Chapter 655

-I’ve finished cleaning up the 1st Battalion.


It was said simply. It was like someone finished cleaning a room. 2,000 elite troops were easily killed. Grid was covered with sweat as he saw the whisper and replied to Euphemina.↗?? Was it↘ hard↗? You. I. Bothersome. Work↗?  I was worr.ied. (Tone marks: Grid's voice going up and down)

Of course, Grid cherished all his colleagues. But among them, his feelings towards Euphemina were special. It was a fear of dying. Grid was always nervous and tried not to make any mistakes in front of her.  He was like a mouse in front of a beast.

Thus, whenever he talked to Euphemina, it was like he was reading from a bilingual book. Euphemina just thought that Grid was especially kind to her. She had to be equally friendly to Grid.

-Why is it bothersome? I’m happy to play an active role for the Overgeared Kingdom. Give me many opportunities in the future.

-Ah, yes... Y-Yes? I’m thankful for your words. Ha.ha.



-I think Ares’ power is really great. We must be alert.

Euphemina’s voice was heavy. To be honest, she felt a great shock.

-The armored elite troops... None of them died despite being hit by four S-grade magic spells in succession. The attributes that Ares gave to the armored elite troops included magic resistance and increased health. What would’ve happened if one or two healers were among them?

-...Granting attributes.

The value of the information obtained by the Overgeared Guild in this war was very high. The armored elite troops were directly trained by Ares. The number of skills and attributes possessed by the armored elite troops were so varied as to be comparable to named monsters. In many circumstances, Ares seemed to have the ability to forcibly raise the level of his soldiers and to give them skills and attributes.

In other words, it was a scam.

‘Of course, there are likely to be big restraints. But even considering that...’

Over time, the strength of the Ares Army would increase dramatically. It would be in full swing the moment the Belto Kingdom was occupied.

‘He can constantly produce the best units based on the vast territories, people, and taxes.’

The thought was threatening. The future Ares Army could have military power comparable to the empire.  Euphemina was worried about this part.

-The armored elite troops belong to the Belto royal family. They aren’t strictly part of Ares’ army. Ares is likely to have trained ‘proper’ armored elite troops. But based on this... The strength of the army that Ares nurtures with all his heart will exceed our imagination. We shouldn’t give Ares time to grow.

The reason why Grid and Euphemina could take care of the armored elite troops relatively easily was because of their overwhelming attack power. Both of them had legendary rated weapons and used top rated skills in a ‘continuous’ manner, allowing them to kill the armored elite troops. But what if the armored elite troops were more powerful? If they had a few healers like Euphemina said, it was likely that even Grid and Euphemina would be countered by the armored elite troops. Grid and Euphemina wouldn’t be able to easily handle the army Ares would raise in the future.

-It doesn’t seem good to maintain this alliance for long. If we hold Ares’ hand in fear of the empire, we will be swallowed by Ares.

-...I know.

-But what can we do?

-An alliance with Ares is required in order to survive the empire.

-That's right. As Euphemina said, it was dangerous to maintain a long-term alliance with the Ares Army. But.

Grid spoke as calmly as possible. It was intended to reassure Euphemina.

-You must not forget about our potential while guarding against the enemy’s potential. Don’t forget. I’m the Overgeared King. The soldiers of Overgeared are wearing my items and are also strong.

Yes, there was no need to unnecessarily worry. Being afraid of the future Ares Army? Why? The Overgeared Kingdom would become stronger in the future!

-The Overgeared Kingdom’s army is just as capable as Ares’ army. No, they can grow stronger than Ares. So don’t be afraid of Ares.

-...Indeed. I was too short-sighted.

Euphemina was relieved as she heard the confidence in Grid’s voice.  Grid wasn’t aware of it, but Euphemina relied on Grid the most.


“The Overgeared Guild? Mmmm, not bad.”

As expected, Jishuka wiped out the 6th Battalion. Grid kept his promise of handling the four battalions of armored elite troops within two days. Ares was surprisingly calm after hearing about it.

‘It’s a natural result given the fact that the battalion commanders in the army aren’t good at strategy and tactics.’

The true strength of the army was exerted when led by a superior commander. No matter how powerful the army, they wouldn’t be able to exercise their full strength if the commander was incompetent. In that sense, it was the limit of the armored elite troops.

The battalion commanders didn’t have a strategy to raise the true strength of the armored elite troops and eventually fought the Overgeared members head on. Then they were obliterated by strength. It was a cheap price.

‘It’s the commander’s capacity that determines the value of the army.’

This was why Ares was careful about recruiting guild members. Unlike the top ranked members of each class, Ares’ troops had the ability to command an army, although their combat power might be somewhat lower. Ares chose guild members who had good chemistry with his skills.

"Bring the combat data of the armored elite troops against the Overgeared members. I will train a new army that eliminates the shortcomings and weaknesses of the armored elite troops.

Ares’ heart started beating wildly. He was happy when thinking about the large army he could raise using the resources of the Belto Kingdom that would soon fall into his hands.


“You have gone to a lot of trouble.”

Scott greeted Grid who returned after taking care of the armored elite troops. His gaze was focused on Euphemina. He was alert despite her cute appearance. Grid couldn’t help feeling proud.

‘It’s natural to be afraid of her.’

He was glad, since Euphemina caused fear in him. Grid smiled as he felt a sense of empathy with Scott. Then Scott started talking.

"We plan to lead the army in four days. Will the Overgeared members be able to support us for that time?”

The goal was naturally the capital of the Belto Kingdom. Scott’s request was reasonable. They would help the Ares Army conquer the Belto Kingdom. This was the condition proposed when the Overgeared Guild offered an alliance. Grid easily nodded.

"The current members will remain to support the war.”

“You will...?”

Scott was startled. It was a great honor that the king of another kingdom would act for them for the next few days.

‘He has some conscience.’

Ares was forced to ally with the Overgeared Guild. They were the reason why the Ares Army was branded as traitors by the royal family. Scott had no choice but to dislike Grid and the Overgeared Guild. But he felt confused because Grid became more charming the more Scott discovered.


“What?!! The armored elite troops were wiped out?”

The Belto royal family experienced great disorder. They believed the armored elite troops would come back with news that the Ares Army was wiped out.

“Duke Ares defeated them, despite losing so many troops in the war with the empire...?”

“It’s clear that Ares held back his power in the war against the empire! He had planned to deceive the royal family for a long time!”

“Ares is a person who trained the armored elite troops. It isn’t unusual for him to have more hidden.”

The agitated princes trembled. They were afraid. It was doubtful if the Belto royal family could defend against Ares’ counterattack after being weakened by the loss of the armored elite troops.

“The end... This is the end...”

"That snake has taken everything...!”

The princes were frustrated. The incompetent king remained silent. At that moment.

“Should I watch? Yes~?”

The door of the meeting room, where only the royal family could enter, was opened without permission and a man entered. It was an impressive looking man with a slim body and pale white skin.

“W-Who are you?”

The golden eyes froze the heart just by looking at them. The madness that dwelled in the man was very violent. The king and princes instinctively felt great fear and sought help.


The king and princes gazed at the knights waiting in the corridor simultaneously gasped. It was because all the knights guarding the meeting room were killed.

"W-Who are you?”

He was violent enough to invade the royal family? He seemed like a heretic. But surprisingly, the man presented the flag of the empire.

“I am an envoy sent by the Saharan Empire. Umm, yes. It’s rotten. Kuk! Kukukuk!”

The man laughed like it was funny. He licked the sword stained with blood and grabbed the Belto king’s jaw with his hand.

“Lick my feet. Beg me to save you. Then I will defeat Ares.”


The Belto king paled as he saw two death knights standing quietly to the left and right of Agnus. This was a nightmare. He wanted to be independent from the empire, but he was desperate from losing the armored elite troops. Now he had to grab onto the empire.

“Kik! Kikikikik!”

Shake shake!

Agnus looked down at the Belto king licking his shoes with shame, insult, and fear, and broke out in insane laughter. Protect the Belto Kingdom, gain the hearts of the Belto royal family, and secure the rear of the empire by disposing of the dangerous element called Ares.

Agnus had long forgotten the commands of the empire. He was just enjoying this moment of pleasure.

Grid and Agnus. The first meeting between small-minded and evil was approaching.