Chapter 790

The Hwan Kingdom’s national wood. The White Phosphorus Tree, also known as the Eternal Tree, was burned as firewood. The overwhelming momentum of the flames instantly filled the smithy.

‘His Majesty has started working!’

The attention of the blacksmiths concentrated on Grid. The blacksmiths knew that the person who could control the flames, heat, and temperature so completely was only Grid since Khan died.

'Khan’s latter years.’

‘He dealt with the flames as brilliantly as His Majesty...’

The eyes of the blacksmiths reddened as they started reminiscing.

“Kraugel, there are three options.”

Grid took out a hammer and anvil and started to explain to Kraugel.

"First of all, if you have a specific item you want then give me the production method. Then I will learn the design and make the item for you. You already know right? The performance of the items I make is higher than that shown in the design.”

From Grid’s standpoint, it was a great benefit because he could acquire new designs for free.

"Secondly, you can leave the design entirely to me. In this case, I will make items based on the production methods I already have.”

“It’s really wonderful.”

"That's right. In this case, you can have something created by a legendary blacksmith.”

“Of course I...”

Kraugel was interested in the second way. It was a natural choice since he knew the power of the sword weapons that Grid used. But Grid gave him a third option.

“No, listen to my words.”

Grid interrupted Kraugel’s mouth and thought about Khan. How much help did he get from Khan every time he made a new item? In particular, Khan’s opinions were great when making new items. The best blacksmith that Grid respected helped Grid with his knowledge and insight. Khan thought about what materials should be used for newly created items, what characteristics should be included and so on.

Now the role that Grid wanted Kraugel to play was Khan’s role.  Grid wanted Kraugel’s knowledge. Grid was convinced he would be a great help in making the strongest sword.

“Kraugel, what do you think is the ideal shape for a sword?”


“Tell me. I will realize your ideals with my skills."

“...This is the third way?”



Kraugel’s heart thumped as he met Grid’s eyes. His Swordsmanship Creation skill passed through his head. Since he had a unique skill that could create new sword techniques, the blacksmith Grid would have an item creation skill.


Kraugel formed fists to calm his trembling body.

"In the history of the Overgeared King... My name will be part of your history that will be worshipped in later generations. Is it okay?”

It was a very prudent question. Kraugel had met many people and he knew that people clung to their feats as they rose higher. They wanted to keep other people from appearing in their feats.

Grid’s answer was simple. “Is it okay? Is that a question? It isn’t okay, it’s an honor.”

Grid remembered. At the time of the Belial raid, he saw Kraugel learn Piaro’s technique. It was the best tribute that Kraugel could show to Piaro. Now Grid was paying homage to Kraugel.

"The best blacksmith will make the best sword with the best swordsman. Won’t another great legend be born?”


“Let’s make it together. The strongest sword. The best legend.”

Undefeated King Madra fought for his kingdom all his life but in the end, he lost his head to his son. Pagma betrayed a friend due to his sense of duty to save the world and contracted with a great demon. Braham realized the absurdity of the world and despised his own people, but after he became a human, Braham was betrayed by his friend because he was a vampire.

The tales of the legends that Grid knew were all sad and vilified. Grid didn’t want to be like them. Kraugel was the same.

"...It’s a great honor.”

“Okay. Then let's begin." Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation.”

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation]

You can create three equipment item production methods every time the skill level of the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill’ goes up.

Number of items that can be created at present: 9/24.]

* When items are produced using this skill, the name of the creator is automatically placed on the item.


A blank blueprint appeared in front of him.

"I think the ideal sword using the knowledge of a Sword Saint...”

The blueprint had a huge black space.

"It’s different from person to person, but it’s generally a heavy sword. It’s the easiest to use in terms of width, length, and weight, thus having high utility. Considering all the variables. It’s the least inconvenient to use.”

“Really? I thought it was a long sword. In fact, the Enlightenment Sword is a long sword. It is a sword that emits black flames.”

"Have you ever used a heavy sword?”

"I don’t like it. I’ve always used a greatsword or a long sword...”

"...Well, as I said, the ideal form is different for each individual. In the first place, it might be arrogant to discuss an ideal form. When cutting fruit, a knife is the best. When walking through a jungle, a machete is the best. There are differences depending on the application.”

The experiences and knowledge of a Sword Saint combined with the knowledge and skills of the legendary blacksmith.

"But universally, a heavy sword is better in combat? Are there any other special features?”


"Do you intend to add another option by giving the sword a distinct shape?”

"Like the shark that is part of Failure?”


"If you don’t know, the basic form of the sword is good. It is more important to have the balance of the sword be even than to have the center of gravity to one side.”

“The answer is correct. This is why the cross section of the sword is a diamond shape.”


"The cutting surface you see when you cut with the sword. The balance is important so a perfect diamond as the cutting surface is preferred. On the other hand, I prefer a hexagon or octagon.”

"I don’t know anything about these details."

"You don’t know about me.”


“I’m a legendary blacksmith. Even if I put special decorations on the blade, I can perfectly balance it. I can do it with my skills. So tell me what you are thinking. What features do you want?”

“This is interesting...”

Buzz buzz.

The blacksmiths gathered near Grid and Kraugel started to make a disturbance. It was surprising that a black-eyed man with a good face was sharing his thoughts with their king.


The four biggest blacksmiths from Pangea, including White, were the most surprised. They remembered that Kraugel was the ‘Little Hero’ of Pangea. The Kraugel they remembered was a great warrior. Yes, he wasn’t a blacksmith. Nevertheless, Grid was listening to Kraugel’s opinions.


Was he qualified to replace Khan’s vacancy? The blacksmiths questioned it.

"He is a saint with a sword.”


“The first Sword Saint after Muller.”


The youngest blacksmith, Panmir, announced the true identity of the black-eyed man. The stir was huge. The blacksmiths were astounded as they saw a prominent figure in a totally unexpected place. As they were at a loss for words, Panmir gave his opinion.

"Wouldn’t the two of them make the best sword in history?”

No one was able to reject Panmir’s opinion. The expectations about what sword would be born from the combined knowledge, experiences, and techniques of the legendary blacksmith and Sword Saint were great.

“But...” White was feeling admiration when he felt a sense of incongruity and asked, "Panmir, have you gathered all the firewood for today?”

“...I will go and come back to see His Majesty’s sword.”

It was very sad. Panmir pouted. He was the youngest blacksmith in the smithy despite being the 1st ranked blacksmith.


Over three hours. This was the time it took Grid and Kraugel to coordinate their opinions. They finally finished the shape of the sword. Now all that was left were the materials.

"The Blue Dragon’s Breath and White Tiger’s Breath...”

Grid confirmed the two breaths that Kraugel had.

“Will the sword use the Blue Dragon’s Breath? Then I have to use a mineral compatible with the lightning attribute.”

“No, I want my sword to contain the White Tiger’s Breath.”

“What?” Grid was confused. “Isn’t the white tiger of the earth attribute?”

The earth attribute was related to a higher defense. It was common for the earth attribute to create options for a higher defense. Meanwhile, the lightning attribute was good for speed and power. Generally, it gave options for increasing attack power. In other words, the breath most suitable for a weapon was the blue dragon, not the white tiger.

"Why are you using a white tiger breath for your weapon? Isn’t it better for armor? Shouldn’t you use the White Tiger’s Breath for armor?”

"No, this adamantium that I gathered is for armor. The Blue Dragon’s Breath will be attached to the boots to increase the overall speed."

"But still. Isn’t it hard to expect overwhelming attack power if you attach the White Tiger’s Breath to the weapon? Shouldn’t a weapon have high attack power? Look at the blueprint. You can expect to have additional defense options just from the form of the sword. But you want to increase your defense even more?”

"Just as speed is linked with power, weight is also directly linked to power. For example, Chris’ 1,000 ton Sword.”

“...Ah.” Grid’s common sense was broken. "Minerals with the earth attribute are generally harder and heavier... Do you think you can use that weight to exert a higher attack power?”

"Yes, I believe that if the White Tiger’s Breath is used well, you can complete the best sword that combines high attack power and defense.”

"That’s a possible interpretation.”

If he looked at magic as an example, the power of earth magic wasn’t very weak. In particular, magic of the stone crushing series was very powerful.

“A weapon with the earth property...”

A smile crossed Grid’s face. Once he heard Kraugel’s words, he wondered about the results of earth-based weapons.

‘It will be easy to name the item.’

A sword with strong earth attributes. A sword made of stone. Then he would try it.

“Okay. Let’s finish the Stone Sword.”

‘Stone Sword?’

What was the Stone Sword? A chill went down Kraugel’s spine. 

Overgeared Guild, Overgeared Kingdom, Overgeared King... Grid’s naming sense was the worst.

"Wait a minute, Grid."

"The material will be stone. We can sometimes replace it with bloodstone.”

The mass production of the sword. A sword made of stone would be ideal for the Overgeared knights while the version made of bloodstone would be ideal for Grid and the Overgeared members. Yes, from the time that he asked Kraugel to cooperate with the item creation, Grid was aiming to improve the overall strength of the kingdom. Imagine the Overgeared knights and the soldiers using a sword designed by a Sword Saint. It would be overwhelming.

“The name of the item.”

“Hey Grid...”

“Stone Sword.”


Kraugel couldn’t understand Grid’s naming sense. He should be glad of one fact. There was room for various modifiers to be added to the items that Grid produced. Yes, the name of the sword used by Kraugel in the future wasn’t likely to be a simple Stone Sword. Especially when it was a sword with the White Tiger’s Breath attached.

However, Kraugel didn’t know this fact and was filled with deep despair.