Chapter 656

"Did you draw it correctly? A very nice and handsome man. Isn’t it almost at the level of rugged man? Kelkelkel!”

God of War Ares. He was the bigshot closest to gaining the title of First King. Grid now knew. If it wasn’t for Lauel, the throne of first king would’ve been occupied by Ares.

"It’s the first time I’ve heard someone calling themselves handsome. Aren’t your words too much?”

Ares had the ability to make people feel comfortable. His cheerful personality and ordinary appearance gave comfort and liking to the other person.

“Have you never heard that you are handsome? That’s strange... Aha, this friend.”

Ares smiled and poked Grid’s side with his elbow.

"Are you acting modestly in front of your lover?”


Where was his lover? Grid followed Ares’ gaze. It was Jishuka. The impressive beauty with tanned skin and elongated limbs like a model. She stood out even in a crowd of hundreds.

“...She isn’t my lover.”

"I know the rumor that you conquered both Jishuka and Yura.”

"I didn’t conquer them...”

"Obtaining the world’s finest South American flower and Oriental flower... I’m envious, envious. I would’ve had a chance if I was only 10 years younger. Well.”

"No, they aren’t my lovers. Think about it realistically. Unless I was an enviable person who saved the universe in my past life... No, wouldn’t I be trash for having two people as lovers at the same time?”

"Ohu, then you are only dating Yura? The relationship with Jishuka was just a flash of fire?”

"Sigh, stop talking."

Grid got the scent of Doran from Ares. He thought it was pointless to bother arguing with the other person. Grid grumbled and turned his head. Ares’ eyes were calm as he looked at Grid.

‘He’s the pure and honest type.’

It was hard to believe he was the owner of a kingdom. There was no embarrassment and his expression of emotions was honest. The 49 year old Ares knew that people like Grid normally didn’t stab him in the back.

‘Of course, I can’t come to a conclusion too quickly.’

The fact that the first impression was good couldn’t be denied. The Overgeared Guild might’ve used a dirty trick to forge an alliance with the Ares Army, but that had already passed. They were able to easily handle the armored elite troops thanks to the Overgeared members. Ares thought it was right to establish a good relationship with Grid and the Overgeared Guild from now on.

“I was just joking. You’re narrow-minded for a hero. Shouldn’t a man have a wider heart? Just like me! Kelkelkel!”

Ares started to make fun of the silent Grid. This old man... No, it was hard to believe he was the leader of the famous Ares Army.

‘We have to be vigilant.’

‘Is he acting?’

Jishuka and Euphemina started to warily watch Ares.


Scott gave a deep sigh. It was like Lauel when he was with Grid. Jishuka and Euphemina scratched their cheeks. They roughly understood what type of person Ares was.


Ares really liked Grid’s nature. In addition, he determined that the strength of the Overgeared Guild and the Overgeared Kingdom was necessary in the long term. This alliance might be forced, but he hoped it would last a long time.

Thus, he met Grid with sincerity.

"It is still insufficient?”

Ares Castle, the central training ground. Ares unveiled the 10,000 new troops he trained. 

"My Fostering Strong Soldiers skill is only level 2, so I can only give 20 types of attributes. The starting level of the soldiers is only 200. Well, it’s much better when compared to the starting point of the armored elite troops. Hahaha!”


Grid’s group and the Ares Army guild had gone to see the soldiers. Ares’ behavior of revealing his skills and new army to others was absurd.

“D-Did you lose your mind?”

Scott screamed out too late. He couldn’t understand why Ares was revealing his hand to Grid and the Overgeared members. Ares shrugged.

“They’ve already grasped some of my abilities. Why bother concealing what will be revealed over time? It’s better to know early and be smart. Kelkelkel!”

“Hah... Sigh...”

Scott breathed roughly and let out a deep sigh. His usual cool appearance was gone. His face was so haggard he seemed like he would collapse. Grid asked a question in this awkward atmosphere.

“Distinct attributes? Is this the skills they can learn?”

“Let’s see... Things like advanced Riding Techniques, advanced Heavy Armor Mastery, intermediate Weapons Mastery and beginner anti-magic shields. Oh, there is also the beginner Charge. There are quite a few? A lot of skill slots are filled because I put in two advanced skills.”

“...This isn’t a joke?”

In Satisfy, there were two ways for a player to train an army.

The first was to build a barrack in a territory where they were a lord. Then capital and people would be invested to train soldiers. Depending on the level of the barracks, the level and skills of the soldiers produced varied.  It was like a famous game one century ago, XtarXraft. It was convenient to use resources to produce soldiers but they had the disadvantage of a low level and low skills level.

Secondly, a player could directly train or instruct his NPCs to recruit and train soldiers. It took a lot more work because they needed to take care of everything. It was time consuming and money consuming. But the soldiers could choose the skills they wanted to learn and the level of the soldiers steadily rose during the training course.

In conclusion, Grid raised soldiers using both the first and second method. The soldiers produced using the first method were placed in the lower units such as security forces. Meanwhile, the soldiers produced with the second method were trained as elite troops. In particular, the soldiers trained by Asmophel and Piaro were guaranteed to acquire high levels and various skills.

But separate characteristics were difficult to artificially give. There were many cases of it occurring naturally during training. For example, Piaro’s soldiers were given the attribute of ‘120% increase in adaptation rate to rice fields terrain.’ In any case, this was the conclusion.

‘Even the soldiers directly trained by Piaro and Asmophel can’t acquire dozens of different types of attributes, and advanced skills are impossible.’

The skills were learned from the beginner level and steadily grew. That was a soldier. Yet Ares’ soldiers had advanced skills from the beginning.

Ares’ ability was great.

“A scam... You’re truly great. But wouldn’t big skills have constraints?”

"I will keep it a secret since it’s too disadvantageous for me. Haha!”

"...No, you should tell me. I thought you were broad-minded.”

"I am broad-minded and thorough.”


In no time, Grid was at ease talking with Ares. It was like they were old friends. Jishuka, Euphemina, Pon, and Regas showed great interest in Ares’ words. On the other hand, the Ares troops were confused.

‘What’s he thinking?’

The Overgeared Guild were people they could rely on. But it was impossible to rely on them forever. One day, there would be a confrontation. Yes, they were potential enemies. Why was he giving out information so freely?

‘Grid is also Kraugel’s friend!’

It was likely that Ares’ information would get exposed to Kraugel and this was disadvantageous in many ways. Ares asked Grid after examining the faces of the concerned members.

"How about it? Won’t it be overwhelming if your items are added to my army?”


What if the strongest army trained by Ares was using the strongest armor that Grid produced?

“The empire? We will chew them up. Of course, it isn’t possible right now. Haha!”

He wanted to obtain the legendary blacksmith Grid. Ares sincerely hoped. He believed that the strongest army no one could go against would be born the moment his power was combined with Grid’s power.

“Let’s be friends.”

Ares laughed and held out his hand. At this moment, he was radiating a dignity comparable to Grid. No, maybe it was even more than him. The common neighborhood uncle disappeared like it was a lie and a big bear-like threatening body approached. 

‘As a specialist in training and commanding soldiers, it’s natural to have a high dignity stat.’

Grid wondered what his class was. Grid put aside this question and shook Ares’ hand.

"Okay, let’s get along well.’


The Belto royal palace.

"The little scum, they’re too slow.”

The person sitting on the throne wasn’t the king. It was Agnus, a man with pale skin and green hair.

Spin spin.

A gem-encrusted circular object was being spun in his hands. The crown that symbolized the Belto Kingdom was turned into a mere plaything. The Belto king watched this without any anger and carefully asked Agnus.

"I summoned all the troops that were deployed in each fortress. It’s now possible for the enemy to advance to this place without any interruptions... Isn’t this dangerous?”

The fortresses were defense facilities built in important military places. The value of the fortresses in a war was great. It was the most suitable facility to repel the enemy. Yet Agnus closed all the fortresses. The enemy could march without a hitch. The Belto king and his men couldn’t understand Agnus’ intentions.

Agnus replied to them.

"You want to know why I gathered all of the kingdom’s military power here?”


The emblem of a pink rose on Agnus’ chest kept capturing the eyes of the officials. The rose symbolized the empire’s second greatest power, the Red Knights, who were under the command of Empress Marie. The Belto king and officials was certain that Agnus was a close aide.  It was honestly surprising that he came to help them. It seemed right for them to survive under a power they despised rather than being killed by a traitor.

Unfortunately, Agnus wasn’t a person they could depend on.

“I want them to come here as quickly as possible.”


"Isn’t it boring waiting? So I opened the way. Come quickly. Kukuk~ the more bodies there are, the more convenient it is.”


This was the reason they sacrificed so many battlefields on the way to the capital? The Belto Kingdom’s officials shook. Their faces were red from repressing their anger as Agnus told them.

"As soon as the enemy arrives, don’t resist and open the gates. Throw the people and soldiers to the enemy. Okay? Kik! Kilkik! Puhahahat!”

“T-This is ridiculous...!”

In the end, some nobles couldn’t bear it and rose from their seats.

“You’re insane! I can’t believe that you’re acting according to Empress Marie’s will!”

“That’s right! Don’t resist the enemy and open the gates? Throw the people and soldiers to the enemy? What is this nonsense...! Heeok?”

The nobles fell silent. It was because Agnus summoned a lich.

Clack. Claack. Clack clack clack clack.

The lich was wrapped in a cloak and emitted terrifying magic power. They didn’t know why, but they immediately felt like running away from here. 

“Kill them.”

Agnus commanded.


The lich fired magic at the nobles.

[You have killed the nobles of the Belto Kingdom.]

[Baal’s Contractor is one who brings out the fundamental fear in humans.]

[The Belto royal family and remaining nobles don’t have any animosity against you as they have become more frightened.]

[Some people have overcome their fear. They mean to resist against you.]

“Kik? Kill more.”


The name of the lich who continued to kill following the will of his master was Mumud. Mumud had no face as a skeleton, but he seemed to be shedding tears.