Chapter 764

1.6 seconds. It was the time it took Tarma to reach Grid with Shadow Shift. After that, Tarma’s dagger stabbed Grid’s shoulder and it took another 0.5 seconds for Grid’s sword to reach Tarma’s body.

Yes, just 2.1 seconds. It was the time it took to defeat Tarma. It broke his previous record of 3 seconds.


Tokyo Dome fell silent.


Some viewers in South Korea dropped their jokbal on the floor. They were eating spicy jokbal instead of chicken. The viewers and TV commentators belatedly opened their mouths.

『 Skill... Player Grid has acquired a powerful skill. 』

『 Ah...! Yes! C-Correct! That’s right! 』

Most of Grid’s attack skills required the preparatory actions of a ‘sword dance.’ Sometimes it was an advantage, but there were more disadvantages. There were blind spots compared to the immediate skills of the combat specialized classes. It was viewed as Grid’s weak spot. This year’s Grid had overcome his weakness.

『 Player Grid is a hero who captured the Behen Archipelago. He seems to have acquired the strongest skill as a reward from the Behen Archipelago. 』

『 He’s born again as a complete body... 』

Nobody expected that what Grid used to kill Tarma was a ‘basic’ attack. No, they couldn’t even imagine it. People rarely imagined things that broke common sense. The experts interpreted it as Grid acquiring a new ultimate skill. The audience and viewers saw the replay video that was repeated several times and agreed.

『 A quick fire skill boasting a range that even the fastest assassin can’t avoid... Ah! Maybe it’s a black fire dragon...! 』

『 Black fire dragon...? Do you mean the power that Player Lauel mentioned several times? 』

『 Yes, that’s right. Lauel had said it in an interview with various media. The power of a black dragon was sealed in his right hand and he served his master Grid with this power sealed. Maybe Grid has released the seal of that power... 』

『 I think the black fire dragon is a reward from some type of quest. It’s really scary if it’s true... 』

This was an interpretation that started to spread, but few people were concerned about this part. It didn’t matter if it was a black fire dragon or not. Either way, Grid had acquired the ultimate skill. The anticipation towards the battle between Grid and Kraugel increased.


"Player Tarma! Tell me how you feel about being logged out in two seconds!”

"Shut up!”

After the match. Tarma hurriedly came down from the stage like he was ashamed. He was terrified. He feared Grid who disbanded Blood Carnival... The fear that he had forgotten filled Tarma’s body and mind. Tarma’s body was shaking as he rushed to the waiting room. Tarma realized. The fact that the power gap with Grid couldn’t be filled up no matter how he struggled.

‘I can’t face that monster.’

He didn’t know what type of harm he would come to from the Cork Island incident.



Tarma stopped as he was running away with a pale face. Zhang Zheng was leaning of one side of the corridor leading to the waiting rooms, laughing sat Tarma. 

"Do you think it makes sense to die in one blow? The old generation is just a joke.”


Tarma’s face reddened. His grudge against this bastard, who didn’t even know Grid’s power, was very large. His eyes instantly filled with killing intent. But it quickly died down. Tarma confirmed that there were bodyguards by Zhang Zheng’s side and lost his momentum. He snorted at the sight.

“Do you think you’re good enough to look down on me? This small fry who was just born? I think the world has gone crazy if someone like you is walking around.”

“You...! I’m a third-generation rookie!”

10 new rookies were born every year. They used the know-how accumulated by senior players and information released to the world to speed up their growth. They believed that their growth was faster than their predecessors due to talent. The older players were just ridiculous.

“I can assure you. You will also die in two seconds. You will die in a single strike from Grid. Grid is a monster and you aren’t better than me!”

Tarma eagerly hoped it would be like this. He didn’t like this bastard before him.

'Shit! I never thought the day would come when I will support Grid!’

Tarma disappeared after ranting.

Zhang Zheng shouted towards his shabby rear view. "This dog only knows how to talk! I will show you how incompetent the old generation are! Understood?”

Time was proportional to developed. This also applied to humans. There were far more great people in the science age than in history. The new generation was unconditionally better than the old generation. These were Zhang Zheng’s thoughts. It was his personal thoughts!


“Grid, I won’t challenge you again.”


On the way back to the waiting room. Grid met Bubat, who was waiting for him. There was a bitter smile on Bubat’s face.

"I realized it after being defeated by Zhang Zheng. I have no hope in a one on one battle.”

During the 1st National Competition and 2nd National Competition’s PvP event. Bubat won against everyone except for Grid. He was overlooked because he kept being defeated by Grid. It was the limits of a Crusher. After all, a Crusher was an initiator. He had weak attack power. It was possible to neutralize the target, but he didn’t have the force to finish them off.

It took Bubat many years to acknowledge the painful reality.

“It can’t be helped. Apart from Grid, I have only fought with weak people. I thought I was really strong. Therefore, I was burning with a will to challenge you. But I realized it in this fight with Zhang Zheng. It’s impossible to beat an opponent who has reached a certain level.”


Grid showed some confusion because he didn’t know how to respond. It had been three years since the start of his bad relationship with Bubat and there was no reason to like him. Grid was clearly aware that Bubat took part in the invasion of Patrian and put the Overgeared Guild in a crisis. Such a person wouldn’t be coming up to him with a good heart. 

Bubat confirmed that Grid was at a loss and waved his hand. "No, I don’t mean to burden you. It’s too presumptuous to try and start a new relationship with you. Just... I just...”

Bubat’s eyes twitched as he recalled the phone call to his wife a moment ago. The shock of his children due to the cruel actions of Zhang Zheng constantly rang in his ears.

"...I hope that you don’t lose to that cruel boy.”

"The person called Zhang Zheng?”

"That's right. Please be careful. If that type of person wins over you...”

It would no longer be a dream stage for his daughters and other children. Bubat wanted to provide information to help Grid win.

"Don’t be too careless against the rookie. Zhang Zheng’s armor has an option of reflecting damage by three times. It is dangerous even for you.”

It was terrible when thinking of Grid’s strong attacks being reflected with three times the damage. Maybe Grid would lose. Bubat came to Grid because he was concerned.

“Three times the damage reflection.. Hmm, I understand.”

Grid nodded with a calm expression and passed by Bubat.

Step step.


Grid’s footsteps gradually faded away. He didn’t even bother saying farewell to Bubat. Bubat knew what he did to Grid and the Overgeared members. He couldn’t expect to be greeted with familiarity. He was standing there quietly when he heard Grid’s voice.

"You are weak."


"As you said, it’s in a one on one match.”


“If we meet again in a war, I hope that we are no longer enemies.”


The Overgeared King acknowledged him in a war? Bubat was thrilled. A bright smile appeared on his gloomy face.


The PvP round of 32 passed quickly. The relatively weak people were dropped out and only the qualified people advanced to the round of 16.

There was also Sword Saint Kraugel. He met winning candidate Seuron in the round of 32 and defeated Seuron with skills that were more overwhelming than last year. People took it for granted that Kraugel, who was several times stronger than last year, would win.

On the other hand, Grid was shocked. He was aware that Kraugel was at least 50 levels lower than he was last year.

‘Not even reaching level 300 yet...’

Maybe. Was this Grid’s last chance to win against Kraugel? As time passed, Grid wouldn’t be able to reach this genius. The moment Grid thought this.

Duguen! Duguen!

He couldn’t help smiling. The higher the sky that was Kraugel, the most Grid instinctively felt that he could build a higher tower.

"Hey, Bangzi.  What are you thinking?” (Bangzi = A derogatory word that some Chinese people use for Koreans.)

Zhang Zheng. The Chinese player was Grid’s opponent in the round of 16.

"Are you thinking of packing up and going home?”

“What bullshit are you saying?”


Zhang Zheng was confused by Grid’s words. Until now, the ‘existing powerhouses’ tended to cling to their dignity. They didn’t reveal their true colors until they were provoked. Zhang Zheng enjoyed seeing them lose their patience. However, Grid cursed easily despite being on a throne.

“I’m not ignoring you just because you’re weak. If you want to be respected, conduct yourself well.”

Grid belatedly turned off the microphone. Grid scoffed and lay in the capsule, while Zhang Zheng’s face belatedly turned red.

"Bangzi...! This damn Bangzi dares...! Don’t you know who I am?”

Not ignoring him just because he was weak? In other words, Zhang Zheng was weak?

“Asshole!” Zhang Zheng hurriedly lay down in the capsule. He wanted to show Grid the taste of defeat as soon as possible. "Login! Loginnn!”