Chapter 692

[A new hero has given peace to the specters of past heroes and has opened the final gate of the Behen Archipelago.]

A world message. It referred to an alert that appeared to all players of Satisfy, regardless of species, affiliation, and level. Why were the contents revealed to all players? It was naturally because the importance was high. The fact that a particular situation emerged as a world message meant that the situation would have a profound influence on the flow of Satisfy.

Until now, the world messages had been seen when the golems invaded the Eternal Kingdom, when Pagma's Descendant appeared, when Sword Saint Kraugel appeared and when Great Demon Belial appeared. Thus, the world paid attention to the protagonist of this world message. Discussions were held all over the world on TV channels.

『 First, we should pay attention to the title of hero. A person strong enough for the system to classify as a hero will certainly be a top ranker. They are also likely to have a hidden class. 』

『 I’m sure that it’s a legendary class. That is why they are interpreted as a hero. 』

『 It might be the case... Every island on the Behen Archipelago has its unique trial. Based on a variety of contexts, the later islands are likely to be guarded by former legends. 』

This was the reason why Kraugel, Grid, Agnus, and Ares were mentioned as candidates for the world message. If the system recognized them as a hero, it was likely they had secured a legendary class. The viewers also agreed. 100 out of 100 people thought that Kraugel was the main character of the world message. He had already won the battle against Grid with his normal class. It was everyone’s idea that Kraugel was stronger than Grid, Agnus, Ares, etc. after becoming a Sword Saint, the strongest legendary class.

『 The power of some of the former legends is comparable to or greater than the great demons. I don’t see how they can be beaten unless it is Kraugel. 』

『 But it will be hard to break through the last gate, even for Kraugel. A legend beyond a great demon will be protecting the last gate. 』

『 That’s right. It doesn’t make sense for Kraugel to be able to win against Muller and the other former legends. 』

The experts talked incessantly. Without perfect information, they presented their expectations and deceived the viewers. But it didn’t last for long.


『 ... 』

The panelists on the broadcasting shows simultaneously looked blank. The staff delivered urgent news. The contents of the news they received was the following world message.

[The great hero, Overgeared King Grid has given rest to the heroes and succeeded in cleansing the Behen Archipelago.]

[This will be a long-standing achievement in humanity’s history.]

『 Holy shit... 』

An expert suddenly cursed. So what if he guessed enthusiastically?

Grid! Once the Overgeared King was involved, all speculations were wasted! The experts still trembled when thinking about how public confidence was weakened by Grid. Now once again...

The professions in each field were hit by Grid. Indeed.

-Yes, the next X.

-I am surprised to see them getting paid and appearing on TV for every wrong analysis. ㅋㅋ

-Next time I won’t believe anything you say.

The Internet community in each country was already heated up. The experts were ashamed to raise their heads. All except for one person.

『 Kahahat! Hooray God Grid! Hooray South Korea! 』

It was Peak Sword who participated on a Korean TV station as part of a panel of Satisfy professionals.


“...Overgeared King, the legend of the new era. I am thankful for you giving me enjoyment at the end. I will give you a reward.”


Madra was stripped of the undefeated title that he had defended for hundreds of years. It was shameful and it wouldn’t be strange for him to feel anger. However, Madra thanked Grid rather than feel resentment. Grid was confused for a moment before realizing.

“You... It was really painful.”

The former legends had already finished their lives. It was unlikely that they wanted their bodies to be dug up from their graves and resurrected as a worthless undead.

'Of course it would be painful. How hard was it to be trapped on this desolate island for over 100 years after being forcibly resurrected as a skeleton.’

In particular, Madra had human intelligence and wisdom. Being resurrected as a skeleton would be shocking, but to spend more than 100 years alone on a remote island with nothing...

"Rest from now on.”

Madra turned to grey ash and was dispersed. Grid bowed deeply to Madra who was returning to the dead. It was an act stemming from respect. Grid envied Madra’s strong mentality and combat power. 


The 66th island started to be cleansed. The somewhat cloudy air cleared and green forests and a lake appeared.



There was an earthquake. Nine pillars rose from the bottom of the earth, centered around the huge lake. No, they were stone statues. There were nine stone statues, each of which were close to 10 meters in size and were carved in elaborate detail.

"Eh? Braham? Pagma?”

Grid was surprised by the rising statues. Two of the nine stone statues looked like Braham and Pagma. Grid was reminded of the original purpose of the Behen Archipelago.

“The Hall of Fame...! These are stone statues of the former legends?”

-That’s right. It was made for people of later generations to honor our achievements.


Grid’s face became rosy once Braham confirmed it. The people who were admired as legends, who left outstanding achievements in their field. What did they look like when alive? The curious Grid observed each status in turn. The first one was Pagma.

“Really nice.”

Grid had already seen Pagma’s appearance through Randy. That’s why he knew. He didn’t know who the sculptor was, but this stone statue fully reproduced the target. The carved statue of Pagma was just as beautiful as he was.

"The blacksmith who fought for peace in the world...”

It was Pagma who killed Braham for being a demonkin and stole away his life force, despite being close enough to create a new mineral together, as well as signing a contract with 1st Great Demon Baal. He dug up the graves of the former legends and turned them into death knights. To be honest, he felt like a ruthless person. But it was undeniable that he fought for the world.


Grid looked up at the stone statue of Pagma for a while before bowing deeply.

“Thank you.”

They were heartfelt words. It was thanks to the techniques Pagma left that Grid was able to break away from his pathetic self of the past. He honestly didn’t care about what Pagma did. He just felt infinite thanks.

-It’s clear that this sculptor didn’t get me.

On the other hand, Braham was angry when he saw his statue. It was because his appearance carved on the stone statue was far less than the real thing. Grid grinned.

"I understand the position of the sculptor. Braham, it’s impossible for even a brilliant sculptor to completely carve your beauty.”

He wasn't just flattering Braham. As a vampire, Braham’s beauty was transcendent. It was so great that some people in the world thought of it as the ideal appearance.

-B-Bah. Well, it’s natural.

Braham shrugged. The sculptor carved Braham wearing a robe and holding a staff in his hand, his expression very benign. There was no trace of Braham’s arrogance. It was the result of taking away Mumud’s achievements. Braham was recognized as a great person who developed magic for humanity.

“This is Madra...”

The third statue that Grid looked at was that of Undefeated King Madra. The stone statue of Madra resembled Grid’s imagination. He was a middle-aged man with a warm smile.

Flop. Grid sat down out of frustration.

“Why are the people who like me always like this...?”

Like any other player, Grid had dreamt of meeting the elves. He expected a romantic relationship with a beautiful female elf. But in reality, he was liked by a male elf.


Grid sighed deeply before confirming Sword Saint Muller, Godly Archer Povia, Demon Slayer Alex, Tailor Kruger, and Miner Gis.

Sword Saint Muller was a young man who looked like the protagonist of a manhwa. He had am ambitious expression on his face. Archer Povia was beautiful as a half elf while Alex looked lonely, like a man with a deep wound. The spirit of craftsmanship could be felt from Kruger and Gis’ faces.


Grid’s face gradually became brighter as he looked at the former legends. Now that he thought about it, he was the first player to see the faces of all the former legends. Grid felt proud of himself. It felt like a dream that he was ahead of everyone else after always lagging behind. As if to praise him, the Behen Archipelago’s compensation event finally occurred.


A lake surrounded by nine stone statues. The waves suddenly forming on it grabbed Grid’s attention. 


Something rose from the centre of the lake. It was a new statue. A stone statue of a young man surrounded by four golden hands. Armed with sturdy barbed armor, the man held a hammer in one hand and the Enlightenment Sword in the other.

It was Grid. A stone statue of Grid was erected in the Hall of Fame. It was also in the middle of the lake, watched by the nine former legends!


Being registered in the Hall of Fame didn’t just mean appearing on a list. It meant having a stone statue as well? Grid was thrilled since the effect was much more spectacular than he expected.

‘I am standing side by side with the previous legends...’

Grid was caught up in the excitement when notification windows emerged in front of him.

[The Behen Archipelago has successfully been purified.]

[You deserve praise for cleansing the Behen Archipelago, which has been left untouched for many years after the invasion of the great demons ended, and for giving rest to the former legends. Your feat will be recorded forever.]

[Your statue has been built in the Behen Archipelago’s Hall of Fame. Statue only buffs have been created.]

[As a reward for cleansing the Behen Archipelago, you have gained five levels!]

[Your challenger points have been filled to the maximum (1 million) in compensation for cleansing the Behen Archipelago.]

[You can now use the Fog Island Store.]

[As a favor to Death Knight Madras, guardian of the 66th island, a special item has been added to Fog Island!]

“Fog Island...!”

It was completely unexpected! Grid’s heart thumped.

‘The price of one elixir was 250 points?’

Grid had a huge one million points! 400... No, he could buy 4,000 elixirs!

‘In addition, a special item has been added as a favour to Madra?’

It was a tremendous reward. The items that he got from the islands in the 60’s were great, but the compensation for fully cleansing the islands was unthinkable.

“Good! Yes! Yes!! Yahooo!”

Grid jumped with joy. Grid forgot the pains in his body as his vision was covered with fog and a golden carriage appeared. Grid didn’t delay. He ran straight for the goods carriage. His plan was to buy Madra’s special item and then use the rest of the one million points on elixirs.

“Now it is more like the power of stats? Should I change my name to the Stats King? Hahaha!”

Grid was so excited that he was talking to himself like a madman. However, that good atmosphere didn’t last long.

-Fog Island Items List-

[Madra’s Diary]

A diary written by Death Knight Madra himself.

Price: One Million Challenger Points

[East Continent Movement Portal Scroll]

You can go to the starting village of ‘Pangea’ on the East Continent.

Weight: 0.1

Price: 50 Challenger Points


Diary...? The special item was just a diary? The price was also one million challenger points?

"And where are the elixirs?”

The only product beside the diary was the portal scroll?


The Hall of Fame. Curses echoed through the sacred place built to honor the feats of former legends. Up until now, Grid had forgotten something from a long time ago. The person who asked him to purify the Behen Archipelago was none other than Sticks.

That’s right. This wasn’t the only reward for cleansing the Behen Archipelago.