Chapter 765

There were many dialects around the world. It was said that there were more than 100 dialects in China due to its large land mass and population.

"Standard language unification.”

As soon as he connected to Satisfy, Grid ended the dialect interpretation system. It was the reason why he heard Zhang Zheng’s Yanbian dialect translated into Korean.

"I personally hate Yanbian.”


Ruined castle walls weathered by dry winds. Zhang Zheng emerged from behind them and declared, "Grid, don’t think you will die painlessly.”

It had been two years and three months since Zhang Zheng started Satisfy. He took great pride in using his wealth of information and tremendous talent to catch up with existing players, becoming a top ranked player beyond the second generation rookies.

Grid? Kraugel? He didn’t believe the people at the top were his opponents.

"My confidence has grown after I participated in the National Competition. Existing players are weak. They’re rotten and dull-witted. It’s worthless to be the king of the trash. Isn't that right?"

To describe the current Satisfy, it was like a lion getting lost in a forest. Wolves and foxes were abundant. Zhang Zheng believed he was a talented person who would fill the empty position of a lion.

"I’ll be the master of this forest.”

He would win. Zhang Zheng was sure of it. The talent that allowed him to jump over the second generation rookies that the old generation claimed to be geniuses was the basis of his conviction. He was sure that he was better than Grid.

"You want to cut me up?”

Zhang Zheng gave a wicked and arrogant smile as he showed eight types of legendary weapons in order. They were the most powerful weapons with different users. The unusual appearances showed they were enhanced.


The crowd made sounds of admiration due to the spectacular effects that occurred every time Zhang Zheng changed weapons.

“It doesn’t matter how many weapons you take out. I won’t give you a chance to wield them.” Grid said with a nonchalant expression. It was enough to stimulate Zhang Zheng.

“The king of petty wild dogs! How can a dog challenge a lion? Today I will show you reality! I will make you realize how trivial and frivolous the world you have reigned over is!”

Zhang Zheng’s face was red as he yelled. He was like a demon as his axe rose in the air. Grid smiled bitterly.

‘A new generation mutant...’

Grid was the king of a nation. He had information that general players couldn’t possess and knew about Zhang Zheng. A genius who achieved unparalleled growth above the third generation 10 Rookies. Someone who was said to transcend the second generation.

‘I was expecting a lot.’

In fact, Zhang Zheng was just a lump of arrogance. Grid felt a sense of responsibility when he saw Zhang Zheng disparaging the old generation. He felt responsible to eliminate the prejudices about the old generation. It was an obligation Grid felt for himself and his precious colleagues. Grid didn’t want the people who had paved the way to be called trivial.


Four golden hands appeared behind Grid. They were armed with Mjolnir, the most powerful status inducing weapon. Zhang Zheng’s eyes shone at the appearance of the famous God Hands.

"Kukuk! Kuhahaha! Indeed! This is it! You’re admitting that you are afraid of me!”

In the past National Competition PvP matches, it was rare for Grid to use the God Hands. Apart from when facing Kraugel, there were no cases where Grid actively used the God Hands from the beginning. From Zhang Zheng’s point of view, it was a clear acknowledgement. It proved that Grid put him in the same class as Kraugel!

The crowd was also excited.

"Grid is already pulling out the God Hands!”

"Zhang Zheng seems to be strong...”

"Indeed, the strongest of the third generation of rookies!”

Zhang Zheng was the one who broke Bubat, one of the strongest of the old generation. In a situation where Grid revealed his power from the beginning against the monster rookie, people were forced to appreciate Zhang Zheng even more. In particular, China had a festive atmosphere.

"Finally, a hero has emerged in our great nation!”

"He’s a different genius from Hao, who bows down to Grid every time! Despite being a newcomer, Grid is nervous about him!”

Zhang Zheng is just the beginning. There are many people in our great nation and the younger generation is evolving every day. The descendants of the heroes in history will continue to appear and occupy the world stage!”

The Chinese pride in their country was the highest in the world. They were drunk in the name of nationalism and dreamt of a brilliant future. They didn’t doubt that China would be one of the leading superpowers in Satisfy. The 1.5 billion population were excited.

"Admitting that I am afraid? Me? Of you?” Then Grid gave them despair. "You’re just a fly to me. I don’t have to catch you directly. Summon Iyarugt.”


Grid pulled out Iyarugt and it roared. Grid couldn’t hold it as a blood red light scattered all over the place.


Iyarugt emerged from Grid’s grasp and flew into the sky. The translucent red color of the smelted bloodstone started to darken. The ancient golden characters gave it a mysterious and beautiful sight.


Zhang Zheng and the crowd was dazzled by the amazing sight.


Iyarugt didn’t move anymore. The light being emitted calmed down and everything became silent.


It was static, like time had stopped. It was a short moment.


The static broke as a red ball popped out from Iyarugt, still floating in the air. Hell’s best swordsman, a Sword Demon, Great Demon Zepar’s only rival, etc. It was the moment when the soul of Iyarugt, who had all types of titles attached to him, appeared before the public.

"What’s this...?”

Zhang Zheng belatedly became anxious and moved back. His instincts told him that he shouldn’t let the red sword complete its actions. However, it was already too late. Iyarugt’s soul exploded like the starlight of the universe and formed a shape.

An old man bent over. He had a sharp horn sticking out from his forehead, was covered with a flaming red light, and his eyes bulged like developed muscles. The iris, visible in the shadowy eyes, were as black as the deep sea.


A player could summon a demonkin? No, they knew it was possible for a third advancement black magician, but the blacksmith Grid? Zhang Zheng paled at the unexpected situation. Then the elderly old man summoned in front of him took a deep breath, enjoying the sweet air that entered deep into his lungs.


He had the magic power of a lower demonkin, but his swordsmanship was enough for him to compete with great demons. Marbas, one of the major powers in hell evaluated Iyarugt as ‘one who can change the landscape of hell.’


He held the floating Iyarugt and moved towards Zhang Zheng.


[A weakness in your swordsmanship is exposed.]

[Evasion rate is ignored, defense has dropped, and you will receive critical damage.]

[You have suffered 12,150 damage.]


One sword. Yet this strike caused Zhang Zheng to lose one-fifth of his health. What the hell was this demonkin? Zhang Zheng was dumbfounded by the emergence of an unexpected monster.


It was hard to believe that Iyarugt was an old man as he moved and pushed Zhang Zheng to the ground.


Zhang Zheng couldn’t resist and fell to the ground.


The Chinese spectators and viewers were mute at the helpless appearance of Zhang Zheng.


Name: Iyarugt

Age: ??  Gender: Male

Species: Horned Demon

Title: Best Swordsman of Hell

* When sword type weapons are used, the attack power is doubled. There is a 100% chance of a critical strike when hitting a weak point. Evasion rate will increase by 50%.

Strength: 3,503   Stamina: 1,090

Agility: 3,201    Intelligence: 330

Skills: Swordsman’s Eyes (S), One Way of Life (SS-), Sword Dance Explosion (SS), Volcanic Circulation (SS), Hell Moon Cut (SS), Sublime Sword (SS+)

A horned demon classified as a lower demon. As a result of training in swordsmanship without giving up, he became the strongest swordsman of hell. But he failed to overcome the limit of his birth and was defeated in a battle with the great demon Zepar and died.

After that, his soul was cursed and attached to a sword.

* By winning in a battle against the strong, he can regain a feeling of life. Repeating this a few more times can recover all his skills (1/10)

* You must win against an opponent who is recognized as an ‘enemy.’

* Iyarugt has a strong camaraderie that will develop into liking towards you.

It specified that Iyarugt hadn’t regained his strength yet. In one on one fights with the current Grid, Iyarugt would be hit like a dog every time by Grid. Of course, from a general point of view, he was a powerful demonkin. HIs health and defense weren’t much different from normal players, but his attack attack was based on a definitive critical attack and almost matched Grid’s attack power. Even within the Overgeared Guild, there were only around 10 people who could match Iyarugt’s attack power.

The third advancement Zhang Zheng couldn’t afford to be hit by him. What about the control skill that Zhang Zheng was so proud of? It didn’t work in front of Iyarugt. What about Zhang Zheng’s items? They were trivial to Iyarugt after being hit several times by Grid’s items.


Zhang Zheng roared with humiliation and raised his body. He tried to swing the sword that dealt ‘extra damage to demonkin.’ But Iyarugt swung his sword again and Zhang Zheng’s attack was in vain. Zhang Zheng glared at Grid.

“You! You Bangzi bastard! You’re a coward! You’re afraid of a fair fight so you brought a monster like this!!”

There was a limit to the attack power of a pet. Their stats were low if their level didn’t exceed their master’s. However, the demonkin in front of him dealt 10,000 damage. It was well beyond Grid’s attack power that Zhang Zheng had estimated. Zhang Zheng believed that Grid had temporarily contracted with the demonkin through a special quest. In other words, it was interpreted as a trump card. He had no idea that Iyarugt was a Grid specific summon.

Grid was conscious of the cameras focused on himself and Iyarugt as he answered, “What damn monster? He’s just my pet.”

"What? What nonsense are you saying?”

Zhang Zheng rushed towards Grid.

[Black King’s Armor]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 299/299   Defense: 699

* Blocks incoming damage by 7%.

* There is a 30% of a stealth effect in the dark.

* There is a 20% increase in defense in the dark.

* Agility +50 in the darkness.

* Once 30,000 damage is accumulated, three times the magic damage will be reflected back. At this time, the armor’s durability is reduced by 50. In addition, the effect isn’t activated if more than 30,000 damage is received at once.

Zhang Zheng was determined to beat Grid and the demonkin with the strongest armor. Theoretically, it was possible. The Black King’s Armor reflected a damage of 90,000, which wasn’t enough for a player to endure! But...

Peok peok!

[You have been stiffened.]

[You have been stiffened.]

[You have been stiff...]

“Ugh! Keok! Eek!”

He couldn’t reach Grid. From the moment the God Hands wielded Mjolnir, Zhang Zheng fell into the hell of infinite stiffness. Zhang Zheng kept screaming as he was hit in the head with a hammer. It was the appearance of a cheap dance as his head moved from the right to left. Grid laughed as an infinite CC that could be called a scam was used.

"Didn't I tell you? You won’t even have a chance to swing your sword.”

Originally, Grid was the representative of an arrogant person. If he truly expressed any grudges he had, he would make Zhang Zheng look charming.

“You...! You lousy jerk! Eek! Keok!”

Zhang Zheng resented Grid’s attitude, but he had no way of doing anything. As Zhang Zheng’s health was slowly being consumed in units of hundreds, the 1.5 billion population of China fell into shock and despair.