Chapter 770

[You have dealt 1,430...]

[The black flame explosion...]



『 P-Player Grid is continuing the onslaught!! 』

『 Player Grid’s attack power is completely overwhelming Player Kraugel!! 』

『 100,000 Army Massacre Sword...! I now understand why it has such a name! It has tremendous power!! 』

『 It’s worth noting that the black flames are intermittently exploding. It’s applied at the same time as other skills so it might be a passive skill... 』

『 Huh? Is that so? 』

The sight of Bunhelier being bombarded 30 times with 100,000 Army Massacre Sword was shocking. Bunlier’s scales, which completely neutralized Sword Saint Kraugel’s attacks, received damage. It was the moment when the hidden skill ‘Absolute Defense (SSS) was overwhelmed by Grid’s dignity.


Bunhelier’s 30 meter long body was finely shaking. The spectators and viewers watching wondered if Grid might succeed in raiding Bunhelier. But reality was terrible. It was like an ordinary person scratching the paint of a luxury sedan only for it to emerge unscathed. Even if slight scratches were made with human fingernails, it was just like dirt from the road blowing. It meant that the wounds on Bunhelier’s scales were very minor after being hit by 100,000 Army Massacre Sword.

Bunhelier had an ill-natured personality. It had a health recovery speed that made a damage of 10,000 or 100,000 meaningless. After being hit by 100,000 Army Massacre Sword, the grey scales that were finely scratched healed in an instant. Grid’s attacks couldn’t keep up with their resilience.


The spectators and viewers were dazzled by the colourful effects and noticed late. Bunhelier’s health hadn’t decreased at all despite being hit by Grid dozens of times.

'Does it have 10 billion health?’

It was estimated that Great Demon Belial had 2 billion health. It wasn’t strange that a dragon, which overwhelmed even the 1st Great Demon Baal, possessed at least 10 billion health. Given the defense and resilience, it was impossible to raid Bunhelier, even if he used 100,000 Army Massacre Sword endlessly. Grid didn’t even know about the One Million Army Massacre Sword.

“...I-I’m sorry.”

Kung! As Kraugel hit Bunhelier’s snout and turned the giant eyes to him, Kraugel apologized to Grid. He had no choice but to bow his head. Dragon. Kraugel felt awe towards the world’s strongest creature.


The ground shook. Grid couldn’t maintain his balance and fell down. It wasn’t an earthquake. It was a wave created by Bunhelier’s ‘one step’ as it tried to trample Kraugel on the ground. For a dragon, the small and feeble human was like an ant. Grid who penetrated the defense and left small scratches on the scales? From Bunhelier’s point of view, he was no different from Kraugel. It felt a little annoyed and wasn’t inspired at all. He had no special interest in the ants that were biting at his nails.


Bunhelier blew out a breath. Grid and Kraugel had no way to withstand the powerful attack that swept through the ruins of the old castle. People were upset when Grid and Kraugel turned to grey at the same time.

"...Even Grid and Kraugel can’t match a dragon.”

"The range of the breath is a scam. Who can endure that? Even if all the players are gathered together, they will be wiped out in 10 minutes.

“By the way, what’s this? Why did a dragon suddenly appear in PvP?"


The crowd and viewers belatedly detected the abnormality. They recovered from the dragon’s presence that had overwhelmed them. People were angry because the confrontation that had waited 1 year and 3 months for came to a futile end.

“Is this a joke?”

"I want my admission fee back!”

“Boo! Boooooo!”

The crowd was convinced that this incident was due to the organizers and criticisms poured out. They were no longer concerned with Bunhelier. They couldn’t have any interest because it was an existence in another world. The public wanted a target that was in reach.

After Grid and Kraugel’s deaths. Bunhelier stood alone on the PvP area where everything was destroyed. It was the moment when the worst existence, that should’ve terrorized the world along with Insane Dragon Nevartan, felt a sense of uncertainty due to an unfamiliar situation.

At this time.

“Ah! Look there!”

“What? Was it staged?”

The screen was switched. The PvP stage had changed. It was a space large enough to make humans look like dust. A little while ago, Bunhelier had suddenly showed up. Now there was a huge place that looked like there was room for it, even with its two wings wide open.

“Is this a dragon lair?”

As soon as they noticed, they guessed it was the new PvP stage. Then Grid and Kraugel, who had been resurrected, checked the notifications in front of them.

[You were killed by Bunhelier. The evil dragon’s venom has penetrated deep into your lungs. Until you die again, all types of health recovery are reduced by 60%.]


It was a terrible curse that could only be solved with death. Kraugel was silent as a bitter expression appeared on his face. For the first time in his life, he felt a sense of great helplessness.

In reality and in Satisfy. Every time he met an opponent better than himself, he had a belief that he could jump over the opponent one day. For him, dragons were unfamiliar presences that couldn’t be reached even if he tried for the rest of his life. Kraugel didn’t want to meet a dragon again and it was deeply engraved in his heart.

Grid was different from him.

“Ah, shit...!”

Grid was jumping around while huffing and puffing. An opponent he couldn’t catch up with in his life? Unlike Kraugel, Grid had experienced it countless times. He had learned how to grow using the feelings of helplessness and frustration as nutrients. His attitude was in contrast to Kraugel.

“This damn lizard scum! Not even apologizing after killing someone? Ah, bastard! The next time we meet, I will be sure to get revenge! Kill it at all cost... No, subtract half blood! Yes! I will make an item to counter a dragon!”


Kraugel was surprised at Grid’s burning desire. Grid’s eyes presented Kraugel with an unexpected future.

"This lizard, I will summon it again for you later.”


"At that time, you and I will be armed with dragon slayer items and cut off his layer of scales. And... huhuhu! Make armor out of the scales. How about it? Aren’t you happy just imagining it?


Kraugel became aware that Grid was a great person. But he didn’t expect it to be this much.

‘His vessel fills my vessel.’

With a complicated expression, Kraugel returned to reality.

“Then what about this?”

Grid noticed the cameras reopening and noticed that the PvP match would resume. He was affected by the evil dragon’s curse. The recovery abilities of Doran’s Ring, Elfin Stone’s Ring, and Cray’s Power had become ineffective. The situation was the same with Kraugel. It was a deadly curse for Kraugel, who had the ability to recover with the Troll King’s Curse, Bitter Grief Spear, and the Red Sword.

Of course, the S.A. Group didn’t overlook this. The organizers released the curse on the two people by borrowing the name of a god.

[Goddess Rebecca has healed you of the evil dragon’s extreme poisoning.]

At the same time.

『 Did you enjoy the emergence of the evil dragon Bunhelier, which made the PvP finals more colorful? From now on, the second round of the finals will begin on a new stage! This stage is a dragon lair! It’s the nest of the evil dragon Bunhelier! 』

The host received a notice and shouted in a loud voice.

Grid and Kraugel laughed as they discovered the situation.

"The host is also suffering.”

“I agree.”

"Let’s finish this quickly. Fighting, fighting, and fighting again. I’m exhausted.”

“A sea of hope.”

No further words were necessary. The resources such as health and skill cooldown time were restored to what they were before Bunhelier appeared. The two people rushed towards each other.


Grid’s attack power was high now that fighting energy exceeded 50, making it difficult for Kraugel. He started to be pushed on the defensive in the sword exchange. He evaded and then launched a large number of swords with Control Sword. The swords moved in every direction so that Grid couldn’t avoid them.

Grid didn’t find a way to escape, but he wasn’t afraid. When he looked with a Blacksmith’s Eyes, the swords had a rating from unique~ legendary. Then what about Grid’s defense? Grid judged that it would be hard for the weapons to penetrate his armor unless Kraugel wielded them directly.

Puk! Puuoook!

Grid’s battle style was exchanging flesh and blood! He tried to counterattack against Kraugel every time he was hit by a sword. Then he suddenly stopped. Some of the swords fired by Kraugel pierced his right elbow. Grid was unable to swing his arms because the physical conditions prevented the rotation of his joints.


It was guided?

‘What is this...?’

The moment that Grid was feeling irritation and excitement.

“Condemnation Sword.”

Pajik! Paijijik!

A silver sword was raised. It was the skill that was blocked by Bunhelier’s emergence. Now it appeared again as a threat to Grid.


It was too late to move the hand holding his sword. Grid judged and raised his left hand, summoning Iyarugt from his inventory. Kraugel expected Grid to fight back with Revolve. But Grid’s choice was different.

"100,000 Army Massacre Sword!”

‘At this timing?’

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The strongest skill that penetrated even a dragon’s scales washed over Kraugel. He was swallowed up as a silver light flashed from the tip of his sword.