Chapter 86

Chapter 86

"Kuk... I didn’t think someone like this would be here.”

Regas took a potion to restore his health and immediately changed his system setting.

“Whisper unblock. Guild chat unblock.”


{Hey you! You will die if you don’t find Regas today!}

{T-Take it easy, Master.}

{Yes, excitement isn’t good for your skin. Isn’t Master a woman as well?}

{Shut up... All of you, shut up! If you have time to chat, look for that bastard Regas!}


The guild chat window was filled with chaos. Jishuka was reacting worse than Regas expected, so he hesitated for a moment before typing on the keyboard,

{The slope of Rolf Mountain. Please send support.}

The chaotic chat window became more frenzied.


{Hey, Regas! What have you been doing all day? Why did you block the chat? Answer me!}

{You don’t know how we have been tortured because of you!}

{Rolf Mountain...? I will visit you soon. ^^}

Kwa kwang! Kwang!

Regas avoided the black magic that the followers were shooting from all directions, elbowed the face of the closest believer, and typed in the chat again.

{Come prepared for battle. Malacus has appeared.}

The chat window got crazy once more.

{Malacus? The Sixth Servant?}

{Eh? Why is he on Rolf Mountain? Shouldn’t he be with the other Yatan bastards?}

{What... Where have you been wandering around? ㅡㅡ}

{Why is Malacus there?}

{Isn’t he a monster that is level 310?}


Everyone was amazed by the presence of Malacus, while Jishuka was obsessed with Khan’s disciple.

{Hey! Regas! Are you still with the person called Grid?}

{ㅇ ㅇ}

{Grab Grid tightly and don’t let him go! He is Khan’s disciple that we are looking for!}

“What?” Regas frowned as he saw Jishuka’s words. "Grid is a blacksmith? No way.”

Regas exclaimed while kicking two Yatan followers at the same time. After counterattacking, he quickly hid behind a tree and entered the chat again.

{That isn’t possible?}

{It must be -_-^ I heard it from a witness. Grid is definitely Khan’s disciple.}

{That eyewitness must be mistaken or gave you a false report.}

After typing briefly, Regas blocked the chat again to focus on the battle and turned to Grid. Grid was holding a large sword that was more than 3m long and was facing Malacus alone.

"There is no way he can be a blacksmith. The guild master... she must be mistaken.”

In the meantime, Grid...

‘What is going on?’

Malacus expressed great interest in Grid since he first appeared.

"I am impressed that you can endure the pressure of my magic power.” Malacus judged that Grid, who avoided all his status effects, wasn’t a regular person. "Then you... are you like Yura? An extraordinary person among travelers?”

Grid wanted to solve it with dialogue as much as possible. "Not really... well, I didn’t come here to meet you. So can I go my own way?”

“I can’t allow that.” 

“Please have mercy just once. Hehe.”

“One of the most insignificant words in the world is mercy.”

Malacus was one of the most brutal religious figures in Satisfy. It was foolish trying to communicate with him.

“Che, whatever.”

Grid opened his inventory. Then he equipped armor without being conscious of Regas at all. After that, he pulled out Dainsleif, which had been strengthened to +5.

[+5 Dainsleif (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500   Attack Power: 549~772   Attack Speed: -8%

* Additional damage equal to 10% of the target’s current defense will be dealt.

* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.

* The skill ‘Golden Flash’ has been generated.

A work created by Albatino, the first human to receive the nickname of ‘craftsman before Pagma’s era. He attempted the reproduce the mythical weapon, Dainsleif.

It is far lacking compared to the original Dainsleif, but he succeeded in restoring some of its features, making it a masterpiece on its own.

It was acclaimed as a ‘masterpiece of human history’ by the founder of the Eternal Kingdom and the king of the north, Loran.

The legendary blacksmith Pagma is said to have received great inspiration from Albatino’s work.

User Restriction: Level 250 or higher. More than 1,800 strength. Advanced Sword Mastery.

Weight: 1,580

"A great sword. But can it reach my body?”

Malacus wasn’t a monster but a human. He didn’t have a special appearance. He was just an ordinary man in his 30s, wearing a black mask and a long cloak covering his body. He seemed less scary than the terrible monsters Grid faced in Kesan Canyon.

“You will see soon! Blacksmith's Rage! Quick Movements! Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link!”

In the mural, Pagma held Dainsleif in one hand and wielded it. However, it was impossible for Grid to wield Dainsleif with one hand with his current strength.  Thus, he held Dainsleif with both hands and didn’t look as dazzling.

Buuuong. Buuuong.

Dainsleif moved with a speed that was disproportionate to its huge size. Then he slashed at Malacus’ body.  But just before Dainsleif hit Malacus’ body, a black shield appeared, blocking the sword in its path.



After the attack was blocked, Grid hurriedly placed Dainsleif back in his inventory and then pulled out the +8 Ideal Dagger. He consumed 490 mana after using Blacksmith’s Rage, Quick Movements and activating Pagma’s Swordsmanship. Grid used his remaining 277 mana to activate one of Ideal Dagger’s integrated skills. 

“Wind Blast!”


Wind Blast exploded against Malacus’ body. But it couldn’t touch Malacus. Just before the winds touched Malacus’ body, a black shield emerged at the point of collision and blocked all winds.

Gulp gulp.

Grid pulled out a mana potion and drank it before activating Wind of Justice.


Wind of Justice was much more powerful than Wind Blast. But even Wind of Justice collapsed in front of a shield and didn’t reach Malacus’ body. 

Grid trembled.

‘What is this fraudulent defense skill? How much damage can it prevent?’

Malacus pulled out a hand that was hidden in the cloak and aimed at Grid. "Your weakness won’t be able to break this. Die. Divine Punishme...?”

Malacus paused in the middle of the spell he was casting and then stepped back from Grid because Grid had used Restraint. Restraint overwhelmed everything except for the undead, and the overwhelmed opponents were unable to approach Grid for three seconds.

Grid ran as far from Malacus as possible and shouted, “Regas! Let’s go!”

But Regas was still attacking the followers without any thought of escape.


Regas looked at the desperately rushing Grid and declared, “I don’t run away. I will fight. When can I ever meet such a strong opponent again? I want to fight!”

“... You are really crazy. Aren’t you afraid of dropping items and experience upon death?”

Grid was reluctant to leave Regas and run away alone. He wanted Regas’ help finding the Divine Shield.

'But I can’t die in the process. If I die and drop items...’

Most of Grid’s currently equipped items were expensive. He would feel like committing suicide if he dropped one of them. Thus, Grid decided to escape by himself. But at that moment, a sound was heard.


An object shot out from the forest. It was an arrow.



Malacus was still somewhat constrained by the influence of Restraint, so he couldn’t respond to the arrow that flew without notice and struck his shoulder.  Then a beauty appeared from the direction that the arrow came from. It was Jishuka.

“If you don’t want to be killed by the arrows like that monster, you should stay in a corner.”

Jishuka warned Grid while staring sharply at Malacus. Then she pulled back her bowstring.


Jishuka, currently ranked 19th in the unified rankings, was a woman who had long been called an expert archer. The arrow she shot seemed like it would touch Grid’s ears, but it swiftly flashed passed and hit Malacus’ head.

But at some point, Malacus escaped from the influence of Restraint and created a black shield. 


The arrow was bounced back. Jishuka didn’t shake at the sight. She fired five arrows in rapid succession.

Syu syu syu syu syuk!

Ting ting ting ting ting!

All five arrows aimed at the weak parts of the body but were blocked by the shield.

"The speed of casting is really fast?” Jishuka admired while Malacus smiled.

"Heh, your fragile arrows can’t touch my body...”

Malacus couldn’t finish speaking. It was because Regas, who killed the 30 Yatan followers, approached his side and punched.




Malacus bent in a strange direction after Regas’ fist hit his side. The whites of his eyes were revealed. Jishuka loaded a new arrow.

“That isn’t the real one. This is real.”


The arrow flew along the flow of the wind without any sound and struck Malacus’ heart. However, Grid was familiar with this arrow.

“Eh? The Special Jaffa Arrow? There are still some left?”

Jishuka heard Grid’s words and cocked her head. “How do you know that?”

Was JIshuka and Regas’ power sufficient to knock down the mighty Malacus? If so, maybe he didn’t have to drop his items? Grid was so excited that he spoke without thinking. 

"Oh, I made it.”


Jishuka’s eyes widened. Then Regas shrieked. “Kuaaack!”


Jishuka and Grid hurriedly turned their heads. They discovered five black spears piercing Regas’ body. Dark magic was around the wound and Malacus, who had recovered quickly, grabbed Reggas’ head and declared.

“It is still useless. You will all die by my hands!”


“Are we late?”

“Hey, Regas! You’re still alive?”

15 members of the Tzedakah Guild emerged, causing even Malacus to flinch for a moment.

"How is a group like this...?”

Jishuka gave a smile that was brimming with confidence and stated.

"Start the hunt.”

The average level of the Tzedakah Guild was above 200. Many of them were first in their class rankings and within the top 100 unified rankings. There was also a variable called Grid. Even if the opponent was one of the Eight Servants, it wasn’t a power that could be underestimated.

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