Chapter 100

Chapter 100

Pon immediately bowed.

"Grid, you are better than any blacksmith I have ever seen. I’m truly honored to have a great craftsman like you as my colleague.”

Up to now, Pon had visited a large number of blacksmiths and commissioned the production of items. 

He crossed the Hell Desert to meet the best blacksmith in the east, and experienced the invasion of the fire dragon Trauka to meet a famous dwarf blacksmith. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he met famous blacksmiths from all over the world.

Unfortunately, Pon couldn’t get any unique rated production items despite his efforts. No matter how well-known the blacksmith, making a unique item was like picking a star from the sky.

Then what about Grid? He made three items, and one of them was completed as unique rated. Furthermore, the performance of the Gale Spear produced by Grid was well above that specified in the production method.

‘There was a suggestion that he could make legendary rated items.’

Grid exceeded common sense. The blacksmith they desperately searched for was a hidden treasure. Pon’s respect rose.

“Amazing. You’re really amazing.”

There would come a day when all guild members would be armed with weapons and armor made by Grid. Then the Tzedakah Guild would truly soar to the top. The thrilled Pon put away the old spear he had been using for a long time and took out the Gale Spear.


"That’s the Gale Spear...!”

The guild members marvelled at the appearance of the Gale Spear. The spear was a magnificent blend of blue and silver. It seemed like a blue dragon descending from a silver galaxy. The appearance was beautiful enough to be comparable to ‘Persona,’ a national treasure of the Saharan Empire.

'The performance is great and the appearance is beautiful. Also.’

Buuong. Buuong.

A dark smile spread across Pon’s face as he looked at the spear and swung it lightly a few times. He tried using hundreds of spears, but the Gale Spear was outstanding.  The length and width of the spear was ideal for him. It was like a spear customized just for himself.

‘I feel several times stronger.’

He wanted to run to the hunting grounds and test the power of the spear right now. The guild members approached him and urged.

“Pon, what is the rating of your spear? It doesn’t look ordinary.”

"Come on, show us. I’m dizzy from curiosity!”

Pon shared the information of the Gale Spear. The guild members’ mouths dropped open as they confirmed it.


"A unique rated item was produced?”

It had a big impact on the guild. 

Was Pon the only one with the desire to be armed with excellent items? They also met a number of blacksmiths like Pon, and made hundreds of production requests. But they never saw any unique rated production items. It was theoretically possible for a high level blacksmith to produce unique items, but it was more realistic to acquire unique items through raids instead of making them.

Grid had signed up to the guild and he made a unique item in just three days. All blacksmiths except for him were insignificant.

The atmosphere was rising.

“Cool...” Jishuka couldn’t control her joy and embraced Grid. She kissed his cheek and shouted. “Grid, really great! You're the best! Truly a fantastic man!”

“... Huh?”

Jishuka’s hug and kiss removed all rational feelings. This was just the greeting of a South American woman expressing pure joy and gratitude. But it was too much stimulus for Grid. The embrace and kiss from a woman considered one of the sexiest in the world wasn’t something that Grid’s mental state could endure.

‘H-Her lips are so soft...’

His cheeks seemed to be melting. 

'Her chest is soft...’

It wasn’t just soft but filled with elasticity.

‘She smells good.’

Any expensive fragrance was trivial in front of Jishuka’s body odor. So the conclusion...

‘Is this a dream? Of course it is a dream. Damn! It is okay to dream! I don’t care even if I die.’

While Grid was struggling, Vantner was frustrated.

“This is nonsense... This spear is better than any weapon I’ve ever seen. Even my Genuine Twin Bloody Axes is nothing in front of this spear... Pon is the one who gets such a great weapon? It isn’t possible... Pon will get ahead of me again...!”

Vantner shook as he muttered.

"Grid, inviting you to the guild is one of the best things I’ve done in my life! I love you!”

Jishuka kept hugging Grid tightly with joy.

“Hehe... Chest... Hihi.”

Grid’s face was buried in Jishuka’s big chest. The status of the three people wasn’t normal. It wasn’t a good sight. But none of the guild members restrained the three of them. Everybody was busy looking at the Gale Spear.

"Ahhh~ I’m really envious of Pon. I will have no regrets if I get a unique item like Pon.”

"It has a better performance than the unique items that we acquired in raids. How absurd.” 

"Who is Grid going to make an item for after Pon? Has it been decided yet? I want a piece of armor...”

Pon left the information about the unique Gale Spear in the guild window. Then he pulled out the two epic rated Gale Spears and spoke to Faker.

"I want to use this opportunity to learn how to wield two spears.”

The shadowy figure of Faker nodded. "It is a good idea. It is a difficult skill to acquire, but it is an excellent power if you can use it properly.”

“Will you be my practice partner?”

“There is no reason to refuse.”

Faker raised his dagger and appeared behind Pon. Then he aimed his dagger at Pon’s heart. Faker had assassinated numerous talented people, but Pon was a persistent opponent.


Pon rotated the spear in his left hand and used the repulsive force to deflect the dagger, then he swung the spear in his right hand.


Pon effectively used the elasticity of the Tipan wood. The Gale Spear moved like a living snake and hit Faker’s back.


Loud sounds occurred in the smithy. That’s right. The Gale Spear blew up the air. But Faker was already somewhere else. Faker appeared in the opposite direction and threw hidden weapons.

"You are already familiar with using two spears. Have you been constantly practicing?”

Pon placed one of the spears on his shoulder and replied, “I’ve never practiced. But my basic abilities are excellent, so I can adapt to new techniques quickly.”


Jjaejaeng! Jaaeng! Chachachachang!

Faker was the number one assassin. His unified ranking might be lower than Pon, but his agility surpassed Pon.

So in the beginning, Faker took the lead with his speed. No matter how brilliantly Pon moved his spears, Faker repelled them like a stream of water. Only Pon’s spears were scratched. It was when the power of an assassin specializing in PK was clearly revealed.

But as time passed, the situation reversed. Pon’s attack speed started to exceed Faker’s agility.


Faker, who rarely allowed any attacks, retreated while scattering blood. Pon chased him, thrusting forward with his spears.

Puk! Peok!

The Gale Spear was a remarkable weapon. Due to the unique option, its attack speed increased as the battle continued. It was hard to tell the difference in the beginning, but the story changed over time.

"Isn’t this cheating...?”

Faker laughed as he was dominated in speed, despite being more confident in his speed than anyone else. Pon thought about Kraugel as he drank a health potion.

‘Now I might be able to touch his collar.’ 

On the other hand.

“... Is this a smithy?”

The visitors to Khan’s smithy were stunned.

In the center of the smithy, 10 people were gathered together and talking loudly, while a man and woman were hugging to one side. There was a large middle-aged man squatting in the corner and...

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

Two crazy people exchanging blows.


Was this really a smithy? Even the heart of the market was calm compared to this place.

"Maybe we’re at the wrong place.”

Therefore, customers who came to the smithy to buy items came and went several times.

"What the hell is going on in this smithy?” The turmoil only subsided when Khan returned to the smithy and yelled.


Grid regained his sense of reason at Khan’s voice. He looked at Jishuka’s fantastic body, which must’ve seduced men around the world.

'She is truly tricky. She must be trying to avoid paying me for this.’

Grid realized it through his experience with Ahyoung. Women were enemies. He couldn’t be off guard in front of them. He would have a cruel experience if he let them into his heart. Grid was reminded of his bad memories and turned to stone when looking at Jishuka. Then he called out to Pon.

"Hey, don't play around and give me the payment. How much are you going to buy it for?”

“How much?” Pon approached Grid and said cautiously. "To be honest, it is difficult for me to accurately assess the value of the Gale Spear. But considering other items, I think I should pay at least 800,000.”

“800,000?” Grid doubted his ears. “800,000 gold?”

Of course he was surprised. Grid had sold the legendary rated Sword of Self-transcendence for 220,000 gold. However, the unique rated Gale Spear was purchased for four times the price? Grid couldn’t believe it.

‘800,000 gold in cash...’

100 gold was worth 120,000 won cash. If 100,000 gold is 120 million... 800,000 gold is... Um. Eh? Heok! 960,000,000?’ 

It was a large amount that could pay off all his father’s debt and still have 300,000,000 remaining. Grid shut down for a while. But he recovered within a short amount of time and sent a pitying glance towards Pon.

‘Stupid fool... A legendary item was trade for 220,000 gold, yet you are buying a unique item for 800,000? You are suffering from your ignorance.’

Grid was mistaken. Grid was the ignorant one, not Pon. In fact, Grid could’ve made millions of gold if he registered the Sword of Self-transcendence at auction. He would’ve obtained billions of won in cash.

However, Grid didn’t know this and only sold it to a NPC for 220,000 gold. The 800,000 gold that Pon offered now was reasonable.

'Regas is the number one pushover. Starting from today, Pon is number two.’

Sometimes it was better not to know the truth...

Grid nodded at Pon happily without knowing the truth.

“Okay! I’m in a good mood! The two epic spears will be given as a service! 800,000 gold is okay!”

Pon had been planning to buy the two epic Gale Spears separately for 150,000 gold, but it was being given to him as a service? Pon was amazed by Grid.

‘His usual behaviour seems ugly, but he is actually a manly man. Is he merely acting like that to conceal his true self?’

Pon and the Tzedakah Guild became increasingly favorable towards Grid.

At the same time. 

One group was spying on Khan’s smithy.

“I didn’t know that the Tzedakah Guild would use this smithy as their stomping ground... Maybe that person is the unknown craftsman? Pass this onto Chris and ask him to send the rankers!”

What was the strongest guild in Satisfy? If this question was asked to 10 people who were passing by right now, 9 out of 10 would mention the Giant Guild. The Giant Guild was the largest in scale! In order to invite the unknown craftsman, they came to Winston, only to discover Grid with the Tzedakah Guild.

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