Chapter 67

Chapter 67

10 days before Grid left for Kesan Canyon.

"Kesan Canyon... Kesan Canyon... hrmm...”

Kesan Canyon!

It was one of the five forbidden zones of the Eternal Kingdom, a place where the monsters were terrible and monstrous. It was infamous even among high-level users because they could lose their lives without even knowing it.

The level 80 warrior who visited Kesan Canyon to perform Earl Ashur’s quest was more aware of the dangers of Kesan Canyon than anyone else.

"Going to Kesan Canyon with my current level is suicide. However, it will take too much time to raise my level by hunting.”

Grid missed the fun of hunting monsters and obtaining items and experience.  But he had to raise money for his family that was in debt. He could sell one more item during the time he was hunting.

‘Should I just postpone the quest? Isn’t it better to make money than to do the quest? No, I can’t do that. This isn’t a regular quest that I can put off... if I postpone it, I will keep delaying it so it is wiser to solve it when I am determined. Hrmm, what is a good way to complete the quest within a short period of time?’

Grid thought of an idea.

‘Item creation...!’

A smiled appeared on Grid’s face.

"This is the right time to use the Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation skill!”

The Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation was a skill that allowed Pagma’s Descendant to design exclusive items. It meant that Grid could create a new item that didn’t exist in Satisfy yet.

“What item will be useful in Kesan Canyon? I can’t go around Kesan Canyon with my current level.”

Grid recalled the features of Kesan Canyon.

First of all, it was a deep canyon with rough winds and a steep slope that quickly wore down the traveler’s stamina. As a warrior, Grid couldn’t move for long and quickly fell into a critical state from exhaustion.

But Grid didn’t consider this part a big problem. 

The current level 45 blacksmith Grid had a much higher stamina than the level 80 warrior Grid.

‘With my current strength and stamina, I won’t be easily tired in Kesan Canyon’s environment. The problem is the monsters.’

The monsters of Kesan Canyon had a minimum level of 160. Monsters with fearful levels were hiding in caves all over the canyon and immediately exposed themselves at the discovery of travelers.

Even if Grid had superior stats compared to his level, he couldn’t be safe from the monsters.

“I will be helpless in front of the canyon monsters, even with the Ideal Dagger. I need further weapons and armor. Yes, at the minimum, I need something like the Sword of Self-transcendence.’

If he was equipped with a sword like Sword of Self-transcendence and armor, he could face the monsters in the canyon, even at level 45. But was it easy to create something like the Sword of Self-transcendence?

‘No, wait.’

Grid changed his concept.

“What? If I think about it, do I have to fight the monsters in the canyon?”

That’s right. Grid was heading to Kesan Canyon to find Pagma’s swordsmanship, not hunt monsters. Rather, it was wiser to minimize his encounter with monsters.

“Yes! I need to create an item that helps me escape from monsters, not fight them! Something like an invisibility cloak!”

The invisibility cloak was a typical stealth item portrayed in games, cartoons, and movies. Of course, invisibility cloaks existed in Satisfy.

Around 200 years ago, the legendary tailor Kruger made five invisibility cloaks, two of which still reportedly existed. The person who wore the cloak could completely hide his or her appearance, so the value was naturally astronomical.

“This is a really amazing idea! If I can create an invisibility cloak, Kesan Canyon won’t be a problem and I can earn a huge amount of money!”

The terrace of the smithy’s second floor. Grid had been resting there for a while and he suddenly got up. Then he rushed towards Khan who was working hard on the first floor.

"Are there any materials suitable for making a stealth item?”

Khan stopped hammering the iron, wiped his sweat and thought for a moment before answering. “A material suitable for making a stealth item... I can only think about the silver dragon scales.”

“Silver dragon?”

"Unlike other dragons, the silver dragons act cautiously and stealthily. The silver scales have a protective coloration and are famous for being invisible to human eyes. If you make an item with the scales, you will complete a great stealth item.”

“But how can the scales be found if they can’t be seen with human eyes? No, in the first place, aren’t dragons the most powerful beings in the world? Isn’t it practically impossible to obtain a dragon’s scales.?”

“That’s right. It is doubtful for a human to be able to find dragon scales. But isn’t it possible for Pagma’s Descendant? Haha.”

Grid thought for a moment before changing his question. “What type of materials did the tailor Kruger use to make his invisibility cloaks in the past?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I think he probably used the sylphid scales.”


“Sylphids are small air fairies. Their scales are suitable for making stealth items, just like a silver dragon’s scales. However, a dragon’s scales are harder than anything else in the world, so it isn’t strange to classify it as a mineral. However, the sylphid scales are thin and closer to cloth. In other words, the sylphid scales should be more for a tailor than a blacksmith.”


Certainly, a blacksmith specialized in smelting minerals or making leather goods, not cloth. But Grid was Pagma’s Descendant, not a conventional blacksmith.

‘Won’t it be possible for me? Let’s check it once. Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation!’

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill]

You can create three equipment item production methods every time the skill level of the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill’ goes up.

Number of items that can be created at present: 5/6.

* When items are produced using this skill, the name of the creator is automatically placed on the item.

[What item do you want to create?]

Grid had sealed the Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation for a while after creating ‘Failure.’ Grid took a deep breath before answering the notification window’s question.

“A cloak.”

[Have you decided?]


[What materials would you like to use?]

“Sylphid scales.”

If Pagma’s Descendant was unable to make cloth-based items, a notification window would pop up saying something like ‘You can’t make an item using the sylphid scales as a material.’ Fortunately, such warning messages didn’t pop up.

[Have you decided?]

Grid replied with delight,


[Please design the item.]


A blank blueprint appeared in front of him. Grid already experienced this once, so he calmly drew the picture.

‘I don’t like a simple cloak because it is too bland. Should I put a hood on the cloak? Ugh, no. A cloak with a hood reminds me of the archaic garb of priests. Hmm, what if it isn’t a cloak but a hoodie? Won’t it be comfortable and look good? I prefer a zip-up hoodie.’

After a few moments.

An image of a hooded zip-up that young people in modern society would wear was completed. Thanks to the correction effect, the design was so stylish that it reminded him of a hoodie made by some famous fashion designer.

"It will be amazing if I wear this! Won’t women look at me for once? No, no. Isn’t this an invisibility cloak? People won’t be able to see it when I wear it.”

Grid grumbled but pressed the ‘finish’ button at the bottom of the blueprint.

[Have you decided? When you complete the blueprint, the number of available creation skill will decrease by one.]


Once he replied, numbers and languages quickly covered the blueprint. The system was calculating and complementing the lacking details in Grid’s design. After a while, an improved and completed design appeared.

[Please describe the characteristics of the item.]

Finally, it was the conclusion of the item creation. Unlike before with Failure, Grid calmly and clearly explained the characteristics.

"The wearer can completely hide their appearance. Nobody can see me if I wear this!”

[Please name the item.]

"Transparent Zip-up Hoodie... um, this is too messy. Let’s just say Clean Hooded Zip-Up.”

['Have you decided on Transparent Zip-up Hoodie um This is too Messy Let’s just say Clean Hooded Zip-Up?]

“...Just call it the Hooded Zip-Up.”

Grid didn’t respond to the game maker’s sense of humor and the system responded normally.

[Have you decided on ‘Hooded Zip-Up?’]


Then the stylish appearance of a white hooded zip-up emerged as a hologram and the item options were listed.

[Hooded Zip-Up] 

Rating: Unique

Durability: 61/61    Defense: 10

* Movement speed will increase by 30%.

* Wind resistance will increase by 20%.

A cloak designed by a legendary blacksmith. However, the appearance is different from the normal look of a cloak.

Thanks to the sylphid scales being used as the material, affinity with wind and movement speed will increase. You can hide while wearing it, but the stealth will be turned off when an enemy is attacked.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 5 


Grid simply wanted to design a stealth item. In addition to the hiding function, he never expected the stunning options such as increased movement speed and wind resistance.

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