Chapter 976

‘This guy must be crazy!’

The biggest disadvantage of large-scale attack magic was that it couldn’t distinguish between targets. Of course, some spells were an exception but it was like that nine out of ten times. The Overgeared King’s summoning of lightning within a 200-meter-radius was a blatant declaration of war. In fact, his magic was damaging the bodies of the imperial soldiers.

The lightning magic was somehow familiar. It evoked a strange sense of deja vu as it generated magnetic force and caused her orb to shake. The sound of thunder in her ears confused her mind and disrupted the spell casting. Just before the lightning fell toward her head, Goldhit opened a shield that protected herself, only to feel confused.

‘It’s weak?’

Grid’s magic clearly contained something strange. It generated a magnetism that slowed down the pace of spell casting, so it definitely transcended the category of usual spells. However, the attack power was too weak. There was no need to stack 10 layers of shields. Two layers seemed to be enough. Goldhit was confused since she had long known that Grid possessed Braham’s soul.

‘Hasn’t he fully awakened the enhanced magic? No, he might be afraid of the empire and could be deliberately saving his strength. Once the soldiers died, he would cross a river he couldn’t return from.

She needed to test it a bit more.

“Overgeared King! You violated the agreement first!”

Her opponent was a legend and a king. Goldhit shouldn’t be condescending just because he was 100% an insidious person. In order to peek at a certain level of his strength, it was necessary to push him to the edge of a cliff. As she judged this, she started chanting a spell that caused the earth to shake. Goldhit thought that the big earthquake would hit the Overgeared soldiers and drop them into a pit.


Grid scoffed, and Goldhit’s spell was neutralized. It was proof of a higher-level knowledge. Grid’s magic knowledge delved into Goldhit’s knowledge and denied it.

Goldhit freaked out. ‘T-This is unbelievable! This ability!’

The words of her teacher came to mind, “My master was omnipotent because of his magic. He easily grasped the magic process of others and cut off the activation of the spell itself. Every magician, except for Mumud, was helpless in front of Master. Thus, everyone was afraid of the Duke of Wisdom.”

Duke of Wisdom...

Great knowledge was what blocked the magic from its source! It was an unrealistic force that exerted a power of 100 with one magic power. Goldhit hadn’t believed it because it sounded like a story from the Age of Mythology. She laughed because it was too exaggerated.

However, Grid proved it at this moment. He was the omnipotent Duke of Wisdom that he had inherited from Braham!

‘This power was real...!’ Goldhit was shocked as the opponent’s power surpassed her expectations. Lightning struck the crown of her head in this gap. This was lightning that inflicted 10,000 damage. It was an attribute that made magic resistance meaningless, but the strength itself was lousy. Still, even a small stake could break a rock if it kept hitting the same point. 

Goldhit was struck 12 times on the head and got a headache. The lightning that fell irregularly in a 200-meter-radius persistently hit Goldhit like it had an ego.

‘He has full control over this large-scale magic!’

The reason why large-scale magic couldn’t distinguish between targets was that it was hard to control. Grid was in full control of a large spell with a range of 200 meters!

‘This is the strength of the Duke of Wisdom...!’

The storm started to wane. No more lightning fell, but Goldhit’s body still shook from the electric shocks.

“Your talent is great. You are a genius that will emerge once in 100 years. You will surely be the greatest magician in the world.” Her master’s praise scattered like dust. 

“All magicians in the world have honored you as the magician king.”

“Of course. I am the supreme existence of magicians.”

She felt ashamed of herself for using the word ‘supreme.’ Her body was hot. The strange feelings overtook Goldhit. “Eek...!

Why did she have to feel such petty emotions? Goldhit glared at Grid...


...She gave up. She was afraid. She wasn’t confident enough to bear the insults that would be in the Overgeared King’s eyes.

‘It is better to back off here.’

The fact, ‘Goldhit can’t beat Grid’, was added to the truth of the world. Goldhit stiffened like a rat in front of a snake and was covered in sweat. In order to gain the enhanced magic, she decided to revise her approach and attitude toward Grid for the future. There was plenty of hope. Since the first time they met, she had laid the foundation by expressing her favorability toward him.

“E-Enter.” Goldhit immediately opened the path. 

Grid’s gaze was still watching the ground.



The Overgeared members, who were isolated in the evil eyes’ village, had concealed their situation thoroughly. They had been worried that Grid would lose concentration while working because of their misfortune. Of course, they were in control at first.

For more than 20 days, Grid never noticed the situation in the evil eyes’ village. However, within a few days of the arrival of Reidan’s reinforcements, the situation of the evil eyes’ village was delivered to Grid. Grid also had eyes and ears. The moment the army of Reidan moved, a report came from Piaro. Piaro had recognized what was going on in the evil eyes’ village, then Grid received further news from Mercedes.

However, it hadn’t shaken Grid. Instead, he had been immersed in his blacksmithing work. This was the job he had to do right now, and it was the wish of his colleagues. He also believed in his colleagues. That’s right. Grid hadn’t doubted the skills of the 10 meritorious retainers and the Overgeared members.

Then he arrived at Lepio Village and realized the situation was serious, unlike what he had thought. The troops sent from Reidan 10 days ago were still unable to enter the village. Grid was furious. He lost his temper the moment he saw Goldhit’s disgusting face. His killing intent was strong enough to cut her neck right away.

However, the system recognized Goldhit as an ‘allied force’, so Grid was only able to use Storm Demonic Energy Field. Perhaps it was due to his high luck stat, but he was able to vent some of his anger.

[The target has received 10,000 damage.]

[The target has received 10,000...]

[The target has received 10,000...]

[Your have discovered the effect of the target’s spell with the effect of Duke of Wisdom! The target’s spell has been destroyed!]

The random lightning started to strike Goldhit. The power of Duke of Wisdom sealed Goldhit’s magic. Perhaps there was a problem with the ‘body’ Goldhit was currently in and she was forced to step back.



Grid didn’t want to see her again, but he couldn’t waste time. The imperial soldiers who had been struck by the lightning were relatively healthy thanks to their heavy armor and expensive items. Grid moved through the nervous people and glanced at his allies. “Let’s go.”

“Yes!” The Overgeared soldiers responded and followed Grid. The imperial troops didn’t block their way, and they entered the village without a hitch. The knights and soldiers couldn’t act when Commander Goldhit had opened the way.

“Is it okay?” The Black Knight asked.

Hearing the Black Knight’s concern, Goldhit nodded. “The grandmaster will stop him.”

He was watching the situation here. Soon, he would come with the White Dragon’s Eyes.

The evil eyes’ king was destined to die even with Grid’s presence.




“This is our land! Don’t forgive the demonkin who have been parasites under our land and the Overgeared Kingdom that protects them! This is our cause!” 

The Blue Flame Knights were transferred to the evil eyes’ village. Like the previous invaders, they appeared suddenly out of thin air. They honestly wanted to discipline and expel the demonkin as well as the Overgeared Kingdom, the main enemy of their kingdom.

This place was their territory. It was a place where enemies couldn’t run wild.

A blue flame emerged from the tips of the swords wielded by the knights. The bare bodies of the Overgeared soldiers, whose armor were broken, were easily cut down. However, the Overgeared soldiers didn’t lose their morale. Those who were cut in the chest coughed up blood and kept fighting, while those who were cut in one of their shoulders switched their weapon to the other hand, and those who had their legs cut crawled to advance. The Blue Flame Knights got a chill at this eerie sight.

“These guys... Keok!

The knights, who were about to swing their swords again at the Overgeared soldiers who clung to them like zombies, suddenly fell from the arrow that flew silently. It was a signal that the ranks had collapsed. The arrows that assimilated with the darkness kept flying without stopping. The leading troops of the Blue Flame Knights collapsed, and the Overgeared soldiers climbed onto their chests and shoved their swords like beasts.

“Were they trained by Jude?” Someone clicked their tongues at the appearance of the Overgeared soldiers. It was Jishuka who was shooting arrows from behind the soldiers. Her blazing red hair and silky tanned skin made her look beautiful in the darkness as she fired the arrows.

Sigh. If you don’t run away, I can’t back down.”

Now she had only 13 arrows remaining. She planned to use her few remaining arrows for self-defense until the reinforcements arrived. However, the Overgeared soldiers didn’t flee and fought to the end. Thus, she couldn’t run away alone.

“...We must go back together.”

She took a breath and pulled back the bowstring. The arrow that disappeared from the world struck the enemy’s heart and revealed its appearance. At the same time...


[The weak spot has been successfully attacked!]

[The number of enemies you’ve killed by shooting the weak spot has reached 10 million!]

[It is a great achievement that will go down in history!]

[The Advanced Bow Mastery skill has been upgraded to Sure Death Bow Mastery!]

Eh?” Jishuka faced a new evolution.

‘I’ve killed only 10 million?’

It was fortunate other people couldn’t know what she was thinking. Then an amazing situation occurred.

[A holy voice has entered your ears.]

-You... World tree... Aura...

[★ Hidden Class Change Quest ★ Povia’s Descendant has occurred!]


Povia—it was the name of the former legendary archer. She was an elf and was known to be the best archer in the world. Becoming her descendant meant being a legend... 

Jishuka achieved the conditions to get a legendary class without even knowing it! By the way...

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

“What if I don’t want to?”


[Do you really want to reject the quest?]


[The quest was rejected.]

Jishuka made a surprising choice. No, it was a natural choice. She had been called a godly archer for a long time.

“I’m going to surpass Povia, so it is funny to be her descendant.” Jishuka easily passed up the situation with a single smile. An ordinary person would never understand this attitude. It was a confidence that she could have because she was a genius. Then her unexpected choice caused a new development.

[The qualification for the hidden class ‘Bow Saint’ has been obtained. A class change quest will occur.]


As expected, warriors should fight. The over a month’s worth of struggling was a stepping stone for her to grow. Jishuka grinned and contemplated the battlefield with Hawk Eyes. Members of the Overgeared Guild were fighting all over the place and all of them were breaking their limits due to the extreme circumstances.

“I’ll be able to pay a proper price in the future.”

The Overgeared Guild was no longer a Grid one-man team. An arrow formed from magic power struck the throat of a Blue Flame Knight. The knights were astonished at the god who shot a bow without any arrows.