Chapter 789

“Did you handle it properly?”

“Yes. We didn’t hide our identities and attacked.”

"Hrmm... why is there no response?”

It had been a week since Grid returned home. It meant it had been a week since the Red Knights and Immortal attacked him. However, the Overgeared Kingdom still hadn’t announced any stance.

 "Despite their king being attacked, they didn’t even announce it, let alone react...”

They wouldn’t have hidden it because of fear. Then they must be up to something.

Dok dok.

Limit tapped the table and frowned.

"Did they see our intentions?”

The Overgeared Kingdom could be aware that the empire was starting to split into the emperor and empress. If the Overgeared Kingdom had a capable schemer, they could’ve discovered that the empress was behind the attack rather than the emperor.

“A tough opponent.”

It was correct to say that the plan to use the Overgeared Kingdom to weaken the emperor was in vain.

“It didn’t work out easily.”

Limit determined and glanced at Mercedes. It was a signal to leave. Mercedes sighed with relief after leaving the office.

'For Captain, His Majesty is definitely an enemy.’

After meeting Piaro and Asmophel and finding out the truth. Mercedes had been looking at Sword Duke Limit for the past week. She thoroughly investigated how far Limit intervened in the tragedy that occurred 12 years ago. However, was it that easy to investigate a duke?’ The more she tried to access about Limit, the more interference she faced. One of them was the Fourth Knight.

“Sir Mercedes.”

"Sir Gyuratan?”

The position of the ‘Fourth Knight’ in the Red Knights was special. He played the role of defending the Red Knights from outsiders and performed the work of an inspector in peacetime. The Fourth Knight must constantly observe and watch the Red Knights so that the essence of the Red Knights didn’t fade.

12 years ago, Fourth Knight Gyuratan ruled that Piaro was a traitor. Mercedes trusted Piaro, so she didn’t like Gyuratan from the start. She doubted him. However, now she felt hatred and hostility instead of just suspicion. The true darkness that collapsed the Red Knights. A figure closely related to the Yatan Church. Thanks to Asmophel, she became aware of Gyuratan’s reality.

Mercedes smiled as she faced Gyuratan in the hallway.  She didn’t expose any hostility. The basics of a swordsman was to control their emotions.

“It has been a long time.”

"I have been away for a while. I was conducting a review on the death of Third Knight Lorex and Fifth Knight Dia.”


Lorex and Dia. They were both killed by the Undefeated King’s descendant. They also missed Piaro. Mercedes had briefly thought about Lorex and Dia when she met Piaro a week ago.

If Lorex and Dia were still alive... if they knew the truth...

‘They would’ve cried all night from joy and sorrow.’

They would’ve been a great strength. Mercedes was missing the colleagues she couldn’t meet again when Gyuratan’s voice entered her ears.

“In the course of the investigation, I accidentally stumbled on your traces. Sir Mercedes, it seems like you were in Valhalla for a while?”


"Did you go after the Undefeated King’s descendant to get revenge for your colleagues?”

“...That’s right.”

“The result?”

“I didn’t get revenge. I couldn’t find the Undefeated King’s descendant."

Mercedes fought directly against the descendant of the Undefeated King in Lubana and knew him. It meant she was familiar with the characteristics of the Undefeated King’s descendant. But despite infiltrating Valhalla for two months, she couldn’t find a person who could be considered the Undefeated King’s descendant.

"You disobeyed a command and couldn’t even get revenge... If you were able to get revenge, I might’ve asked for leniency from the emperor. Now it isn’t possible.”

"What now?"

“What should I do? Should I report to His Majesty that you violated an order?”


"Don’t forget. The First Knight should be an inspiration to all knights of the empire. But didn’t you disobey his command and act according to your own will? I can’t overlook it.”


"If another order comes again, don’t violate it. Even if you are the First Knight, His Majesty won’t overlook it.”

‘At this point, I need to investigate the tragedy of 12 years ago...’

It was the worst. Why was her mistake noticed at this timing? She had no luck.

‘No... It isn’t a coincidence.’

Mercedes realized it. This timing, Gyuratan intended it.

‘It’s likely that he knew I violated the order from the beginning.’

But he buried it until it was appropriate to be used, like now.

‘He knows that I have started to doubt the tragedy of 12 years ago.’ 

She could no longer hide her hostility. Mercedes glared at Gyuratan, who just laughed and shrugged.

"Well, don’t worry about the Red Knights. Sir Lucas and I will manage them very well. Ah, Sir Lucas was arrested? Then I will manage them alone.”


She wanted to let out a flurry of curses. No, she wanted to tear out his throat. Mercedes felt a strong killing desire, but endured it. She couldn’t do anything to him before she found out the truth and revealed it to the world.


"Let’s put it all together.”

The capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, Reinhardt.

Lauel started writing on the blackboard. At the top was the name Garam, the yangban.

"The yangbans are defined as having the best strength, the dukes of the empire are advanced level, First Knight Mercedes is lower advanced, Asmophel is of the intermediate level and Your Majesty and Kraugel are below him?”

"That's right."

“Piaro? Isn’t he the best?”

"When looking at his level, it’s logical to classify him as lower advanced like Mercedes. Mercedes actually competed with Piaro.”

“But what if Piaro used Fated to Perish?”

"Among the named NPCs, there are many who can resist Fated to Perish... Hmm, but there is deadly damage even if it is resisted. Piaro is classified as on the same level as the seven dukes.”

"Being below the yangbans even when taking Fated to Perish in consideration...”

It was very important to know the power pyramid of the world. Lauel looked at the blackboard with a serious expression.

“By the way. If Garam was so strong, how did you get away from him?”

“Didn’t I tell you? He was absent-minded and God's Command fortunately activated, allowing me to repeat Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle twice.”

“Then...” Lauel erased Grid’s name at the bottom of the board. Then he wrote Grid between the yangbans and the seven dukes. “What do you think about this location?”


“Your Majesty.” Was this a joke? Lauel saw Grid’s questioning eyes and spoke seriously. "It’s good to be cautious but please don’t lose sight of your ambitions.”

"I haven’t lost sight of my ambitions. I made a realistic self-diagnosis after thinking about it deeply.”

“Isn’t it funny to unconditionally trust your thoughts? You’re not smart, are you?”


"You’re much stronger than what you measured yourself as.” Lauel was convinced. “Raise your level. Keep your level higher than named NPCs and equip yourself with your items.”

“What are you talking about? Don’t you know how fast named NPCs raise their level?”

The level of NPCs would naturally rise with the passage of time due to the compensation effect when the average level of the players rose. It was a basic rule, not common sense, that a player could never catch up with the level of a named NPC. But Lauel had a different opinion.

“Did you forget how fast your level up speed is? The named NPCs become stronger in proportion to the average level of the players. Isn’t it possible to raise your level much higher than the average?”


"Starting today, use your God Hands, Noe, Randy, and the Overgeared Skeletons to make infinite hunting macros. In particular, the Overgeared Skeletons. How long do you want to leave them as useless skeletons? If I had them then I would’ve already made them into a death knight or lich.”


Lauel’s words were right. In the meantime, Grid had neglected the importance of level and he also failed to utilize the Overgeared Skeletons. But why did he feel like squeezing Lauel? Grid tried to calm his boiling anger while Lauel gave advice.

“In addition, don’t forget to constantly think during combat.”

Train to repeat the infinite thoughts even during dire moments.

"You’ll become better than a genius.”

"It’s hard to use my mind because I have a stone head. It’s particularly hard to think while moving the body.” Grid grumbled.

"Real stones don’t think. Calling you a stone head is... No, I'm sorry.”

"Can I hit you?”

“I’m sorry!”

Lauel regretted talking without thinking. He knew that if he received one hit from Grid, he would die!


A fortnight after the end of the 3rd National Competition. An item that the medalists were waiting for entered their inventory.

[3rd National Competition Medal Reward]

It was a gift box containing the items that the medalists wished for. Of course, Grid wanted the production materials.

[The Blue Dragon’s Breath has been acquired.]

[The White Tiger’s Breath has been acquired.]

[The Black Tortoise’s Breath has been acquired.]


Grid smiled as he got the rewards for Battlefield and his two gold medals. Maybe this was just before the birth of a new myth rated item. He couldn’t not feel exhilarated.

[Blue Dragon’s Breath]

Contains the blessing of the blue dragon.

It will increase lightning resistance by 30%.

It can be used to infuse items with the powerful aura of the blue dragon.

However, it can only be attached to items with a strong lightning attribute.

Weight: 2

[White Tiger’s Breath]

Contains the blessing of the white tiger.

It will increase earth resistance by 30%.

It can be used to infuse items with the powerful aura of the white tiger.

However, it can only be attached to items with a strong earth attribute.

Weight: 2

[Black Tortoise’s Breath]

Contains the blessing of the black tortoise.

It will increase water resistance by 30%.

It can be used to infuse items with the powerful aura of the black tortoise.

However, it can only be attached to items with a strong water attribute.

Weight: 2

“Very good!”

Grid was filled with joy as he held the beautiful blue, white, and black beads. He was excited by the thought of strengthening these three breaths and upgrading his items, just like he strengthened the Red Phoenix’s Breath.

‘Let’s quickly become stronger!’

He was filled with enthusiasm! Grid was grasping the hammer with blazing eyes when a guest arrived.

“Grid, keep your promise.”


The guest was surprising. It was the sky above the sky. Sword Saint Kraugel. He was staring at Grid with a radiant look that didn’t match his normal image.

"Will you make me a sword?”


Had he been waiting for this day? Kraugel appeared as soon as the reward arrived. It seemed he had been waiting in Reinhardt.

‘He has a cute side.’

Grid smiled as Kraugel told him good news.

"Recently, I have found a good hunting ground. I’ll let you know if you want.”

“Ah, thank you...”

"You should rest for 10 minutes every time you hunt a monster.”

They were meaningful words.

'How high is the difficulty of this hunting ground?’

Grid was filled with anticipation and tension.

“Speaking of which, I killed 52 people from Immortal. In return, can you make me armor and boots?”


"52 people. I lived in Titan for a while. I can show you the proof shots if you want.”


Truly the sky above the sky. Tremendous skills were a default for him.

Grid received two breaths and a small amount of adamantium from Kraugel. Kraugel’s eyes were gentle as he watched Grid start a fire in the furnace.

'He seems to be overcoming the wound. It’s fortunate.’