Chapter 758

“Hahahahat! The Japanese surprisingly know the taste of food! Ah~ they have great taste!”

The second day of events for the National Competition finished. Peak Sword was satisfied after dinner at a famous restaurant. He embraced people passing by and even danced. Why was he feeling so good?

"Heh, I guess he’s happy that I won a gold medal.”

Eat Spicy Jokbal thought this way but reality was different.

"The restaurant has kimchi as a side dish! It’s really wonderful that the Japanese know the taste of kimchi! Nice! Puhahahat!”


The president of the Korean Patriotic Society, Peak Sword! He was very happy that most of the restaurants he visited during his stay in Japan sold kimchi. He felt great pride that the great food culture of Korea had completely captivated the hearts of the Japanese people.

“I especially like the fact that kimchi is being sold! Right! It’s right! Good food like kimchi should receive money to eat it! Don’t just give it for free! In Korean restaurants, the kimchi side dishes should be paid for separately! Right! That’s right!”

"...No, most side dishes in Japan you need to pay for...”

"Kuhahahaha! Hooray kimchi!”

“...Crazy guys.”

They were tired of dealing with the extreme Peak Sword, who fell into a world of his own without listening to others. Eat Spicy Jokbal and the other representatives left Peak Sword alone. Thanks to that, Grid frowned as he was left alone with Peak Sword.

"No, this country doesn’t have jjampong?”

That’s right. Grid was also in a world of his own.


『 It’s finally the day. 』

『 Yes, it’s the last day of the 3rd National Competition. Most people are looking forward to this day because it’s a big day of popular events. 』

『 There are more people who feel regret. There are claims that it’s necessary to increase the duration of the National Competition to two weeks like the Olympics. 』

Before the start of the third day of the National Competition, the commentators of various broadcasting companies spoke freely. The commentators were as excited as the audience and the viewers. They were all filled with expectations.

They didn’t know which country would make it to the top 10 of the overall rankings and receive the country buff. They didn’t know who would win the target processing event. They didn’t know if Grid could do well in the blacksmithing, if Kraugel could prove himself to be the strongest, etc.

All nine events held today were enough to stir up a hot topic. The result was that the expectations of billions of people around the world were boosted. What would unfold? In the midst of this...

『 The first event of the third day of the 3rd National Competition will now begin! It’s starting! 』


The first event on the third day started. The first event was the blacksmithing game! It was an event that Grid, who played a leading role every year of the National Competition, was participating in.

"I will cheer you from afar!”

"You will surely win! Prove that there is no use in the S.A. Group’s actions!”

“Fighting Grid!”

The Korean team’s waiting room. The young players of South Korea didn’t hesitate to cheer for Grid. Grid felt strange as he saw them looking at him with envious eyes.

‘Those who dream of being me...’

He had always been ignored and now he was the target of envy for someone. It was like a dream for Grid. It felt like he was experiencing a hidden camera prank. But this was reality.

Duguen! Duguen!

Grid’s heart thumped. Grid didn’t want this reality to shatter like a dream overnight. He desired to prove himself further. Interestingly, the form of his aspirations was somewhat different from before. Grid previously wanted to prove his worth for himself, but now it was different. For those who envied him, Grid wanted to prove his worth to return their faith.

"Believe in me.”

He had overcome the jinx a long time ago. Grid spoke a trustworthy line and smiled at the young players. The smile of an idol was eternally engraved in the minds of the young players.


“Do you remember what I said before?”

Panmir greeted Grid after they connected to the stage of the blacksmithing game. His appearance in the game was somewhat younger than reality. It was because the character created four years ago didn’t age. There was a longing to catch the years that flowed on endlessly.

"Don’t be too frustrated if you miss out on the gold medal today. You aren’t any worse than the others.”

The criteria for this year’s blacksmithing event was purely the ‘item rating.’ The item performance didn’t apply to the evaluations, making Grid a clear victim since he could produce better items than other people. Panmir sympathized with Grid. He saw Grid as a lamb sacrificed to the tyranny of the large corporations. Grid knew Panmir had no hostility and took a friendly attitude.

"Well, I will accept your encouragement.”

“Haha! You surely are a king. I praise your solid mentality that can be so calm in front of an unreasonable situation.”

Panmir, who had dominated the blacksmith rankings for the past several years, knew the sad truth. The fact that top-quality blueprints only guaranteed an ‘epic’ rating.

‘The situation is the same for Grid...’

Like the other participants, Grid didn’t have a way to ensure a unique or higher rated item. Those who were less skilled than Grid became equal to him in this competition.

‘It’s the moment when all the items you have made become meaningless...’

Panmir confirmed the time and moved to his position.

After a while. The host confirmed that all players were in front of the furnace they were assigned to.

“Everyone, do you see? This year’s blacksmith event has 50 people! All 50 nations participating in the National Competition this year have a representative taking part in the blacksmith event!”

The result of making an item was pure luck. Depending on the creator’s capabilities, the performance might vary. But the rating wasn’t affected by the creator. It was determined by probability. In the end, there was no winning candidate for the championship. The luckiest person would win. There were many people who wanted to participate.

‘I prayed all night for the sake of today!’

‘J gave an offering to the temple!’

'I prayed on a totem. Please give me a unique rated item!’

The blacksmiths became religious! They adjusted the firepower of the blast furnace and dreamt of winning. They brought out their best blueprint to prepare for this fight. It was the highest grade production method that guaranteed at least an epic rating.

‘I will definitely beat Grid this year!’

The blacksmiths pulled out materials suitable for the production method and started making items. Dozens of blacksmiths lined up in five rows and wielded their hammers. It was a common sight in the Overgeared Kingdom, which had large smithies.

『 Many people will remember that last year, Player Grid made a growth item and won. At the time, the judging team appreciated the potential of the growth type item and give Player Grid the gold medal. 』

『 It backfired. There was a backlash in many countries. People questioned whether Grid’s item, which was just a normal rating at the time, was worth a gold medal despite being a growth item. 』

『 This is the result of the public opinion. The criteria for this year’s blacksmithing event is just the item rating. The people who created the highest rated item will win the championship. 』

『 There is a rumor that the blacksmith rankers have achieved the minimum qualifications to make a legendary item. What if several players make a legendary item? 』

『 Those players will proceed with a separate rematch. 』

『 Ah, I see. Hrmm... I am really curious about the result. The title of ‘only legendary item maker,’ supposedly owned by Player Grid, will end soon. I’m really looking forward to seeing which player will make a legendary rated item. 』

The Only Legendary Item Maker. Grid had been aware of the fact that the lifetime of his unique title, which raised dexterity by 350, was finite since the time he produced a myth rated item. Grid wasn’t able to produce myth rated items originally, but grew to be able to make them. It wasn’t difficult to deduce that other blacksmiths would also be able to make items of the legendary rating.

‘Maybe this title will change.’ It would likely change to ‘First Legendary Item Maker’ the moment another blacksmith made a legendary rated item. ‘I don’t know if the effect of raising dexterity by 350 will be maintained.’

If the title effect was eaten then he would definitely complain to the customer service. Grid pledged and pulled out a production item. It was Design: Failure. It was a production method that Grid originally created and the minimum rating was guaranteed as ‘unique.’

‘The change in rules this time doesn’t affect me.’

Only Grid knew. The others couldn’t imagine it, but the new rules of the blacksmithing event couldn’t hit Grid. The S.A. Group was conscious of public opinion but didn’t infringe on the rights of individuals like Grid. It was natural for the company to operate the game as fairly as possible. It was the S.A. Group’s policy to try and exclude any unfair advantage or disadvantage to a particular person.

“Then I’m going.”

Grid pulled out the large number of blue orichalcum that he prepared for this event.

“Let’s start the production.

Grid grasped the production hammer he had been using for several years. His goal was naturally to make a legendary rated Failure. It was because there was a higher possibility of a rematch if he made a unique rated item.

‘At least one out of the 50 people will make a unique rated item.’

But Grid was certain. 

‘I am the only one who can make a legendary rated item in three hours.

The odds were much higher than 1%.


He placed strength in the hand holding the hammer. He thought it would be great if he could give the legendary rated Failure to Chris.


Ttang! Ttang!

It was two hours after the blacksmithing event began. There was sympathy in the eyes of the crowd watching Grid work hard. He seemed pitiful since the revised rules meant he could no longer see the benefits of a legendary blacksmith.

“It’s futile.”

“If I was Grid, I would go to the headquarters of the S.A. Group and flip it upside down. Honestly, they’re sniping at certain players too obviously.”

“But Grid didn’t say even one word. I once again realize what a great person he is.”

"Isn’t he a king? Grid is the ruler of hundreds of thousand of people. His heart is like a wide ocean.”

“Maybe not. It’s obvious to be angry about this situation. However, the people who follow him might be disgraced if he shows it. Therefore, he’s patient.”

“Isn’t he not even 30 years old yet? His mindset is very deep for his age. I’m over 50 years old, but I respect him.”

The process of making an item wasn’t gorgeous. It was the simple task of heating, cooling, and hammering. But it was strangely addictive. The audience was focused on watching the powerful yet delicate blacksmithing work.

“The given time limit is over!”

Before they knew it, three hours had passed. Some blacksmiths smiled as if satisfied with the result of their item, while some blacksmiths looked disappointed. Some blacksmiths wanted more time.


The crowds’ eyes were focused on Grid. There was a transparent blue sword that looked like a shark in front of Grid.

“Oh! Look at that!”

It was the greatsword that Grid once used. The audience was excited about Failure while the judges started to check the information of the items that the players had made. Panmir was smiling.

‘Okay. A unique rating has emerged. I was lucky!’

He wasn’t expecting a legendary item. The probability of making a legendary item was only 0.01%. Panmir was satisfied. No one could make a legendary item in this short time. Panmir expected that he would win the event or have a rematch was someone as lucky as himself. The judging panel finally finished their examination. The host received the examination results and immediately shouted.

“Grid wins!”


"Player Grid has made a legendary rated item, becoming the winner for two consecutive years!”


Panmir’s eyes widened as he witnessed the scene.