Chapter 691



There was a loud sound every time Grid hit Madra. Every attack summoned either red flames, a red lightning bolt, or black flames, causing intense sound effects. It wasn’t possible to compare it to the sound of a general weapon. Needless to say, it was intense power!



He was called the Undefeated King because he had never been defeated and was eventually a legend. To him, who was an absolute being when alive and death, the helplessness that Grid was making him feel was new. At first he panicked when the golden hands wielding the hammer caused him to stiffen with every hit, then he laughed.

“Kuk...! Kukukuk! I see! This is how ordinary people fight!”

Legendary characters resisted all conditions except for ‘states that occurred due to physical force’ and ‘states that ignore resistance.’ Yes, strictly speaking, it wasn’t perfect. But Madra was different. In order to not be defeated, the precondition of blocking any variables was necessary. Thus, he had the unique ability of ‘perfect’ status resistance among all the legends. In terms of safety, he was superior to Sword Saint Muller’s Super Sensitivity.

But that was a story of the past. Madra had lost most of his abilities after being resurrected as a death knight. This was why he couldn’t resist Mjolnir’s stiffening effect.

“I...! The Undefeated King Madra is faced with a situation I can’t cope with! This is truly an unfamiliar and enjoyable experience!”

'What is this stupidity?’


Peok peok peok!

The four God Hands continued to strike Madra’s skull. The four Mjolnir’s continuous attacks caused infinite stiffness. The winner and loser had been decided. Madra could no longer do anything. He was destined to be beaten to death. Yet he was laughing with delight.


In other words, he was crazy. Grid was misunderstanding. It was a fact that had been emphasized a few times, but Madra had never been defeated. He was undefeated because of his coolness during battle. The fact that he was laughing meant it wasn’t a crisis situation.



On the other hand, the explosion and intensive attacks of Mjolnir were causing cracks on Madra’s skull.

‘Okay. Keep pushing like this.’

Grid confirmed that Madra’s health gauge had fallen before 50% and spurred on his attacks. As long as the infinite stiffness was maintained, Grid didn’t doubt his victory.




After a minute and black flames exploding a few more times, Madra’s health gauge dropped to 30% and his skull broke. The right forehead bone was completely destroyed. At that moment.

"I have been waiting for this time!”


Madra escaped from the infinite stiffness. The reason was simple. The moment Madra’s right forehead bone was broken, the timing for the strike of God Hand (3) was slightly delayed. Why? It couldn’t be helped because the shape of the target had changed after hundreds of hits. 

God Hand (3) had been hitting Madra’s forehead in 0.6 second intervals to match the behavior of the other God Hands. Once Madra’s forehead bone was broken and it lost its position, it was confused and had to make a new judgment. Due to this, there was a gap of less than 0.2 seconds after the stiffness ran out and this was the timing Madra had been waiting for. Madra had already foreseen that this situation would occur due to the weak durability of his body.


It happened in the blink of an eye. Madra broke through the encirclement of God Hands and his sword pierced Grid’s chest.


[You have suffered 26,130 damage.]

[The experience of Tiramet's Belt has increased by 0.12%!]


A frontal battle wasn’t the answer. Grid had to restore the infinite stiffness again. Grid made a rapid judgment and the God Hands once again surrounded Madra. But it was useless.


Madra’s sword in Grid’s chest exploded. It was the manifestation of 200,000 Army Massacre Sword that exploded in a range of hundreds of metres around Madra.


Grid screamed as he was swept up in the explosion and his vision blinked red.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[The God Hands have become stiff.]

[The experience of Tiramet's Belt has increased by 1%!]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]


Grid had maintained his maximum health during the time when Madra was caught in the infinite stiffness. His close to 90,000 health could be compared to the health of the tankers in the top 100 rankings. All of this was wiped out by two hits and his immortal passive was activated. This was despite Grid being armed with Triple Layers.

‘This is the power of a basic attack and wide area skill...!’

It was a scam. This was a real scam! 

‘The other death knights can only use basic skills. What is this monster?’

Grid thought that 200 Army Massacre Sword was Madra’s ultimate technique. The scope of the attack reached a few hundred metres and the power was the strongest, so he had to think like this. It was unfair that Madra could use his ultimate attack despite becoming a death knight. Then Braham’s voice entered the ears of the confused Grid.

-This is a basic skill. Madra’s true value is revealed from at least 500,000 Army Massacre Sword.

‘What? At least?’

-The power that symbolizes Madra is the One Million Army Massacre Sword. The current Madra is weak... His limit is only 200,000, it is indeed weak. You can’t think of that as Madra.


Grid didn’t hear it. He tried to ignore Braham’s voice.

‘I have to end it in five seconds.’

He used Blackening and was determined to launch all attacks within five seconds. But was it something that could be done through just determination? The world he lived in wasn’t that good.

“I won’t allow it.”


Madra recovered the sword stabbed in Grid, kicked out and pushed himself away from Grid. Madra was also a legend. He knew about a legend’s immortal power.

“You won’t be able to reach me.”

“Hey...! You cowardly wretch!”

Madra spoke in a dignified tone of voice. However, this tone was incompatible with his actions. In order to not allow Grid access while he was immortal, Madra was already running away from Grid. It was virtually impossible for Grid to catch up to Madra who used shunpo in advance.

“Wait there! Oh! Stand there!”

“Hahaha! See if you can catch me!”

“Ahh! I will catch you!”


Grid had four seconds left in his immortal state. Madra ran through the plains yelling “Catch me,” while Grid chased him. At first glance, it seemed like they were long time lovers. It was a hot scene of a old skeleton and a young man!

-...What are you doing?

The moment Braham cried out in disgust.

“It is time.”


Just before Grid’s immortal state ended, Madra stopped running away and struck at Grid instead. He intended to end the fight as soon as Grid’s immortality was over. Anyone who understood the immortal passive would make the same judgment.

Thus, it was easy for Grid to predict. He took a superior health potion ahead of time, wore Doran’s Ring and prepared a sword technique in advance. Of course, it was Revolve. The strongest counterattack skill that would return the enemy’s attack.




Grid’s eyes widened as Revolve countered Madra’s attack. It was because Madra attacked him with a ‘basic’ attack. In other words, the Revolve that Grid prepared was wasted on a basic attack.

“Hahaha! You are ridiculous!”

‘He knew...!’

Indeed, Madra knew Pagma so it was likely he would know about Revolve. He predicted that Grid would use Revolve at this timing.


Madra’s 100,000 Army Massacre Sword flew towards the neck of the confused Grid.


The 65th island. Sticks was pale as he watched through the crystal ball. He was astonished at Madra’s power and seriously worried that he would have to give up on the purification of the Behen Archipelago. But Grid was different. A wide smile appeared on Grid’s face as he gazed at Madra’s attack, causing Madra to feel suspicious.



The sword technique Madra just neutralized was used again?


100,000 Massacre Sword. The attack originally intended to kill Grid was returned to Madra. Then.


It hit.

[You have dealt 1,435,900 damage to the target.]


The earth was swept away by an explosion. The new, unbeaten king shaking on top of it... Who would have imagined? The Undefeated King Madra was forced into a crisis twice by the same opponent!

"Nobody could’ve imagined it. Isn't that right?"

Grid was able to use Revolve successively because of God’s Command. Grid honestly escaped from the crisis out of pure luck but he didn’t express it on the outside. He pretended to be dignified as he spoke.

“Except for one person. Didn’t I tell you? I will take away your title of undefeated.”


“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”


Grid started to perform the sword dance of Transcended Link while Madra attempted to resist. Unfortunately, there was a physical difference between the two. Death Knight Madra. His frail body consisted entirely of bones and had already reached its limits.







He wanted to use 300,000 Army Massacre Sword to neutralize the enemy’s skill attack. Madra wanted to escape the crisis, but just worsened it. Madra’s cracked and damaged body could no longer withstand the mighty force. 300,000 Army Massacre Sword completely smashed Madra’s left arm and shoulder, while his rib and leg bones sank in.


The sword technique failed. Madra fell down. He wasn’t laughing any more. But there wasn’t any feeling of animosity. He faced Grid with a humble attitude. Despite the fact that he was losing the title of undefeated that he defended for hundreds of years, there were no signs of obsession with it.

Madra was already exhausted. Since his resurrection as a death knight, he had lived in solitude on the 66th island for more than 100 years. As the Undefeated King, he couldn’t express himself or complain, but it had taken a toll on his heart. He had been longing for rest.

“...Overgeared King, the legend of the new era. I am thankful for you giving me enjoyment at the end. I will give you a reward.”


A short thank you and goodbye. The moment Madra’s voice entered Grid’s ears. 



Grid’s Transcended Link covered Madra.

[You have dealt 21,560 damage to the target!]

[You have recovered 2,587 health thanks to Elfin Stone’s Ring!]

[The experience of Elfin Stone’s Ring has increased by 0.2%!]

[You have dealt 24,010 damage to the target!]

[You have dealt 26,500...]

[You have dealt 29,100...]




[...The option effect ‘Black Flames’...]

[A red lightning has been summoned...]






[The great hero, Overgeared King Grid has given rest to the heroes and succeeded in cleansing the Behen Archipelago.]

[This will be a long-standing achievement in humanity’s history.]

World messages emerged.


Grid’s expression was bitter. Madra’s final attitude made Grid’s heart feel numb.