Chapter 772


"Grid finally did it!”

“The best! Always exciting!”

“Keok! God Grid...! I love you, God Grid!!”  

It was strange and proud to see Grid on the podium higher than Kraugel. He broke Kraugel, who’d reigned supreme. In the past two years, he’d led South Korea to the second rank despite it being known for being weak in Satisfy. Now he gave them the honor of being the top country this year.

It was natural for the Korean players to feel unlimited gratitude and respect for him. Even Eat Spicy Jokbal, who hated Grid on the surface, was thrilled. He realized there was still deep patriotism in his heart and embraced Peak Sword.

"You should try and persuade Princess to join the Overgeared Guild.” Viola said with a scolding expression.

On the monitor, Grid was being interviewed.

"Just like anyone who played Satisfy, Kraugel was an idol and goal for me. I heard his heroic stories and burned with fighting spirit when hearing his saga. Then I worked hard. This is the result.”

Grid stopped speaking and looked at Kraugel, who was also surrounded by reporters. Grid’s eyes were no different than before.

“Thanks to Kraugel, I was able to reach where I am now. Kraugel will forever be my idol and competitor.”

Grid closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He recalled everything that happened in reality and in Satisfy as he struggled at the bottom before he reached the peak. He opened his eyes and smiled at the hundreds of cameras focused on him. He already organized his thoughts.

"And...the best capsules are from the Comet Group.”

Grid still had the sponsorship of the Comet Group this year. The most important point was that the Comet Group’s sales jumped thanks to Grid. Grid’s words had a bigger impact on sales than the combination of TV, Internet, and newspaper ads. All the Comet Group employees felt unlimited gratitude and affection for Grid. The chairman of the Comet Group had a plan to marry his youngest daughter to Grid. But the youngest daughter of the Comet Group stubbornly refused. The world’s best women, Yura and Jishuka, were standing by Grid’s side. She wasn’t a match for Grid when she was just a rich daughter.

Overall, it was a friendly atmosphere.

"Then...what about next year?”

“Yes. Just imagine the hell.”

"What can we do? We just have to give up.”

Chris, Damian, Pon, Regas, Katz, etc. They felt despair because they knew Grid’s power. They didn’t have a sense of how to win against Grid, who thanks to winning this year’s PvP, would appear as the Hero next year.

"Infinite stiffness is the default and his God Hands can turn into all types of items.

“Blackening and Belial’s Power...”

"How can we beat Grid’s Enlightenment Sword?”

"I don’t want him to summon Iyarugt. Maybe we can win in two years?”


Was it possible to beat him after two years? No one was sure. They didn’t say it, but they already knew the answer. They wouldn’t participate in next year’s Breaking the Hero. That was the easiest thing to do.


“Are you going back to South Korea?”

“Yes. I want to eat the rice that my mother prepares.”

"...A mother’s cooking. I'm envious.”

“Eh? Kraugel, don’t you live with your mother? What? Is your mother sick again?”

“No. Don’t take my words seriously.”

Tokyo Dome had been the stage of the National Competition for the third year. After the closing ceremony, Grid and Kraugel were sitting side by side on the empty stands. Both of them were illuminated by the dim lighting.

"In the future, your area of activities will be wider.”

“Isn’t it the same for you?”

"I’m an individual and you’re a king. You will obtain more information and visit more places.”

"Huhu, are you nervous? You don't have to worry. Don’t I also have to shoulder the responsibility of a king? I will be going forward with heavy footsteps while you will have a light gait.”

"...Let’s not keep talking about this. Grid, remember one thing.”

“What is it?”

Kraugel’s eyes were very dignified. What did he want to say? Grid’s smiling face went away. He took a serious listening attitude.

Kraugel started talking. "If you visit the East Continent as a king, you will certainly be intertwined with the Hwan Kingdom.”

Kraugel also had eyes and ears. He visited the East Continent much earlier than Grid and knew roughly what Grid had gone through on the continent. However, he didn’t know the detailed information of what Grid had already encountered. He only knew that Grid was active in Pangea and moved some of its residents to the Overgeared Kingdom.

"You should’ve heard about the Hwan Kingdom. They’re the only religion and ruler of the East Continent.”

“They’re like the Saharan Empire.”

Kraugel spoke seriously. It was a story he already knew so he couldn’t take it lightly. Kraugel shook his head at Grid. "There’s no comparison to the empire. Didn’t I tell you? They’re the only religion and ruler of the East Continent. They’re gods to the people of the East Continent.”


The yangban Garam passed through Grid’s head. In the meantime, the word ‘yangban’ emerged from Kraugel’s mouth.

“Yangban... They aren’t those who fancy themselves as pseudo-gods. They’re the ones who consider themselves as gods because they have the right qualities and skills.” Kraugel finally cut to the chase. "Don’t mix up with them until you are at least level 500. If you have to visit the East Continent, then visit it as an individual. I don’t know what will happen if your kingdom gets tied up with the Hwan Kingdom.”

“What? Are they really dangerous?”

“Strictly speaking, they aren’t evil. But their ideas are different. Think about them as monsters.”

Grid recalled with Garam was like and fully sympathized with Kraugel. Grid smiled and asked a question, "Are they that strong? It’s enough to make you act like this.”

Kraugel nodded without hesitation.

“They’re strong. To you right now, they’re a great mountain, another mountain on top of the great mountain and the sky above it.”


Was this referring to the Chiyou test that Garam mentioned? Had Kraugel met up with them? Grid was filled with pure curiosity when he heard Kraugel’s voice.



"They aren’t as strong as Bunhelier.”

"Huhu.” Grid understood Kraugel’s meaning and stretched. “Okay. I understand. I’ll be alert. I can avoid them, but I won’t be daunted by those who aren’t a dragon."

"I’m glad that you understand.”

Yes, Grid just had to be alert. He wouldn’t be involved with those sociopaths unless they were interested first. Grid was strong. Kraugel believed this but he didn’t know Grid had already become a target of a yangban.

“Then I’m going. I’m going home to eat.”

Grid said farewell with a handshake. He wanted to have a glass of soju with Kraugel, but it wasn’t yet time. The day that he shared a cup with Kraugel...

"Three rounds.”


"A man’s match should be decided in three rounds? I was thinking about it but the first time we fought doesn’t count.”

“What do you mean by that?”

"It was just after you fought Piaro. Wouldn’t you have won if you were in a normal state?”

“It’s pointless to think this way. I lost at that time. This is the truth.”

"No, I'm not convinced.” Grid pulled back his hand. He immediately turned away from Kraugel. "Let’s play the third round in the National Competition next year. Then we will have a cup of soju on that day.”


Grid ignored Kraugel’s cry. He headed straight to the parking lot where Toon was waiting. Grid had noticed. After being freed from his high position, Kraugel was planning to seclude himself from the world. Kraugel would act like he used to and not do public activities again.

"You shouldn’t retire alone.”

Kraugel must be in Grid’s field of view. If Grid didn’t see Kraugel, he would feel insecure. Grid had to confirm whether Kraugel was still behind him or had already gone ahead.

"Just relax and continue to play against me, Kraugel.”

There were many ways to invalidate the three rounds. Grid had overwhelmingly conditions not just in the first round, but the second and third as well. It was too unfair.

A huge smile. Toon jumped as he saw Grid smiling in the middle. It was because Grid was making a different expression from normal. He seemed like a completely different person from this morning.

‘The best...’

A warrior became a blacksmith, joined the Tzedakah Guild, became the master of the Overgeared Guild, and eventually became the king of the Overgeared Kingdom. His evolution was still ongoing. What would Grid look like a year from now? Toon was full of expectations when he suddenly received a call.


It was the worst news. Toon paled and looked back. Grid was so tired that he had fallen asleep.

"Did something happen?” The driver asked.

"Go to the airport instantly.” Toon urged. He prayed eagerly for Grid to be having a good dream.


Let’s go back in time. It was time for the PvP finals between Grid and Kraugel to start.

“It’s here.”

Veradin led the elites of Immortal and stood in front of the smithy in the center of Reinhardt. It was a huge smithy. No, to be exact, it was a smithy complex. There were five smithies in the center of Reinhardt that could accommodate at least 30 furnaces. The alarming part was that there were many smithies still under construction.

"Reinhardt is said to be a city without a night and it’s all because of the smithies.”

The necromancers of Immortal clicked their tongues. On the other hand, Veradin was smiling.

'Grid will be quite angry if all the smithies here are burned.’

The legendary farmer Piaro, who lived in Siren, had disappeared after the vampire expedition. Grid’s first knight Jude was still in Bairan. In addition, the great magician Ashur was guarding the border. 

Grid’s three heavenly kings weren’t in Reinhardt. He was sure of it since it was information received from Empress Marie. In addition, the National Competition was now occurring. Most of the Overgeared members who were supposed to replace the three heavenly kings were mostly away. It was obvious that Reinhardt’s defenses were weak at this time.

"But shouldn’t I be careful? First of all, I will assassinate Khan who is the target.”


He secretly summoned a death knight in the darkness. It was a death knight made from the corpse of the assassin who was called ‘reaper in the dark.’ Veradin’s heart pounded. There was a need to weaken the power of the Overgeared Kingdom for the future of Immortal. He led the elites of Immortal for this reason. 

This incident would make Grid furious. What would happen when he found out Agnus was behind it? It was obvious. Grid would be filled with killing intent. What would Agnus look like in a dire crisis? Veradin was curious as well. He wanted to observe all aspects of the madman.

That’s right. Like Lauel said in the past, Veradin wasn’t loyal to Agnus. Agnus was just an interesting experiment. Grid was selected as a sacrifice for the experiment.