Chapter 75

Chapter 75


Two-thirds of my health was consumed when fighting the three lizardmen. I was completely drained of mana.

‘I only have four skills to use, but my mana is so lacking...’

Currently, I only had around 500 mana. Even though my mana recovery rate wasn’t slow, my mana was almost gone once I used my combat skills. I didn’t want to waste a mana recovery potion, so I sat down and rested. Once my health and mana were fully recovered, I got up again and started moving.

‘If I catch two more mobs, I can level up.’

I no longer feared the monsters in the canyon. The monsters in the canyons were like clumps of experience, just like the frostlight orcs. But there was one monster that was the exception...

Tadak! Tadak! Tadadak.

A very bizarre and sinister stepping sound descended rapidly down the curved wall, approaching quickly. I hurriedly shifted my gaze and almost peed my pants as I saw the owner of the steps.

The huge spider, which was as large as two 15-ton trucks, was heading towards me.

“C-Canyon spider!”

The canyon spider was a top predator among the canyon monsters. It was level 180! Even the canyon lizards and lizardmen would be caught in its spider web and become prey. There was speculation that the monsters of the canyon lived in caves because they were protecting themselves from the canyon spider.

Such a big monster actually appeared in front of me.


In the past, I had been trapped by the canyon spider and suffered a huge trauma. So now I had an allergy towards spiders. I got goosebumps and my legs couldn’t even stand up straight.


The canyon spider made a strange sound and shot out a spider web. Then it ran down the web and stopped right in front of my nose.


The canyon spider’s head was incredibly small compared to its huge size. As soon as the head stopped right in front of me, the mouth of the spider opened wide and the sharp teeth revealed a threatening appearance.

I randomly swung my dagger in an attempt to resist. But the blind attack didn’t touch the body of the canyon spider. The canyon spider avoided my attack while hanging on the web, then fired a web towards me.


It was initially launched in cocoon form and spread 3m wide in less than a second. If the web draped over my body then I would become the prey of the canyon spider. I was well aware of this and desperately wanted to avoid the web, but I still couldn’t move because my legs were weak.

At that moment!

[A legend doesn’t feel fear easily.]

I was freed from the spider allergy and moved my body, avoiding the spider web. As I let out a sigh of relief, the spider looked at me like it was a trivial move. Then its onslaught started.

Syuk! Syuk!

Spider webs were shot out continuously, forming a fearsome net in the sky.


I frantically avoided the spiderwebs. As I was diligently avoiding it, I felt my limits.

'This damn spider... no matter how much I avoid it, the spider keeps shooting out the webs. If this continues, I will become tired and unable to do anything.’

There was a need to stop it from easily launching the webs.

“Wind Blast!”

I made a decision and cast Wind Blast towards the torso of the canyon spider. The spider was hit by Wind Blast and shook a few times while hanging on the web. But it wasn’t a substantial blow. 

[You have dealt 300 damage to the target.]

“Crazy! What is this defense?”

The canyon spider only suffered a slight amount of damage from the Wind Blast of the +8 Ideal Dagger! This meant the canyon spider’s defense was overwhelming to the point that it was superior to the frostlight orc chief, as well as the canyon lizards.

While the canyon spider was 40 levels higher than the frostlight orc chief, it was but a normal monster in comparison to the chief, which was a boss monster. A normal monster having more defense than a boss monster...

'Of course, its health will be much lower than the frostlight orc chief’s health, but what good is that? The defense is so high that I can’t deal any damage to its health to begin with.’ 

I was frustrated while the canyon spider started firing the spider webs even more quickly.

“Kuk! Quick Movements!”

My evasion and agility temporarily increased. I barely avoided the spider webs while the duration of Quick Movements continued running out. In the meantime, the cooldown of Wind Blast finished.

“Blacksmith's Rage! Wind Blast!”


The canyon spider was so huge that it was easy to aim at it. Wind Blast was reinforced by Blacksmith's Rage and hit the canyon spider, but once again, the spider didn’t receive a high amount of damage.

[You have dealt 344 damage to the target.]

“No, what type of defense it this? Such a scam!”


I avoided the webs that started to fly again while trying to think of a plan.

‘I can’t fight against it using Wind Blast alone. Unbreakable Justice will work to a certain extent...’

Originally, Wind Blast was a skill that dealt 60% of the caster’s attack power. But since I didn’t meet the conditions to use the Ideal Dagger, I was penalized by having only half the option effect applied. In other words, Wind Blast only dealt 30% of my attack power.

On the other hand, Unbreakable Justice fully dealt 300% of my attack power. Even the canyon spider would be damaged by Unbreakable Justice.

However, Wind Blast was a ranged attack skill while Unbreakable Justice needed to hit the target directly. I couldn’t use it since I couldn’t reach the canyon spider. And right now, it was impossible to approach the canyon spider.

‘This can’t continue. Is there any way I can reach that spider?’

I was troubled as I looked at the spider webs covering the sky.

‘It is impossible to approach due to the spider web. Then I...?’

What was this? Did I need to once again experience being chewed alive?

“Dammit... Eh?"

I suddenly got a good idea.

"I don’t know if a combo will work... but it is worth trying!”

The degree of freedom in Satisfy was infinite. That also applied to skills. It was possible for users to create completely different effects depending on how they used or combined their skills. I walked forward. Then I checked and found that the cooldown of Wind Blast had ended.

Now I had somewhat figured out the pattern of the spider webs, so I easily avoided them and accurately aimed Wind Blast at the canyon spider.


“Unbreakable Justice!”

I used Unbreakable Justice. There was also the freshly generated Wind Blast.


The energy of Unbreakable Justice combined with Wind Blast. Wind Blast and Unbreakable Justice couldn’t be broken so they were combined into one, then a message window popped up.

[The new skill fusion has succeeded.]

[Fusion skill ‘Wind of Justice’ has been created.]

[Your intelligence has increased by 10 due to the successful fusion of a new skill.]

[Wind of Justice]

The force of Unbreakable Justice has been combined with Wind Blast. 

Deals 320% of your attack power to a target that can be up to 6m away.

Skill Damage Range: 2m radius around the target.

Skill Mana Cost: 400

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds

Skill Usage Conditions: Ideal Dagger 

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The dark blue aura, reminiscent of a sword master, flew towards the canyon spider.


As the wind sword flew forward, the canyon spider scrambled up the spider web in an attempt to escape. But the spider couldn’t be faster than the wind.



Wind of Justice hit the canyon spider, causing it to fall down the web while a yellow liquid emerged from its mouth.


The canyon spider crashed into the ground, causing a huge crack. It fell on its back and was so big that it couldn’t raise its body. I was confident that now was my chance to get rid of it. I drank a mana recovery potion.

“Blacksmith's Rage! Quick Movements!”

Once my attack power, attack speed, evasion and agility increased, I rushed towards the canyon spider. It couldn’t raise its body yet, but the spider kept trying to resist. The eight legs waved and threatened me several times, but I only had light injuries on my shoulders and thighs due to Quick Movements. 


I laughed as the eight legs twisted in the air, then stabbed the Ideal Dagger deep into the canyon spider’s chest.


The back, legs, and head of the canyon spider were all covered with a thick shell. But the chest was covered with hair. In other words, the chest of the canyon spider didn’t boast an overwhelming defense, unlike the other areas.

[You have dealt 2,880 damage to the target.]

[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 6,040 damage to the target.]


The terrible screams of the canyon spider echoed in Kesan Canyon. Yes, now was the chance...

"Revenge... it is the true revenge time! Kuhahahahat!”

In the past, how much had I suffered from the monsters in Kesan Canyon? I was stabbed to death by a tail, killed by a tail, stunned, trampled and even eaten. I lost items and experience in this place, and my mental state was shattered. It was so bad I developed an allergy to spiders.

However, the monsters in the canyon were so strong that I never dared dream of revenge. Then what about now? I was different now. I was significantly different.

"Now is the time for you to fear me!”



[You have defeated a canyon spider.]

[18 gold has been acquired.]

[The canyon spider’s leg has been acquired.]

[The canyon spider’s eyeball has been acquired.]

[The canyon spider’s spiderweb has been acquired.]

[387,500 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

At this moment, my allergy to spiders disappeared forever. Meanwhile, a long-haired man was watching Grid from a high cliff.

"This is the first time in ages that I’ve seen someone take care of a canyon spider alone. His skills are still very poor, but he has a rapid growth rate...”

The canyon spider lost its web and crashed into the ground. It fell to its back and was helpless because there was no nearby terrain to fire and attach new webs to. 

If the canyon spider had fallen on its stomach and there was terrain close enough to aim a spider web at, the spider would’ve instantly recovered and attacked Grid again. In other words, luck played a huge role in Grid’s successful hunt of the canyon spider.

However, the man couldn’t help admiring Grid.

“His ability grows every time he hunts a monster. His potential is beyond imagination... He seems a good choice to be my agent of revenge.”

The name of this long-haired man was Piaro. He was once the strongest knight of the Saharan Empire. He was originally a knight captain, but he was framed as a traitor and hid in Kesan Canyon...

"Asmophel... I will make you die a cruel death!”

They were trackers looking for Piaro all throughout the continent. Piaro couldn’t escape from this place so he needed someone to get rid of Asmophel, who ruined the lives of Piaro and his colleagues.

Piaro was convinced that Grid was the person he wanted.

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