Chapter 977

“What is your relationship with her?” Sticks asked. His gaze was focused on Magician King Goldhit.

“Relationship? What relationship? Isn’t it a relationship where we want to kill each other?” Grid answered hurriedly.

Sticks laughed. “Then why is she looking at you like that?”

“Like what? Isn’t she in a bad state?”

“The magician king’s magic power recovery rate is faster than that of the elves who have the power of the world tree. She can easily adjust her condition. In fact, she was recovering in real time while confronting Your Majesty.”

“There is no limit to her flesh...? Mercedes said that the magician king’s body is generally less durable.”

“Nope. She looks fine.”

Um... Sticks, are you feeling wary?”

Hahaha... The magician king’s ability is above mine. I’m a knowledge seeker, not a magician.”

“Aren’t you good at magic? You can even use elemental magic.”

“It is a basic skill I mastered in the process of exploring knowledge. It isn’t a level to brag about in front of the continent’s greatest magician.”

‘...Don’t tell me, is it luck again?’

Goldhit had failed to cast the spell because the effect of Duke of Wisdom had activated ‘luckily’. This caused her to overvalue his skills and lose her will. It was a misunderstanding that could be seen in third-tier manhwa and novels these days, but the possibility couldn’t be ruled out. Grid had experienced this absurd development many times over the past few years. Even now, he was experiencing a lot of luck.

‘It feels good.’

This was the great power of luck! He felt that he had finally overcome his bad luck!

‘Decades ago, this development was a first-rate literary development!’

Of course, it was an unfounded claim. In any case, he felt like the protagonist of a first-rate novel!

Grid was filled with joy as he arrived in front of the fountain. The statue of a naked boy with a comical expression was decorating the fountain, and water was pouring from his little place. When Grid first visited this place, the evil eyes had manipulated certain parts of the statue to open the entrance to the village.

“However, I can’t remember a single maneuver. I’ll ask Lauel...”

“Entrust it to me.”

Sticks was used to having a deep conversation with the Destiny Guardians. He had a peculiar passion for learning. As such, he had learned a lot about the evil eyes species and how to enter their village. Sage Sticks manipulated the statue several times, and the space tore open, revealing a portal. It was a portal connected to the evil eyes' village. 

“It has lost a lot of life.”


What was wrong with whose life? Grid was reminded of the fact that Sticks was suffering from a curse. “Sticks, are you going to die now?”

“...” Sticks closed his mouth and stared at Grid. As a high elf, he had lived a long life and wanted to live longer. He was sensitive to death because he felt like he was going to die every time his heart hurt. Still, he couldn’t help feeling irritated when Grid mentioned it. “Don’t think I’m going to die yet. I’m talking about the life span of the portal.”

“A portal has a life expectancy?”

“It is the same with objects. A device made of magic power can’t exist forever. Furthermore, this portal has a shorter life span due to the shock it received from outside.”

“What shock?”

“Goldhit seems to have placed an unusual spell on this portal. The portal’s operation was changed so much that it was damaged and the life span greatly reduced. It will be destroyed by next year…”

“What happens when it is destroyed?”

“The passage connecting the evil eyes' village to the ground will disappear, and the evil eyes will be isolated.”

“Can you recreate it?”

“It will probably be hard. A semi-permanent portal can only be made by the giants, but the whereabouts of the giants are unknown...”

...Hmm, okay. In any case, the evil eyes have to leave this place.”

It was a natural thing. Now that the evil eyes' village was revealed to the public, the evil eyes had to move homes for their safety.

“Do you intend to move the evil eyes to the Overgeared Kingdom?”

“Of course.”

“I will help actively. I am interested in the knowledge of the evil eyes people that is sleeping in the library. Then let’s go.”

Grid, Sticks, the former Giant Guild members, and 2,000 soldiers moved through the portal. They panicked the moment they arrived at the village entrance. The situation in the city was completely different from what Grid’s group had expected.


The village entrance was blocked by the Overgeared soldiers, and they were a wreck. It was hard to find any armor, and their bodies were covered with wounds. Grid got a glimpse of how bitter the fighting had been over the last month. It seemed like hell. They must be tired. Then what was this? The Overgeared soldiers were as tempered as a strong sword. They gazed at the enemies with unshakable eyes.

On the other hand, the gazes of the opponents facing them were completely dead. The enemy soldiers were wearing luxurious armor and still had physical strength left, but they shrank back like dogs who had lost the fight.


What was this situation? Grid’s group turned their gazes to what was going on inside the city. Behind the Overgeared soldiers gazing at the enemy, there was a scene of blood and flesh scattering. A beautiful black-haired woman stabbed her sword into a knight’s stomach and pointed her gun at his head.

“S-Spare me...” The knight coughed up blood and pleaded, but it was useless. The beautiful black-haired woman mercilessly pulled the trigger, and the knight’s head burst like a watermelon.

Waaahhhhhhhh! The Overgeared soldiers roared like beasts and stomped their feet. The soldiers were already in a state of despair and stepped back with surprise.

“Oh, you came?” The black-haired beauty neatly handled the remaining enemies and smiled after finding Grid. Her smile was so brilliant it was hard to believe she had slaughtered four knights.

“Y-Y-Yura, you went through a lot of trouble.”

Was it the application of the Hell Leap skill? Yura’s sword disappeared through a passage in the air and appeared again in a completely different direction, causing Grid to be stunned beyond being in awe of her. He thought he wouldn’t be able to respond to her attacks.

‘Incredibly strong...’

What if? If he really married Yura, wouldn’t he receive a one-sided beating whenever they fought? He was afraid since combat senses could be demonstrated in reality.


The empire divided the evil eyes' village into 16 points—the east and west entrances, the central library, the eight roads leading from the entrances to the library, the castle of the evil eyes' king, and the four roads leading from the library to the castle. Most of the outside forces that the empire sent to the village came from these 16 points.

The same was true for the Blue Flame Knights. The main members of the Blue Flame Knights appeared in front of the library and in particular the castle gates.

“...The raid is short-term.”

It was the Peak Sword and Vantner duo. They stretched and slowly opened their eyes before standing up. 30 knights could be seen. They wore full plate armor and yellow cloaks and held silver long swords with a cross handle. Just by looking at their armed state, one could tell they were unusual. It was obvious with one glance that expensive goods covered their bodies. They seemed to be knights of a senior noble or a royal family.

“Don’t they look exceptionally strong?”

The enemies that they had been dealing with for the past month were also formidable. However, these knights were extremely unusual. Peak Sword and Vantner felt troubled. They noticed that their biggest crisis had come.

“We have to be tense. They will reach their goal if we’re careless.” Vantner raised his shield and stared at the rear of the knights. There was a young knight who didn’t wear a helmet in order to show off his good-looking face and the abundant hair he was proud of. He was called Apollo, and his name shone in silver. It meant he was a quasi-named NPC.

“He is at least level 400.”

That was at least 20 levels higher than Peak Sword’s. Additionally, quasi-named NPCs had higher stats than players. It seemed hard to beat Apollo even if Peak Sword and Vantner worked together. Moreover, Apollo had many subordinates. They were estimated to be at least level 330.

“You guys, enter the castle right now. There are evil eyes in the castle, so listen to their orders,” Peak Sword ordered.

However, the soldiers refused. “We can’t leave the marquis!”

“We will stay and buy some time, so the marquis and earl should retreat!”

The soldiers put up a loyal appearance! They sincerely respected Peak Sword and Vantner and were determined to sacrifice their lives for the two people. Yet Peak Sword frowned instead of feeling impressed. “Get out of here quickly. That guy can’t run wild with you here.”


This guy...? Run wild...? Who did he mean?

Then it happened as the soldiers were tilting their heads to the side. The sword hanging from Peak Sword’s waist started to shake wildly. Iyarugt in the sheath was snapping at Peak Sword, -You are a young fool. Why aren’t you quickly summoning me? Shit, I will fall behind by following you.


Thanks to Peak Sword using him for the past three years and two months, Iyarugt’s soul had strengthened, and he could now speak without needing to be summoned. However, his tone was very harsh. He talked like a back-alley gangster. Was this the reality of hell’s best swordsman?

Some people might be shocked and disappointed, but in fact, this wasn’t Iyarugt’s nature. Iyarugt just adapted to the change in environment. He was like this because of Peak Sword, who was sensitive to comments in articles, and Vantner, who was sensitive about his bald head. Iyarugt’s tone had changed after being stuck with them for a month, becoming tough.

‘...I’m glad Huroi isn’t here.’

If Huroi were here... It was horrible just imagining it. Iyarugt might’ve fallen to the point of mentioning people’s parents.

Peak Sword twitched and pulled Iyarugt out of the sheath.

It was a clear red sword.

-Peak Sword, as you know, this sword is just a medium that seals my soul. I don’t know what will happen to my soul the moment the sword breaks. I might be released or lose my body. Thus, be careful not to act stupidly. Iyarugt’s tone was fierce, but his soul felt worried.

Peak Sword smiled and nodded. “Yes, I’ll be careful. I will never let you break.”

On the other hand, the Blue Flame Knights were stunned. In particular, Apollo revealed a blatant feeling of greed.

“It is a beautiful sword. It is a work of art that isn’t fitting for a man like you. I will have it.”


The magic sword was a work of art...? Was there a hole in his eyes?

“Why are you laughing?” Apollo glared at Peak Sword with a terrifying killing intent that would crush a person. However, Peak Sword was fine. Apollo wasn’t terrible from the standpoint of Peak Sword, who had defeated the Hero in the National Competition.

“Who wouldn’t laugh at a dog? Do I have to explain why I am laughing? Dog-like bastard. You don’t know the value of this sword yet you dare covet it. Sit down.”

“...You will die soon.”

“You’re the one who is going to die. Come! Iyarugt!”

Iyarugt started to emit a bloody light. Apollo and the Blue Flame Knights were shocked by the unusual aura and pulled out their swords, while Vantner paled and retreated with the soldiers. The mist solidified into a bead, and the shape of a man eventually emerged. He was Hell’s best swordsman, a Sword Demon, Great Demon Zepar’s only rival, and so on. It didn’t take long for Iyarugt to show up in the world with his tough words.

“Fucking brat, summon me quicker next time.”

An elderly man bent over with bloody flames wrapped around his body. A horn rose from his forehead, proving he was a demonkin as he flew forward with his sword.

“...!?” Apollo’s eyes shook while the other knights didn’t respond. The sword drew a full moon.

“...?” The bodies of the knights who discovered it belatedly were split in two, and blood streamed like a fountain.

“There are some decent guys mixed in.” Iyarugt licked the blood from the sword, and his gaze focused on Apollo.

“Sublime Sword.” 

Iyarugt had achieved ‘breaking through his limits’ a total of five times with Peak Sword. He had regained almost half his power. It could only be sustained for a very short time since it was formed by the soul, but it was sufficient to clean up these small fry.