Chapter 767

Due to their overwhelming presence, Grid and Kraugel went straight to the finals. They shared the same thoughts 30 minutes before the match.

‘Can I win?’

‘I must win.’

‘If not this year-'

‘There might not be a chance to win anymore.’

The two men saw each other’s skills during the last National Competition. They acknowledged each other and were afraid. They had both expectations and concerns about the potential that was hard to quantify of the other person.

Duguen, duguen, dugeun...

The Korean team’s waiting room.

Grid sat on the sofa, his heart beating much faster than usual. He thought of the first day he met Kraugel. He was reminded of the emotions he felt when facing the sky above the sky, who wasn’t easy to see.


How could he explain this deep emotion? Grid changed due to his meeting with Kraugel. He became known world wide, knew his potential strength, and gained confidence. In addition, he was able to run towards the goal of ‘Kraugel.’

‘If I hadn’t met you at that time, I wouldn’t have grown to where I am now.’ Yes, for Grid, Kraugel was a special person. Sometimes he felt like a benefactor. ‘He’s the benefactor who shared the information of the Behen Archipelago with me.’

Grid smiled and rose from the sofa.

"Kraugel, you have an obligation to see my growth.”

Victory. Fight and win at all cost. Grid was filled with strong desire.

Now he realized. In the future, he wouldn’t be the one chasing after another player. He would be the one going ahead. Grid had to evolve, for the young players of South Korea and the players of the Overgeared Kingdom. It would be done by breaking the sky called Kraugel.

‘The role that you have been taking so far... I’ll do it for you in the future.’


Grid raised trembling hands to his grim face.


The other Korean representatives were afraid of interrupting Grid’s thoughts and waited outside the room.

“Who will win?”

Viola wasn’t affected by the atmosphere and questioned. Then.

"Of course it will be God Grid.” Peak Sword didn’t hesitate for a moment before replying.


The other players couldn’t easily guess and remained silent. The rematch between Grid and Kraugel that took place after one year and three months.

It didn’t just involve the pride between the two, but the destiny of South Korea and the United States. The first place in the overall rankings would be decided by who won the match. The citizens of the first ranked country could secure a large experience buff.

From the standpoint of the Korean players, they were praying for Grid’s victory. The problem was that the opponent was the sky above the sky. The man who had reigned since Satisfy opened. No matter how strong Grid was, it was hard to be sure if he could beat Kraugel.

“We will find out at the end of the day.” Eat Spicy Jokbal said. "It’s true that Sword Saint Kraugel’s power can’t be measured, but Grid hasn’t revealed all his power yet either. We don’t know who will win.”

The fact that the Sword Saint was the strongest combat class was hard to deny. But Grid had items and a higher level than Kraugel.

"...Well, I will personally cheer for Grid.”

It wasn't just because Eat Spicy Jokbal coveted the buff. What if Grid who defeated him lost to Kraugel?

‘I will also be under Kraugel. Damn!’

He didn’t want to be below another person!

Peak Sword laughed without knowing why Eat Spicy Jokbal was going crazy. "You’re hoping for Grid’s victory? Friend Jokbal! You have finally fallen for the charms of God Grid!”

“What bullshit...! I just want the buff!”

There were 20 minutes until the finals started.


The US team’s waiting room.


Kraugel sat with his eyes closed. 

He thought of the first time he encountered the mad Agnus. The first and last day he met with Haster, who had no interest in the world. The day he first met Grid, who had flames in his black eyes. Among the people who the S.A. Group called the ‘Five Miracles,’ Grid was the one who made Kraugel’s heart boil. It was just after fighting Piaro. However, Grid was still the first player to defeat him.

‘From then on.’

Kraugel’s gaze and awareness always followed Grid. Every time he saw Grid go one step further, Kraugel became more motivated and was able to grow faster. Kraugel realized. If Grid hadn’t been here. Kraugel might not have been left behind, but he would’ve become empty from the curse called nothingness.

‘Since then, I have been happy.’

There was a smile on Kraugel’s face as he opened his eyes. The moment he stood up.

“Player Kraugel, it’s 15 minutes until the start of the match. Please move to the stage.”

The voice of the staff could be heard outside the waiting room.

Lauel saw him and said, “Good luck.”

Lauel didn’t want Kraugel to win. He naturally wanted Grid to win. As Grid’s subordinate, he eagerly prayed. But Kraugel was the peak of two billion users and an idol to billions of people. It would become complicated if Kraugel fell. Kraugel read Lauel’s bittersweet facial expression and replied with his distinct expressionless face.

“The other person is Grid. If I lose to him, his existence can no longer be denied.”

The fact that Grid deserved to bring down the sky, now everyone in the world knew this. No one would be disappointed or criticize Kraugel if he lost.

“Of course, I don’t intend to lose.”

Victory. He would also win this time. Kraugel was filled with a strong desire. He hoped that he would always be Grid’s goal. He wanted Grid to keep being conscious of him. There was nothing as sad as one-sided liking.


“Crying Tiger.”


The PvP finals video of the 2nd National Competition was being played on the screen. Kraugel penetrated the shield summoned by the white-haired Grid, while being burned by flames at the same time. The winner was decided with a mere 0.1 seconds difference, touching the hearts of the crowd and viewers.


“It’s cool to see that scene again a few times.”

It was a video recording that had 5 billion playbacks in a year. Of the 8 billion people, the only ones who hadn’t seen the confrontation between Grid and Kraugel were babies. In addition, people didn’t play the video once. Growing children, young people aggressively planning for their future, middle-aged people getting tired of their lives, and old people in the twilight of their lives.

All of them came up with new dreams and desires by repeating the video of the confrontation between Grid and Kraugel. They lived a faithful life, hoping to stand on the same stage someday.

The players who became idols. Grid and Kraugel entered the stage.

『 The protagonists of the confrontation that occurred one year and three months ago! Kraugel of the United States and Grid of South Korea are on the stage!! 』

『 Hey! The cheers were amazing! I have never seen such a sight in 15 years. Won’t Tokyo Dome collapse if it continues like this? 』

『 Hahaha! At this moment, everyone seems united, regardless of nationality, race, gender, or religion. We can see how great the two players are. 』

『 Nobody cares that this match will determine who will be first on the overall rankings. Everyone in the crowd is just passionate about both players. 』

“Grid!! You’re the first legend! You’re the first king! Prove that you’re the best!”

“Kraugel! Don’t fall! Show Grid why you have reigned at the top for so many years!”




The piercing shouts spread throughout Tokyo. The excitement of the scene was being transmitted to viewers. But Grid and Kraugel were in the middle of a tranquil world. The two men faced other other and were solely focused on the other person. The cries of other people didn’t reach their ears.

"A man’s match should be decided in three rounds?”


"Then this time is the real winner?”

“That’s right.”

"We will still be friends regardless of the result?”

“Of course.”

"Then I will beat you.”

"I will also do my best.”

The two men lightly greeted each other before standing in front of their capsules. The host hurriedly handed a microphone to Kraugel.

"Could you please tell us your feelings ahead of the match?”


The moment Kraugel was given the microphone. The heated up Tokyo Dome fell silent. Tens of thousands of people in Tokyo Dome gazed at one person. Their faces were filled with anticipation as Kraugel opened his mouth.

"I’m afraid.”


The sky above the sky was afraid? The host and spectators doubted their ears.

“That’s why I am looking forward to it even more.”

Kraugel smiled at the end of his words. The always emotionless Kraugel was smiling so brightly?


The people who saw Kraugel realized it for the first time. The person who had been waiting for this moment more than anyone else was Kraugel.

"Kyaaaaak! Kraugel!”

"Yes, enjoy it! Kraugel, win!”

“Kraugel! Kraugel! Kraugel!”


The atmosphere reached the peak.

At the same time, in Satisfy.

“We will soon move.”

Veradin led the elites of Immortal into Reinhardt, capital of the Overgeared Kingdom. It was easy to infiltrate, since the Overgeared Kingdom freely allowed players to access the city.

"Head straight for the smithy.”


Not only did Grid show an overwhelming performance in the National Competition, he also succeeded in getting the first ranked blacksmith, Panmir. In such a situation, Immortal was forced to feel a sense of crisis since they were hostile to Grid. It was hard to overlook the Overgeared Kingdom.


“The target is Blacksmith Khan. Find him and kill him.”

Immortal acted first. Most members of Overgeared were logged out now that the PvP finals had begun. Reinhardt was an empty house.


“The stars are bright.”

His hammering would give strength to Grid. Khan worked hard again today with such an attitude. His eyes in his wrinkled face were filled with longing as he looked up at the night sky. Today, he wanted to see Grid more and more.