Chapter 766

[You have suffered 1,950 damage.]

[You have become stiff. You can’t take any actions.]

[You have suffered 879 damage.]

[You have become stiff…]

[You have suffered 880 damage...]

“Ugh! Keok! Eek! Kuoh! Kuaaah!”

There was a feeling of helplessness, like a fly caught in a spider web. Zhang Zheng roared like a wild beast after being frozen by Mjolnir for a few minutes. It was difficult for him to accept this awful feeling of helplessness that he felt for the first time. Why did he have to be disgraced in front of the world?

‘I won’t be able to raise my head if I’m logged out this way!’

It had been less than an hour since his interview stating that Grid and Kraugel were insignificant. The one who was defeated without Grid lifting a finger would transform into trash that was no different from Tarma.


Zhang Zheng wanted to deny this terrible reality. He tried to act. In order to regain his freedom, he looked for a gap.

'Let's concentrate!’

He only needed to move his hands once. If he wielded his sword the moment the stiffness was released and defended against the hammer attack, he would be freed. Zhang Zheng calmed his mind and didn’t doubt it. Until now, he had lost his cool at the infinite CCs. But he was confident that he could escape from this hell since a skill with an infinite effect in Satisfy couldn’t exist.



0.3 seconds.

Peok peok!

0.1 seconds, 0.1 seconds, 0.1 seconds and 0.3 seconds again. The four hammers alternated, leaving no gaps in the stiffness. Zhang Zheng tried to focus but he couldn’t find the right timing to escape.

‘This is ridiculous...!’

It was a scam! Grid was using a bug! The moment that Zhang Zheng was convinced.

[30,000 damage has accumulated. The Black King’s Armor feels humiliated!]


The dark armor that Zhang Zheng was wearing flashed red and exploded. It was the prelude to a counterattack. The God Hands were caught in the explosion and flew in every direction, becoming rigid. Then Zhang Zheng was freed from the endless CC.


Zhang Zheng immediately drank a health potion and headed to Grid.

“How long did you think you could hide behind that trick?”

Zhang Zheng was excited. The moment when Zhang Zheng tried to aim his sword at Grid.


[You have suffered 13,050 damage.]

Iyarugt, who had been standing next to Grid with folded arms interfered.


Zhang Zheng was hit by Iyarugt due to being blinded by Grid. Then he coughed up blood. It was the moment when his hell started again.

Peok peok! Peok peok peok!

“Ugh! Eek! Kek!”

The God Hands were released from their stiffness and randomly assaulted Zhang Zheng again. It was the scene where the counterattack that the Chinese crowd were hoping for failed.

[30,000 damage has accumulated. The Black King’s Armor feels humiliated!]

“Kiyaaaaah! Bastard! Die! Dieeee!”

During the time that Zhang Zheng was released from the stiffness, he pulled out some chains.


The chains stretched out in all directions to restrain the God Hands.

'That's it!'

Zhang Zheng smiled with satisfaction, took a potion, and rushed to Iyarugt. He realized that he had to beat Iyarugt to get to Grid.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

Zhang Zheng exchanged sword blows. Zhang Zheng recovered his cool and demonstrated 120% of his stats. It was because he had a desire to smash the nasty Grid. But his momentum didn’t last long. While Zhang Zheng was caught in the fight against Iyarugt, Grid had released all the chains restraining the God Hands.

Peok! Peok peok!

“Cough! Ugh! Eek!”


Zhang Zheng’s armor was hit a few more times by Mjolnir and exploded again. It meant that a lot of damage accumulated during the battle with Iyarugt.

“Bastard! You nasty bastard! Cowardly bastard!!!”

Zhang Zheng bound the God Hands with the chains again and glared at Grid with bloodshot eyes. Grid didn’t fight until the end, only relying on his items and pets.  It was like a one player fighting game! But what could he do about his anger? Zhang Zheng might be able to match Iyarugt, but he couldn’t defeat Iyarugt.

While he was tied up with Iyarugt, Grid untied the chains holding the God Hands. Then he relaxed with a whistle!


The commentators were silent. It was too uncomfortable to talk about this one-sided and terrible match. On the other hand, Grid...

‘It’s still incomplete.’

He was watching Zhang Zheng’s armor. It wasn’t a ‘damage reflection every time it was hit’ but a ‘damage reflection every time a certain amount of damage accumulated?’ It reflected a huge three times the damage. Therefore, Zhang Zheng’s armor was sure to have a huge penalty.

Grid had expected this from the beginning. Grid could make a better production item than a dropped item the reflected three times the damage. From the moment he heard about Zhang Zheng’s armor from Bubat, he predicted there would be a deadly problem with Zhang Zheng’s armor.


Finally, the Black King’s Armor exploded and Zhang Zheng drank a potion. Then the same thing repeated.


It was the fifth explosion of the Black King’s Armor. Zhang Zheng once again drank a potion. Then he noticed a wicked smile spreading on Grid’s face.

‘Is this bastard smiling...? Eh?’

Zhang Zheng was taken aback when he witnessed Grid’s face. He belatedly realized that he overlooked one fact because he was completely lost in the humiliation he felt for the first time in his life.

‘...The armor’s durability!’

A chill went down Zhang Zheng’s spine. The Black King’s Armor, it exploded five times? Then 250 durability had been lost. If it exploded one more time...!

Peok! Peok peok!


[You have suffered 1,600 damage.]

[You have suffered 930...]

[You have suffered 965...]

Zhang Zheng became panicked as the Mjolnir bombardment started again.

“Stop! Please! Please stoppppp!”

The crowd murmured as Zhang Zheng’s desperate screams rang out through Tokyo Dome. The nasty Zhang Zheng was crying and begging as a child. Then Grid...

“What if I don’t want to?”

He didn’t stop. Zhang Zheng was wicked. Considering his personality, Grid didn’t know what he would do if Zhang Zheng wasn’t trampled on. Grid knew it for sure because he had met many enemies in his life. Zhang Zheng wasn’t someone he should show mercy to.

"Today is your memorial day.”


Zhang Zheng was unable to swap items in the infinite stiffness state! Zhang Zheng fell into despair at the worst situation when a notification window rose.

[30,000 damage has accumulated. The Black King’s Armor feels humiliated!]


[The Black King’s Armor has completely lost its durability. The Black King’s Armor is permanently destroyed.]

“N-No! Nooooooooo!!”

Zhang Zheng screamed.


Iyarugt dealt the final blow. Zhang Zheng was finally released from hell.


"The winner is Grid!!”

The same time that the host called out.

“You...! How dare you!”

Zhang Zheng rushed towards Grid the moment he logged out and exited the capsule. He completely lost his temper and forgot that this was the National Competition. His actions were being broadcasted around the world.

“I will kill you!”

Zhang Zheng roared like a dog with rabies and swung his fist. It was a fist that accurately aimed for Grid’s face as he left the capsule late. Grid was caught off guard. The crowd cried out as they expected Grid to be hit. But surprisingly, Grid didn’t allow the attack. He instinctively used footwork to avoid Zhang Zheng’s fist. Then he kicked out, knocking Zhang Zheng down. It was a counterattack that took full advantage of the natural body movements from playing Satisfy, a body that had been constantly exercising and the Taekwondo taught during military service.


The security guarded running on stage were stunned when they witnessed what happened to Zhang Zheng. They were impressed with Grid’s clean movements. On the other hand, Grid was baffled.

‘Wow, what a terrible fighter.’

Grid had been beaten up in his school days. Even a few years ago, he had been hit by the gangsters harassing Sehee and Yerim and ended up being protected by Yerim. Being protected by a high school girl...

Grid was forced to think he was weak. He believed that he was someone who couldn’t fight in reality. Yet Zhang Zheng’s fist seemed to be in slow motion.

‘There are people who are worse at fighting than me...’

Grid looked at Zhang Zheng, who had collapsed from his weak kick, and was filled with sympathy.  Grid didn’t know. Zhang Zheng was actually a martial artist in China.

The viewers cheered.


“Grid properly gave a scolding to that nasty Chinese player!”

"How can he fight so well? What can’t he do?”

"He’s the real deal...!”

“Grid! Grid!! Grid!!!”

The atmosphere rose. The Grid who exited on the cheers was the main character of the world itself. On the other hand, Zhang Zheng was greatly disciplined for his constant cursing and violence. His account was suspended from Satisfy for four months and he wouldn’t be able to participate in the next two National Competitions.

China’s new star fell as soon as he rose. All of China had a mournful atmosphere. But surprisingly, few Chinese people blamed Grid. This incident was caused by Zhang Zheng himself and they thought he deserved it.

At the same time, the Korean team’s waiting room.

"...Doesn’t Grid fight better than me?”

Toon was afraid of losing his job as Grid’s bodyguard.


The 3rd National Competition’s PvP event seemed like a stage designed for Grid and Kraugel. They rose from the round of 32 to the finals.

Grid used his overwhelming attack power to blow away the enemies while Kraugel used his control to take down the enemies. If Grid managed to defeat his opponent without even touching them, Kraugel also took control of his sword to defeat the opponent with folded arms.

Strangely, not one member of Overgeared participated in this year’s PvP, making it a competition between Grid and Kraugel.

In the course of four matches, Grid and Kraugel won easily without a single crisis. The crowd was overwhelmed by their unrivaled strength.

"Isn’t Grid several times stronger than he was last year?”

"Is Grid the reason why the Overgeared members didn’t participate in PvP? They knew they would obviously lose against Grid and gave up.”

"It’s a realistic interpretation. I have the same idea.”

"But Kraugel is also much stronger. He won’t be pushed by Grid.”

"That's right. In particular, the Control Sword technique is a big hit. He can move the sword without using his hands. This year’s Kraugel has a perfect defense for the God Hands.”

“Who will win?”

Nobody could predict the winner.

Even the experts didn’t disclose their opinions.

Did they deserve to be paid for the show if they stayed silent on air?

There were many protests from viewers.

The experts, who gradually lost their place due to Grid, were no different from being unemployed.