable and strong than what was described in the production method.

I was impressed because the Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill (Lv.2) raised the stats of the item by 12% and the Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath (Lv.2) increased it by 7%.

"What is the Creator’s Wish skill?”

I checked the added skill information.

[Creator’s Wish]

The damage of the weapon will increase by 30% for two minutes. It can overlap with the same type of buff effect.

Weapon Durability Consumption: 100


It increased the weapon damage by 30% for two minutes. It was an ordinary performance, not much different from normal buff skills. No, in general, the average duration of a buff skill was 10 minutes so this was somewhat lacking.

But there was something that had to be noted. The big part was that it could overlap with the same type of buff effect. If ‘Creator’s Wish’ was used with a ‘Weapon Enchant’ skill that increased damage by 30%, that effect would stack up and the damage to the opponent would be +60%.

This was a very rare skill because it wasn’t common for buffs to overlap. It was a skill that required weapon durability, not mana. It was a very good skill as a trump card, but there was a big penalty that the durability decreased by 100.

“Kuk... This is a big hit. Should I share this item information with the guild and surprise everyone?”

I imagined Jishuka and the guild members’ admiration and praise. In particular, I was anticipating Pon’s reaction.

He had handed me materials to create three Gale Spears and said, "I’ve met a lot of blacksmiths so I realize how hard it is to produce epic rated items. I have obtained enough materials for three spears and don’t be burdened. I won’t be disappointed if an epic rated spear doesn’t appear, so just make it casually. To be honest, a rare rated spear isn’t bad to use as a sub-weapon.”

I felt bad when I thought about it.

"What, you aren’t expecting an epic spear to emerge? You will be satisfied even with a rare rating? Hah~ A legendary blacksmith can’t produce only rare rated results?”

... Actually, when I made an item 10 times, almost all of them were rare items.

‘This time I can pretend. I made a unique item in one go!'

How much would Pon pay for this spear? I was so excited it felt like my heart was going to explode.

“What is this... I am going to make a huge amount of money three days in a row after the Malacus raid. Is this reality? I feel strange... After finishing this request, I should write up a household account book.”

It was almost lunch time. I started making the item from the evening before and it took more than half a day to complete.

“Ah, I’m tired. I want to sleep.”

I felt a great sense of accomplishment and now that the tension was released, I became sleepy.

‘Let’s not share information about the Gale Spear just yet... I was given three days on the assumption that I would make three spears... I’ll show them two days later...’

I would like to aim at making a legendary Gale Spear with the remaining materials.


“Finally, today...”

After commissioning the Gale Spears from Grid, Pon devoted himself to hunting for all three days. And for three days, he became more dissatisfied with the weapon that he was currently using.

He had moved to a hunting ground where the monsters gave higher experience. As the level of the monsters increased, the limits of the level 190 spear became clearer to Pon. It was a spear he had been using for 53 levels, from level 190 to 243 but...

Pon’s sensitivity couldn’t ignore the inferior nature of the spear.

‘I want to get rid of this damn spear soon.’

Pon finished hunting and relaxed. As he was preparing to go hunting again, Grid typed into the guild chat window.

{Pon, the three Gale Spears have been completed, so come to Khan’s smithy when you have time.}

{Ohh~! The spears are finally complete! What rating did you get?}

{I'm curious~ ^^ Please share the information window Grid.}

The guild members became excited. Pon watched the chat window with half excitement and half unease as he waited for the information of the Gale Spears to appear. However, Grid reported shocking news.

{I’m ruined... I don’t want to post it here so come and check.}

Vantner laughed because he liked it.

{ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It seems that only rare-rated spears have appeared ~! Yes! Serves you right, Pon!}


Pon was honestly disappointed, as he had been expecting at least one epic Gale Spear after seeing Grid easily learn the production method and reinforce Vantner’s axes.

“I am prepared.”

The basic performance of the Gale Spear was so good that it could be used even if it was rare rated. Pon immediately stopped hunting and walked to Winston. The distance of the new hunting ground to Winston wasn’t far.

Three hours later.

He arrived at Khan’s smithy and saw several guild members, including Jishuka and Vantner. Pon frowned at the chuckling Vantner.

“Why are all of you here?”

"I want to see your disappointed look. Well? Do you have a complaint? Kya kya kyak!”

“...Damn scum.”

“Do you have a complaint? Tell me if you have any complaints! I will show you the power of my upgraded axes! Kya kya kyak!”


Vantner was extremely confident after his weapon was strengthened by Grid. He moved his hunting ground to a stronger place, chatted more frequently and made fun of Pon every time he saw Pon. 

‘He is too excited. I’m honestly very envious.’

Pon trembled at the thought of his rival doing well alone and approached Grid.

“Grid, you must’ve suffered.”

Pon had told Grid when commissioning the spears that he wasn’t expecting too much, so don’t be burdened. It was true, but he still couldn’t help hiding his disappointment. Grid looked at Pon with sleepy eyes and handed over three spears.

“I’m ruined. I thought I would get a legendary spear since a unique one appeared from the beginning but... They were both epic rated.”


What was Grid saying? All the members, including Pon, were stunned. Unique? Legendary? In particular, it was known that legendary items couldn’t be produced so they thought that Grid might be delirious.

Then Pon’s complexion turned white and blue.

[Gale Spear (Epic) has been acquired.]

[Gale Spear (Epic) has been acquired.]

[Gale Spear (Unique) has been acquired.]


Pon had felt an electrifying thrill in Satisfy only two times. At first, he was amazed and thrilled by the game Satisfy itself. A virtual reality game that was truly another reality. As the creator of Satisfy, Lim Cheolho was a god who created a new world.

The second time was when he encountered the first ranked user on the unified rankings, Kraugel.

Pon and Jishuka accidentally encountered him and were shocked and thrilled. He felt sorry towards Jishuka, but Kraugel was Satisfy’s one and only genius. Pon always had a high position in every game he played, but that had been the first time he felt shabby in front of a user.

And now.

“Grid... You...! You!”

Pon felt his third thrill as he saw the detailed information of the unique rated Gale Spear. He regained the confidence that had been lost. With Grid, it felt possible to cross the wall of Kraugel, who could never be overcome with the Tzedakah Guild’s strength.

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