Chapter 87

Chapter 87

The Sixth Servant of God Yatan, Malacus was the priest who oversaw all rituals in the Yatan Church.

In fact, most of the rituals he organized were aimed at the groups hostile to the Yatan Church. Or he used them to put a curse on the area for the purpose of making people sick.

He was famous for the event where 87 virgins were sacrificed in order to turn the king of the Bungerst Principality into an idiot, as well as sacrificing 607 virgins to raise an epidemic in Earl Raven’s territory.

"Start the hunt? Kukuk! Kuhahahaha! You people want to handle me? There is no one in the world who isn’t afraid of the Yatan Church, who carries out the supremacy of God Yatan and exerts influence on the whole continent. And I am the one who grew this religion! How laughable to think that you are worthy opponents!”

Malacus had a point.

The Yatan Church was one of the greatest forces in Satisfy and a subject of horror. Malacus played a major role in the growth of the Yatan Church. His accomplishments were enormous enough to affect the situation of the entire continent. How could such a great person be treated as a hunting game in a mountain village? He wouldn’t be easy to kill.

"You guys will figure it out soon. Especially you, girl. You will be sacrificed to God Yatan.”

Malacus could see that Jishuka and her guild members were strong. To be honest, he had somewhat flinched when they all appeared at once. But wasn’t he one of the Eight Servants? He had transcended the human realm. Malacus didn’t doubt that he would be unharmed unless these people attacked simultaneously as a group.

However, Jishuka’s thoughts were different.

"I don’t know about Malacus, but our Tzedakah Guild is the strongest. We have the power to stand at the top at any time. You can’t threaten us.”


Jishuka smiled while revealing her white teeth. She provoked Malacus. “You will die here, so humbly accept your death. For us, you are nothing more than game.”

Malacus couldn’t endure it anymore and his face distorted.

“You really believe you can harm me?”

"Of course.” 


Malacus shouted and stretched out his hand. Then a ray of black magic power shot out in a straight line. It was aimed exactly at Jishuka’s heart. But Jishuka didn’t take any actions to defend herself. Toban, standing on her left side, moved instead.

“Patience Shield!”

The first ranked paladin and chief of staff of the Tzedakah Guild. He used a large shield and a defense skill to block the ray of darkness.


There was a large sound as dust rose all over the place. The shield didn’t absorb the shock, so Toban coughed up blood.

"Kuoh... The shield’s durability is decreased by 20 in an instant. It isn’t that bastard’s unique skill. It s a dark magic that anyone in the Yatan Church could use. How powerful is his magic power?”

Jishuka frowned and kicked Toban.

"Don’t take it easy. It is unsightly.”

Malacus exclaimed.

"Die before this mighty power! It will be the last time you can do anything insignificant!”

Then a notification window appeared in front of all the members of the Tzedakah Guild.

[The Sixth Servant of God Yatan, Malacus has discharged his magic power.]

[The mighty dark power has applied a fear, weakness and immobilizing effect.]

[Malacus has unleashed a surprise magic attack.]

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

From Malacus’ hands, dozens of rays were shot in different directions.

“Hey hey. Isn’t this too much?”

“This is crazy.” 

Jishuka and the Tzedakah Guild members immediately tried to protect themselves from the bombardment. But they were overwhelmed by Malacus’s magic power and couldn’t resist due to the abnormal conditions.

[You have suffered 8,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 16,503 damage.]

[You have suffered 11,027 damage.]

“It hurts!”

"This is foul!”

Except for some classes with high magic defense or high dark resistance, the guild members lost at least 30% of their health from that bombardment. In the case of Jishuka, an archer who normally avoided enemy attacks, she was faced with dangerous warning messages.

[You have lost 53% of your health from a single blow.] 

[You can’t regain your mental state.]

A blow that took 40% of a user’s health at once would stun the user for three seconds. In other words, Jishuka was now completely defenseless.

“Defend the master!”

Toban took the lead and the Tzedakah members started surrounding Jishuka. Malacus admired the sight as if it was cute.

“Do you understand now? It is me who is the hunter, not you.”

Jishuka didn’t care. She gave the guild a command. “Rather than me, Grid... Protect Khan’s disciple!”

The creator of the Special Jaffa Arrows that she had been searching for! Grid was presumed to be Khan’s disciple who knew the creator’s information. No, there was a possibility that he was the creator.

“Everybody, remember this. We need to defeat Malacus, but your top priority is protecting Grid. You can’t let him die.”

The guild master absolutely had to be obeyed! The guild members looked around simultaneously. Then they found Grid hiding behind a tree.

“Eh? That guy?”

Wasn’t Grid a blacksmith? A normal blacksmith should’ve died, or at least suffer serious injuries from Malacus’ bombardment. But he was fine?

“What is going on?”

Jishuka was more surprised than anyone else as she checked Grid.

‘Now that I’m looking, isn’t he wearing armor and holding a sword?’

Was it a false tip? But Grid said he was the person who made the Special Jaffa Arrow. She was baffled. But it was only for a moment. Jishuka recovered from her stunned state and drank a health potion. Then she caught the attention of Malacus, who was staring at Grid.

“Malacus. Aren’t you too weak? You didn’t manage to kill any of us with that blow. Doesn’t it advertise how incompetent you are?”

Why wasn’t Grid overwhelmed by him?

‘What trick did he use?’

Malacus’ pride was hit when he saw that Grid was safe from his bombardment, but then he looked at Jishuka again. Malacus was very angry.

"Girl, you can’t come over here. You are shaking with fear. That look suits you.” 

“I heard that the rituals conducted by Malacus exceed common sense. No person or organization who doesn’t worship Yatan is safe from your rituals. If the number of sacrifices was infinite, you might be able to conquer the world through your rituals. Yes, your capabilities as a priest are enormous. I’ll admit it. But you...”

Jishuka’s lips curled up in disdain. It was obvious ridicule. Malacus’ face reddened as Jishuka looked down at him with arrogant eyes.

“What’s the big deal? Do you think we don’t know that your combat ability is the weakest among the Eight Servants?”

Information was power. The Tzedakah Guild was aiming for the top, so their information gathering ability was naturally high level.  The Yatan Church was currently one of the greatest forces on the continent, so the Tzedakah Guild found out as much information about it as possible.

The Sixth Servant, Malacus. In order to enjoy the game called ‘sacrifice hunting,’ he appeared in a random place every three months. Level 310. His class was a dark sorcerer. His specialties were black magic, debuffs and various defense skills. In addition, he had amazing self-recovery ability triggered by his enormous amount of magic power. As a high ranking member of the Yatan Church, they needed to be careful of his dark magic attacks. However, the type of attack skills he could use were very limited.

‘His level is very low compared to the other Eight Servants.’

Malacus was a priest. His level was low compared to the other servants because he rarely entered directly into combat. He was only level 310 so the Tzedakah Guild, whose average level was well above 200, judged that they could deal with him.

“It was only a month ago that you did your last sacrifice hunt... I don’t know why you strayed from your original timeline and appeared in the Eternal Kingdom, but, I am thankful. We will sacrifice you and increase our reputation.”

Jishuka raised a hand, ignoring Malacus as she ordered her guild members,

“How long are you going to let your game run wild? Go ahead and start the hunt.”

It happened at the same time.


A muscular, middle-aged man waited for the endless talk between Jishuka and Malacus and leapt forward. It was the tank destroyer, Vantner.

“Hey you! Give me Regas! Then you will die! Experience death! Wuhahaha!”

Vantner wielded his two axes. He held axes big enough to be lifted with both hands and swung lightly.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwaang!

There was a shockwave every time Vantner’s strikes collided with the black magic shield. The wind pressure caused Malacus’ cloak to flap in every direction, but that was all. Vantner’s axes couldn’t penetrate Malacus’ shield, let alone touch his collar.

“He is fine?”

The confused Vantner backed away, taking deep breaths and thinking about it calmly.

‘That guy’s shield... My attack power can’t penetrate it? Okay, then it is a game of speed!’

Malacus protected his body by deploying the shield on the surface that would be hit. If Vantner attacked at a speed that Malacus couldn’t react to, would he be able to deploy his shield?


Vantner had a simple idea and started to move his arms with all his might.

Chaaeng! Jjejejeok!

The two axes moved without rest, and the momentum was as fierce as lightning bolts. However, Malacus wasn’t hurt at all.

‘Pant pant... My attack speed doesn’t exceed his speed. How is a sorcerer’s body so impressive?’

Vanter gasped for breath. Malacus stood still and waited for him to be exhausted.

“Hmph, it is unsightly.” Malacus laughed at Vantner, then stared at Jishuka. “My combat strength is definitely weak compared to the other servants. But that is only when compared with the other servants. Compared to all of you, I am absurdly strong...”

Malacus couldn’t finish speaking. It was because a spear shot over Vantner’s shoulder.



Malacus groaned a little bit as the spear appeared. It was like a lightning streak. If he had been a little less vigilant, he wouldn’t have been able to deploy the shield on time.

‘It is fast and strong, unlike the axe-wielding man.’

The weight of the spear that aimed precisely at his heart was so great that Malacus took a few steps back, despite blocking with the shield! Then the owner of the spear appeared before him.

“Ah~ you reacted to the perfect surprise attack? How strong are the other servants?”

Vantner glanced at the owner of the spear, who had expressed his nervous admiration.

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