Chapter 768

The US team’s waiting room.

Panmir was sitting next to Lauel and chattering away. He looked like a young child placed in front of a birthday cake. He was excited about the new life he would live as an Overgeared member after finishing the National Competition.

"Is there a blacksmith craftsman in the Overgeared Kingdom?”

“Yes. There are a total of five.”

The blacksmiths who came from Pangea on the East Continent and Khan. All of them were taught by Grid and became craftsmen through enlightenment. In particular, Khan’s craftsmanship level was high. Lauel dared to boast that Khan was in the top 10 of the continent.

“Blacksmith Khan...? I've heard that name before. I remember that he was praised as the best blacksmith 20 years ago, until he retired after losing his son.”

"Yes, that's right."

"Huhu, he didn’t actually retire, but followed Grid. Khan reached the craftsman rank thanks to Grid. It’s no different from Grid being his benefactor."

Grid had nurtured talent from a long time ago. It was truly amazing. Lauel spoke meaningfully towards Panmir, who admired this new fact. "Benefactor... But Khan might be King Grid’s benefactor.”


"Haha, it’s nothing.”

In terms of Khan’s superior blacksmithing skills, it was mostly from an NPC point of view. In fact, he was Grid’s first friend, teacher, student, and also a family member. Who would understand?

Grid was on the monitors. Lauel watched him standing in the center of the world with unwavering eyes and showed a gentle smile.




A castle enveloped in the darkness of night. The Lion’s Castle, the stage of PvP every year was very large. There were four spires, seven floors, and corridors with hundreds of rooms. But in the end, it became a ruin. It might’ve boasted a brilliant civilization and beauty in the past, but now it was just a ruin where desolate wind blew.

Chichik, chijijik.

The hundreds of pillars supporting the roof were in such a precarious state that there were doubts about whether they could collapse straight away. The stone powder falling on the ground was a signal. The extremely concentrated Grid and Kraugel in the middle of the square with a fountain moved at the same time.


The sword where darkness was encroaching. There was no trace of it as Kraugel’s +9 White Fang shot towards Grid.

[A complete evasion has failed. You have suffered 1,290 damage.]

[The durability of Triple Layers has decreased by 1.]


A sword split apart the darkness. Like the claws of a bird of prey, the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires smashed the old fountain.


This attack could easily be avoided despite Grid being equipped with Alex's Quick Gloves? Grid was amazed by Kraugel’s movements, who took full advantage of the passive Super Sensitivity and his innate abilities as he rotated and retrieved his sword.



Grid’s Enlightenment Sword blocked Kraugel’s White Fang that appeared behind Grid’s back.

[You have blocked a powerful blow!]

[Your hands are temporarily paralyzed.]

[You have resisted.]

[The durability of the +9 White Fang has decreased by 2.]


Grid’s attack power with his new sword exceeded Kraugel’s assumed range. Only their swords clashed but the weight of the sword was so great that Kraugel moaned.

“How is it?” Grid was able to grasp and react relatively quickly to Kraugel’s movements thanks to the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and his high insight stat. “Have I become stronger?”

“The best.”


Kraugel’s confirmation made Grid flourish. Grid felt his heart beat faster as he advanced forward. He tried to use footwork while pushing Kraugel’s White Fang with his Enlightenment Sword.

At that moment.

"Crushing Sword.”

Kraugel used a unique sword breaking type skill.


The Enlightenment Sword intertwined with White Fang was rotated by White Fang. Naturally, Grid’s wrist also turned.


An eerie sound was heard. A chill went down Grid’s spine.

[Your wrist has been broken.]

[You have fallen into the ‘fracture’d state.]

[Your attack speed is reduced by 50% for 20 seconds and damage is reduced by 30%.]

[The current durability of the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires has decreased by 12%.]


It caused a physical condition that couldn’t be resisted while drastically reducing the durability of the weapon? Grid reminded himself. Kraugel was able to become a Sword Saint by mastering the sword. The person who the world viewed as strongest in Satisfy right now was Kraugel!


Pa pa pa pat!

[You have suffered 4,700 damage.]

[You have suffered 3,950 damage.]

[You have suffered 4,230...]

[You have suffered 4,110...]

The moment he allowed an attack. The Slaughterer’s Eye Patch and his insight didn’t detect that constant slashes that struck Grid’s body. The minimum damage compensation when a ‘sword type weapon was equipped’ in proportion to defense and the ability of a Sword Saint to deal additional damage to all species made the defense of Triple Layers futile.

“God Hands!”

The flow wasn’t good. Grid determined that it was necessary to reset the situation. He shouted and the four God Hands appeared behind him. Under the clear moonlight that shone in the darkness, a glittering gold light appeared. But the gold was soon lifted.

It was because four swords were fired from Kraugel’s inventory and the God Hands were blown away. It was the Control Sword skill. A Sword Saint was able to remotely control up to 10 swords. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to control their body and the swords at the same time.


But it was possible for Kraugel, the sky above the sky. He controlled the swords while using White Light Steps. He reached Grid’s side while hiding in the moonlight.


Grid realized Kraugel’s approach and belatedly swung his sword.


He was hampered by his fractured state. Kraugel had the effect of reaching the maximum speed ‘when a sword type weapon was equipped’ and he was much faster than Grid’s sword.

[You have suffered 4,900 damage.]


Grid coughed up blood as he was cut on the side. Kraugel moved forward the moment he attacked, capturing Grid’s rear area. There was a perfect gap behind Grid.


Kraugel bent forward and took a stance. It was the forerunner to the sword that cut the world, Space Sword.


As soon as White Fang emitted a black light, the ground, darkness and the moonlight...

Jjejeok! Jjejejejeok!

They were split in half at the same time. However, the target Grid received no damage. It was thanks to the use of Freely Move, which avoided all non-targeted skills. Even the glorious Sword Saint found it hard to harm the Secret Hero who saved the world.


Rising and descending. With a simple action, Grid slipped away from the range of Space Sword and struck Kraugel’s body.

[You have suffered 9,490 damage.]


Didn’t he have a passive that reduced maximum damage done by a sword type weapon by 40%? This question rose in Kraugel’s eyes as he received big damage. The biggest problem was that Grid’s attack didn’t end with just the primary damage. Up to three extra damages were possible.


The black flames inflicted 300% damage.

『 Ah...! 』

The commentators of broadcasting companies around the world cried out. This was the strongest immediate skill that destroyed Tarma, one of the PvP winning candidates. Some commentators predicted Kraugel’s death.

『 P-Player Kraugel! Surely he won’t be logged out like this? 』

The legendary class had an immortal passive. The people of the world were now clearly aware of this fact based on various circumstances. Of course, the commentators were the same. The commentators were well aware that Kraugel wouldn’t die from this blow. But they had to make a more dramatic commentary, sweeping the audience and viewers into an extremely nervous atmosphere. 

In particular, those who cheered on Kraugel were watching the remnants of the black flames with worry. They didn’t want the sky above the sky that they had admired for so many years to fall like this.

At that moment.


A shield of light blocked the black flames. The black flames sweeping the Lion’s Castle vanished without a trace. It was the defensive skill of a Sword Saint, ‘Sword Curtain’ that used sword energy as a resource.  The skill created a protective curtain made of dozens of swords and had the ability to block all magical and physical damage.


Grid sweated as he looked at Kraugel. So far, he had dealt with various competitors. Perhaps they had the same thoughts every time they faced him?

“Isn’t this a scam?”

Grid spoke what he was thinking. The strongest legendary class, Sword Saint. He was revealing a grand majesty when dealing with the Overgeared King. In addition.

[You have discovered a strong person of this era!]

[The Hero King’s fighting energy has started to boil!]

Grid was also complete. Grid’s fighting energy, which had been kept at 10 thanks to Kraugel’s low level, slowly started to rise. It was a hidden effect created by the Sword Saint class.


It didn’t matter if it was real or not. People murmured as the fighting energy appeared like a haze around Grid’s body.

“What’s this?”

"Wow, it’s cool.”

The crowd and viewers started to notice one by one. A red and purple aura was wrapped around Grid’s body. It was the mighty power of the Undefeated King, whose existence itself was a legend. Grid inherited his will and was now exposing it to the world.


Kraugel sensed it. This year’s showdown would be much tougher than last year.