Chapter 654


It was rare for people to know it, but it was the first hidden class that appeared in Satisfy along with Baal’s Contractor and Blood Warrior. If the skill was below the epic rating, it could be unconditionally copied and used like her own skill. It would be used depending on the need.

Once a Duplicator had copied a large number of skills, the combat power and effectiveness that it exerted was the ultimate strength. Even the Overgeared King Grid was convinced he would lose if he fought Euphemina in a perfect state.

“Who is that girl?”

It was the armored elite troops’ 1st Battalion. It was the strongest unit of the Belto Kingdom that tied up the feet of the Saharan Empire during the war. They doubted their eyes as the approached the capital of the Ares Duchy. It was because Parklu Fortress, which should be empty after the soldiers retreated, currently had a girl on its walls. She was a cute girl with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail.

“A civilian who didn’t escape?”

But that was too confident. She was standing on the walls without holding a white flag in her hand. 1st Battalion chief Zen signalled to the archers. 

“Kill her.”

Duke Ares was a great person. Any weak person could become a soldier and then a knight under his training. The girl on the wall seemed fragile, but she was likely a secret weapon that Ares raised. The march would be disrupted if he didn’t pay attention to any suspicious existences. It was correct to block the unknown variables from the beginning.


The armoured elite archers hesitated for a moment after hearing Zen’s command before drawing their bows. The distance to the wall was 500 meters. The wind direction was also bad. However the armored elite troops had the ‘80% increase in accuracy with arrows’ passive skill. It wasn’t too difficult to see the target that was 500 metres away using Hawk Eyes.


Pa pa pa pat!

10 jaffa arrows flew in a parabola. All 10 were capable of hitting the girl on the wall. Everyone foresaw the girl’s death. Everyone except for the girl.

“There is a total of 200 archers... I have to defend.”

Euphemina used the skill that she copied from Jeff, master of the Zeraph Guild’ and first place on the Qigong Master rankings.

“Deny Reason.”

One of the ultimate techniques of a third advancement class of a Qigong Master, Defying the Natural Order.



Hundreds of spheres reminiscent of water droplets appeared around Euphemina. Next.


The 10 arrows that wanted to pierce Euphemina’s body were swallowed up by the spheres. It was a force that neutralized all projectiles. The armored elite troops raised their speed.

“Qigong Master!”

"Ranged attacks are futile! Maintain your minds and approach!”

“Shield soldiers stand at the front and archers stop attacking! There’s the possibility of being hit back by those spheres!”

The officers quickly gave commands and the armored elite troops reached the bottom of the wall in an instant. But it was useless. They couldn’t threaten Euphemina. They couldn’t climb the walls.

“Earthquake. Blizzard. Thunderstorm. Volcano.”



She was a magician, not a Qigong Master? She was also a magician who unfolded the ‘top magic’ of four attributes without casting!

“Great magician!”


The earth collapsed.



The bodies of the armored elite troops were weakened by the freezing snowstorm.



Lightning struck the frozen armored elite troops, dealing critical blows.



A volcano rose from the collapsed earth and spread magma that was a disaster to the armored elite troops.


“How can all these spells be linked...?”


The armored elite troops were defenseless against the linked magic. Zen shook his head as he saw his subordinates trying to escape from the volcanic eruption.

‘There’s a great magician among Duke Ares’ people!’

There were many magicians who dealt with all attributes. But they couldn’t use top attribute specific magic, unlike the magicians who concentrated on one attribute.   That’s right. The existence of a magician who could cast the top magic of each attribute was called a great magician by the world. The blonde girl might like young and tender, but she was one of the top 10 magicians on the continent.

‘No! More than that!’

A great magician was still a magician. They couldn’t use the techniques of a Qigong Master. The girl first used the skill of a Qigong Master to compensate for the weakness of a great magician. Indeed.

‘...A complete person!’


Zen inwardly exclaimed and swallowed his saliva.

“Get off the walls! The hammer troops will smash it down!”

The armored elite troops boasted a strong body. There were seriously injured people from Euphemina’s magic, but there was not one casualty. Once the volcano disappeared, they quickly recovered from their pain and rose again. They used the best skills they had to simultaneously hit the walls. Then.



The wall that Euphemina was on started collapsing and the armored elite troops showed off their agility to avoid the rocks.



The armored elite troops avoided the wreckage of the walls and Euphemina became surrounded by 1,000 of them.

"Die, Witch!"

It was difficult to determine Euphemina’s exact identity. They were forced to evaluate her as a monster that transcended human categorization. Heat emerged from the ends of the skys and contained enough force to evaporate the clouds in the sky. However, it wasn’t a threat to Euphemina.

“White Light Steps.”



White Light Steps. It was a skill that was hard to control and achieved its best effect under intense sunlight or clear moonlight. The top footwork skill loved by Kraugel was completely reproduced by Euphemina.


Zen lost the target. It was like she was a ghost.

“Assist the battalion commander!”

The 200 archers of the battalion had been forced to keep their distance. As soon as they noticed their commander’s confusion, they started shooting randomly. They didn’t think that Euphemina was still controlling the spheres despite using several magic spells in a row. It was impossible for them to understand the control skills of a genius player, rather than a named NPC.


Something could be sensed from Euphemina. Zen cried out with astonishment as he felt hundreds of arrows rising from the ground He knew. The spheres hovering in the air were still under the control of the blonde girl.



The moment that the arrows were swallowed up by the spheres.

"Sonic Boom."


It was the ultimate magic of Zednos, the 1st ranked wind magician. The magic was used above Zen’s head.


It was something that human hearing couldn’t endure.  Zen and the other armored elite troops collapsed to the ground, blood pouring from their ears. The wind pressure that followed crushed the flesh and bones, while the arrows trapped in the spheres flew out.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has ri....]



[The leader of the armored elite troops’ 1st Battalion, Zen, has been defeated!]

[The armored elite troops are burning with desire for revenge against you! The armored elite troops will exert more power when facing you in the future!]


@ Euphemina is a magician of Overgeared who was active in the Reinhardt golem invasion.

@ Ah... The girl who killed the golems?

The Ares Army had been paying attention to the Overgeared Guild for quite a long time. They glimpsed the potential of Grid and the Overgeared members from the beginning. They watched the battle videos of the golem invasion several times. They couldn’t forget the beautiful female magician who had a great influence on the situation at the time.

@ She did an outstanding job of getting rid of the golems, but she couldn’t scratch the ancient weapons.

@ She didn’t play a big part in the war against the Eternal Kingdom or show a presence in the Belial raid.

@ Her popularity isn’t high... Why did Grid send her to the 1st Battalion?

@ It’s to buy time. She will tie up the feet of the 1st Battalion while Grid, Jishuka, Regas, and Pon repel the other battalions. 

@ Indeed... A magician’s wide area magic makes it easy to buy time.

@ The more I know Grid, the more he seems like a loyal person. He’s determined to sacrifice his colleagues in order to keep this alliance relationship.

@ Grid cares about popularity. We can trust and rely on him as long as this alliance is maintained.

@ Yes, he’s a respectable person.

The Ares troops couldn’t deny Grid’s charms.  They admired Grid’s bold determination that allowed him to sacrifice his colleagues for the alliance. They thought that Euphemina was also a big person for believing and sacrificing herself under Grid’s orders.

@ Overgeared Guild... They can’t be ignored.

@ The 1st Battalion collapsed...!

@ She’s likely to be stronger than Kraugel and Agnus.

@ The 1st Battalion collapsed!

@ It isn’t the same level as Agnus. The power of that madman can’t be measured at all.

@ It’s even more desperate due to all the necromancers following Agnus. Later, the under army led by Agnus alone can approach the hundreds of thousands.

@ The 1st Battalion was wiped out!


The Ares members in a heated debate simultaneously closed their mouths. It was due to the ridiculous words that appeared in the guild chat window. Someone could no longer overlook it and replied angrily.

@ The 1st Battalion was wiped out? Don’t joke around in this atmosphere.

@ We have been overvaluing the Overgeared Guild for a long time.

As the Ares members thought this, a colleague spying on the battlefield of the 1st Battalion sent in the guild chat.

@ It’s true! Euphemina wiped out the 1st Battalion alone!


It was crazy nonsense. Even Jishuka couldn’t go against the 1st Battalion alone. There were 2,000 troops, five different types of soldiers, and the balance was excellent. The Saharan Empire’s army could be controlled for a while thanks to the efforts of the 1st Battalion. Yet Euphemina wiped them out by herself? In addition...

@ In only 12 minutes?

The report that Euphemina had encountered the 1st Battalion had come exactly 12 minutes ago. The Ares members got a chill down their spines as they confirmed the time.