Chapter 74

Chapter 74


The wind blew through the curved walls that stretched as high as the sky. Small cuts burned my skin. The flow of the river was strong, and falling in it would make me drown.

It was a place that boasted more spectacular views than anywhere on Earth, Kesan Canyon. Never be deceived by outward appearances. As I explained several times, it was a very dangerous place. 

I looked closely at the caves in the curved walls. I recalled the reason why I came here and looked at the quest information.

[Pagma’s Descendant]

Difficulty: Class quest.

You have certainly been given Pagma’s blacksmith skills. 

But do you know exactly who Pagma is? Can you proudly carry out his will?

Who is Pagma? If he was simply a blacksmith with good skills, his legends wouldn’t be scattered across the continent.

First, start with the clue of the swordsmanship that pierced the sky and follow Pagma’s legend. If you can collect all of the legends, you will truly understand Pagma and succeed his will. 

At that moment, a new legend will be born.

* There is no time limit for this class quest.

* If you accept the class quest of a legendary class, you can’t change your class again.

* The legendary class quest has the power to transform Satisfy’s world, according to the result.

Class Quest Clear Conditions: Complete all linked quests successfully.

Class Quest Clear Reward: Unknown.

* First Class Quest: [Pagma’s Swordsmanship.]

The person who witnessed Pagma’s swordsmanship 130 years ago has shown up and given you a clue.

If you head to Kesan Canyon to the south of Winston, you will find a clue to Pagma’s swordsmanship carved on a northern cliff.

* First Class Quest Clear Condition: Learn Pagma’s swordsmanship.

First Class Quest Clear Reward: Dainsleif (Reproduction).

[Dainsleif (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500   Attack Power: 451~635   Attack Speed: -8%

* Additional damage equal to 10% of the target’s current defense will be dealt.

* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.

* The skill ‘Golden Flash’ will be generated.

A work created by Albatino, the first human to receive the nickname of ‘craftsman before Pagma’s era. He attempted the reproduce the mythical weapon, Dainsleif.

It is far lacking compared to the original Dainsleif, but he succeeded in restoring some of its features, making it a masterpiece on its own.

It was acclaimed as a ‘masterpiece of human history’ by the founder of the Eternal Kingdom and king of the north, Loran.

The legendary blacksmith Pagma is said to have received great inspiration from Albatino’s work.

User Restriction: Level 250 or higher. More than 1,800 strength. Intermediate Sword Mastery.

Weight: 1,580 

While the Ideal Dagger had been strengthened to +8, it had a level limit of 180. Meanwhile, Dainsleif had a level limit of 250.  Therefore, the basic performance of Dainsleif was bound to be better than that of the Ideal Dagger.

In addition, Dainsleif was a greatsword. My main weapon as a warrior was a greatsword, so I couldn’t help wanting Dainsleif. More than anything else, I wanted to learn Pagma’s swordsmanship as soon as possible.

“Pagma’s swordsmanship that allegedly pierced the sky... It is clearly a tremendous offensive skill. An offensive skill is what I require more.”

I had a clear sense of purpose and stepped forward to find the north cliff. How far did I walk?


A small pebble fell from above him.


I looked up and saw dust rising between the walls. I sensed it.

‘The enemy!’

The entrance of a cave was exposed as dirt was removed and a monster popped out. It was a giant lizard that reminded me of a dinosaur, but its tongue was sharper than any sword. I knew the identity of the lizard: a level 162 canyon lizard.


I was so strong now that I couldn’t be compared to my days as a warrior. I was at a level where I could fight the canyon lizard in front of me. But instincts were scary! In the past, I experienced that blade-like tongue piercing my heart. Then the canyon lizard descended the curved wall towards me at a tremendous speed.

"Aaaagh! Get lost! Please get lost!”

I begged to the canyon lizard. But god was never a merciful person.


The canyon lizard caught up to me and turned to the side, swinging its tail.


I barely escaped the lizard’s tail and the huge rock was struck and shattered instead of me. I was hit in the head with a fragment of rock and started bleeding.

“This damn lizard... yes, fighting is inevitable! Blacksmith's Rage! Wind Blast!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A sharp wind flew towards the canyon lizard. But the force of Wind Blast was incredibly fierce. The moment that the blast of wind struck the canyon lizard, it shrieked in pain.

[You have dealt 1,230 damage to the target.]


The canyon lizard was an aggressive and agile monster, but their defense was relatively low. Perhaps the canyon lizard’s defense was only slightly higher than that of the frostlight orcs.  Still, the damage caused by Wind Blast was enormous. It meant that the power of Wind Blast was different compared to when I faced the frostlight orcs.

Indeed, it was natural when I thought about it. The dagger had been +0 when I hunted the frostlight orcs and now it was +8. The weapon attack power rose, so the skill damage would naturally rise as well.


I was no longer afraid of the giant lizard in front of me. Rather, it looked just like a frostlight orc.

“Unbreakable Justice!”

[You have dealt 12,507 damage to the target.]


It wasn’t a critical hit, but the damage was amazing! The canyon lizard twisted its body in pain, but the scary monster came back and attacked.


[You have suffered 2,019 damage.]


The tail struck from outside my field of vision and I became dizzy.  I would’ve suffered tremendous damage if I wasn’t armed with the Frostlight Orc Chief’s Helmet and Khan's Masterpiece.

‘Khan, thank you.’

Khan's Masterpiece had an option that reduced damage from physical attacks by 20%. It boasted an outstanding defense against physical attacks. I felt thankful towards Khan for giving me this good armor for free. Then the lizard’s tongue flew accurately at my heart.

I puffed up.

“This damn lizard. I was already killed with the tongue once before and now you want to do the same thing again? Don’t think I will go quietly today! Quick Movements!”

My agility and evasion rate greatly increased, allowing me to approach the lizard’s jaw without difficulty and attack its tongue. Taking advantage of the situation, I then jumped up and stabbed the Ideal Dagger into its jaw.


[The Ideal Dagger’s option effect is activated, instantaneously killing the target.]


I killed the canyon lizard that appeared in my dreams and tormented me. The subject of fear was helpless in front of me, transforming into a grey light.

[You have defeated a canyon lizard.]

[9 gold has been acquired.]

[The canyon lizard’s tongue has been acquired.]

[329,000 experience has been acquired.] 


I had to feel admiration.

“Isn’t this really great?”

No matter how high my stats were or the effect of the Ideal Dagger, I was a level 85 user who easily took care of a level 162 monster!

“This is the power of items!”

This was why people tried to buy good items.


New monsters emerged due to the noise from the battle. This time, the opponents were three lizardmen. I was outnumbered, but I didn’t back down. I knew that if I tried to run away, they would keep chasing and new monsters would emerge, eventually leading to me being surrounded by monsters.

“I can win. I will win!”

I hypnotized myself a few times.  I swiftly avoided the attacks of the lizardmen with Quick Movements, used Blacksmith’s Rage, drank a mana potion and then used Unbreakable Justice.



The lizardmen were also tough. The three of them blocked my attack with a shield, before counterattacking. Nevertheless, there was some confusion as they couldn’t absorb all the damage. I gained greater confidence after Wind Blast collapsed their formation. 

Then I attacked using the gap where they were confused.

Puuok! Puk!

Blue light flashed from the Ideal Dagger every time a lizardman was wounded.

[You have dealt 2,600 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 2,830 damage to the target.]

[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 5,705 damage to the target.]


The canyon lizardmen had leather like the lizards and were armed with crude iron armor. The defense of the canyon lizardmen greatly exceeded that of the frostlight orcs. But these lizardmen screamed with every strike from my dagger.

I succeeded in defeating them shortly after the cooldown of Quick Movements and Blacksmith's Rage was over.

[You have defeated a canyon lizardman.]

[You have defeated a canyon lizardman.]

[You have defeated a canyon lizardman.]

[11 gold has been acquired.]

[9 gold has been acquired.]

[12 gold has been acquired.]

[A damaged sapphire has been acquired.]

[Crude Scimitar has been acquired.]

[316,000 experience has been acquired.]

[316,000 experience has been acquired.]

[316,000 experience has been acquired.]

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