Chapter 66

Chapter 66

[Quest success!]

[Obtained the status of ‘Eighth Servant.’]

[ The skill ‘Infinite Faith’ will be created.

[The skill ‘Teaching Doctrines’ will be created.]

[The skill ‘Divine Punishment’ will be created.]

Having travelled all over the north of the Eternal Kingdom, Yura succeeded in rescuing 300 believers and eventually cleared the quest. As a result, the Seven Servants changed into the Eight Servants, and the power of the Yatan Church became more powerful.

Yura checked the details of the newly acquired skills.

[Infinite Faith]

The growth rate of your faith will double.

Passive skill.

[Teaching Doctrines]

Lv. 1

Preach the doctrines of the Yatan Church and cover a single target with the property of darkness. The dark property will prevent the use of divine spells for 4 seconds, and will deal 1.5 times the damage for 2 seconds.

Mana Consumption: 800

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds 

[Divine Punishment]

Summons a lightning bolt that deals 15,000~23,000 damage within 10 metres. 

Range of Damage: 3m radius around the target.

* If you use this skill to kill an enemy, your faith will rise by 50 points for each killed enemy.

Mana Consumption: 4,00

Skill Cooldown Time: 1,200 seconds 

The biggest drawback of a black magician was that they were far inferior in attack power compared to other magicians. But after being reborn as the Eighth Servant, Yura overcame this disadvantage with the skills she acquired.

For all users of Satisfy, the following notification windows rose simultaneously.

[The Eighth Servant of God Yatan was born. The believers of Yatan who witnessed the power of God Yatan will have their faith deepened.]

[The influence of the Yatan Church will increase throughout the continent.]

[The minimum level for the Yatan believers has risen from 160 to 170.]

[Players who are part of the Yatan Church will benefit from a 20% increase in experience for the next 72 hours.]

[If the Yatan Church continues growing like this, their forces will become strong enough to form one nation.]

It was an emergency. Dozens of countries that existed in Satisfy declared that they would subjugate the Yatan Church. It was because they couldn’t condone the strengthening of a religion that harmed others in the name of sacrifices to their god.

The users were bombarded with quests relating to the Yatan Church subjugation. It was no different in the Eternal Kingdom. In particular, Earl Steim in the north declared a large-scale expedition.

“This time, I will get rid of all the seeds of the Yatan Church in the north!”

All over the north, the Yatan subjugation quest was given. The users cooperated and searched for the Yatan Temple. 

The Yatan Church also resisted. “This is an opportunity! Show the pagans the greatness of God Yatan! Dye the continent with the color of God Yatan!” 

The First Servant and bishop of the Yatan Church, the continent’s strongest black magician, Tallos! After he declared war, the millions of users belonging to the Yatan Church received numerous war related quests.

The Alliance VS the Yatan Church!  The large-scale episode that would have a great influence on the landscape of the continent had started. Since it was the biggest event since Satisfy was first started, the attention of the whole world focused on it. 

『Will the alliance be able to stop the Yatan Church? 』

『 If the Yatan Church wins and sets up a nation, I would be curious about what type of story would develop... 』

『The Yatan Church is evil! Evil! Users must cooperate and wipe them out!』

『As you know, the cause of these events is the Eighth Servant. There is a rumor going around that the Eighth Servant is a user, not an NPC. If the Eighth Servant is really a user, there is only one person who can be the candidate... 』

『5th place on the unified rankings! Blood Witch Yura! The world must pay attention to her! 』

The media treated this as a huge issue, even more than when the second class appeared. Any news related to the Yatan Church would catch the attention of all the media; however, Grid was in a different world.

"I need to complete my class quest...”

Grid had produced various sets of armor for the past 10 days, resulting in him being fully equipped in rare and epic equipment. But!

"Uhh... Kesan Canyon is still difficult despite being armed to this degree...”

Kesan Canyon! It was considered one of the worst areas in the north.

The terrain of the sinuous canyon was hard to move in, and the cliffs on both sides were so high that they gave the impression that the sky was covered, causing an ominous and fearful atmosphere. 

The real problem was the hundreds and thousands of large and small caves that existed in the canyon. The monsters and mysterious creatures hidden in the caves were at least level 160, and they immediately popped out when they discovered a traveller. If he didn’t move carefully, he would be like a rat in a trap. How risky was it to become one of the five forbidden areas in the Winston Kingdom?

He had gone to Kesan Canyon to find a clue for Earl Ashur’s quest, and died more than 10 times.

"I am different from before... My stats are superior to when I was a warrior, and I have great items. Don't lose courage so easily...kuock!”

Grid didn’t dare enter Kesan Canyon, as he knew for sure that he would die within a few minutes. In the end, he started blaming Khan’s ancestor.

"No, why would that insane ghost draw the picture in Kesan Canyon...?”

But his resentment didn’t matter. He needed to enter Kesan Canyon to complete the class quest. Reality wouldn’t change, no matter who he blamed.

"For the time being, should I stop making items and raise my level from hunting? If I increase my level to 150, I should be able to fight the monsters in Kesan Canyon... No, dammit. I can raise my level at any time! I need to pay off the debt. But if I don’t postpone the quest, I can obtain Dainsleif quicker. Kuoh! Isn’t there something good I can try? Ah...!” 

Grid came up with an idea.

"Item creation!"

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill]

You can create three equipment item production methods every time the skill level of the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill’ goes up.

Number of items that can be created at present: 5/6.

* When items are produced using this skill, the name of the creator is automatically placed on the item. 

In the case of Failure, he couldn’t make it because he was lacking blue orichalcum. Grid had experience with Failure, so he was confident that he could create the right item this time.

"Yes, I will make an item! An item that will allow me to counter the monsters in Kesan Canyon.”

Grid had died 10 times in Kesan Canyon, so he knew the general tendencies and attributes of the monsters in Kesan Canyon.

“Okay, let’s do it. Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation!”

An item with a whole new concept was about to be created by Grid.


"There are 29 days left. I can’t wait until the reunion~”

“That reminds me, how about Youngwoo? Will he come to the reunion this year? Has he changed?”

A group of people who had been friends for 10 years since high school, was travelling through the north of the Eternal Kingdom. They were Shin Youngwoo’s schoolmates. They were interested in the reunion that would take place soon, as well as Shin Youngwoo.

"Are you curious? Do you really think he will come to the reunion? The others have studied abroad or found a job, while he is playing the game and riddled with debt. Won’t he be too embarrassed to come to the reunion?”

"Indeed...he was ignored by everyone at the last reunion.”

"Ugh, if I were Youngwoo then I would’ve seriously thought about suicide. Of course, I don’t think that Youngwoo should kill himself.”

Once again, Shin Youngwoo was someone who didn’t have any remarkable parts in his school days. Both his grades and exercise ability were always in the middle, and he followed other people to an average university. Until then, no one really laughed at him,

But now it was different, as all the alumni ignored him and laughed at him. Frankly speaking, the other alumni weren’t doing so well. There were those who graduated from university and landed a tough job at a company or those who were still studying. They experienced the ruthlessness of society as they felt disappointed at not finding the right employment or studying environment. Yes, it was a time of tremendous anxiety.

In such a period, Shin Youngwoo was a good target.

'At least I’m still better than him.’

They were comforted by that thought as they looked at Shin Youngwoo.  A human who was worse off than them? They ended up poking fun at Shin Youngwoo. At this point, they couldn’t be called ‘friends’ anymore.

“Speaking of which, it is amazing. Hasn’t Youngwoo been playing Satisfy since it first opened? We started late and only play after work or on weekends, but we are already over level 80. So what has he been doing?”

“I agree. If I only played Satisfy like Youngwoo, I would’ve already been a ranker. Pathetic, truly pathetic. Youngwoo doesn’t even have a talent for playing games.”

As they laughed among each other, they realized that something was strange.

“Where is this place?”

"Well... this place isn’t on the map... what?”

They weren’t from the north, so they didn’t know how dangerous the north could be. There was no way to know when they might be chased by high level monsters, or if they would fall into a trap. That’s right. Currently, these travellers had fallen for a trap designed by goblins, and lost their way.

“Pant pant...”

How long did they walk? No matter how long they walked, they couldn’t see the end of a vast snowfield.

[You feel hungry.]

[You have started to feel dizzy.]

[Your health is slowly falling.]

There was a constantly flashing notification window warning them of danger.

“What should we do...? We didn’t set a new resurrection place after we came to the north?”

“Ah... that’s right. It is a big deal. If we die here, won’t we be resurrected in Amsland? Does that mean that three days of travel will be gone?”

"I’m more worried about my experience following, dammit! We’ll die from being frozen to death, not even hunting! What the hell is this?”

They were heading to Winston to receive the quests lining up for them, only to get lost in the far north.


As pain, despair and anger filled their faces, they suddenly brightened up. It was because they reached the end of the snowfield and found a canyon.

“Let’s go there!”

They left the snowfield in a hurry. It was a huge canyon that boasted more scenic views than the Grand Canyon.

“Wow! Is this real? It’s the first time I’ve seen such cool scenery! I haven’t even seen it in movies!”

"Is there any need to travel around the world these days? It is much better to travel on adventures around Satisfy.”

"Hey, do you think Youngwoo’s been a tourist during the one year he’s been playing Satisfy?”

“Puhahaha! It is a possibility. An enjoyable trip travelling around Satisfy~! Wow, isn’t Youngwoo unexpectedly romantic?”

The group forgot that they had just been on the verge of dying. They were too occupied with the canyon’s beautiful views! 

“But where is this place? Is it here on the map?”

"No, this place? Ah, I see it. Ke...san. Is this Kesan Canyon?”

“Kesan? I think I’ve heard it before?”

"Isn’t this landscape rare in Satisfy? Maybe it’s a famous tourist attraction.”

"Hrmm... but isn’t it too early to say that it’s a tourist spot?”

“Eh? Do you hear anything?”

The expressions of the party members gradually stiffened. No matter how they looked, they were the only people in this wide canyon. They couldn’t even find animals. It was calm except for the sound of the wind. 

The party felt something ominous.

"I can’t help feeling nervous. Let’s get out of here.”


They hastened their pace. They didn’t look around at the scenery anymore, they just walked forward. Then they realized there were dozens or hundreds of large and small caves in the towering cliffs.

"What is this?"

"I don’t know...? Are there even any animals?”

At that moment.




Bizarre sounds were heard from the caves. They sounded like the cries of beasts, or the laughter of a person. Then a gigantic shadow appeared from a cave.

Suruk suruk.

A shadow with eight legs descended along the curved walls. The identity was a spider. It was an incredibly huge spider. It made a 15-ton truck seem small.


The party felt horrified by the giant spider and didn’t have the strength to stand up anymore. The giant spider shrieked and its body shook like it was funny, before shooting out spider webs. The spider web was thicker than rope and stronger than wire. The party screamed as they were wrapped in the webs. 

On the other hand, Grid was standing at the entrance of Kesan Canyon. Grid looked at the canyon and recalled past memories.

“I came here only to die, die, and die...”

It was so terrible than Kesan Canyon kept appearing in his dreams. This was a place that caused Grid a lot of fear. He would only be able to sleep by defeating Kesan Canyon.

"The monsters here are so weird...”

The monster of Kesan Canyon were incredibly grotesque. It was both their appearance and inclinations. Among them, the ‘canyon spider’ was the one he remembered vividly.

‘The giant spider eats people alive. Uhh...’

The shock and horror of being trapped in a spider web and not able to move as the spider’s mouth neared him.

‘I’m glad that I didn’t feel myself being chewed because I died the moment my head entered its mouth...’

Grid recalled the memories of that time and cleared his mind.

"Stop wasting time on useless thoughts and find Pagma’s swordsmanship.”

His deaths here were in the past.

“Now I am different! I will show you the power of items, you monsters! Revenge! Revenge!”

Grid cried out as he entered the canyon. But unlike his words, his body was trembling in fear.

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