Chapter 771

People were different. They might be looking at the same thing but would feel something else. Most people who felt good were already ahead.

'This time, Grid was ahead.’

The evil dragon Bunhelier. The world’s strongest presence that could never be raided. When Kraugel didn’t want to see it again, Grid dreamt of getting revenge. It was a huge difference. It was clear that after Bunhelier, Grid would achieve a much faster growth.

In order to avoid falling behind, Kraugel also couldn’t turn away from Bunhelier. In addition, Grid drove the sky above the sky to the edge.

“Condemnation Sword!”

Condemnation Sword was one of the Sword Saint’s ultimate skills which boasted an attack power equivalent to 100% of the target’s defense. It couldn’t penetrate Bunhelier’s defense, but it was enough to inflict damage on Grid. White Fang was surrounded by a silver light as it rushed to Grid.

"100,000 Army Massacre Sword!”


Kraugel thought Grid would choose to defend or counterattack, but he ending up using an unexpected skill. It was the strongest skill that dealt damage even to Bunhelier. It was an unexpected development for Kraugel.


Grid grew stronger as fighting energy accumulated. From a certain point of view, it was right to keep fighting energy at the maximum. However, Grid consumed fighting energy by using 100,000 Army Massacre Sword. Kraugel had a headache. Why did Grid make this choice? Kraugel questioned it.

“Freely Move!”

He opened up the power of Secret Hero and avoided all the strikes of 100,000 Army Massacre Sword that was release at close range.


Sounds of admiration flowed from everywhere. The crowd was overwhelmed by Grid, who wielded the sword 30 times in one second and Kraugel, who avoided all the swift attacks.

Pajik! Pajijijik!

Before the red spots in the air disappeared.


Kraugel reached Grid’s side and inserted Condemnation Sword.

[You have dealt 53,400 damage to the target!]


White Fang sunk deep into Grid’s waist! Grid shed blood at the critical blow. The moment Kraugel grabbed the spirit of victory. The crowd gasped. People now admired Grid more than ever after he damaged Bunhelier. It was a standard similar to the sky above the sky. There were many people who felt sorry that he would be defeated after a long fight.

On the other hand, Kraugel was trying to link the White Sword, Black Sword, and Twin Sword combo.

At this time.


Kraugel’s eyes widened. He perceived the intense aura gathered at the end of Grid’s sword. Kraugel knew what it was.

‘Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle...!’

It was the ultimate swordsmanship that Grid showed in the Great Demon Belial raid! It was the power that Kraugel feared most from Grid. The reason why Kraugel blocked Grid’s footwork during the finals was to stop Grid from using Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

Grid completed it. It was while Kraugel was focused on the 100,000 Army Massacre Sword!

‘This was his intention.’

Grid consumed fighting energy and used 100,000 Army Massacre Sword to disperse Kraugel’s attention? He wasted his best skill in order to complete the footwork? No, in the first place, was 100,000 Army Massacre Sword his best skill? No. Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle was the strongest.


Kraugel’s spine was cold and sweaty.


The Enlightenment Sword roared. Kraugel realized the sword in front of him was flickering with flames. He had been trapped the moment Grid used 100,000 Army Massacre Sword on Bunhelier. Kraugel was so dazzled by 100,000 Army Massacre Sword that Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle became obsolete and Freely Move was consumed.


Puk puk!

The Enlightenment Sword continuously pierced Kraugel. The Enlightenment Sword was like a fish that met water. The powerful sword containing killing intent fluttered like a butterfly but was as quick as a bee.

[You have suffered 43,100 damage.]


It was difficult for Kraugel to completely avoid it. The Super Sensitivity passive. It had an advantage of there being no penalty compared to the active version, but it was true that the function was weakened. The story would’ve been different if Kraugel had reached level 300 and his stats had gone through the third awakening. His high agility would’ve maximized the Super Sensitivity passive and he might’ve been able to avoid Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

But now Kraugel’s level was in the 200’s. He was also using Control Sword to keep the God Hands in check. From the time he got the Sword Saint class to now, it was too little time.

Puk puk!

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

Kraugel went into the immortal state despite his Sword Saint class reducing the damage. Grid shouted as Kraugel was swept away by Linked Kill that lead to Wave.

“Next year’s hero...!”

Last year’s winner of PvP, Kraugel became the hero. The idol of everyone, their goal. Grid looked at him and burned with motivation. He was desperate to be crowned the hero next year.

“I will be next year’s hero!”


Grid’s desire for victory was stronger than ever. As if in response to this, the Enlightenment Sword was more eager than usual. Black flames exploded in succession while a red lightning bolt struck Kraugel.

“Ugh! Passing the sky!”

Kraugel was covered with waves of sword energy. He gritted his teeth and tried to counterattack against the Pinnacle portion.

Passing the Sky. It was the strongest counterattack that Kraugel created based on Tearing the Sky. The power was at least equivalent to Revolve and unlike Grid, it was possible to cast it immediately without needing footwork. Strictly speaking, it was a counterattack that exceeded Revolve.



It faced the end portion of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.


A large amount of blood poured from Grid’s chest. Right here.


Kraugel relied on the immortality passive to unleash fierce attacks. He would deal the final strike to Grid, make him also consume the immortal passive, and then reverse the battle. But that plan was blocked.

[Your health has dropped below 10%. 31,600 health is instantly restored due to the effect of Tiramet’s Power attached to the Rune of Darkness.]

[A great king puts his safety first. Due to the First King title effect, a shield with 92,800 defense will be created.]


Kraugel let out a confused cry of alarm. White Fang that stabbed at Grid.


It was blocked by a shield that shone around Grid like the sun.



The crowd and viewers were busy admiring it. They were amazed by Grid’s ability to restore health and create a splendid shield. His tanking ability was just like the famous tankers, Vantner and Bubat.


"Splitting the Sky...!”

Kraugel didn’t give up. His successive sword techniques threatened Grid. It was regrettable that Kraugel couldn’t use all the skills of a Sword Saint due to his low level and lacking resources.



Kraugel and Grid’s swords moved without stopping. Grid’s specs rose at a rapid pace due to Blackening and fighting energy, while Kraugel lost his immortal passive. In the end, Kraugel had to make a choice. He recovered the swords he was controlling. He ignored the God Hands and rejoined his dispersed attention. He regained his concentration and his control skills.

Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!


Grid was driven on the defensive. His radiantly shining shield gradually lost its light. But Kraugel was a flame on the verge of going out. As soon as the God Hands joined Grid, Kraugel was gradually neutralized as he lost most of his resources.



Puk! Puoook!

The moment Kraugel broke through Grid’s shield, Grid’s sword pierced Kraugel’s chest. After he became Pagma's Descendant. Grid had gone through all types of quests and even rose to the throne. On the other hand, Kraugel had only been focused on levelling since he changed to a Sword Saint.

This was the difference between the two people. This fact was clear from the beginning. Time wasn’t on Kraugel’s side.


The God Hands were turned into Lifael’s Spear with Item Transformation and the four spears pierced Kraugel’s flesh. Before he turned to grey, he knew that everyone was focused on him and spoke.

"In the future, you are my idol and I will be the challenger.”

Kraugel knew. The gaze that Grid always looked at him with. Envy and longing. There would be no more burdensome gaze. Now he was finally free.


The moment that Kraugel smiled warmly and touched Grid’s cheek with a bloody hand.


Kraugel’s body turned to grey. The winner of the 3rd National Competition’s PvP event was decided.

『 As a result, South Korean is first in the overall rankings!! 』


South Korea heated up. The 50 million people in South Korea were screaming. Some people laughed happily while others cried.

“Our son is the best!”


Of course, the people who shed tears the most was Grid’s family. They witnessed Grid beating the world’s best player and being recognized, so his family was grateful.

On the other hand, Grid was left alone on the PvP stage.


He gritted his teeth. It was because he was about to burst into tears. He kept silent for a moment before shouting in a trembling voice.

“Log out.”

It was time to return to reality. He won the title that he had dreamt of.


『 Player Grid had broken the sky above the sky and led South Korea to be first in the overall rankings. 』

『 Ahhh, who would’ve expected South Korea to be number one? 』

『 I’m proud to tears. Player Grid is indeed the son that South Korea is proud of. 』

“Player Grid! Please tell us what you are feeling!”

"How do you feel about being crowned the new sky?”

Hundreds, thousand of camera shutters went off without interruption. The questions of the reporters and cheers of the crowd were endless. It had been four years and five months since Satisfy opened and the world changed. Interest was hot. Grid’s name and face decorated the world news. The feats that Grid accumulated so far was unveiled all over the world.

Grid had become the new sky.


His parents and Sehee. Khan, Irene, and Lord.

Grid stood on the podium as people watched him with eyes filled with envy. Grid wanted to rush and see his ‘family’ as soon as possible. He wanted to hold them in his arms and bask in their pride.

Snap! Snap snap!

The camera shutters of various reporters started to click faster. The reporters had an instinctive feeling. It was a sense of duty that told them they needed to take photos of this gentle and loving Grid.