Chapter 760

Break through 13 gates guarded by different boss monsters and reach the destination. This was the goal of the monster obstacle race. If saint sword drawing combined strength and intelligence, this monster obstacle race required both stamina and strength since it required constant raids.

The most important thing was stamina. The player’s stamina was consumed quickly in the process of moving through continuous raids and rough terrain. The basics for the participants had to be high stamina and stamina management. It was natural that all 15 participants taking part in the monster obstacle race were the strongest representatives of each country.

It was strange that only Jishuka of the Overgeared Guild was taking part, but people predicted a fierce battle. But the result was different from everyone’s expectations.

“Fly Up!”


Peng! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!


“This is crazy! Uwaaaack!”

One overwhelming attack! Jishuka climbed on top of the third boss, the pinky dragon. The moment she put all the participants in her sight, it could be said that the game was already over. The overwhelming bombardment of the Red Phoenix Bow dealt a fatal blow to all participants. The pinky dragon’s breath also caused some of the injured participants to grey.

"Riding the pinky dragon and not being burned... Isn’t this a scam?”

"It’s good that we didn’t participate.”

The Overgeared members in the waiting rooms of each country muttered. They were reluctant to participate in events with Jishuka since they knew the options of the Red Phoenix Bow. The host was shouting.

『 J-Jishuka wins! Brazil has successfully obtained a valuable gold medal! 』

The other players were noticeably tired as they passed through each gateway, while Jishuka alone was different. Hundreds of cameras focused on Jishuka’s bright smile as she broke through the 13th gateway. She looked beautiful no matter the angle, causing the hearts of men all over the world to thump.

“Grid, have strength for the event remaining. Chu!”

Jishuka’s concern was only for Grid...

“Boo! Booo!”

“Die Grid!!”

The anger of the crowd rang out all over Tokyo Dome and across the world.

"Isn’t it nice to be encouraged by a beauty? Is the chocolate pudding sweeter today?"


The Korean team’s waiting room. Grid didn’t know why he received a scolding from Yura.


The last day of the National Competition.

Unlike the wishes of the people, time flew quickly and four of the nine events scheduled for today had already ended. The global festival that occurred once a year was almost over.

"I'm sorry."

Toon returned after winning two bronze medals in two events and apologized to Grid. It was difficult from Grid’s perspective.

"Why are you apologizing for doing well? You were amazing. Thank you for the two precious medals.”

“Yes Toon! You fought really well! The people will be delighted!"


Toon’s gaze was stuck to the rankings board. There was a big screen in the center of Tokyo Dome that showed the overall rankings.

United States: Gold (5), Silver (7), Bronze (3)

Canada: Gold (5), Silver (5), Bronze (4)

China: Gold (4), Silver (2), Bronze (1)

United Kingdom: Gold (3), Silver (2), Bronze (4)

South Korea: Gold (3), Silver (1), Bronze (2)

Brazil: Gold (1), Silver (0), Bronze (1)

Mongolia: Gold (1), Silver (0), Bronze (0)

Japan: Gold (0), Silver (2), Bronze (3)

Italy: Gold (0), Silver (2), Bronze (3)

France: Gold (0), Silver (1), Bronze (4)

Bronze medals didn’t have a significant effect on the rankings. A silver medal was more valuable than dozens of bronze medals. That’s why Toon didn’t feel proud. Toon was frustrated that South Korea had the same rank before and after gaining the medals.

"I wish that South Korea can be number one. I wanted to please Grid and your family. But...”

Toon was an orphan who didn’t know the face of his parents. He’d been in the underworld from a young age and was active in the mafia until encountering Satisfy. He was a criminal in Italy and not loved by anyone. But Grid and his family were different. Toon came to South Korea and received a warm greeting from Grid’s family. They believed and cared for him just because he was friends with their son or brother. They treated Toon like a son, a brother.

Toon felt warm every time he sat with them. It was the first time he’d felt this way. He didn’t know how many times he cried himself to sleep out of happiness. A happiness he learned much later than others...

Toon wanted to help those who gave him happiness. It was a desperate wish. But the truth was that it didn’t help at all.

"I know how good Yura is. But it’ll be hard for her to win a gold medal against Jishuka, who’s armed with the Red Phoenix Bow.”


"And Peak Sword... Even if Grid gets a gold medal by beating Kraugel in PvP, South Korea won’t get the first ranking. All this is because of my incompetence.”

"Why was I omitted?” Peak Sword cried out, but Toon didn’t hear his words. His eyes were blurred by helplessness. He bowed his head when Grid’s large hand touched him.

“Raise your head. Aren’t you my bodyguard? Who will protect me if you’re looking at the ground? Don’t worry about Yura and Peak Sword. Both of them will give us a gold medal.”


South Korea getting first in the rankings was realistically impossible. All the Korean players were aware of this reality. Therefore, they turned to look at Grid with a stunned expression. They felt the full confidence in his voice.

Grid smiled. "Wait a minute. I’ll log into the game.”

Grid pointed to the capsule in the corner of the waiting room and called Yura and Peak Sword over.

"Shouldn’t we try taking first place? How long will we be second? Isn't that right?"



“The Overgeared King cares a lot about his colleagues.”

Viola smiled and spoke to Eat Spicy Jokbal after seeing what Grid had done for Yura and Peak Sword.

“Does Eat Spicy Jokbal like it?”

"Stop talking useless words.”

Eat Spicy Jokbal blushed, but didn’t remove his gaze from Grid. He was interested in Grid’s every move.


Target processing was a popular event every year. It was the event where Grid announced his existence to the world. But this year it was Yura participating, not Grid. The revised rules had changed it to a one player event and the winning candidate was naturally Jishuka. It was speculated that she would summon the red phoenix to simultaneously shoot down the targets and competitors on the map. In theory, there was no way Jishuka couldn’t win.

『 Originally, Yura was one of the strongest candidates... 』

『 It’s no longer possible to talk about a winner other than Jishuka. 』

The experts also thought the same. The Korean commentators were disappointed.

『 There are a number of ways that South Korea can get the overall first ranking. 』

『 It’s possible if Canada and the US don’t win a gold medal in the remaining five events and South Korea wins four gold medals in a row? 』

『 Yes, that’s right. But it’s sad since that’s impossible. 』

『 Jishuka is too strong. Peak Sword is an excellent player, but he’s somewhat lacking to receive a gold medal. But this isn’t something to be sad about. It isn’t necessary to be first. 』

『 That’s right. Our players have done well enough. We should pay tribute to our players. 』

Everyone in the world had expected South Korea’s ranking to be the lowest this year. However, the Korean players were excellent and as a result, South Korea was in the top rankings. There was no one who would blame the South Korean players for failing to be first.

“I’m sorry for Grid, but personal matters should be separated.”

The target processing began. At the same time, Jishuka moved through the forest and aimed to occupy the highest spot. She was planning to take advantage of the power of Fly Up! She would put as many targets as possible into her field of view and would win a gold medal at once.

『 Jishuka has climbed to the top of the hill! 』

『 She plans to see all targets in the sky and on the ground. 』

The target processing event, which was intense every year, was on the verge of facing an unprecedented result.


People didn’t doubt that Jishuka would soon be the winner as she pulled back the Red Phoenix Bow. Of course, it was the same for Jishuka.

'I must win the gold medal and obtain the Red Phoenix Breath...’

Jishuka had 120 targets in her field of view. The moment she was about to use the Fly Up! skill.


A shot rang out from the forest below the hill. It happened when Jishuka noticed the birds simultaneously flying up out of surprise. Her vision turned black and white.

[You have been shot.]

[You have died.]



Jishuka couldn’t understand the situation as she turned to grey.


After confirming Jishuka’s death, Yura changed Alex’s Magic Engineering Bayonet (Produced by Pagma) from sniper mode to rifle mode. It was the moment that the Demon Slayer exclusive item that Grid obtained from the Behen Archipelago was revealed for the first time to the world.

This was the power of items.


"Our goddess has done it!!”


“Yura! Yura! Yura!!!”

The winner of the target processing was Yura. South Korea was heating up. Over 50 million people were delighted that Yura exceeded expectations. Everyone cheered at the thought of South Korea’s overall ranking rising higher. In addition, they sent personal congratulations to Yura. There were a surprising number of people desperately happy for Yura after she suffered a painful defeat in the saint sword drawing event to Kraugel. It was evidence that Yura had the love of the people.

"Canada and the US might continue losing in the remaining four events. Then maybe we can get first?”

“It will be possible if South Korea wins three more gold medals in the future!”

“The remaining players are Grid and Peak Sword?”


“...That isn’t possible.”

“Uh... Peak Sword can’t win.”

It was undeniable that Peak Sword was one of the top three strongest in South Korea. He was definitely a world class player. The problem was that there were more talented people in the world. People didn’t expect much from Peak Sword. In the midst of these worries.


Unlike usual, Peak Sword had a solemn expression as he entered the battlefield. There was a beautiful sheath of a transparent red color hanging from his waist. It was the strongest sheath exclusive to Iyarugt and made of bloodstone, Iyarugt’s Sheath.