Chapter 73

Chapter 73

I lost my temper and challenged the enhancement of the Ideal Dagger again using the remaining four enhancement stones. This time, even though I reached +5 without failing...

[A weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[You have failed to strengthen the +5 Ideal Dagger.]

[The +5 Ideal Dagger has decreased by 3.]


Obviously, the Ideal Dagger was a unique rated dagger. I knew that the higher the rating, the lower the probability of enhancement. But I was Pagma’s Descendant, and it was a mockery for Pagma’s descendant to fail to reach +6 consecutively!


I had spent 1,000 gold to buy 10 enhancement stones, but the result of said gold was merely a +3 enhancement. I couldn’t just leave it like this. I was filled with poison as I headed to the auction house again and purchased another 10 enhancement stones.

"If I fail to reach +6 again, I will use the blessed enhancement stones...”

The price was too expensive, so I wanted to sell the blessed enhancement stones instead of using them. Having lost my temper, I was ready to use the blessed enhancement stones as I once again challenged strengthening the Ideal Dagger. Then!

[A weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[The +5 Ideal Dagger has been strengthened.]

“Oh...! Ohh!!”

The moment the Ideal Dagger became +6, a blue aura started circulating around it. I was thrilled.


+5 enhancement couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, so there was no obvious difference between +0 and +5 items. There were no features. But after reaching +6, the Ideal Dagger had a change in appearance. The color that manifested was representative of the item’s attribute.

“If people see this...?”

I immediately went to the city square. I held the +6 Ideal Dagger and struck a nice pose, like a movie poster. People immediately turned to look at me.

"Wow, look at that weapon! It’s at least +6!”

"It has a blue aura. Really beautiful...”

They admired the Ideal Dagger in my hand.

"He must be rich to enhance a weapon to +6. Should I tempt him once?”

“Hey, he might just be lucky with the enhancement. Don’t act too carelessly.” 

“Wow... this is the first time I’ve seen a +6 weapon. Mine is only +3. I’m envious.”

I was ecstatic as people looked at me with envy

‘Huhuhu... a +6 weapon is truly special. I used a lot of money to enhance it to this.’

The central square. The gazes of the people gradually changed from admiring the +6 dagger to looking at me like I was a madman.

"Bah, boasting like this when you only have a lowly +6 dagger.”

At that moment, a familiar voice was heard behind me. I looked back and confirmed the identity of the voice. The person was...


"Blood Warrior Katz!"

Katz was among the top 40 rankings and had the third epic class. People cried out as they witnessed his appearance in the square.

‘Why is that bastard here?’

I knew Katz. I didn’t personally know him, but he was an infamous troublemaker who often appeared on TV. In other words, Katz didn’t know me. That guy was staring straight into my eyes. He looked me up and down with a mocking expression and said, “ are too vulgar.”

"What are you implying all of a sudden?”

Katz shrugged at my words before pulling out the sword at his waist. His sword shone orange like the sun. It even hurt my eyes. The users in the square cried out with amazement and Katz laughed,

“Puhahaha! How about it? Isn’t this different? This is the majesty of a +8 weapon! A stupendous weapon that a person like you can’t get your hands on for all your life! Puhahaha!”

He laughed before leaving the square with dignified steps. The crowd was dismayed as they looked at his back.

“What is this? Did he come just to show off his item?"

“He’s just like the rumors say...”

"My goal, goal.”

The people clicked their tongue at Katz.  They ridiculed Katz before going back to their daily lives. But I couldn’t move from where I was standing. I shook because I couldn’t suppress the sense of defeat.

"That bastard, he dared disgrace me? He is just an epic class, yet he talks such nonsense to a legendary class?”

After this, I couldn’t just be satisfied with a +6 weapon. I returned to the smithy. Then I took out the two blessed weapon enhancement stones that were in a corner of my inventory.

“I am Pagma’s Descendant. Blood Warrior? X him!”

[The blessed weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[The +6 Ideal Dagger has been strengthened.]

[The blessed weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[The +7 Ideal Dagger has been strengthened.]

[The item enhancement value is +8, so the option effect is slightly increased.]


I succeeded successively with the blessed enhancement stones. The blue aura of the Ideal Dagger became stronger. If Katz’ sword was like the sun, then the Ideal Dagger was a deep blue like the sea. 

“Hah...! Hahahaha! Puhahaha!”

[+8 Ideal Dagger]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 168/168   Attack Power: 378~413  Attack Speed: +13%

* There is a rare chance of instantaneously killing the target.

* Agility +30

* The skill ‘Wind Blast’ is generated.

* The skill ‘Quick Movements’ is generated.

A dagger created by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation. It was made with the renowned blacksmith Khan. 

There is nothing special about the materials or method used, but both the craftsman’s skill and the co-operation with Khan have created an ideal dagger.

User Restriction: Level 180 or higher. More than 450 agility. Advanced Dagger Mastery. 

The attack power of a dagger, not a longsword or greatsword, was over 400. Thanks to the unexpected encounter with Katz, I succeeded in the enhancement and got a top-class weapon.

As I was feeling jubilant, Huroi entered the smithy. “My Liege! What happened with the raid?”

I looked at Huroi carefully and lied, “Um... unfortunately, the raid failed, so there are no items. I’m sorry about the result, despite your courageous sacrifice.”

In fact, the raid was successful. As a result, I obtained a lot of items. But I lied that the raid had failed. Why? I was concerned that Huroi would ask me to share the items if he knew the raid succeeded.

Huroi trembled after hearing the result. “It is because I was incompetent. Kuock... I will now leave to train! So that next time, I am able to help My Liege!”


Huroi left after making the oath, and I prepared to leave for Kesan Canyon.

“I have the Ideal Dagger as a weapon and Khan is making armor...”

I had the orc chief’s helmet. The only thing left was the creation of gauntlets and boots. I pulled out a hammer and started making the gauntlets and boots. Then two days later.

[Khan’s Masterpiece]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 300/300   Defense: 359 Movement Speed: -7%

* 20% reduction in damage from physical attacks.

This armor is made using the know-how that the best blacksmith in the north of the Eternal Kingdom, Khan accumulated in his life.

The inner armor made from the leather of the frostlight orc absorbs impact from the outside well. 

Khan proudly calls this armor the masterpiece of his life.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher. More than 550 strength. More than 480 stamina. Intermediate Heavy Armor Mastery.

Weight: 1,900 

[The Best Gauntlets]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 150/150   Defense: 47 Attack Speed: +4%   Accuracy +8%

* There is a slim chance to activate ‘Double Barrage.’

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

Helps you attack the target faster and more accurately. 

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher. More than 150 agility.

Weight: 220 

[Adventurer's Boots]

Rating: Rare

Durability: 120/120   Defense: 60 Movement Speed: +6%

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

It is comfortable to wear. Ideal for long-distance travel.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher.

Weight: 200 

“Okay, this is perfect! I made an epic and rare item and got my stats, so should I go?”

I headed towards the Kesan Canyon without any delay. Then I arrived at Kesan Canyon. I recalled past memories as I looked at the canyon.

“I came here only to die, die and die...”

It was so terrible that Kesan Canyon kept appearing in my dreams. I experienced so much horror here. I would only be able to sleep by defeating Kesan Canyon.

"The monsters here are so weird...”

The monsters of Kesan Canyon were incredibly grotesque in both both their appearance and inclination. Among them, the ‘canyon spider’ was the one I remembered vividly.

‘The giant spider eats people alive. Uhh...’

The shock and horror of being trapped in a spider web and not able to move as the spider’s mouth neared me.

‘I’m glad that I didn’t feel myself being chewed because I died the moment my head entered its mouth...’

I shuddered at the memories of that time and cleared my mind.

"Stop wasting time on useless thoughts and find Pagma’s swordsmanship.”

In the past, I kept dying here.

“Now I am different! I will show you the power of items, you monsters! Revenge! Revenge!”

I cried out as I entered the canyon. But unlike my words, my body was trembling. The memories of the past made me very scared.

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