Chapter 757

"There were such high rankers in South Korea?”

"Cloud couldn’t do anything...”

The United States wasn’t able to win a single gold medal in the team events held today. The result of the ‘subjugation expedition’ was very important since their overall ranking was reversed with Canada. It was a situation where Cloud, the right arm of Zibal, participated in the subjugation expedition. The US wanted Cloud to win a gold medal and didn’t doubt that he would live up to their expectations. Yet he was disastrously defeated by the unknown players of South Korea. The US representatives were in a big shock from the unexpected situation.

In this atmosphere, Skull was feeling impressed.

“It’s a perfect combination.”

Skull. He was the US’s top ranking player who maintained the top 10 in the unified rankings for the last four years. He used his excellent eyesight and saw that the Eat Spicy Jokbal trio was really perfect. 

Ma Bongshik used his spear to cause the ‘chill’ status condition, Viola used her magic to maximize the power of the cold, and Eat Spicy Jokbal finished off the weakened enemies with his powerful attacks. The three Korean representatives had excellent individual ability and also compatibility with each other. Looking at their activities, they had been colleagues for at least a few years.

‘Grid and Kraugel won’t be able to easily go against them.’

Skull thought this and saw Kraugel’s eyes. He witnessed Kraugel’s black eyes shining with interest.

‘This is it.’

He thought that the DNA of Koreans were still alive when he saw the Korean players captivating the minds of the people. It was the gaming DNA of South Korea, which used to be a powerful in e-sports.


"This is...”

The Canada team’s waiting room. Unlike the other players, Chris already knew about Eat Spicy Jokbal and was thrilled. He knew that Eat Spicy Jokbal was acknowledged by Grid but he hadn’t expected Eat Spicy Jokbal to be at a level to kill Henry at once.

‘Just looking at the strength stat, he has more than me.’

Chris paid attention to Eat Spicy Jokbal’s attack power.

‘Dungeon Maker... it isn’t a combat specialized class. There were very few combat skills. However, the ability to exert a high attack power is purely due to the high strength stat.’

It was evidence that Eat Spicy Jokbal’s strength stat was very high. The Dungeon Maker could be classified as an architect. Unlike the production classes of blacksmiths, construction workers, and tailors where ‘stats were increased every time an item was made,’ the architects increased their strength and stamina by two every time they built a building.

‘I know why Grid and Peak Sword covet him so much.’

Eat Spicy Jokbal was basically a good fighter. Once he combined his strength with his colleagues, he would be a full-fledged presence in PvP. Indeed, he was the head of the former PvP group Blood Carnival.

'Becoming stronger in a dungeon...? I also want to fight him someday.’

Eat Spicy Jokbal. He captured the attention of the popular rankers as well as the general public, making it a splendid debut.


『 South Korea’s victory! South Korea has won the gold medal in building walls after the subjugation expedition! 』

『 South Korea has won two gold medals in the team events! I never imagined that this development was possible... 』

『 This is a huge variable. The United States hasn’t won a single gold medal in the team events today, while Canada missed the opportunity to widen the gap with the US. China, who is chasing these two countries, is also shaken. 』

South Korea had shaken up all three candidates to be first. The country that would be first in the overall rankings was becoming more and more of a mystery.

Canada: Gold (5), Silver (5), Bronze (1)

United States: Gold (4), Silver (5), Bronze (2)

China: Gold (3), Silver (1), Bronze (1)

South Korea: Gold (2), Silver (1), Bronze (0)

United Kingdom: Gold (1), Silver (2), Bronze (4)

Japan: Gold (0), Silver (1), Bronze (3)

France: Gold (0), Silver (0), Bronze (3)

Brazil: Gold (0), Silver (0), Bronze (1)

South Korea obtained two gold medals and their ranking rose. Considering the fact that there were still Yura, Peak Sword, and Grid remaining for South Korea, it was likely South Korea would finish in a high position in the 3rd National Competition.

It was an entirely different result from before the competition started. South Korea’s strength went beyond expectations and turned the whole world upside down. South Korea had a completely festive atmosphere.

"Every season of the National Competition is very enjoyable.”

"I agree. Grid was active last year and the year before, while there are new faces this year...”

“Ah, I’m really happy! This year we will get the National Competition buff!”

"I’m really excited about Eat Spicy Jokbal. I’m going to eat spicy jokbal instead of chicken during the National Competition.”

"I like Ma Bongshik. I didn’t know there was a person who raised the ‘chill’ skill to such an extreme.”

“Yes. It’s usually evaluated as a junk skill. He must have special insight.”

"If Viola wasn’t there, they wouldn’t have been able to do this.”

"It’s the first time I’ve seen a conjurer. It has a high difficulty.”

There were those who were happy and those who were sad! While South Korea was excited, China had a funeral-like atmosphere. The wide country that contained 1.5 billion people didn’t know what to do.

"Will we once again be ranked lower than South Korea in this year’s National Competition?”

"No way! How can a small nation with a population of 50 million beat us every time? I can’t accept it!”

Did South Koreans have particularly good genes? Some people had these types of doubts while others were angry at being questioned. The fact that their great nation was caught by a small country shattered the pride of the Chinese people. One of the 50 Chinese players, Zhang Zheng, was the same. He was extremely proud that he was born in the great country of China and grew well enough to enter the world stage.

"Silver medal... not even a silver medal?”

China had been in the last four countries in the subjugation expedition and had advanced to the finals. He thought they could win a gold medal against South Korea, who defeated America and China. But reality was cruel. The Chinese players were trampled by the Korean players and were the first to be eliminated. As a result, China didn’t win a single medal in the subjugation expedition. This was despite the fact that they were within the top five rankers of China. The loss was very large.

The agitated Zhang Zheng seized the throats of the players who participated in the subjugation expedition.

"Do you think you can live if you bring such humiliation to our great country? Huh?”

“Kek! Kekek!”

Among the Chinese rankers, Zhang Zheng was known as a crazy person. Zhang Zheng had his father, a high ranking official, behind him. He was really outspoken and easily hurt people. There was a rumor that he stabbed people with a small knife he always carried.

He took out the knife and threatened his colleagues.

"Remove your hand. They also fought very hard. Don’t blame them as if they were sinners.”


Zhang Zheng’s bloodshot eyes stuck to Hao. He wanted to stab and kill Hao right now. But Hao didn’t even blink. Zhang Zheng’s influence and the knife he wielded didn’t pose any threat to Hao.

"Che!" Hao looked at him slowly and Zhang Zheng eventually lowered the knife. He removed the hands gripping his fellow players’ necks and muttered towards Hao. “Isn’t this funny? Are you the person who kneeled to the Korean dogs twice? Why don’t you go and live in South Korea?”

“...Speak any more and you will be hurt.”

"Ah? No, aren’t you scary? What did I say? Aye, I was just talking to myself.” 


Hao turned away like he didn’t want to argue with Zhang Zheng anymore. Hao returned to his own seat while Zhang Zheng cried out.

“But do you know? People are hating you. Kneeling to someone else when standing on the world stage? You should be careful. If you don’t get any good results this year, you might die without knowing it.”


It wasn’t a threat, but the truth. Hao surrendered to Grid in last year’s National Competition and in Battlefield this year. He wasn’t in a good position. If he went home without any results like Zhang Zhang said, he might receive a knife in the back. China was huge and there were many crazy people.

Hao closed his mouth and Zhang Zheng giggled.

"On the other hand, won’t I be cheered on by the people? Yes, I will break the Grid who you kneel before every year.”

Zhang Zheng had established a large-scale workshop in China using his wealth and power. He hired more than 100 high level players and repeatedly had them do raids, acquiring their raid items. Currently, Zhang Zheng had reached the highest level, in items as well as level. Hao gave up when Zhang Zheng announced his intention to participate in PvP this year.

‘Grid, be careful. You will receive all types of insults if you lose to him.’

In this situation, he was worried about Grid rather than his country. Hao realized his attitude and smiled bitterly. He deserved to be stigmatized as a traitor by his people.


“How is it?”

There were glittering gold medals around the necks of the Eat Spicy Jokbal trio as they returned from two events. They were the first gold medals that South Korea had won this year. The eyes of the young players shone brighter than gold as they saw the gold medals.

“Brothers, Sister! Really cool!”

"I admire you!”

"To be honest, when I saw your ID... No. I really admire you!”


Eat Spicy Jokbal puffed up at the enthusiastic response of their fellow players. Grid came up to them for a handshake.

“You have suffered. Congratulations and thank you."

“Um... hum hum! Why are you thanking me? Don’t misunderstand that I brought the gold medal for you!”

Eat Spicy Jokbal was about to grab Grid’s hand when he suddenly gave Grid the cold shoulder. It had already passed but Grid was the one who disbanded Blood Carnival and took away the insane dragon’s egg. Eat Spicy Jokbal’s abilities were lacking and he couldn’t complain. However, he had no intention of being friendly with Grid.

Bah! Viola snorted and approached Grid on his behalf.

"Jokbal is originally a bit narrow-minded. Overgeared King, please generously understand.”


Viola continued to be pleasant to Grid throughout the National Competition. Grid saw that Eat Spicy Jokbal was surrounded by other players and asked her carefully.

"You don’t blame me?”

“Of course I blame you. Our big business collapsed because of you.”


"But I don’t want revenge just because I blame you. Looking at the way you treat Jokbal, you look like someone who can give us bigger profit than before.”

She saw it properly. Grid wanted Eat Spicy Jokbal to join the Overgeared Kingdom. It was clear that the power of the Overgeared Guild would rise sharply if they joined.

"You can see people properly. I want you. We can be a great help to each other.”

“I think so as well. But.”

The problem was Eat Spicy Jokbal. It would be hard for them to be colleagues unless Eat Spicy Jokbal opened his heart. Grid was thinking this when Viola mentioned a completely different person.

"The princess will hate you even when she wakes up. Therefore, we probably won’t be able to join you for a while.”


"The youngest of the founding members of Blood Carnival. She’s a pretty university student? Huhut, please be careful, because that child is a fierce leopard.”


The second day’s schedule was over. China, England, and Mongolia won the gold medals in the three solo events after the team events.

There was the ‘truth game’ where the players had to capture the hearts of 10 NPCs based on the clues they obtained during the game. Once Grid saw that Huroi took part in the event, he thought, ‘Ah, this is going to be bad.’ But unexpectedly, it was a big success. Huroi didn’t mention the opponent’s parents, despite facing stressful challenges. He showed his dignity by calmly charming the NPCs. Looking at it, Grid was reminded that Huroi’s class wasn’t a curse debuffer, but an orator.

Now there were nine events remaining. Tomorrow, the 3rd National Competition would be over.


“It’s starting now.”

Grid, Yura, Peak Sword, and Toon. South Korea’s flagship members were ready to play.