Chapter 759

‘Grid made a legendary item? In such a short time?’

Panmir analyzed that the probability of Grid making a legendary item was less than 0.01%. The evidence was sufficient. Grid had been Pagma's Descendant for at least three to four years. In other words, Grid was already qualified to produce legendary items from three to four years ago. It was as long as 10 years in Satisfy time. However, it was estimated that Grid had made less than 10 legendary items in these years.

‘The blue greatsword, black greatsword, black scale armor...’

Grid had steadily used the same items over the years. Despite being called the Overgeared King, he was suffering from an item famine. Based on this, Panmir thought that the probability of Grid making a legendary item was very low. He was convinced that Grid had an almost 0% chance of making a legendary item in this event. Panmir thought it wouldn’t be much different from himself.

But what was the reality?

[(Seeing the Gods’ Techniques) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill Lv. 8]

Grid’s blacksmithing technique had evolved and now displayed a better performance than before. While the past Grid had a ‘very rare’ chance of producing legendary items, the current Grid had a ‘slim’ chance of producing legendary items. That wasn’t all. Grid had the Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer which he designed and produced himself. It was a hammer that raised the probability of making a legendary item by a huge 1%. Theoretically, one out of 100 items that Grid made would be a legendary item.

Nevertheless, why did Grid have so few legendary items? It was purely because he was unlucky. The bad luck that Grid was born with overshadowed the system’s probability. Yoon Nahee, head of the S.A. Group’s operations team, still vividly remembered. It was the dozens of emails that Grid had sent to the operations team a few years ago.

[Operators, I’m a legendary blacksmith. I clearly made the item according to the production method, so why do I only make normal items? Is it a bug??]

[Operators?? I sent you an email the other day. I spent a few hours making an item, but why is it only normal or rare?? Even the rare item rarely emerges.]

[Hey, this XXX people! I have already made hundreds of items but I haven’t seen an epic item! Huh? Is this a fart? Why am I called a legend when I don’t make legendary items, you XXX!! Is this a bug or the operators’ manipulation? Eh?? Eh?!]

[Ah! XX! This scammer! Do I have to go to headquarters?? Will good words stop the manipulation??]


These were the contents of Grid’s emails. At that time, Team Leader Yoon Nahee and the management team hadn’t applied any sanctions to Grid. They turned a blind eye to his senseless behavior. It was because he was too pitiful. At the time, the odds of Grid making an item was too low for the operations team. The operations team even doubted if there was a bug and checked it out. Of course, the conclusion was that it wasn’t a bug. It turned out that Grid’s luck was just bad. The operations team sympathized with Grid.

‘At that time, I couldn’t imagine.’ A smile spread on Yoon Nahee’s face as she confirmed the result of the blacksmithing event. 'I didn’t think that person would become so big.’

The misfortunate that Grid accumulated led to a burst of good fortune at important moments. It was possible because Grid fought to the end, rather than feeling frustration or giving up. Team Leader Yoon Nahee saluted Grid.

“Congratulations. I look forward to your continued success in the future.”


'...Luck is also a skill. My defeat is natural.’

The opponent was a legendary blacksmith. The fact that Grid was a legend in the first place suggested that his luck was overwhelmingly good. Panmir tried to convince himself after being defeated for two consecutive years. But it wasn’t easy either. He was overwhelmed when he thought that his efforts of the past few years were meaningless.

Look at the tailor’s event and the jewelry maker event. The number one tailor and number one jeweler both won gold medals in their events. On the other hand, the number one blacksmith had never won a single gold medal.

'It’s no use trying.’

Why did the sky give birth to Panmir and Grid in the same time? Panmir was lamenting and feeling frustrated when the performance of Failure was revealed to the public.

“Wow! Look at this performance. Really crazy.”

“This is a production item? Isn’t the performance much nicer than dropped items?”

“No, what? It’s even an item that Grid designed?”

“The name is Failure...”

"If that’s a failure, what’s a success...?”

The first item that Grid created, Failure was only a tier two item according to Grid’s current standards. Failure was lacking compared to the Red Phoenix Bow and the Enlightenment Sword. However, the public perceived Failure as a master weapon. Failure started popping up in the real time search of portal sites in various countries. The netizens were busy analyzing the performance.

In the midst of the turmoil.


Grid approached Panmir. Grid was worried. Panmir’s eyes were full of grief, resembling Khan remembering the loss of his son. It was as if he would quit the game at once. Grid didn’t want this development. An excellent blacksmith was a must for the Overgeared Kingdom!

“Look at this.”

[Player Grid wishes to share the item information with you. Would you like to accept?]


Panmir was stunned. He couldn’t understand why Grid passed the hammer to him.

“Heok...!” Panmir accepted the item information sharing while feeling puzzled. It was like he had seen a ghost as his eyes widened.

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Hammer]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 550/550  Attack Power: 130~150

Odds of Making a Rare Rated Item: +30%

Odds of Making an Epic Rated Item: +20%

Odds of Making a Unique Rated Item: +8%

Odds of Making a Legendary Rated Item: +1%

* The amount of experience acquired for production related skills will increase.

Conditions of Use: Pagma’s Descendant


13 years. That was how long Panmir had been working as a blacksmith in Satisfy. Panmir had produced countless items over the years and cleared all types of quests, giving him a 0.01% chance of making legendary items. However, the hammer produced by Grid raised his chances of making a legendary item by 1%. Everything was useless in front of the power of items.

Panmir received a great shock and stumbled. He tried to give strength to his weakened legs.

“I’d be happy to make a hammer for you.”

Grid helped him. Grid held Panmir’s thick waist to support him and suggested.

"The condition is that you move to the Overgeared Kingdom. Panmir, I want you. Please join the Overgeared Guild.”


Panmir felt very greedy at Grid’s proposal. He became motivated again. However, after learning how to make ego items in the dwarf kingdom, Panmir was now the chief blacksmith of the empire. He beat prominent NPCs and was directly acknowledged by the emperor. He wasn’t lacking wealth and power after receiving the protection of the empire that dominated the continent. Was it worth it to give up all of this to move to the Overgeared Kingdom?

Grid made the hesitant Panmir realize reality.

“Is there anything more important than items in the world? The empire can’t give you items.”


The fog in Panmir’s mind cleared. Life was items! Panmir realized the truth and his hesitation was gone.

“Understood...! I will put in my application to the Overgeared Guild immediately!”

"It isn’t the Overgeared Guild but the Overgeared Workfor... No, put in your application to Overgeared Two. That’s the guild for all non-combat classes.”

“Yes...? "U-Understood."

If he wasn’t wrong, Grid was about to say workforce? Panmir doubted his ears and nodded.



Numerous audience members and viewers witnessed a middle-aged man and a young man whispering to each other while holding each other. A lot of people misunderstood what was going on between Grid and Panmir. The flush on Panmir’s face just increased the misunderstanding.

‘Something is suspicious.’

Grid got a chill but he wasn’t overly concerned. In any cause, today the workforce of the Overgeared Kingdom... No, it was the day he secured a huge talent. Grid was very happy. The more the National Competition repeated, the bigger Grid became.



The US team’s waiting room. After the match, Skull criticized Panmir. It wasn’t because Panmir lost to Grid for two consecutive years. Panmir, who won the silver medal, was to be praised, not blamed. Skull’s anger was because Panmir joined Grid.

"I heard from the other blacksmiths. You decided to join the Overgeared Guild?”

"That's right.”

“Kuk...! Don’t you have any pride? You’re actually going to serve Grid? Didn’t you say you would always deny Grid, who obtained the class of legendary blacksmith from luck?”

"Don’t downplay his feats as mere luck.”

“You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind because you’re blinded by items!"

In fact, Skull had admired Panmir. Skull respected Panmir for being at the top of his field, despite his age. That’s why he was more disappointed.

“Panmir! I...! I wanted you to resist Grid to the end and overcome him!”

“...I’m sorry.”

Panmir knew that Skull admired him. Panmir couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

“I’m not like you! I will deny items and rely on my skills!” Skull declared as he ran out of the waiting room.

Two hours later.

“...Can I join the Overgeared Guild?”

After participating in the monster obstacle race, Skull was hit like a dog by Jishuka’s Red Phoenix Bow and went to find Grid. Skull realized the true power of items.