Chapter 791

 [Do you want to name the item Stone Sword?]

“...No, wait.”

Grid, who was flowing with the momentum, suddenly stopped. He realized that the name of Stone Sword is inadequate. Was it because he heard the sighs of Kraugel and the blacksmiths? No. The cause of Grid’s current enlightenment was the armour he was wearing.

Khan's posthumous work, Valhalla. It was the armor Grid had never taken off since Khan died.

‘The name of the item is important. I need to think carefully and decide.’

Why did Khan call the armor Valhalla? In fact, Grid didn’t find much meaning in it. It was modelled after the Valhalla armor made by Albatino, Khan’s ancestor. Grid just through that the name was copied from that. But he found out later. One of the other meanings of Valhalla was ‘house of joy.’

‘Thanks to this, I was able to get a glimpse of Khan’s heart.’

Khan was hoping that Grid would be a huge house-like entity that could embrace many people and give them joy.

‘Yes, the name is important.’

Grid’s thinking, which had been biased towards the design and function of the item, started to activate. Grid recalled Lauel’s advice to ‘always think.’ If Khan’s name was simply Iron Armor, Grid wouldn't have felt the same way he did now. He recognized the weight of the name.

‘In the first place...’

This was a work he made with his friend. It was insincere to his friend to give it a name like this.

“I’ll correct it.”

Stone Sword. Grid’s imposing voice resonated with the blacksmiths who were silent with shock from the name.

"Muksabal.” (TL: Generally acorn jelly in a chilled broth. But it can also be slang for badly damaging or disfiguring a face i.e. beating to a pulp).


"The sword’s name will be Muksabal.”

From a general point of view, the power of the earth was close to the symbol of ‘guardian.’ However, Hero King Grid and Sword Saint Kraugel were monsters of a level that could wield the ground. The ‘land’ they wielded would overwhelm the enemy with its weight.

"That’s why it is Muksabal.”

"...Is it really possible to pull up the ground?”


Panmir forgot the concept of an analogy and asked. Due to this, the solemn (?) atmosphere became awkward, but Grid didn’t mind.

"Kraugel, I don’t doubt that our knowledge, skills, and experience will greatly damage our enemies. Muksabal... It’s a name I carefully thought of. I wish you can hear it in your heart.”

“...Yes. I won’t speak long words.”

There were too many parts to tackle. But Grid looked so serious that Kraugel couldn’t refute it.


‘I should introduce it with a different name.’

He could only think of it like this.


[Design: Muksabal]

Rating: Epic ~ Legendary

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 455~790  Attack Power: 390~650  Defense: 100~188

* The options are unforeseen.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 667~980  Attack Power: 493~817   Defense: 140~246

* The options are unforeseen.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: ???  Attack Power: ???  Defense: ???

* The options are unforeseen.

A weapon design from Blacksmith Grid, who has gone beyond a legend and is becoming a myth, and Sword Saint Kraugel.

It is in the form of a sword, with a knuckle bow at the handle. The purpose is to protect the hands. The knuckle bow is designed as a miniature crown and looks great. The top part of the handle extends from side to side, giving the illusion that there are two handles. The special sword will allow for anomalous attacks and will also defend against enemy attacks.

The material of the sword is the 10,000 year stone or bloodstone and will vary significantly depending on the material.

The weight is so heavy that people with low strength can’t swing it. However, it’s a very ideal sword with no flaws in its balance.

Weight: 6,800~13,900

Conditions of Use: Unforeseen

‘If I make it with the 10,000 year stone, the minimum stats will be applied. When made with bloodstone, the maximum stats will apply. On the other hand, the weight will be overwhelmingly high when I use the 10,000 year stone.’

Grid’s face blossomed like a flower as he confirmed the finished design. He didn’t know exactly what the options were yet, but it was a very good weapon when just looking at the attributes. Wasn’t an epic rated one-handed sword guaranteed at least 390 attack power and 100 defense? It was hard to find a comparable performance among the level 300 items.

‘In addition, the level limit of Muksabal is likely to be very low.’

The ideal sword that Kraugel thought about was a ‘wearable sword’ and Grid also focused on Kraugel’s ideals. In other words, it had high versatility and practicality. There was a high weight due to the characteristics of the materials, but those who had the minimum strength would be able to handle Muksabal easily.

‘The high cost of the 10,000 year stone will mean it will take a long time before I can distribute it to the soldiers... Let’s distribute it to the knights first.’

It was a powerful weapon that couldn’t be compared to the mass-produced Grid weapons. The unique rated Muksabal was superior to the attack power of many legendary weapons. It was clear that the strength of the Overgeared Knights would grow by leaps and bounds.

Grid was delighted and now the most important task remained. It was to produce it.

“Kraugel, give me the White Tiger’s Breath.”


A material that couldn’t be obtained unless a hidden quest on the East Continent was cleared or a gold medal was won in the National Competition. Kraugel handled the white bead that was worth an astronomical amount to Grid without hesitation. In front of the blast furnace where the white phosphorus wood was still burning, Grid was reminded of the time he made the Red Phoenix Bow and the Enlightenment Sword.

‘The basic premise for making a myth rated weapon is strengthening the core materials.

With the Red Phoenix Bow, he strengthened the Red Phoenix Breath and with the Enlightenment Sword, he strengthened Belial’s Horn. Looking back now, it was very hard work. It would take at least three days, the long task of hammering on one item for a week and even delicate techniques. It was physically and mentally hard.

The biggest problem was the ‘resistance’ of the item. The Red Phoenix’s Breath emitted hot fire every time it was hit with a hammer while Belial’s Horn exploded. If Grid didn’t have the combination of high defense and stamina, it would be impossible to strengthen both the Red Phoenix Breath and Belial’s Horn. He would’ve been dead after hammering a few times!

‘The White Tiger’s Breath will also resist.’

It could take more than a week for smelting, assuming it had a temper.

‘It won’t be easy.’

He was afraid when thinking about the pain he would have to endure. Grid needed to control his mind. After taking several deep breaths, Grid’s expression relaxed. Kraugel and Panmir had no choice but to misunderstand. They thought that Grid was nervous about a high-rated item not appearing. They never imagined that he was afraid of the act of making an item itself.

It was natural. So far, all the blacksmithing work they had seen, heard, and experienced was ordinary. Yes, most blacksmiths produced items by pressing a single ‘production’ button. Even Panmir, who was proud of making items by hand, relied on all types of systems. They couldn’t predict how much effort and time Grid placed into making items.

"Okay. Let’s start the production.”

He acted fast once the preparations were over. Grid put the White Tiger’s Breath into the furnace. The temperature in the furnace rapidly increased and the white bead heated up.

[The temperature is too high!]


Panmir watched Grid and sighed. Grid aggressively utilized the characteristics of the white phosphorus wood and continued to raise the temperature of the furnace. Panmir was burned despite watching from a few meters away. Panmir clutched his burning forearm and belatedly realized. Apart from himself, the other blacksmiths were already far away from Grid’s furnace. It was the same even for White, the greatest of the four blacksmiths.

‘Even the craftsmen can’t endure the temperature?’

It was amazing that Grid instantly generated such a high temperature! As Panmir was feeling surprise beyond admiration.


Chik! Chiiiik!

Grid removed the red bead and started quenching it. The bucket that was filled with at least 100 liters of water started boiling like lava. Kraugel, who had been watching from Grid’s side, avoided the water drops using Super Sensitivity. It was an almost instinctive motion.

“Ohh! Truly a Sword Saint...!”

The blacksmiths marvelled at Kraugel’s brilliant movements while Kraugel wondered.

‘Was making an item originally so urgent and dangerous?’


Grid put the bead on his anvil. He still looked grim. He was like a warrior on the battlefield. Kraugel couldn’t help gulping at the momentum.


Grid finally started hammering. The moment that his hammer hit the White Tiger’s Breath.


The White Tiger’s Breath roared. Heavy shaking! Sharp thorns made of stones emerged like a hedgehog.


Grid’s cheeks, neck, and wrists were wounded. He couldn’t completely evade the thorns that came from the White Tiger’s Breath.


“Your Majesty!”

The confused Kraugel and blacksmiths shouted. But they weren’t in a position to go forward. This was a battlefield only for Grid. There was no one who could help Grid without his permission. Grid wiped the blood flowing down his cheeks and laughed.

"This bastard, you are high-grade.”

Its nature was fiercer than the Red Phoenix’s Breath and Belial’s Horn. Why was this white tiger so dirty?’

‘It’s impossible to fight this guy twice in a row.’

Grid judged for a moment, temporarily stopped the hammering and pulled out his White Tiger’s Breath.  Then he threw it straight into the furnace.

‘It is better to fight just once.’

That’s right. Grid intended to simultaneously strengthen the two White Tiger’s Breaths. The biggest problem was time. Grid had to go to the empire in two weeks. That was when the walls would collapse. He needed to finish producing the items by then.

"Kraugel, I need your help to smelt both of them at once.”

"Say it.”

"Give me potions.”


After a moment.


Grid placed the two White Tiger’s Breaths next to each other and resumed hammering.

The White Tiger’s Breaths let out a large number of thorns every time they were hit by a hammer. Grid was wounded, yet he kept wielding his hammer. When his wounds accumulated, Kraugel fed him potions to restore his health. Avoiding the thorns that stretched out everywhere!

Ttang! Ttang!

“Kraugel! Potion!”

"Drink. It’s on the left. Avoid it.”

"Keuk! I failed to avoid it again!”

"It’s difficult to avoid attacks that have already started to fly. Watch the actions of the enemy and try to predict the direction of attack.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Ttang! Ttang! Ttaang~!


Grid was fiercely concentrating during the hammering while Kraugel ran around and helped him. Panmir watched the amazing scene of the best players fighting together and felt something strange. 

'Is this really making an item?’

It was steadily completed. The two divine swords!